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Life on the Road - Part 1 - Dallas

The life of a traveling salesman and his conquests. Part 1 - Dallas
Every time I travel with my job, the opportunities are endless. Businesswomen at bars, wives stopping at Starbucks, stay-at-home moms shopping for husbands and family, the urges are everywhere. My problem is, I can’t just walk by without making myself known. I am a man. I can’t help it. The woman that you see at Starbucks is a woman on her way home from work. The woman that I see is a private fuck party waiting to meet someone that will make them lose all control of their inhibitions. The woman that I see is waiting for me.

These are the stories that make up my life. Not my life at home with my wife, but my life as a nightmare for husbands and boyfriends everywhere. 

This particular story starts out innocent enough, deep in the heart of Texas. I never had much of a liking to Texas. I am from Tennessee. Texans like to give us Tennesseans shit because of our football team. “Welcome to the real UT,” some asshole would tell me. Nevermind the fact that if it were not for Tennessee, Texans would be speaking Spanish. But I digress. . .

I was on my way to my hotel after a days work. I am a salesman. I travel across this great country selling items for a major company. The work is easy, because the products are well priced and high quality. I get to stay in major hotels and cities, indulging in each. Since I had a couple hours to kill, I decided to head back and change out of my business attire into something more casual. 

When I entered my hotel in Dallas, the hustle and bustle seemed to pause. People were casually dining in the lobby restaurant, patrons were sipping coffee in the lounges, everything was casual. I entered the elevator anxious to join them and lose my business coat and tie. When I hit the button to my floor the elevator begin to climb, that’s when my weakness came into view. This one seemed about 28 or 30 years old with dark red hair and a body that seemed to be sculpted from stone. I could see her from the glass windows of my elevator as she rounded a corner across the atrium. As the elevator came to a stop I quickly exited and hit the button for the 1st floor, knowing she would have to wait there on the next one. 

When she rounded the corner my previous assumptions were as usual, spot on. Her hair seemed to magnify a set of green eyes that immediately caught my attention. Her body was covered by a workout suit. She was obviously headed for the fitness center. 

“Great day for a run isn’t it?” I said as she approached. 

Her gaze shifted from the buttons on her iPod to me and she seemed to pause. 

I guess this is the time to talk about myself for a minute. You see, constantly traveling from city to city has enabled me to stay in great shape. I work out often in hotel fitness rooms, and I get my share of cardio in my hotel room also. Three out of four of my grandparents were Indian, so my skin has a natural tan. My college days were filled with rugby and tennis, enabling me to keep my physique of broad shoulders, slender midsection and toned arms. My hair is black, usually cut like any other businessman’s, and I never leave without a clean shave. Out of all of these very usable weapons, my personality is what tips the scales. You see, I am not saying that I know what women want -- who does? All that I am saying is that I am confident in myself. And that confidence seems to attract women, whether by chance or design.

This leads me back to the pause. I could tell immediately that I had this woman. As her eyes met mine she seemed to lose her composure, as if I had suddenly asked her some important question. She finally responded with a stutter that was barely audible, but confirmed that she was going for a quick workout. Upon hearing her answer, I stepped closer to her and my 6 foot plus frame seemed to dwarf her. She tried to avoid eye contact with me as I said, “I think you don’t need to workout, you look absolutely perfect from here.” 

When she looked up into my eyes, I could see her face become a shade darker. Her lips seemed to quiver. I took her by the hand and whispered that she could come workout with me in my room. 

She reluctantly tried to brush past me in a weak attempt to make it to the elevator but I gently squeezed her hand. “My husband is coming back later. I can’t.”

That’s when I noticed it, a huge diamond on her finger. “He will never know,” I promised her. My insides were burning for her now. I knew I was close, I just had to seal the deal. I pulled her perfect body into mine and bent down to kiss her neck while I whispered, “He will think you are working out, and while he thinks this I want to taste every inch of your perfect body.” 

Her breathing quickened and I gently but defiantly pulled her in the opposite direction. I seen her take a glance at room 1034 as we walked by, as if her husband would secretly be watching through a magical porthole as she traveled to a complete strangers room to be taken. 

As I slid the card into the reader she seemed defiant into stepping into the room. As if she thought she would be seen by someone she knew. As soon as the door was closed I turned to her and took her into my arms. The setting sun of Dallas made her face look angelic as I ran my hands over her body. Her breasts were rising and falling with each breath. I stepped back and unbuttoned my jacket, tossing it on a nearby chair as she intently watched. Next came my shirt. When my chest came into view her eyes seemed to sparkle and her lips curled into a semi-smile. She was watching intently as I removed my pants and undershorts, seemingly like she was getting more anxious with each piece that I removed. By the time my cock came into view her lips parted as if she were entranced. 

Her trance was broken when I asked her how long until her husband expected her to return. Her response was two hours. 

I approached her, my flaccid, 8 inch cock still commanding her attention, and took her into my arms. I knew inside that I could not stay gentile with her very much longer. I wanted to take her like an animal. 

As I explored her mouth with my tongue she began to whimper. I began walking towards her, pushing her backwards until her back was pressed against the wall and I took her wrists into my hands, raising her arms over top of her head. While I continued to kiss her I began to pull her top off. When her top became exposed, her midsection and tits were perfect. Her abs were chiseled and her C cup tits were perfect for her body. I told her this before telling her to offer her tits to me. She looked into my eyes as she cupped them into her hands and raised them. I could see her eyes were begging me to continue. I feasted on them one-by-one. Lightly kissing them at first before nibbling them and sucking them. My hands took the place of hers and I squeezed her nipples as they poked at me.

While sucking her tits I let my hand slide down to her spandex workout pants and I began rubbing her clit. These sensations proved to be too much and she experienced her first orgasm.

As she came down from her high she was panting and biting her lip while she ran her hands along my chest and shoulders. They eventually found my cock and I hear her say, “Its so fucking big,” as she panted.

I began to talk dirty to her. I was tired of wasting time. “Take off your pants. Let me see your pussy.”

She looked into my eyes before lowering them off and placing her clothes on the chair with mine. I told her not to move as I backed away, admiring my prize.

Fuck me she was hot, from her red hair and perfect tits down to her perfectly manicured pussy. Her body was perfect. I couldn’t help to smile as her diamond sparkled.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall.”

Her ass was petite, and her pussy lips were open and wet. My mouth watered as I looked at her.

I approached her and wrapped one of my hands around to her tits and the other to her pussy as I nibbled and whispered into her ear, “I am going to fuck you senseless.” I squatted so that my cock, now rock hard, could rest between her pussy lips. “Your pussy will never forget me. When you leave here it will want me again, and after I am done, it will never be the same. Now get on your knees and suck my cock."

She didn’t hesitate. My words seemed to turn her on even more. After turning toward me and kneeling, she reached for my cock and immediately licked it from base to tip. I grabbed a handful of her red hair and guided her up and down the underside of my meat. Next, I pointed it down and she licked along the top, relishing it like a lollipop. I told her to look me in the eye as she put it into her mouth for the first time. Her eyes locked onto mine and she swallowed inch by inch of my cock. I could feel her tongue working on the underside as she took me completely. She looked so fucking hot with her nose buried in my black hairs and my cock buried in her throat. After about five seconds, I pulled her off and repeatedly made her swallow my cock. 

Next I pulled it halfway out and asked her if her husband's cock was this big. She tried to pull off to answer me but I held her head in place. She knew what I wanted and she tried to say no as my cock was lodged in her throat. I told her I knew it wasn’t when she stared at it the first time she seen it.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to lick my balls. She began to bath my sack with kisses and licks. This was pure agony for me. I loved seeing women kneeling before me worshiping my cock. I could feel myself getting close so I pulled her off of me and turned her head up and began to slap her cheeks and forehead with my huge cock. She kept saying “Yes, slap me with your cock. Give it to me.” She took me by the base in her right hand and started slapping her face and tongue with it. I told her to do it with her left hand and she started jacking me while sucking it. When she looked up I told her that her ring looked pretty on her hand wrapped around my cock. In response, she just produced a devious grin before sucking it again. 

Before I came I asked her if she was ready to be fucked. She moaned as she bobbed on my cock one last time before I guided her to the bed. 

I laid her on her back and she was begging me to fuck her. While standing on the edge of the bed I pulled her pussy to me and began talking dirty to her again. 

“Tell me you want my dick, slut. I am going to ruin your tight little pussy.” I laid it down on her stomach and it went to her navel. “Look how deep I am going to fuck you. Is that what you want?”

“Please. Please give it to me,” she responded.

“Fine. Take my cock in your ring hand and stuff it into your married pussy.”

She did as she was told. Her petite hand wrapped around my meat and she lifted her cunt up to meet the head at her entrance before pushing it in.

She sank back down, taking the first 3 inches, then I took over. I grabbed her by her legs and pulled her down on it amidst her moans. 

“Tell me you love my cock slut.”

She was whining for me to give her more. 

I backed out to the tip and slammed it in until my balls rested on her ass. Her entire pelvis arched up off of the bed in surprise of my depth. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were clouded. Her arms were holding my hips like a vice when her orgasm hit, causing her to scream and flood my dick with her juices. She looked at me and I said, “This is my pussy now,” and I began slamming into her with abandon.

Each stroke caused her to whimper or yelp. I could feel her pussy cling to me on each outstroke and clamp down on me each time she came under me. I began to assault her perfect tits, grabbing and pinching them. She was getting used to my size and she propped herself up onto her elbows and stared in amazement as my cock disappeared into her again and again. She looked me in the eye and said, “Fuck me. Yes. Fuck me with your cock. Oh, don’t stop. Fuck this is incredible.” I reached down and rubbed her clit, causing her to have another orgasm. 

I could feel my orgasm building and I told her that I was about to cum. I pulled out of her pussy and climbed on top of her, strattling her chest. My balls were nestled under her tits as I began to jack my cock in front of her face. She leaned forward and said, “Let me taste your cum. Shoot it on my face. Come all over me.” This was too much for me to take and I began to unleash my load onto her upturned face. She took my first two shots into her mouth then closed it so the remainder of my cum coated her hair, lips, face and neck. When I finally emptied my balls, she began scooping what was on her face into her mouth, savoring it like it was chocolate. 

I rolled over onto my back and watched as she dressed, not a minute to spare before expecting her husband. Before leaving she told me she was glad I didn’t cum in her because she and her husband were trying to have a baby. She also asked me if I was going to be in town tomorrow. I told her that I was. With that she kissed me and said that I should meet her tomorrow because she wanted me to fill her pussy up again and this time, leave my cock buried inside of her when I exploded.

When the door shut I could just imagine her naïve husband coming to her and taking her later, wondering why she is loose. She will lay under him and probably moan a couple of times. He will rut in and out of her for about five minutes if she is lucky, then he will cum and roll over and fall asleep. The entire time she will be thinking of me and my cock, and how she surrendered to me. When he finally falls asleep she will satisfy herself imagining my cock splitting her apart, touching her deeper than he ever dreamed. 

I hit the shower and changed before heading into the Dallas night for some dinner. Who knows, tonight I might go for two?

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