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Life On The Road - Part 3 - San Francisco

The life of a traveling salesman and his conquests. Part 3 - San Francisco
Every time I travel with my job, the opportunities are endless: businesswomen at bars, wives stopping at Starbucks, stay-at-home moms shopping for husbands and family. The urges are everywhere. My problem is, I can’t just walk by without making myself known. I am a man. I can’t help it. The woman that you see at Starbucks is a woman on her way home from work. The woman that I see is a private fuck party waiting to meet someone that will make them lose all control of their inhibitions. The woman that I see is waiting for me.

These are the stories that make up my life. Not my life at home with my wife, but my life as a nightmare for husbands and boyfriends everywhere.

The setting of this conquest is San Francisco, CA. It was one of my first trips to the state of California and I must admit that there are too many targets in this state, even for me. Husbands seem to think that their wives are portraits of perfection. I guess they think that a wife will be content with a peck on the cheek and a: “How was your day today?” Take my word men, if you aren't waking the neighbors, your wives are thinking of someone like me rocking their world.

At the time I met her, I was negotiating prices for my product with her subordinate. We were getting nowhere. Like most companies in California, they were completely broke. According to their point of view, I should sell them my product for nothing. He kept trying to low-ball be even after lowering my price countless times. Finally I started to rise from my seat to head out the door.

“Hold on a minute.” he said. “Let me get Jessica. Maybe she can help us meet in the middle on a price.”

When Jessica walked into the conference room I had my back turned to her.

“Here he is.” her colleague said. “See if you can get him to lower his price.”

When I turned I realized his ploy. Jessica was a tall, slender brunette with a fantastic body. Her frame was hidden by a tight skirt and a blouse with a business sport jacket. It was obvious that everyone at that company would kneel at her feet if commanded and he thought that I would do the same. What he didn't realize is that I am on the hunt for women like Jessica.

She extended her hand with a smirk and I shook it, introducing myself. Together we discussed the issues of pricing, quantity and other technical’s. She was confident and stern, and that made me want her even more. After hours of negotiating I was at my absolute bottom line and she was not happy with it. She actually thought I was trying to take advantage of her.

“Do you actually think that you can make a quick buck off of me?" she said. "I wont let you suck us dry. We need these items or we can not make any profits!”

I tried to explain that I was barely making enough profit from the sale to cover my expenses of flying out there and my hotel stay but she didn’t believe me. We got into a heated argument before her cell phone rang. It was her husband. He was asking how long until she was coming home and I overheard her tell him that she had to make this sale or her job was gone.

By now it was well past 7:00 and I was getting hungry. I had ran 5 miles and got a good upper body workout in that morning so my body needed nutrients to recover. I told her that I needed food before we continued and she said that she also needed dinner and a drink. We decided to continue our negotiations at a local restaurant. Since she lived in the area she suggested one less than 3 blocks away.

While we walked through San Francisco, I couldn't help taking glances at her body. She was taller than most women, about 5’10”. Her legs were slender and toned. Her face was smooth and her jaw line was sharp. She looked like she might be a distance runner. I thought she wasn’t paying attention to me until I noticed that she wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at my reflection in the windows. As we walked she pulled out her phone and called her husband and told him that she would not be coming home for dinner. She explained our dilemma and I thought for a minute that he was going to join us but she told him not to worry.

When we finally arrived we stopped in front of a large structure in the middle of downtown. She informed me that it was one of her favorite places to eat even though it wasn’t a busy restaurant. I was completely astonished because I was standing in front of my hotel. She was talking about the small restaurant on the first floor.

When we went inside I ate and ordered a stiff drink and she did the same. Our negotiations continued with her getting more and more irritated. She gave me the impression that she get her way all of the time and she seemed to hate that it wasn't working with me.
“Men can be so obtuse.” she said. “You never see the big picture. If you can give us the order at cheaper prices we can continue to survive as a business. When we start doing well again we will negotiate a better, higher price. For now, we cant pay this much. Don’t you see?”

She had me pissed at obtuse.

“Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean that I can give you this order.” I said. “I know what you are trying to pull. Your co-worker couldn’t get me to succumb to your price so you thought you could get me to soften because you are a woman. What you didn’t expect was for the roles to be reversed. I have seen you staring at me and I know you cant keep your eyes off of me. You never thought I would be someone that you can’t control.”

“You bastard. You know that we will go under if we don’t get this order.” She was getting louder now. “I haven’t been staring at you either. What makes you think you are so much better than anyone else? We could buy these products somewhere else.”

“If you could I wouldn't be here right now. You need me. I have lowered my price by 60% on this order as a favor to you.” I lowered my voice and continued. “And face it, you cant keep your eyes off of me. If you knew you could you would have let your husband join us. Instead, you came to this little restaurant where I would bet none of your friends or coworkers ever eat.”

I figured it was time to lower the hammer.

“I will make you a deal. This is my hotel. If you honestly think that you can’t control yourself around me then prove it. I’ll wager that you can’t stay in my room for one hour without asking me to fuck you. If you can, I will agree to your price. If you can’t, I am going to fuck you and teach your little cunt who you are dealing with. I wont rape you or force you to do anything, but you will ask me.”

She looked up at me astonished at first. She looked down contemplating her decision for a second. Her chest was heaving. She bit her lower lip as she calculated the risk.

“I accept,” she said.

The entire trip up to my room I formulated a plan. Even for me, this was a challenge. I didn’t know how I was going to seal this deal, I just knew her smoking hot body was worth the effort. If I did get her to succumb to me, I was going to relish her as long as possible.

When I opened the door to my room she entered reluctantly. I am assuming she thought I was going to force her. She still didn't realize that this was one big fucking game to me. One game that I was damn good at.

“Please, sit down,” I said.

She seemed steadfast, but she eventually sat on the couch before speaking.

“What makes you so confident? Do you actually think that I am going to cheat on my husband after knowing you for hours?”

“Yes,” I responded.

While she talked I removed my jacket and hung it in the closet.

“You are fucking crazy.” she smirked. “Your hour has started.”

As I unbuttoned my business shirt and pulled it off I told her that she was going to cheat on him because she had been ignored by him.

“He is probably your best friend.” I said. “What he doesn't understand is that you need to be fucked. That’s shy I made this bet. No woman as unbelievably sexy as yourself would get as angry as you did today unless she wasn’t getting the fucking she deserves at home. You don’t know it yet, but you want me.”

As I said this I opened my shirt and pulled it off, revealing my broad chest and my tanned arms.

“Whatever,” she mocked.

I continued to slowly taunt her while I unbuckled my slacks.

“You want me and you know it.” I answered. “I caught you looking at me through the window’s reflection and I can see your face reddening now. You will soon be begging me for it.”

I turned to the side so she wouldn't see my cock until I wanted her to.

“My husband gives me all that I can handle and more.” she responded. “I don’t need anymore cock. You are wasting your time. His cock is plenty large --“

Her words were lost when I turned to face her and her eyes locked on my throbbing cock. I approached her and lifted her chin up with my finger until she looked me in the eye.

“You will beg me to fuck you because your husband can’t give you this,” I said.

She was in a trance staring at my huge cock inches from her face. I took her hands and ran them up my hips to my chest. She looked me in the eye and bit her lip. I could feel her breath on my cock, causing it to rise. After about 10 seconds it touched her cheek and she immediately turned away.

“You know you want this,” I said.

She stood and backed away from me. When I took a step toward her she placed her hands on my hips and looked down at my cock. I cupped her face in my hands and passionately kissed her.

“I am going to treat you to the best fuck of your life.” I whispered into her ear. “I am going to use your body and fuck you like you need to be fucked. You will remember me each night your husband tries to satisfy you. You will think of me when he enters you.”

I looked into her eyes and passionately kissed her again.

As I kissed her I began unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands were still roaming over my chest and back as I revealed her lace covered tits. I grabbed her bra cup and pulled them down quickly and bent to suck her nipple.

“Oh my God,” she moaned.

I released her nipple and I pulled her jacket and blouse off and turned her towards the wall.

“Your husband will know.” I said as I unclasped her bra. “He will know that his sexy wife was thoroughly fucked by a monster cock and properly satisfied. He will know that all of the things he wanted to try with you were already done because he didn't have the balls to try them himself. He will jack his little dick thinking about your pussy getting jack hammered by a cock like mine. He will live his entire life trying to erase me from your memory but he wont be able to. He wont be able to satisfy you like I am about to. Now turn around and show me your tits.”

She slowly turned, and I took a minute to relish her standing before me. I lifted my hands to her tits and squeezed them and pinched her nipples before I let my hands creep down to her sides. I found the zipper to her skirt and lowered it while she held onto my shoulders to balance herself. 

I pulled her skirt to the floor and guided her hand to my rock solid dick. She gasped when she came into contact with it. Her hands barely encircled it and it was throbbing for her.

“Tonight you will realize what you have been missing.” I said as I licked her neck. “Tonight, what you always thought were fantasies will become boring. Tonight you will be fucked by a real man.”

As I kept kissing her I noticed she was jacking my cock. I took a glance at the clock and I had 30 minutes left. Plenty of time.

While kissing her I knew I had to take this to another level. Slowly, I started kissing lower and lower until I was making love to her nipples. I raised each of her breasts and took them into my mouth and sucked and nibbled at them.

Reaching down, I hooked her leg and raised it until her foot was resting on the chair. She was standing with her back against the wall with only a black pair of Victoria Secret’s on. Her leg on the chair enabled me access to her soaking cunt and I began to rub it. This caused her to moan loudly. She was still fighting with her emotions but she was panting and not pushing me away.

I kept kissing her while I rubbed her pussy through the material and I could sense her orgasm was close.

“Tell me,” I whispered. “Say it. You know you are too sexy for him. Your hand is still wrapped around my cock. You know you want it. Just tell me.”

I knew she was on the brink. She looked at me with far away eyes, but she said nothing. I immediately kissed her. I told her to close her eyes as I began to rub her pussy again. She obeyed and I kissed her again before slowly lowering myself to my knees. I kept rubbing her pussy but I hooked my index finger around her lace and quickly pulled it aside and lapped at her clit with my tongue. Her eyes shot open and she grabbed my head as she moaned loudly. 

Her pussy was very sweet. It was trimmed with the exception of a small strip about 3 inches long. At that moment the strip was covered by my nose as my tongue conducted it’s magic. I noticed that instead of pushing me away, her hands were pulling my hair into her cunt, urging me to go deeper. I looked into her eyes and they were clouded with lust. She was biting her upper lip and sucking in air before throwing her head back and convulsing. I was rewarded with the sweet taste of her cum flooding my tongue before trailing down her legs. She came in my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could. I felt her going limp after her orgasm and I lifted her into my arms before she hit the floor.

I looked at the clock, worried that I had ran out of time until I counted that I had 10 minutes left. She was panting, regaining her composure when I laid her on the bed and immediately removed her last barrier. 

She was still dazed when I laid her on her back, got between her spread legs and crossed her arms above her head, holding them there with my left hand. She started to moan again when I grabbed my precum-coated cock and placed it at the entrance of her soaking pussy.

"Be home before midnight," said mother.

"Can I stay out later, please?" she asked. "All the other kids get to stay out as long as they want!"

“You cant!” she yelled. “I never said it!”

“Tell me,” I said.

I got the smirk from her again.

“Tell me to fuck you,” I repeated.

"Only 5 minutes left," she replied with a smirk.

This bitch was playing me. And I had never been fucking played. I got a sense of fear that I was going to lose this little wager before I remembered something from earlier. One little moment of weakness. I had one last option. It was desperate, but it was my last shot at making this slut squeal under me.

While I held her hands above her head I grabbed my piston and started rubbing it’s length across her sensitive clit. I could feel the lips of her little pussy wrap around my cock. She began to moan and thrash under me again. I let go of my cock and continued to move it up and down the lips of her pussy while my right hand attacked her tits. I started biting them and sucking them while my cock attacked her clit. I concentrated on her face because I knew I only had one shot at this.

I knew she was close to another orgasm and I had to time it perfectly. Over and over I slid the length of my cock over her clit. Until I seen her suck in a breath and bite her bottom lip.

My timing was perfect. Just as her orgasm was about to rock her I grabbed my cock and placed it outside the entrance of her pussy. I removed my mouth from her tits and looked down at her.

Her frustration was paramount. She couldn't rub herself because I had her hands pinned and her legs were spread around me.

“Please, I am so close,” she whined.

“Say it,” I said with a devilish grin.

She responded by arching her back and moaning in frustration.

I still had my cock in my hands wiggling it on her clit, keeping her just on the brink when she looked into my eyes and said: “Please. Fuck me.”

I plunged into her to the tilt on the first lunge. I had to wrap my hands around her midsection to keep her still because her body started convulsing uncontrollably. Her pussy was milking my cock as she came. My balls were resting on her ass so they got a bath in her juices as they shot out of her pussy. She shook for several minutes while I kept my cock buried inside her.

Finally, she opened her eyes and her breath returned. We both looked at the clock just as my last minute ticked away. I pushed myself up and looked down at her smoking hot body impaled on my cock.

My stare climbed upward past her pointed nipples until coming to rest on her eyes before I said: “I win. Now this pussy is mine.”

I started plunging in and out of her with abandon. She was getting my entire 9 inches at lightning speed when I felt her convulse again. She came multiple times while I hammered her once tight pussy and she was meeting my thrusts with her hips.

“My God, you are so fucking big," she said between grunts.

“I told you I was going to fuck your pussy.” I mocked. “Now look at you, getting your once tight cunt ruined by a man you met hours ago.”

“Shut up and fuck me you big dicked asshole,” she retorted.

I was getting into a rhythm now pounding her tight cunt. She met my thrusts on every stroke by bringing her hips up to accept more of my member. I slowed down when I heard her phone ring.

I let her answer it because I knew it was her husband wondering where she was. A wicked grin appeared on her face as she mouthed the words “Fuck me,” as her husband talked to her.

Now guys, if you are ever on the phone telling your wife about something and you hear nothing – I mean absolutely nothing – it might mean that she has hit the “Mute” button while being split open by my cock, because that is exactly what she did. 

While listening to him bitch about her not being home and working too much I was giving her every inch of my dick. She was whimpering and telling me to go deeper. He just kept on bitching at her.

I could tell she was getting more pissed by the second. Her dreamy look was replaced by hatred. This immediately turned into a grudge fuck.

“That’s it, fuck his pussy.” she taunted. “This will teach him to bitch at me. Ruin my pussy. I want him to know I was properly fucked tonight while he was whining about me working.”

I could hear him asking her if she was there when I told her: “I am about to cum!”

“Come for me baby,” she replied as she propped herself up onto her elbows under me.

I could hear him asking why she was taking so long as I pulled out of her stretched cunt and sat back onto my heels on top of her.

She un-muted the phone and said: “Hold on a second honey.”

He was asking if she was there when I started to unload my balls all over his trophy wife.

My first two jets traveled all the way to her neck and covered her chin. I was trying to be as silent as possible as I kept pumping my cock onto her tits and midsection. As my balls unloaded I leaned forward and pulled her face to my cockhead and released another volley that shot into her upper lip before sticking the head of my cock inside of her mouth and emptying myself. I let her go and her head slumped back onto the mattress. The cum on her lip was now rolling down her face and she caught it before it descended to her neck and seductively looked at me while she brought it to her mouth.

“I will call you back in a second honey,” she said as she hung up the phone.

“Fuck, you even taste good.” she said bluntly. “My God. You came so much. I am covered in your cum."

At her words my cock twitched, and she seen it.

“Oh no big boy,” she laughed. “Once is enough.”

With that she got up and began to dress. I intently watched her as she covered her treasures. For some reason, she didn’t even towel off. She had my load all over her neck and lips when she finished dressing.

I got up and moved towards the door as she stepped towards me. My cock had now recovered and was pointed at her.

I didn't flinch as I looked her in the eye and said: "Suck my dick."

She didn't hesitate as she went to her knees and took me into her mouth.

She was perfect. Her business suit covering my load made her look even sexier on her knees before me, worshiping my cock. I grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her face as she moaned around my shaft. I withdrew my cock so she could breathe and her hand went down the top of her blouse as I reinserted it into her hot mouth.

“I am going to cum again soon.” I said. “Where do you want it?”

"Fill my mouth with your load.” she pleaded. “Feed it to me."

With that she pulled her hand from her blouse. Her fingers were covered in my cum and she wrapped them around my cock. Her wedding ring glistened even though it had my seed rolling off of it. She was stroking my cock as she looked me in the eye and licked my cum off of her wedding diamond.

This sent me over the edge and I started to blast the back of her throat with another load. She locked her lips around my helmet and looked up at me as my cock kept erupting into her mouth. She took each volley with more and more enthusiasm. Every jet of my pulsing cock was unloaded into her mouth and she had to bend her head back to avoid spilling it's contents.

I was completely amazed that she had not spilled a single drop.

I was amazed even more when she swallowed it all with one gulp.

With that she shakily stood and opened the door. She paused before walking down the hall and said: "You were right, I will remember this every time he shoves his little cock inside of me. Thank you."

In the end I gave her the price that she wanted because I hoped it wound earn me more sales trips to San Francisco. 

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