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Life's Lessons

What dosen't kill you will make you stronger.
Looking out over the ocean the sunrise sparkled like a billion diamonds scattered there by God. The waves were pounding the shore like thunder. Most surfers are out at dawn because the wind is almost non-existent at that early hour and the waves have the best shape. By nine AM the sets are usually blown out. The surf report said there was a red flag warning of high surf and rip tides. A perfect day for surfing!
My son Bryan and I were waxing our boards getting ready for an epic day of surfing. He was home from college on summer break and was anxious to apply his surfing skills again. 

I picked up my board and ran at the surf. “Come on squirt,” I said as I dove in paddling through the white water.

Actually, he is anything but a squirt now. He is as big as I am at nineteen, and was a true combination of his mother and me. Bryan has my more powerful physique with his mother’s beautiful eyes, hair and smile. 

After working our way past the break we sat on our boards catching our breaths, or at least me catching my breath. 

“I am surprised you even made it out on the old tank,” Bryan said referring to my old board. 

“It may be an old board but it is going to carve you a new ass hole,” I said as I paddled to catch the set wave. 

The wave closed out on me and I went tumbling like in a washing machine. As I broke the surface I saw Bryan working the wave like a pro. I thought to myself, “Damn it would be nice to be young again.” 

After about two hours of being totally outclassed by my athletic son, I decided to call it quits. We strapped our boards on top of my red classic 66 Mustang and then we stripped off our wetsuits and changed into our board shorts. Then headed out to our favorite burger joint we always went to after surfing. We have been doing this since he was five. It is a tradition. 

We arrived at the old dilapidated burger joint on the beach that was always packed. You could smell the BBQ a block away. After finding a parking spot and waiting our turn we ordered. Then we went out to the picnic tables and sat awaiting our order. 

I asked, “How’s school?” 

“Great, Dad,” he replied 

“I still don’t know why you had to go away so far to college. We have a very good university right here,” I said.

“Do you want the truth?” Bryan replied. 

“Of course,” I said. 

“It is because of you and Mom I wanted to go to college out of the area,” he explained. 

I replied, “What? We have never done anything but support you in whatever you have done.” 

Bryan looked me in the eyes and explained, “It is not that, Dad. Do you have any idea how hard it is to study when the two of you go at it like a couple rabbits almost every day? You do realize Mom is not that quiet don’t you? It is like trying to sleep through a porn movie.” 

I was speechless. 

“Well you wanted the truth,” he stated as they delivered our food. 

“That is the last time I will ask you to be honest,” I said laughing. 

Dinner was good that night as Ann cooked a prime rib with all the fixings. While I was getting the table cleaned up Bryan informed me he was going to some friends to visit and would probably be home late. 

After he left I said to Ann, “We need to talk.” 

I told her all Bryan told me in detail. She was shocked. 

“I have caught Bryan looking at me and turning away quickly. What are we going to do?”

"Well, he is nineteen and full of hormones. I think you should be more modest around him and his friends and not wear that bikini a lot around the house so often. His friends leer at you constantly. You can't say you don't notice."

"Well... maybe a little, but we do live at the beach you know? Just step out the back door and there are bikinis as far as the eyes can see."

"Sweetheart, very few women fill them out the way you do. I am just saying when Bryan and his friends are around try to cover up a bit."

“But... I can tell you what I am going to do,” I said as I pulled her close to me and squeezed her breast. 

“We can’t do anything here. Let's go to the bedroom," Ann said as she took my hand to lead me away from the kitchen. 

“No right here,” I picked her up and dropped her on the couch. 

“No! Bryan might come catch us,” Ann cautioned me. 

“He is at his friend’s house, we will be fine."

She looked so incredibly sexy and vulnerable as I pushed her down and kissed her with passion. Ann responded putting her hand behind my neck, pressing her lips to mine sicking her tongue into my mouth. I broke the kiss unclasping her halter top freeing those magnificent tear drop breasts. She must be the most beautiful thirty eight year old woman on earth, I thought to myself. 

"Does it make you hot knowing young men lust after you?” 

“Oh, yes. Yes it does,” she replied breathing heavy. 

After giving both her breasts attention, I removed her shorts and panties exposing her highly aroused mound glistening with wetness and went down to lick up her juices like I had so many times before. I thought how this never gets old. Ann was so hot that she was bucking up at me like an animal in heat. I pulled off my shorts and held my hard shaft as I wiped the head in her natural lubrication and started to fuck her but she pushed me away and said, “I want it the other way!” 

It was just a couple months ago that she let me take her anal cherry and she now wanted it to be part of our love making regularly, which was all right with me. 

Ann rolled over on her hands and knees lowering her shoulders down to the couch. I got up quickly and grabbed the butter off the table. I took a big scoop on my finger and smeared it on her little puckered anus. I put some more on my finger and inserted it in her butt pushing to the second knuckle. She responded, “Oh that feels so fucking good.” I now straddled her beautiful round firm bottom and aimed my cock head at its target. Slowly I pushed forward watching it disappear into her willing cavity. 

“Oh, God, that feels good Mike!” She exclaimed with breathless passion. Her anal muscles tightened around my erection like she was milking my cock. The pleasure was immense. 

The sound of my pumping was making a squishing sound, because of the butter. Just as I was finding my pace, I saw the reflection in our hall mirror of my son's friend watching us. I don’t know what came over me but the thought of him watching us was adding to the pleasure and I did not miss a beat. It was so erotic thinking someone was watching me fuck my wife in her ass. 

“Fuck me make me your slut,” Ann screamed in ecstasy. 

Between that and knowing we had a watcher. I was over the top and started to blow my load into her bowels and that triggered her own orgasm. 

As I was lying on her trying to get my breath and winding down, I felt dirty like I had done something very wrong. Our watcher had left but I knew they saw enough. I didn’t dare tell Ann, but she was right about taking this to the bedroom. There is no reason why I should feel guilty. It was not an act of infidelity. I was making love to my wife in the confines of our own home. Big deal that he saw us. If anyone needed to feel guilty it would be the peeping tom.

“Are you OK,” I said. 

Ann replied with contentment, “Oh, yes. It was wonderful. I love you, stud.” 

“Come on let's go take a shower and get you cleaned up,” I said. 

We showered in our bedroom bath and continued to caress each other. I was already getting an erection again thinking out what just transpired. It was like heaven should be, washing my wife. Soaping her and running my hands over her soft supple curves and then cupping her breasts was an unbelievable turn on. I was behind her with my hardness pushing up against her bountiful butt. She reached behind her and took hold of me. 

“Oh my, what has gotten into you?” Ann said. 

“I think the question should be more about what is going to get into you,” I replied. She giggled. 

We went into the bedroom and made love again. I was still excited at the thought of having an audience. It seemed I have found a perversion that I don't dare mention to Ann. 

From what I read people get bored with one another after just a few years of marriage but this had never been the case for us. I couldn't ever get tired of this woman. Maybe it was because we both had high libidos but I would give credit to our abounding love. We both would have preferred a bigger family but Ann got sick a couple years after Bryan was born and it rendered her infertile. 

The rest of the week went well. Bryan and I went surfing a couple more times but the waves were flat. We invited friends over to celebrate our son being home. Life seemed back to normal with our son at home. We were a family again. I even had a long talk with him and explained to him that feelings of desire for a woman as beautiful as his mother was not wrong but if he was to be a man he needed to control himself and always treat her with the respect she deserved. 

About a week later Bryan came to me with a sense of urgency and said, “Dad, we need to talk.” 

“OK talk,” I said 

“Not here, Dad. In private,” he said. 

We went out on the patio and I said, “What’s up, kiddo.” 

“You better sit, Dad. You are not going to like this,” he said with almost a frightened look on his face. 

“Several days ago right after dinner I left to go see my friend Bill. I sent him back to the house to get a video game and he saw you and mom… um… you know?” 

“We were making love,” I finished his sentence. 

“There is more than that, Dad. Bill took some pictures of you and Mom with his phone. He also shot some video and now it is all over the internet. Everyone I know has downloaded it.” 

I was in shock and I was also angry. “Show me,” I demanded. 

Bryan pulled out his phone and held it up for me to see. Curse this new technology. The video was crystal clear like a HD porn movie. Here I was fucking my wife in the ass with her begging me to make her my fuck slut. I wanted to kill the bastard. I asked, “How could this happen?” 

“I didn’t even know he was doing that. I am shocked and don't know what to do. I had to tell you Dad."

I told him with restrained anger, “I want you to use all your computer skills to try and remove it from the internet. You tell that asshole friend of yours if he does not remove it from whatever site he put this on, I will sue him and his family.” 

Bryan explained, “I will, Dad, but once these things are on the internet they spread like a virus.” 

All I could think was that I was in big trouble and it will be worse if I hide this from Ann, I would probably have to show her the video also. If we were trying to avoid a kinky life style it was too late. We were now porn stars. Once our neighbors found out, and they will, we would be outcasts. Even if we removed it probably would go with us. This young man potentially ruined our lives. 

When we went to bed that night, I brought the lap top into bed with us and turned it on. 

Ann chuckled. “Is it fantasy time?” 

I responded, “Something like that,” I said, as I typed in the address Bryan gave me. 

I clicked the link and the video started. I cannot express the shocked look on my wife’s face as she watched this five minute video. There was not a word said. 

After it was finished she quietly said, “How did this happen?” 

I told her the story Bryan told me leaving out the part about me knowing we were watched. 

She asked, “What are we going to do?”

’We could sue,” I said. 

Ann thought for a minute. “What good would that do? We don’t need the money and it will devastate our friends.” 

“I guess our only option is to let it blow over,” I answered. I was glad she did not seem as mad as I thought she would be. 

Then I was taken back totally when she said, “Let’s watch it again.” 

I thought I knew this woman, but I was learning new things about her every day, and I loved it. It made me wonder what new adventure was around the corner. Life was a journey that kept changing constantly. 

After Bryan went back to school there seemed to be no repercussions about the video and Ann and I were having fun with it. I did notice most of the young men in the neighborhood would smile a lot at Ann when she was out and about around the house. I also saw a guy shoot video of Ann in her killer bikini when we went for a walk on the beach. For the most part life was back to normal. 

One night when we went to bed, I brought over the computer and looked at our emails, deleting our junk. I noticed an email with attachment from Jim and Sally across the street. I read the email asking us to come over for a BBQ some evening with their friends. I clicked on the attachment and there was a video of them having sex. It seemed to almost be a copy of what ours was. It showed Sally with her butt in the air with Jim hammering her ass. She was even was begging for Jim to fuck her and make her his fuck slut like Ann said in our video. What struck me was that the video was not stationary from one position but was moving to get the best angles showing there were more people there than just them. Our neighbors were swingers and obviously were inviting us to join them. 

“Oh my!” Ann said shocked. 

I said with obvious fascination, “These are our neighbors. I would have never known.” 

Looking at the video, they were a middle aged couple. He was balding with a bit of flab and average size cock. She had a little better physique with large breasts and an attractive face with long light brown hair. It was interesting seeing her tits rocking back and forth while he fucked her.

“What do you think?” Ann asked. 

“I will pass on this one,” I responded. 

It occurred to me that Ann and I were actually looking at this offer like we were considering something in this nature. I guess after we already had a threesome and made a porn tape for the world to see it would be a little silly for us to pull the moral card. 

I asked Ann to talk about with me and tell me where she stood on this. She paused, took a breath, and had that look about her that this was going to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

“Mike, I love with all my heart. Everything I say or do is connected with you. When we tried the thing with Vicky it was her actions that made that go bad. It was not that I changed my mind about wanting to explore. You know better than anyone what a sexual person I am. I desire you alone but I cannot lie and tell you I have never thought of what it would be to have sex with another man."

"Really?" I asked kinda shocked.

"I have not even kissed or even dated another man in my whole life. You have been and are my only lover. I would never jeopardize our relationship. You saw what happened with Vicky falling in love with you after one time with you."

"Yeah, that was a nightmare."

"Do you think it would be different if a man had me? Sure I fantasize but the risk far outweighs and possible benefit. It tore me up watching you with another woman. With all that said, it is still hot to think about it. I know who I am and I don’t need anyone but you. Remember I belong to you,” Ann said.

“You are right when you say I would go nuts if I saw another man with you, just as you did when you saw me making love to Vicky. That is the point. You gave me my fantasy. If we were ever to do this again, it would be your turn."

"What are you saying? Are you proposing what I think?"

"What I'm saying is, that if we ever venture into this again, it will your turn. It will be a man."

"Mike, this is nuts. You can't actually be serious?"

"Well... I've thought about it and we have roll-played and fantasizes about it together. I'm saying if you ever wanted to venture into this I'd be willing to try."

"I'll give it some thought, but I'm not saying I will."

I could see she was excited just talking about the possibilities. I felt her breasts and her nipples were hard. When I bent over to kiss her she did so with a passion like she was communicating how she felt about these possibilities. I slipped my finger in her panties and she was dripping wet. 

“Come here, let me have what belongs to me," I said.

I practically ripped off her clothes and we made love furiously and went to sleep in each other’s arms. 

Early the next morning we got dressed and went to the gym like we do four or five times a week. We had a lot more freedom since I retired so young. I went right away to the crunch machine to work my abs and Ann went to work out on the tread mill. After about a hundred crunches and working up a sweat, I looked up to find Ann. She was still on the tread mill and was talking with a man next to her.

I moved on to the thigh machine adjusting the seat and weight level. I did my first set and looked around again for Ann. She was on the stair master and laughing with the same guy next to her. I noticed he was animated when he talked and would occasionally touch her hand. I went on to the bench press and set it at two hundred twenty.

After my first set of ten I looked around to find Ann. I didn’t see her or the guy any longer. I did one more set and went to the showers. After changing into my swim trunks I headed to the Jacuzzi where Ann and I go after a workout. When I got there, Ann was in her tiny weenie bikini sitting closer than I would like next to this guy. 

Ann look up at me and said, “Mike, this is Bob.” 

“Hi, I am Ann's husband,” I said holding up my ring finger marking my territory. 

“Glad to meet you,” he said with a smile. 

"We are new to the area and your lovely wife was telling me all the places to eat and not to eat.” 

Ann added while looking at him and not me, “They just bought a house down the street from us. We are neighbors!” 

I thought to myself, he must be well off if he bought in our neighborhood with houses starting at over a million.” 

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” I declared as I pulled Ann closer to me and away from him. I could see he had his hand on my wife’s thigh. 

“We bought all new appliances but they won’t arrive for a couple days and they have to do the restaurant gig until they have a kitchen set up.” Bob said, looking at Ann 

“We can have you over for dinner,” Ann invited him with enthusiasm.

“Isn’t that right, Mike?” She elbowed me in the ribs. 

“Yes we would be delighted,” I replied with a wince. 

“I could not impose on you with such short notice,” Bob said looking directly at Ann. It was like I was invisible. 

“Nonsense, it will be fun. Do you like beef roast?" Ann asked.

“What time should we come over?” 

"We eat at six thirty but you can come early if you like and we can talk. Our house is the tan one with brown trim that has the speed boat in the driveway," Ann instructed.

“I know exactly where it is at. We will be there. Thank you!"

“Well, I need to change. I have cooking to do,” Ann exclaimed as she got out going to the woman’s lockers to change. 

We watched her walk away wiggling that firm round butt like she knew we were watching. 

“A fine woman you have there Mike,” Bob said, not taking his eyes off her until she disappeared into the locker room. 

“I am a very fortunate man,” I said, sincerely. 

We went to showers to get dressed. While we were showering I glanced at him and he was a pleasant looking chap with a fit body but not muscular like me. He was hung well but was a couple inches smaller than me. I saw him glance at me also, probably sizing up the competition. Well, if there was a competition, he'd lose. 

Arriving home, Ann was hard at work. 

"Can I help, sweetie?” I asked.

“Sure, you can peel the potatoes and set the table. That would help a lot.” 

There were certain jobs that each of us have in our marriage. One of mine was to peel the potatoes, along with doing the dishes and laundry. I got my peeler out and started to work. 

“What were you talking to Bob about that was so funny?” 

“We were just talking about funny situations people get themselves into."

“Like what?” 

“Oh like getting caught in a compromising position by your son's friend,” she answered with a grin. 

“What! You didn’t tell him that did you?” I asked shocked. 

“Everyone knows and we can’t hide out the rest of our lives."

“They are new to the neighborhood, maybe they don’t know.” 

“They know. They have seen the video,” she responded softly. 

“Let me get this right. We are having dinner with a couple that has seen me fucking you in the ass. Is that correct?” 

“Yes,” she said even more softly. 

“Fucking great!" 

I then asked, “Did I see right when I saw his hand on your thigh in the Jacuzzi at the gym?” 

We always have been completely honest with each so she answered, “Yes he hand his hand on my thigh and … more.” 

In silence, avoiding a major fight, I mashed the potatoes and set the table and went up to the room to change. 

Ann came up looking like a little sad lost puppy. She put her arms around me and got up on her tip toes and looked up in to my eyes. 

“Don’t be mad at me. You wanted to explore the possibilities. Right?" she pleaded with those big brown eyes. 

There was probably less than a dozen times in our whole marriage that I have been angry with her but just like now it doesn't last long because she knows just which of my buttons to push. 

"How can I ever be angry with you and yeah it was my idea." 

We changed in to our clothes for the evening. I wore some slacks and a Hawaiian shirt. She put on her low cut yellow sun dress with spaghetti straps. I don’t remember her putting on a bra. 

The doorbell rang about six o’clock. I opened the door and there was Bob and his wife, each with a bottle of wine in their hands. 

“This is my wife Penny,” Bob said. 

“Welcome, I am Mike. Won’t you come in?” I said offering Penny my arm. 

She is a stunning woman. Very tall at about five nine but with heals about six foot. She had large breasts and was also wearing a dress almost exactly the same as Ann's. 

“Look we are twins,” Penny stated as she went help Carol with the dinner. 

“Mike, I think we got off on the wrong step. I am sorry I was taken by your wife. She is hard not to look at,“ Bob said offering his hand which I shook firmly. 

I sarcastically added, “Hard to not touch too.” 

“Your wife is a looker also,” I added looking her up and down imitating the way Bob looked at Ann. 

He laughed and said, “That’s all fair play.” 

It was a great dinner. Everything was delicious. We all talked about everything from politics to surfing. I noticed I was right about Ann not wearing a bra. When she bent over to serve Bob the dessert he got an eye full. We went into the living room and we broke out the wine. We didn’t normally drink so a little went a long way with us. I put on some nice music and we drank our wine quietly and listened to the music. Penny suggested we dance. She got up and pulled me up. I looked at Ann and she gave me the go sign. 

Penny was a very good dancer and the wine was really getting to me. We danced closer and I could feel those heavenly breasts pushing up against my chest. I looked over and Bob and Carol were also dancing. He had his hand on her butt and was pulling her close. It turned me on, so I pulled Penny closer and cupped her butt cheeks. 

“I am not wearing panties,” she whispered in my ear.

I then snapped to reality and pulled away from Penny. 

“Hold on folks! We need to talk,” I said loudly above the music, which I walked over and shut off. 

We all sat on the couches and I asked what was going on here. Bob and Penny explained that they were hedonists and have been for a while. They saw our video and thought we were also. They said they are easy going and don’t push anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. I told them to excuse us, that Ann and I needed to talk. 

I took My wife by the hand and led her into the den. 

I queried, “Are you OK with what is taking place here?” 

“Mike, this decision is yours. My body belongs to you,” she said lovingly. 

“That is an excuse to put it all on me,” I stated holding her by the shoulders and looking deeply into her eyes. 

“Remember we talked about it last night and you said it was my turn? This way we would both be rewarded."

“Is this what YOU want?" I asked, half hoping for a no. 

“Yes,” she said softly but with no reservation. 

I knew right there our lives would change forever as we walked hand in hand back to the living room. 

“I think I need some more to drink,” I announced. 

Ann added, “Me too!" 

I turned the music back on and sat down with Ann and we consumed a couple glasses of wine while we exchanged pleasantries avoiding the pending subject that was on all our minds. Ann's hand was trembling. 

Bob said exuberantly, “Let’s get this party going!” 

“We are new to this where we start?” I asked.

Bob said to us, “As you are newbies, I suggest we should first all get naked and be with our spouses. Then set a timer for ten minutes or less. When it goes off we switch partners." 

We all started undressing and that was incredibly hot. The girls were naked first because they were both only wearing their dresses with no undergarments. They were two beauties in contrast. Penny was tall, blond and with huge breasts. Ann was short, brunette, with nice beautiful pert medium breasts.

I finally was down to my shorts and my excitement was obvious. I slipped them down and my cock sprung out like a Jack in the Box. 

Penny gasped, “Oh my!” 

Every one stood checking each other out. Penny was deliriously beautiful with those enormous boobs and shaved pussy I was anxious to get my hands on them. Bob was as erect as I was and I knew from his eagerness Ann was going to get the fucking of her life. 

I retrieved the kitchen timer and we all agreed from our state of arousal that five minutes was plenty on the timer. I set it, and then I took Ann by the hand and led her to the second couch. I pulled her tight to me and kissed her with love and passion. 

“I love you,” I said laying her down. 

“I love you more,” she responded putting her lips back on mine. I kissed her breasts the way she likes and worked myself down to her hairless pussy. I licked her and probed her opening tasting the juice’s flowing out of her ready to be fucked pussy. 


I got up and went over to Penny. I thought if this was going to happen then these were the right people to show us the way. 

Penny held out her arms to greet me. She was so sexy and beautiful and I was hard and ready to sample her wares. I laid with her on the couch putting my lips to hers. Our tongues danced the dance of love. She moaned as I sucked in her erect nipple while I squeezed and pinched the other. I then turned her around on the couch so I could watch Ann and Bob. 

I never thought I would see my wife kiss another man. He was sticking his tongue in her mouth like he was fucking her with it. He was doing this while cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples which I know drives her crazy. Ann was moaning out her pleasure. 

I couldn’t get enough of kissing Penny. I have never been kissed like that before, it was so sensual. I loved the way her tongue would dart in and out. I was so erotic. 

“Give me that big boy,” she said milking my cock. I rose up on my knees and slid my cock between those huge tits and fucked her golden globes. This was a first for me. 

“Damn that is good!” I panted. 

I could hear Ann and Bob grunting and moaning also. He was over her and fucking my wife’s mouth like a pussy. There was my beautiful wife with another man’s cock in her mouth. It was exciting but is also hurt like hell. I thought to myself how could I let this happen? She is my love. 

Penny brought me back to what I was doing. 

“Bob has some lube in his trouser pockets. Get it,” she instructed. I went over close to them while he was getting ready to mount Ann and I retrieved the lube. I looked into her eyes and she looked excited. I took out the bottle of lube out of the trouser pocket just as he pushed in to her opening, hearing that familiar moan as he plunged deep in her pussy. 

“Save some of that for me mate, I will need it in a minute." It just then hit me that Bob showed up at my home with a lube he intended to use to fuck my wife in the ass. 

I went back to Penny who was like a bitch in heat but I didn’t quite have her same enthusiasm after seeing what her husband was doing to Ann. He was practically a stranger and was fucking her. 

Penny told me to quit watching them and fuck her hot pussy. I pulled her to her hands and knees and entered her soaking wet cunt. I slid it in in one stroke. 

“Oh, you're fucking huge!" she screamed. 

I hammered her hard, almost like I was getting vengeance for what was happening to Ann. I fucked her like she was a whore and she loved it, pounding her so hard I thought the couch might collapse. Her tits swaying with every thrust. It almost sounded like a church with both women crying, oh god, over an over.

“Don’t cum in my pussy, I am fertile. Fuck my ass,” Penny instructed. I could hear the slapping of skin and the auditory noises of sex coming from the other couch. It was pure sex. 

I squeezed the lube into Penny’s puckered anus and poured some on my cock. 

“Throw that over here mate,” Bob asked and I tossed it to him knowing he would soon be deep in Ann's ass. 

Putting the head of my cock into her wanton little opening, Penny pushed back engulfing my ridged pole. I was not as gentle as I am with Ann as I forced it in to her all the way to my balls. Penny was screaming in pain and pleasure. She was extremely tight and constricted around my member. I could feel myself close and couldn’t hold back. My cum was welling up deep from within nearing eruption. We moved in unison as I blasted load after load into her bowels. My seed was pouring out and puddling beneath us on the leather couch. 

Ann and Bob were already done and they were just sitting watching us. 

The deed was done. Lust monster satisfied. My thinking now slipping back to reality I realized I have now violated everything I hold precious in this world. I looked at Ann and could see from the expression on her face she felt the same as I did. I got up without saying a word I took her by the hand and led her up to the bedroom leaving Bob and Penny to themselves. 

Turning on the shower and led her in to the hot spray. The only sound that I could hear besides the running water was the sound of my precious wife crying. I washed her like a baby but no amount of soap would wash away the regret she was feeling. We both broke every vow we have made to each other for a momentary thrill. It is like firing a gun. Once you have pulled the trigger you can’t bring the bullet back. We both knew that our lives would never be the same.

I lay her on our bed and held her with all the tenderness and love I have within me. All we have left is what we had in the beginning. Our unfailing love.

To be continued.

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