Let my husband have his job back!

By Theone

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This is a story about cheating on your husband to prove how much you love your family.   Have you ever been so down on your luck that you thought you would do anything to make some money?   Well before you answer let me tell you of a story that proves the ultimate answer.   My name is John I own a small plumbing company in a little town in South Carolina.   I have a man named Simon working for me for the last five years.   He started out as an excellent employee over the last year his work performance has drastically slipped.   I have warned and warned him that I needed him to straighten up or he would be gone.   Well one mourning after another hour past start time of waiting on him, I made the decision to let him go.    We open at 8am Simon shows up about 9 that mourning and I call him into his my office and let him know that his services will no longer be needed, as all employees who are being terminated do he came up with some sob stories, and then got pissed and left our office.   This is where the story begins to take a twist like I have never experienced in my professional career.  


Around 230pm that same day I get a call from Simon’s wife a lovely young lady by the name of Meagon.   I hated to have to talk to her because I had always liked her and yes fantasized about her on several occasions usually after a Christmas party or company outing to one of the local theme parks.   She stood about 5’4 petite, blonde hair, blue eyes, and the most beautiful tan skin you have ever seen, her breast where always the perfect shape and roundness in everything I had ever seen her in, and her ass, artist dream of such perfection to capture on their canvases.   I gently spoke to her and said Meagon I know why your calling and I can do nothing about the situation which your husband has put himself in, I will not go into company business or give you exact details for his termination, that I will leave up to him, it has been along time in the works it is not something I just jumped into.   Meagon said she understood and asked if she could come by and get the remainder of his things.   I assured her that would be fine.  


  I had waited on Meagon to arrive thirty minutes past closing I decided she wasn’t coming and started to lock up the back stock room when I heard the front door chime going off signaling someone had entered.   I made my way up front and in front of me was Meagon looking the most stunning I had ever seen her, dressed to kill.   I said hello and told her she look exceptionally well.   I asked her if she was heading out for a night on the town.   Meagon replied no I almost decided not to come today because of what I had planned out in my mind I wasn’t sure if I could go thru with.   I looked at her and said jokingly have you come here to kill me.   We both laughed and she said no no John I could never harm another human being.   Then she looked me dead in the eyes and said I did not get dressed up this way for a night on the town I got dress up to persuade you to give Simon back his job.   I replied Meagon you look beautiful as always but that will not change the things, which Simon was let go for.   Meagon walked towards me and said I did not think the way I looked with my clothes on would persuade you John.   I could hardly speak but when I did as she was walking closer towards me I said Meagon, what does that mean? She slowly was unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time like a porn star in a librarian, student movie.   She said John I am going to be your whore for as long as you want this evening, by whore I mean treat me like a piece of meat, fuck me how and where you want, my body is yours to control.   I looked at her my dick getting bigger by the second and said does Simon know you are here, she replied Simon thinks that I am working, he knows nothing of this and neither will anyone else.   Then she spoke the most unusual statement I had ever heard.   Simon and I are in bad shape I have never cheated on him nor have I ever wanted to so this should tell you how bad we need this job.   I will not only be yours for the evening but I will be on call to you for three months to fuck and command as you wish, if you will let Simon have his job back.   I told her that this could not happen it was unethical she then shoved me back into my desk grab my crotch as she let her blouse fall to the floor exposing her bare beautiful tits, and said in two minutes you will not even have the remote notion of anything being wrong at all.  


She then undid my pants and slid them off me one leg at a time so she could get to my rock hard 8 inch cock she bent down took it in her hand and pulled it into her mouth and began to suck it like no other girl had even come close her tongue was doing things I did not even think was possible, she then stood up pulled up her little school girl mini skirt toward the middle of her back and exposed she was wearing no panties, slung me behind her as she put both hands on my desk back facing me and grabbed me by the dick and pulled me towards her back side, looked over her shoulder and said I am going to prove to you right now how serious I am.   I took my dick and started to put it in her pussy from behind when she bucked back and bounced my away from her still looking over her left shoulder and said I told you I am going to prove to you how serious I am put that dick in my ass.   I leaned in towards guiding my dick towards her ass hole as I looked I could tell it had not been entered many times if ever and said do you and Simon ass fuck much, she looked back over her shoulder and said no one has ever stuck there dick in my ass this should be the start to our evening of proof.                           To be continued within a few days if the responses are postive.