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Life on the Road - Part 4 - Los Angeles

This time the salesman is drawn to a wife with a purpose.
Her eyes are what drew my attention.

I first saw them on my way out of the hotel, in the lobby. A slight pause as her gaze caught mine. We both kept walking. I wondered if her thoughts were as interrupted as mine.

I stepped out into the streets of Los Angeles. The city of angels. Beautiful views, exciting architecture, classic feel; all of this was ignored after a one second connection with her eyes.

The next encounter was just as unpredictable as the first. My workday was complete. I had hit the gym and showers, and was standing beside the bar deciding on dinner and a much deserved beer. The automatic doors to the lobby hummed as they opened, causing my head to swivel. Once again, there she was. I noticed her steady, confident strides. I noticed her bronzed, toned legs. I noticed her lean, cut shoulders. I noticed her returning my gaze, and grinning. Lastly, I noticed the man with her, carrying 4 bags with designer labels as she pressed the button of the elevator.


Neither of us knew it yet, but we were about to become closer. Much closer.

My entire dinner was a fight with my imagination. Relaxing was not coming easy with flashes of her in my memory. I finally surrendered to my room to change into my bathing suit. The hotel had a hot tub, and it was calling my name.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo the pool and hot tub area were clear. I could see the steam from the hot-tub rising from the concrete and headed in that direction. After placing my sandals and shirt on the lip of the tub, I descended the steps.

Almost immediately, I was relaxed. I could feel the tension in my body being ushered away by the jets. After a couple of minutes, I needed to use the restroom so I entered the poolside locker room area. When I was finished, I opened the door to see her again. This time she had no clue I was around. She was standing over my things and I could tell she was wondering who they belonged to.

I approached her and asked if she wanted to join me. As she turned I caught her eyes looking me up and down. I introduced myself and she mentioned that she had seen me in the lobby earlier. I nodded and apologized for staring. She grinned again.

Stepping back, she peeled her top over her head revealing the top of a two-piece bikini. Continuing on, she revealed the bottoms under her shorts.

My eyes were glued to her now. What she revealed to me was pure bliss. Her abs were barely visible and her tits were probably a C-cup. As she rose from removing her shorts, her eyes were daggers cutting right into me. I told her that she had an amazing body. In response, she put her hand on my chest and quickly pulled away before saying that mine was very nice also.

This pure sign of reluctance was equivalent to throwing jet fuel on a fire for my emotions.

We entered the hot-tub seemingly not taking our eyes off of each other. You could cut the tension with a knife. She knew she shouldn't have been there. She knew she wanted me. She just couldn't make herself leave.

I asked her where her bag boy was. She smirked before telling me that he had fallen asleep after a full day of shopping. She even added that he was a heavy sleeper.

The hot tub was big enough for 6 people, but I kept creeping closer to her. The lights were dim in this area of the pool, and there was absolutely no one around. I asked her if she thought he would be ok if he seen her now, with a strange man in a hot-tub.

She said that what he didn’t know wouldn't hurt him.

I knew this was my opening. Under the water my hand crept until I felt her leg. I moved in front of her and told her that I had wanted her since I seen her that morning and that she had been in my mind all day.

She admitted that she had shared the same feeling, and that she had been looking out her window when she seen me get into the hot-tub. She said that she had waited for her husband to fall asleep before sneaking out of the room.

When I heard this, I immediately kissed her and placed my hands on her hips. Her lips were full and soft and soon her tongue found mine. My hands were roaming all over her legs under the water. When our kiss broke I heard her let out a small moan.

I sat on the ledge and turned her facing away from me before pulling both of us under the bubbles until just our faces were dry. My cock stood proudly between her legs and my hands immediately mauled her tits. She grabbed my cock through my shorts and began pulling my shorts down under the hot tub bubbles. She did not have to try for long as I lifted my hips to help her.

Next she straddled my cock so it was sticking up from between her legs and she told me that my cock was huge before she began to stroke it with both hands. I was licking and sucking on her neck from behind when I pulled her bikini straps off of her shoulders and pushed her back upwards making her tits become visible above the water. When my fingers found her nipples she began to moan again

She turned to face me as she stroked my cock and I couldn't help myself, I pulled out of the water and sat on the side of the hot tub. She quickly engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth and it was beautiful watching her petite little lips stretched around my girth, while her little hands stroked up and down the length.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and spit on it, so she had lubrication for her hands. It was very exciting watching her suck cock. She was giving me one hell of a blow job.

Soon she removed one hand from my cock and took it below the water. With the way she began moaning around my cock head, it was obvious to tell that she was masturbating while she sucked my cock.

She looked up and told me I had a beautiful cock and she moaned as she smacked my cock head against her cheek.

I told her I was going to fuck her with it as she took it back in her mouth looking me in the eyes.

After sucking me some more I grabbed her by her hair and told her to bend over the side of the tub. To my surprise she had removed her bottoms and when she bent over her perfect ass opened up for me.

I asked her if she was on the pill while I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit. She told me that she was and that I could cum in her.

Hearing all that I needed to hear I began to sink my monster inside another man’s prize once again. I got my cock halfway in before retreating for another push. On the third try, my balls rested against her clit and I paused to let her get used to my size. She moaned and came on my cock before telling me that her husband’s cock was nowhere near as large as mine.

I told her that her pussy felt like a vice, as I began to hammer into her. Knowing we were in public I didn’t want to hesitate with this hot little bitch and be forced to stop so I used her without stopping. I reached around to pinch her tits with one hand while the other rubbed her clit that was continuously getting splashed by the hot water with every thrust. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them back, making her tits stand proud.

By now she had entered one continuous orgasm. Aside from moaning she was grunting with every thrust from my dick. I could feel my balls tightening when I grabbed her hair and pulled her back to me. I asked her if she was sure because I was about to unload inside her married pussy. In response she rubbed my balls between her legs and told me to fill her pussy with my seed.

That sent me over the edge. I pulled her hips to me while slamming mine forward to get maximum penetration. I could imagine my monster head nuzzling into her womb just as the cum boiled out of my cock. I filled her pussy completely with 6 or 7 volleys and kept unloading inside her. Not to be outdone, she kept squeezing my sack and milking me for all I had.

When we finally finished she told me that I had fucked her better than anyone else in her entire life. We got dressed and went to our separate rooms.

The next morning I was scheduled to catch a flight back home and I bumped into her and her hubby at the hotel breakfast. He was in line in front of me and she turned to see me starring at her again from her table. With a smirk she licked her lips where no one but me could see.

I purposely made small talk with her husband while waiting in line for coffee just to torture her. I knew she couldn’t hear us. I was telling him some popular places to eat when she couldn’t take it anymore and approached us. Her hubby told her that I was telling him some popular places to go and I asked what the occasion was to be visiting L.A.

I was floored when he told me that they were taking some time off from work to try to start a family.

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