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Leaving Sally to meet Lyn

Sue, Sally and I spend two days together before I leave to meet Lyn.

The story until now

Sue, my wife had been cheating on me for years. I initially didn’t respond but as time passed and she continued to be unfaithful I responded by having an affair with Marg.

Eventually, I decided to leave my job and travel to the west. In doing so I told her that if she wanted to come with me then she had to stop her cheating. She agreed but within weeks of arriving in the west, I found that she was having an affair. This was directly after we had decided to have another child.

Sue lost the child which was fathered by someone else. After a time I forgave her but it fueled my desire to be with other women something that I sometimes regretted as it gave Sue the absolute right to continue to cheat.  

Sue was to attend the roller-skating nationals over east. I was to be a judge at the world water skiing. This meant that we would be separated for a number of weeks.

Sue was having an affair with another Rollerskater, Roy who would be at the nationals.

 Given that Sue was going to have an affair while she was away I had decided to take my long-term friend, Lyn with me to the worlds. Meanwhile Roy’s wife, Sally had made advances to me and I had responded to her approach. Sally and I had taken Sue to the medical centre to have a contraceptive inserted.

The story continues.

After we returned from the doctor's surgery Sue started packing her clothes. Even though there was now a capsule inserted that would give Sue protection against pregnancy I knew that it required at least three days before it would become effective. I was concerned that she was about to leave to go spend the next two days with Roy.

“A little early to be packing for your trip isn’t it,” I asked her.

“Sally is here with you so I’m going across to stay with Roy until we fly out.”

“What about the kids. They won’t see you for about two weeks. It is only right that you spend the next two days here. I will run you up to the airport with the kids so that they can say goodbye.”

“So what about Sally?”

I looked across towards Sally who already had worked out what I was up to.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m settled into the unit out back. You two spend the time with the kids and each other. You won’t be seeing each other for at least a month so enjoy the next couple of nights together.”

Sue looked at Sally for a moment before speaking. “Thanks, Sally. We appreciate that. You can join us after the kids are asleep if you want to.” I was waiting for the next question and was desperately trying to come up with an answer before Sue asked it. I was saved by Sally who must have preempted it as well.

“But what about Roy?”

“Roy will be OK. He is used to spending time alone when I spend time with the girls. Don’t worry about Roy. He knows that you have to spend time with Goyse and the kids before you fly out. He won’t be worried”

Sue didn’t answer. I felt that she wanted to go across to Roy but she felt snookered by Sally’s response. She knew that to leave now could cause an upset so she simply stopped packing her clothes. For a while, it looked as if she was sulking. It gave me the opportunity to look across to Sally and give her a smile and a little wink. She smiled back.

When I went to pick the kids up from school I insisted that Sue come with me. I didn’t want to give her an opportunity to leave and join Roy because I knew that if that happened she wouldn’t come back. By my reckoning, if I could keep Sue and Roy apart till the plane flew out there would be at least two and half days before they would get the opportunity to have sex. I felt that may be enough to provide adequate time for the protection to take effect. At least I hoped so.

We spent that night with the kids. Sally sat back and observed and didn’t participate or interfere. It was like she was taking everything in trying to learn about the relationship between parents and their children. I felt for her. She was now in her mid-thirties perhaps even a little older. She had already shared her desire to have children with me.

At that time I hoped against hope itself that it was Roy who was infertile and not her.  It was then that I decided to do everything possible to allow her the joy of having a child even if it meant that I would allow my wife to become pregnant by Roy. But that was to be the last resort.

After we put the kids to bed the three of us sat around, had a drink and talked. Sally made a point of asking me about the world titles and what my role was. I explained the role to her and she listened intently. Sue also listened. Although we talked about many things Sue and I seldom if ever talked about my sport. When we were alone Sue always controlled the conversation and I always let her so the subject of Waterskiing was not one we covered.

Eventually, it was time for bed. Sally took the lead and said, “I’m off to bed. I’m keeping you two apart. I’m sure you need some time alone together.”

 Sue’s response came a little too quick. She must have realised that the time would come and it appeared that she didn’t want to be alone with me.

“How about you joining us, Sally?”

“I don’t know. How do you feel about that Goyse?”

“I’m happy with whatever you girls decide.” I actually wanted some time to talk to Sue but I knew if she had a different agenda then I could not fight it without her getting angry and walking out and I knew where she would end up.

We moved to the bedroom. Sally remembered what I had told her earlier, to focus her attention on Sue and she did so. I led by taking Sue in my arms and kissed her. “I’ve missed you,” I whispered in her ear.

“What? Sally, Marg and Cherie not enough for you.” She hissed back.

“That’s sex not love,” I whispered in her ear in response.

“Huh, tell me another one. Like all men you think with the wrong head.”

“Who’s talking now?”

Our debate was disturbed by Sally unzipping Sue’s dress from behind. My chin was resting on Sues' shoulder and Sally reached in and kissed me gently on my lips then pulled back slightly and smiled at me. I pulled away from Sue taking her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Sally moved in behind her and held her in an embrace. Sue had no bra on so I dropped my head down to take her left breast in my mouth. I worked my tongue around her nipple.

I felt Sally pull back from Sue and saw her dress drop to the floor followed by her bra and then her G string panties. She then dropped to her knees behind Sue and Sue pushed me back to allow her to bend at the hips. I guessed from this that Sally was using her tongue on Sue from behind. I heard Sue moan and felt it vibrate through her body. Whatever Sally was doing Sue was liking it.

Sue was pushing me further back so I dropped to my knees and lifted my face up to take a dangling breast into my mouth. I swapped to the right side. It allowed me to take a peep at what Sally was up to. She was working Sue over from her anus to her clit. Not gently but quite viciously. I realised that Sally had the longest tongue that I had ever seen on a human. Although it was long it was not very wide. Sally was pushing it deep into Sue’s pussy as she moved up and down on her. I couldn’t at that time see everything because Sally was disappearing behind Sue each time she moved back towards her anus.

I had my back to the bed. Sue was supporting herself by placing both hands on the bed. I moved out from beneath Sue and moved around behind Sally. She saw me coming and adjusted her position to give me access to her pussy. She was very wet so I didn’t waste time on any foreplay. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit and pushed slowly inside her. Sue had turned her head around to watch me and gave me a big smile of approval as I slipped inside Sally.

I could now see more of what Sally was doing. It appeared as if when she moved back to Sue’s rear she was pushing her tongue deep into her anus. Each time she did that Sue let out a loud groan. I was amazed at how open Sue’s pussy was. She was absolutely gaping. Roy had absolutely ruined her pussy tightening surgery. She appeared to be gaping more than she had been before she had the surgery. I wondered if she would ever tighten up again if she spent the next month being drilled by Roy’s donkey dick.

I didn’t want to spoil Sally’s work on Sue so I worked slowly on Sally with short even thrusts. I could feel her pushing back onto me so I pushed further forward so that she didn’t pull away from Sue. I was happy with the present arrangement but knew that if Sally stopped paying attention to Sue she would somehow get me away from Sally.

I saw Sue shudder and knew that Sally had driven her over the top. I saw Sally move up to her anus and drive her tongue deep into her rear hole while lifting her hand to massage Sue’s clit. Sue came, squirting her juice all over the place. She was humping her back as she did so letting out a series of loud, “oooh’s” and “Aaarr’s”

As Sue came down from her eruption, she moved forward away from Sally’s reach and laid down on the bed with her knees still on the floor. After she was there and not moving for a while I picked up Sally and moved her to the other side of the bed. I looked across at Sue and realised that she was fast asleep. Sally saw it as well and shrugged her shoulders, made a funny face and smiled. I moved up to her and resumed working on her pussy. We moved slowly trying not to wake Sue. After a few minutes I wanted to cum and didn’t hesitate but afterwards just kept the same stroke.

Sally had kissed me as I reached my orgasm and I unloaded as deeply inside her as I could. When I kept going she whispered, “Are you going again?”

“Yes, you haven’t cum yet. I want you to cum if you can.”

“I came at the same time as Sue. It was only a little one but it was nice.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“Oh, no. I want to keep going but I thought that men usually want to stop after they cum.”

“Some do but not all. He’s lost a little of his stiffness but he will come back just as big if we keep going.”

“I can feel it already. It’s nice. I like the silky feeling. Do you like that too?”

“Hhmm, It’s good. You feel really special.”

“Sue told me that you like making love to her after someone has cum inside her.”

“Sue keeps telling me that but she always assumes things and never listens.”

“So you don’t like it then?”

“It’s a difficult question to answer.”

“I’d like to hear what you think and how you feel about it.”

“I hate the fact that she cheats on me all the time. I would prefer that she was satisfied with me and me alone.”

“I understand that but it doesn’t answer the question.”

“Occasionally she comes home and talks to me about what she has done and how she has done it and it stimulates me sexually. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Part of it but it doesn’t answer the question. Do you like going second?”

“Sometimes, yes. Other times I don’t enjoy it at all.”

“So why sometimes and others, not at all. What’s the difference?”

“It’s generally the circumstances. If she is going out and cheating on me and pretending that nothing is happening when I enter her I know by the feel. Under those conditions, I am hurt and it just turns me off.” I stopped for a while to consider what to say next. She was listening intently and gave me time to decide what to say. “When she tells me about it and I know that I can’t change what is happening then I find it extremely arousing.”

“She said you like the pregnancy risk.”

“Definitely not. There was only one situation when it stimulated me. That was a long time ago. She says that to justify her behaviour.”

“So let me understand this. You like her to bring someone’s cum home to you if she doesn't sneak around on you. She keeps going off the pill when she is having sex with others but you say that doesn’t turn you on but you still put up with it. How does that work?”

“To be honest, it doesn’t, not for me anyway.”

“But you are going to let her go away with Roy. Why don’t you stop her.”

“I can’t. She simply won’t take any notice of me. I selected Roy because I thought that he may be a responsible adult who would not try to get her pregnant.”

“You picked that one wrong.”

“Nope, she picked it wrong.”

“What do you mean. She said you chose him.”

“She told me that he would not have sex with her if she was not protected.”

She smiled and shook her head. “She scammed you there. Right from the start, Roy asked her to stop taking the pill because he wanted her to carry his baby. She could not have any doubt about it because that is exactly what he told her even before they had sex together.”

“Fucking bitch. If she was to get pregnant without my agreement then I would pack up and leave. No discussion, just leave.”

“You had better tell her then because it is on the cards once this capsule wears off.”

“She has been told but keeps saying that Roy tells her I won’t leave.”

“He’s a con artist. He says that to them all. Not many believe him though.”

“Maybe you should talk to her.”

“I already have she just told me not to worry about it because you will not leave.”

“Turn over.”


“Turn over. I’m going to fuck your arse.”

“Like fuck you are.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“No way. Roy would split me open. He tried once. It hurt like hell.”

“Turn over. I won’t hurt you. Well, maybe a little but I’ll be gentle and careful.”

“You better not hurt me. I’ll leave and never come back.”

“If it hurts you too much I’ll stop.”

“Sue told me that she keeps that for you and only you but she said you don’t like it.”

“I don’t particularly like it but it will be a new experience for you and I think you might get to like it.”

Sally rolled over and raised her hips to open her rear. While I had been slowly moving in her pussy I had felt my sperm running down across her but so I knew she would be well lubricated. I placed the head of my cock against her little hole and just moved it around a little. After a while, I felt her push back on me. It always amazed me that women who said they don’t or won’t like taking it up their rear will often push back to try to achieve entry if you just play around with them.

She pushed back again but a little harder this time. I gently pushed and I felt her tight little hole start to open. I held it there and just moved from side to side. My head was halfway in. Suddenly she pushed back hard again and I popped into her.

I held still letting her get used to it. I moved my hand down under her and found her clit. I then pushed my finger into her pussy to collect some sperm and rubbed it onto her clit. She let out a groan and pushed hard back on my cock and I slipped a good two inches into her. I worked her clit a little more and at the same time very gently stroked in a little and back a little. Each time I stoked she pushed back to take more of me inside her.

“That’s nice. I like it but I don’t think I can take anymore. Just work it where you are. If you keep working my clit I think I will cum soon.”

Cum, yes, she did. She suddenly went crazy, jumping around on the bed and screaming as loudly as I have ever heard any woman. She screamed so loud it hurt my ears. While she was cumming she was pushing back so hard that I was totally embedded inside her. It went on for ages before she collapsed flat on the bed. I pulled out of her and rolled her over onto her back.

“Fuck, I don’t believe that. No wonder Sue and Roy like it when I stick my tongue into them. I never thought I could enjoy that.”

“Hold where you are. I’ll be back shortly.” I went to get up and realised that Sue was sitting up beside us watching. 

“I’ve never heard anyone cum like that before. What have you done to her?” She asked, looking at me with her mouth open.

“Nothing that I wouldn’t be doing for you if you ever came home at night.”

I got up and walked to the restroom and cleaned my self off. When I returned Sally was still where I had left her while Sue was leaning over her kissing her. I climbed on the bed and pushed my cock into Sally’s pussy. Sue kept kissing her but I felt Sally moan as I entered her. I started working slowly on her again. Sally’s hips rose to meet every thrust. 

I felt Sue move over closer to me on the bed. She took my hand and guided it into her pussy. One finger just fell in hardly touching her so I pushed three in. She was still loose so I bought all my fingers together and pushed them all into her. I kept working her like that. Like Sally, her hips rose to meet every thrust of my hand. Before long I realised that if I pushed a little harder my hand would enter her. I pushed in then pushed again. She used her hands to pull her knees back and apart and my fist slipped into her.

Her cervix was pushing on the back of my hand so I pulled back slightly and it protruded between my second and third fingers. I pushed hard back into her and her cervix pushed hard up against the palm of my hand.

“Fuck that feels nice.” She said with a little quaver present in her voice.

“Whats he doing?” Sally asked.

“He’s fisting me.”

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum again, Goyse. Cum with me, cum with me. I want to feel you shoot into me.”

I felt the heat of her orgasm and I couldn’t help it I shot my sperm deep into her as I pushed my fist as hard as I could into my wife's big stretched pussy. As I did so I felt Sue squirting all over my arm. I worked my fingers around inside her and she humped her hips violently up in the air to try to get my fist deeper inside her.

The room was just a mix of “Oooooh”, “Aaahh” and “fucks” as we all reached our orgasm together.

Afterwards, we all lay quietly together for some time. Out of the quiet Sue said, “I love you, Goyse.”

“Yes, I know but you’re not in love with me.”

“Maybe, I was wrong.”

“Maybe or maybe not.”

“Will you pair stop your shit and let me enjoy the moment. That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. I don’t want you pair spoiling it for me with your bickering.”

Sue couldn’t let it go. “Shut the fuck up, Sally. I want my husband to know that I love him and you call it bickering.”

“If you loved him, honey you wouldn’t be screwing my husband. You would be spending your time here with him instead of over at my place.”

“You can talk. You’re just finished fucking my husband. What does that make you, slut.”

“If my husband cared about me just a little bit of how your husband cares for you, I wouldn’t think of being here. You have it all laid on here honey and you’re going to lose it if you don’t wake up to your self. You think that Roy cares about you? The only thing he cares about is getting his rocks off.”

“Goyse didn’t do a bad job with you, Sally so what are you talking about?”

“The only reason that I am here is that you were pushing me out of my bed to get to Roy. You may not realise it but if you respected Goyse he would never look at another woman. That much I’ve worked out in just twenty-four hours. If you commit to staying away from Roy I’ll get up now and walk out that door and never come back.”

“A little jealous, are we, Sally?”

“No, I’m not jealous. I’m just trying to do you a favour. It’s probably the best thing that anyone has ever done for you.”

This had gone on too long. I needed to stop it before they started swinging punches at each other.

“Come on, girls. Lets put it aside and get some sleep.”

Sue was the one that responded but not the way I wanted. “Fuck her, she comes into my house. Fucks my husband and then tries to lecture me on my lifestyle. She was the one that took me home to Roy and now she is trying to lecture me.”

“I didn’t know Goyse then. I made a big mistake. You told me that he wouldn’t worry and would even encourage you. I now know that what you are doing is tearing him apart. He’s not the arse-hole you told me about. He’s a kind and gentle lover who just wants his wife to stay home with him and instead you are running around throwing yourself at every man that will have you.”

“I think you should leave. You can’t come into my bedroom, make love to my husband while I’m asleep and then lecture me. Now, get out!”

“Come on girls. There is no need for this. You have said what you want to now put it aside and get some sleep.”

“No, Fuck her. Sally, get out of my bedroom and don’t come back.”

“Fair enough but remember if I leave you had better stay away from my husband.”

“Sally, I’ll see you off. Sue, you stay here. This has gone too far. You will both regret it tomorrow. Follow me, Sally.”

I walked to the door. Sally didn’t follow. She sat on the edge of the bed for a while and then, “I’m sorry, Sue. I had to say it but now I’m sorry that I did. I just wanted you to know that you’re making a big mistake. I was trying to help you not hurt you.”

“You just don’t understand, Sally. If you did you wouldn’t have said what you did.”

“I’ll leave but I don’t accept that I don’t understand. You are the one who doesn’t understand. Come on Goyse. See me to my car.”

I walked Sally to the door. I asked her to back her car out of the driveway and park it around the corner and then walk back and go to the unit out the back. Do it quietly so that Sue doesn’t know. I told her that I would join her after Sue was asleep.

“But if Sue catches us she will be angry.”

“It’s OK. She is stressed so she will complain that she can’t sleep when I get back and she will take a sleeping pill. In thirty minutes she won’t know it if a bomb dropped on the place.”

“Thanks, Goyse. I’ll be waiting for you.”

It happened exactly as I predicted. Sue popped a pill then was asleep in under an hour and I joined Sally. We slept together in the raw stroking each other like lovers do and talking about all manner of things. It wasn’t about sex anymore it was about two lost people enjoying what their partners couldn’t supply.

I told Sally about Lyn. She listened and told me that she was a little jealous. She asked me why I don’t leave ‘the bitch’ if this other woman was so important to me. I explained that when I said ‘I do’ I accepted that Sue was my responsibility and nothing could change that except if Sue left me or if she decided to get pregnant by someone else. They were the two things that could take that responsibility away from me.

She told me that I was a fool. I smiled and agreed with her but added that knowing that didn’t change anything because every morning I had to wake up and look in the mirror. We slept in each other's arms. I awoke at dawn and set about preparing breakfast.

Sally joined me and gave me a little kiss. “Thanks for last night Goyse. It meant a lot to me for you to hold me like that.”

“It meant a lot to me as well. Remember we have the rest of the week together yet.”

“No, we don’t. You belong with Lyn. I have no right to keep you away from someone who is in love with you and you with her.”

“Sally I want an opportunity to give you the child that you so dearly want. I suspect that Roy is the one that can’t have children, not you. If we spend the week together and I am right then you will be giving birth in nine month's time.”

“If you think that then why did you go to so much trouble with Sue?”

“Sue is my wife. I can’t expose her to risk even if I think that risk is small. She is my responsibility and I don’t take my responsibilities lightly.”

“But you slept with me. How do you reconcile that?”

“Sue has asked me many times to make love to you. All I did was to do what my wife asked me to. It’s different now. I want to do something special for you and…. “ I hesitated, “…. and Roy. I want you both to be happy.”

“Thanks, Goyse. We appreciate it. I’ll wake the kids up for breakfast.”

When the kids arrived they asked about their mother. I sent them in to wake her up and told them to tell her that Sally had come over to talk to her.

Sue arrived looking like a bear with a sore head.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked of Sally.

“I’m sorry for lecturing you last night.”

“It’s alright. Most of what you said is true. You just don’t understand how I feel, that’s all.”

“Then you accept my apology?”

“Of course I do but I don’t agree with everything that you said.”

 “OK, then let's leave it alone.”

“Agreed. Are you going to stay with Goyse for the next week?”

“I’d like to if Goyse is OK with it and you are of course.”

“I can’t really complain given that I’ll be fucking your husband as often as possible over the next fortnight. Why don’t you go to the US with Goyse to keep him company.”

“We talked about that but I decided not to. Goyse will be seeing people who know you while he’s over there. It would be embarrassing to have a strange woman with him. We decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Besides, I have commitments here that I can’t get out of.”

We had breakfast and took the kids to school. That night we all slept together. Once Sue was asleep, Sally and I made love. We were quiet enough that Sue didn’t stir. The following day I kept the kids home from school. I explained to them that Sally was going to stay with us for the week after which they would stay with Marg and Cherie for the following week till Sue got home.

They asked Sally could she come to look after them after Sue returned. They said that their mum often went out and didn’t come back until late when dad was away. Sally agreed and asked Sue would she mind. Sue thought it was a great idea. I knew what she was thinking. It would give her and Roy more time alone together.

The kids and I dropped Sue off at the airport later that day. Roy was there to meet her. I turned and walked back to the car to allow the kids time to say goodbye to their mother.

As we returned home the kids asked me what the mile high club was. I asked them why they wanted to know. They said that Roy had told Sue that he would introduce her to the mile high club tonight.  I explained that it was when adults get together on an aeroplane trip and that Roy was probably only joking. 

Sally and I had a wonderful week together. We made love at every opportunity. On every occasion, I tried to leave my sperm as close to her eggs as I possibly could. She was one of the most receptive women that I had ever made love to. We made love at least four times every day then at night we slept in each other’s arms.

Each night I took half an hour to call Lyn. I organized for her to fly to Sydney to meet me before our flight across to the US. Each time we finished our call she told me that she loved me and was looking forward to our trip. I explained to her that after the worlds I had organized for us to drive across from east to west on the old route 66. The trip would take us around two weeks. Telling her about it before we left allowed her time to organize for members of her family to mind her girls in her absence.

Lyn told me that her mum was almost as excited about her trip as she was. She said that her mum kept telling her to look after her new boyfriend. She also said that her mum told her that she had never seen her so happy before. She also thought that her mum had worked out who her mystery lover was because she had asked her what her friend, Sue thought of the relationship.

The time to fly out came very quickly. I felt awkward about leaving Sally with her knowing that I was heading off to spend time with another lover. Sally recognised my concern and responded by telling me that she had a wonderful week but she understood up front that it would end. After telling me that, she added that if I wanted to do it all again after I returned that she would be delighted.

Sally insisted on running me to the airport and told me to let her know when I flew back so that she could pick me up. As the plane boarded she took me into her arms. She kissed me long and hard then punctuated it by saying, “Thanks, Goyse, I loved our week together. I just wish we had a little more time. Enjoy your trip and tell your friend, Lyn that I said she was a lucky lady.”

I nodded and licked the little tear from her cheek then turned and walked to the plane. I was about to spend a month with my lover, Lyn I could not afford to become too emotional about leaving Sally or it would spoil the trip.

I knew that I needed to tell Lyn about Sally. It was a big worry for me because I didn’t know how Lyn might react. She had been cheated on by her husband, Jon on many occasions over many years. If she formed the impression that I was just another cheating man our relationship would end. I had the alternative of not telling her in which case I felt that I would be cheating her by not being honest with her. I had thought it through long and hard and believed that if we were to ever become a couple down the road some time then she had to be told. I had four hours to work out how I could go about it. I then had one night before the flight left for the US to tell her. The next twenty-four hours would be very difficult for me and the outcome could well define our future. 


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