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Linda's Awakening Phoenix Style

Wife's First time interracial encounter arranged by hubby
Linda’sAwakening Phoenix Style

Linda awoke to the buzzing of an alarm. What the hell? Dan must have left it on accidentally. He had told her he was going to get an early start, maybe sneak out of a session early, and she might have an exciting day, or something to that effect. She reached over, had to rise up and scoot across the bed to hit the alarm. At the same moment, she heard a quiet rap on the door accompanied by the soft call of “Room Service”. Oh, hell, she thought, as she got up, grabbed the hotel room robe and threw it on as she answered the door. A cart was wheeled in, with a simple small pot of coffee, some bread and fruit. She signed the receipt, thanked the waiter, locked the door behind him and hurried off to the bathroom. Beside her toothbrush was an envelope, with “Linda” on the front in Dan’s messy handwriting. She picked it up as she sat down on the toilet.

She had never been to Phoenix and had so looked forward to the vacation. Well, vacation for her. Dan had an industry seminar and would not have much time with her, save for a few dinners and Saturday before they had to get back. They planned to see some old friends on Saturday, and in the mean time, she was just going to relax, shop, maybe do a little sightseeing, and use the gym and spa at the nice hotel hosting the conference. Fine for her. It was great that they were getting to do this more and more often. His business had really taken off, and they were beginning to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor. It was too bad, a great sadness that the financial success didn’t come before Dan’s illness. The surgeries, and incomplete recoveries, left him unable to enjoy one of their greatest joys, the joy of sex.

They had started to reach their sexual union, their peak, their climax, later than most. They had married early, had all of the regular struggles. Their bodies changed with age, not for the better necessarily, but their minds did change for the better. They rediscovered their passion for each other, not through sex, but through their struggles. They united emotionally, intellectually, and then physically at a time when many of their friends were lost in unfaithful marriages, in the midst of divorces, or wondering who it was they were married to. Funny thing about Linda’s discovery and embrace of her full sexuality and the way that they had really connected, really come together at a higher level. The funny thing about the sex part was that they both began to appreciate the way that it satisfied their partner’s body as much they appreciated how it satisfied their own. The other’s physical pleasure was as great an experience as their own bodily pleasure. They truly had become one.

It saddened Dan to the core that he wasn’t physically the man he had always been. He could remember running so fast, being so strong. He remembered sex sessions, her screaming in ecstasy, him plowing his hard penis into her while she thrashed beneath him. Now, crap. It sucks. He thought “I’m virtually helpless and she was right in the midst of full bloom.” He had always thought her so precious, so beautiful, so brilliantly smart, with Linda being, of course, the last to see or acknowledge her own beauty and brains and love and the power of her sexuality. He was one with her now, even now, she the female part of him, he the male part of her. He thought that surely this is what God intended when he designed male and female.

The first manifestation of their sexual freedom came when she loaned Dan, before his illness, to a friend in need. Linda was now able to see sex as a source of joy to be shared by a man and a woman, she sharing his joy and vice versa. It meant so much to her that Dan have all of the joy available to him. An older friend, one of those few with whom she shared every thought, had begun to confide of her struggle with celibacy after becoming a widow. They had all been great friends for years. The husband’s passing was a difficult time, but he had never been a really great husband. He was a great provider, but not the lover, friend, intellectual companion, father to the children that Linda had continually described Dan as. The friend was enamored with Dan, thought him hugely attractive, hung on Linda’s every word about him. When the friend was forced to move to take care of grandchildren, Linda offered a private weekend with Dan as a “going away” present. The details of Dan’s lovemaking with the friend were shared with Linda and brought her not reluctance or jealousy, but true excitement and happiness for Dan and the friend. Kinky, but cool, and a story for another day.

The envelope in the bathroom contained a short note, telling her to meet the personal trainer at the hotel’s gym at 7 sharp. After an hour’s exercise, she was to “take special care in preparing your body today”, and to dress in the clothes he had laid out for her on the sofa in the side room. She went quickly to look. There was a silky blouse, a new skirt that he insisted was going to make her ass look great, a lacy bra and a matching thong, which would be a little unusually brash for her, but hey, she liked following his instructions. She remembered games they would play, with him giving her explicit instructions that would lead to some real powerful and passionate sex. She liked when he took control of her sexually. She missed that, maybe that’s what this day would be about. Fine with her, she had plenty of time, and lots of stored hormones. Lots.

The instructions said that after her exercise and preparation, which must be complete before 10, she was to go to the lobby. A shuttle would take her to Sedona, about a two hour beautiful ride up into the mountains to the north. She would be delivered to a nice, small hotel, where a room and further instructions awaited. Okay, she could play along.

So, exercise completed, a vigorous workout with a demanding trainer, she felt great, although a little tired and sore. She was already in great shape as a result of her consistent exercise and semi-careful diet. She wasn’t thin, but not heavy, with shapely legs, fullish breasts and a heart shaped ass that was just a tiny bit plump.

She readied for her trip with a long shower, extra preparation, being very careful to shave her pubic area, including the few light hairs close to her anus, very closely, worthy of the pretty underwear. Make-up perfect, her shoulder length auburn-colored hair perfect, clothes on, out the door. The ride was beautiful. She had packed some fruit from the breakfast tray to snack on and some water. Lonely shuttle, only her and the driver, a semi-comatose old man. She was ultra curious about this room thing, as if they didn’t already have a nice room. He said he was going to try and sneak out and said that he hoped today would be one of the most exciting days of her life…….her pussy tingled.

Once in Sedona and dropped off by the shuttle, Linda walked into this beautiful little place and headed for what appeared to be the check in desk. Looking to her left she spotted a solitary man, black, tall and handsome, sitting alone at the bar. There was something very familiar about him and she detoured to the ladies room to steal a closer look and figure out what the familiarity was. Oh shit, wow, cool, it was their great friend Jay. She squealed “HEY!” and rushed over to hug him.

Jay was a long time business associate of Dan’s. He was supposed to be at the conference as well, and she had heard Dan exchanging voice messages with him, trying to arrange a time for them all to get together during the week. Jay would soon be leaving the industry, actually leaving the country to pursue his twin passions of football and kids, becoming a football coach at a mission somewhere in the Polynesian islands.

Jay was tall, 6 foot four or so, towering over her five foot two. Always impeccably dressed. He was ultra good looking, with a square jaw and a very muscular, very thin build. Ultra workout demon. Ex-college football and basketball player, some position that didn’t require him to be heavy. Jay and Dan had become good friends over the years, becoming closer and closer as they shared so many common interests, even though, Jay was about fifteen years younger. Interested in the world, politics, science, philosophy, history, and of course sports. Jay was uncommonly caring, capable of learning about anything. Capable, and always willing to hear a friend’s concerns and speak intelligently about any subject. They were as close as brothers. They had all three spent quite a few dinners together, thoroughly enjoying their conversation, as they all three just clicked in an unusual manner. Even Linda and Jay had connected at a higher level, with an appreciation for each other’s intellect, personality, cares, hopes, dreams. He had attended their son’s wedding and Linda danced with him several times at the reception, noticing how shy, graceful, classy, and physically strong he was. In another life, in another world, maybe what a catch. But for her little time around Jay, she did know that Dan appreciated how he could have so much in common with someone so different.

Jay asked for her to join him for a drink. She asked him to order her water, she needed to check in with the desk, and she would decide on a real drink by the time she got back. At the desk, they handed her the room key, another envelope from Dan and their wish for her to call with any needs, and to enjoy the top floor view. Wow. What was this about? Anyway, back to see her friend….She no sooner sat down at the table with Jay than he excused himself to take a call. She took the moment to open the envelope from Dan…….

“ My Dearest Friend and My Life Partner, I wish for you only the greatest joy in the world. It is very sad what has happened to my health and my ability to please you sexually. I know that my issues have not reduced your needs, and it always brings me great pleasure when you are pleased.

My good friend jay, who I trust and I know you do too, is fully aware of my difficulties. He happens to be at the hotel in Sedona for a reason. He has agreed to help me by making passionate love to you. Of course, your participation is up to you, but I assure you, Jay will treat you and any decision to proceed or not with the greatest respect”

At this point Linda’s hands had started to shake to the point of dropping the letter. She attempted to pick it back up, but got so dizzy when she bent over, she had to wait a moment to try and regain her senses. At that moment she noticed Jay walking up, and for the first time REALLY noticed him. Beautiful form, tall, awesome looking in his classy attire. Wow, he was big. Wow, muscular, a specimen of a man. Her stomach flip-flopped at the thought that she was noticing him in that way.

“ I know it has been a fantasy of yours to have sex with a black man. I want this for you. I know that there is a mutual attraction. It is natural for two wonderful people like the two of you to get along. I understand and hope that this opportunity allows you to embrace that, if just for a short time. I am sure that will add to the pleasure that awaits you today. It would be pleasing to me if you shared all of the details of your activity with me afterwards. I know you will be pleased and I know you will share that as soon as you can. I love you more than my life. Be in the moment. Your best friend, Dan”

At that point she felt an incredible flush and was reticent to look at Jay’s face. She forced herself to look up. Their eyes met, and she went dizzy again. A slow deep breath, another look at his face and another flip-flop of the stomach. As soon as the stomach settled, she felt an odd rush, a gush, almost a flood, of fluid rush into her vagina.

Jay set two shots of tequila and a plate of lemon slices on the table. Thanks for choosing for us, she said. He replied, laughing, I did not choose for us, these are both for you, you looked like you could use them. He went on to say, as he reached over and gently grasped her hand that he was here for two reasons. One, out of loyalty to Dan, and the other more importantly, he really cared for her and wanted in the worst way to make love to her. So admittedly, there was a selfish reason. He slowly stroked her hand and wrist. His hand was hot.

She didn’t know where to go from here. She knew she wanted this, Dan wanted her to do this, but she had never touched anyone since she met Dan. Wow, she thought, I need to be brave and get it done. She reached across the table, shaking worse than ever, and took a lemon and a shot of tequila. Downing the second shot was a little more difficult, but she felt euphoria, a sense of freedom, as she reached the conclusion that this was fate and she was along for the ride. She looked at Jay confidently and asked, “Want to go look at my room with me? The view is supposed to be amazing.”

Once up on wobbly legs, she summoned every bit of courage she owned to keep her cool and confident look as they walked across the lobby to the small elevator. He pushed the button, the elevator rose, the door opened and she began to feel dizzy again. Sensing her unease, Jay reached out and cupped her elbow in one hand, while using the other to rest on the small of her back and urge her forward down the short hallway. His touch caused her stomach to flip flop followed immediately by another rush of fluid. Since she was now standing, the wetness in her pussy surged out and she could feel her panties beginning to dampen.

The room was gorgeous, spacious, windows open to the cool, dry air and sunshine. They surveyed the living area and moved across towards the bedroom. She realized that they were completely secluded and did not have any need to close windows, drapes, or anything. The bed was pulled down and there were several scented candles already lit. Wow, nice details.

Jay sat down in a chair facing the window. As Linda walked by him to get to a different view (and hoping he would grab her and get this started), he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. With their disparate heights, this brought her face to face with him. He whispered to her, “You do know I think you are beautiful? You know I would never betray you or Dan but I’ve wanted this for so long.” He pulled her face to his, their mouths opening immediately, his tongue overwhelming her mouth. It was hot and moved urgently as she battled not to fall again as she got dizzy, stomach flopped and a gush between her legs. As they kissed, Jay began to undo her skirt. As it fell to the floor, his big, hot hands embraced her marvelous, feminine ass cheeks. His hands were so big and felt so strong. After a moment, he allowed his hands to slide up under her blouse to unhook her bra. She brazenly pulled back and tugged the shirt and bra over her head. Now she stood in front of her friend, naked to him and to the whole world outside the window, except for a lacy white thong. He immediately lowered his head to kiss her nipples. Her breasts were simply lovely, the shape and weight a perfect fit for the rest of her frame. He worshipped them for quite some time, something she had no problem enjoying, finding the heat of his tongue and mouth exhilarating. She had rarely felt so awesomely beautiful and wanted this feeling to last forever. She stepped back, reached for his hand and pulled him up. She spun him around by the waist and stood on the chair. She leaned out to kiss him and found the buttons to his shirt at the same time. As they kissed and she undid his shirt, she lowered herself to sit in the chair. Tugging the shirttail from his pants, she stood and pushed the shirt back over his chest and shoulders. Wow, she had never felt muscles like this. Not big, just superhard, and everywhere, like muscles on muscles. His skin was different too, sort of taut, a beautiful dark mahogany brown and his hard, muscular chest was lightly haired. She sat again, reached out to undo his belt, hands shaking, thinking of Dan again now, reminding herself how he had taught her to meditate with the point of being in the moment, being in the moment. As she undid his belt, and tugged down his zipper, the shaking threatened to turn to dizziness again. A deep breath fought it off and she dropped his pants to the floor, revealing boxer briefs with an indescribably big lump of, what, God, the bulge was like the size of a softball. Dan was like the size of a tennis ball in comparison. As she grabbed the waistband of his briefs, she had to fight off the dizziness, then her stomach flip flopped, vagina gushed, at the first sight of his manhood. It fell, sprung, crashed, avalanched out of his underwear as she pulled them down. His balls, looked like the size of small apples. His penis, which wasn’t totally hard as she expected it to be, sort of bent in the middle from its own weight. She reached out to grab it, marveling at the blaring heat of it, and quickly realized that her fingers could only almost encircle the damn thing. Dan’s penis had a mind of its own. This thing must have a life of its own, she thought. It probably has its own social security number and a 401K. She chuckled to herself at that thought and got a rush of pride that she really was in the moment.

Linda rose and pulled him by the penis to the bed, and he shucked off his pants, underwear and socks as they moved. They lay down on the soft sheets. Then he moved back to her breasts, and she accommodated by rolling onto her back. She reached around to feel the size and strength of his shoulders and back. Wow. He was good with her nipples and she was hesitant to stop him, but had to get it over with. “Honey, I’ve got to stop you, for a minute. Look at me.” He stopped and raised his eyes to hers. “I want this so badly. I really do. And I know you do, too. And I’m sorry to let you down, let us down. But the truth is, there is no way. I am really small down there and there is no way your gigantic thing will ever go in me.”

“Do you trust me not to hurt you?” Jay asked.

“Of course.”

“Then understand that in a different life I was an athletic trainer, have had extensive training in yoga, and know how to help areas of your body open up. If you trust me, we don’t need any code words. If you say stop, I stop. It’s as simple as that. I know you think I’m a virgin, but I’m not….I have a little experience with this.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“Please come lay on your face on the edge of the bed and let me see if I can help you relax.”

She, still clad in the white thong, moved as instructed. He kneeled on the floor beside her and murmured “God, lady, you have one beautiful ass.” He started to knead the muscles at the back of her neck and between her shoulder blades. His hands were so big, so hot, that it felt like getting a massage from a dozen people at once. He continued with the massage for quite some time, moving from the top of her head, down her neck and back. He roughly manipulated her feet and gently but firmly stroked her calf and thigh muscles. This felt SO good after her vigorous exercise. All the time Jay softly spoke words of amazement at the beauty of her back and shoulders and how he so cherished their time together, that he found no other person in the world more intellectually stimulating.

Jay asked her to close her eyes and begin to concentrate on a point in front of her face. He asked for her to place in her mind, at that point, a small flower. He said she should watch it grow and grow, until it was big enough that as it opened, she could gently lay down in its petals. He began to massage her hips in a strong circular motion. Soon, he reached under the front of her hips and asked if she would allow him to raise her up to her knees and if he could remove her panties. She could barely mutter yes, please.

Raised to her knees, panties pulled down and off her legs, he shortly began to push her thighs apart, until he could reach under and between her legs with both hands. He began to knead and massage the area where her legs attached to her torso, not being able to miss, because of the sheer size of his hands, her engorged and sopping pussy lips. After just a moment of this, she felt him remove his left hand, which landed hotly between her shoulder blades, and gently pressed her head, neck and breasts into the bed. She realized with a start that he must now be staring at her puckered anus. Where was she physically, mentally two hours ago? Wow, she thought, but hey, stay in the moment. Suddenly, she felt his hot breath as he softly kissed each ass cheek and then she felt his HUGE, hot tongue come to rest flatly across her anus and entire butt crack. Oh my god, she thought, it has been way too long since I felt this! He moved his rough, hot tongue across, around and gently into her anus. Her head was ready to explode, but suddenly he stopped and apparently stood up. At that moment, she felt something kind of round, and big, and definitely very hot, pressed against the entrance to her vagina. His left hand remained firmly pressing her between the shoulder blades. She was so totally in his control and so loved being that way. A greater pressure against her whole pussy brought her back to the moment, and she realized what she must do. Summoning her concentration, she pictured the flower opening up to its fullest and literally sucking in the sun’s rays. The giant head of his penis squeezed into her tiny opening. Linda had been penetrated by a black man! She gasped in excitement that she had been able to do this, so proud of her ability to shed inhibitions.

Jay began to stroke her behind with his right hand, again reminding her quietly of how beautiful he found her back, shoulders and ass. He pushed deeper and deeper, slowly, as she continued to relax into the moment. Linda began to feel a pressure in her whole bottom half she was having a hard time defining. Was it pain? pleasure? damage? There was a sensation unfamiliar to her in the walls of her vagina, obviously being stretched to a point that it had never been stretched. But there was more, there was like almost a continuous flip flop of her stomach and a tingling in the spine, on the side toward her body. Jay slowly began a stroking motion, intending to pull almost all of the way out, but his circumference was so huge and her pussy was gripping his penis so tightly, that it was more like her vagina was being pulled out of her body as he pulled back. The funny, pressure feeling began to intensify. She was so in another world that it was like she was looking down from above, at herself, wondering if she was being injured, and really not caring. Forcing herself back into the moment, she felt a not so unfamiliar tingling close to her clitoris. His heavy balls were resting against the middle of her thighs. She reached under, discovering that his big balls were nice and soft. God they were huge and hung low, she thought. He dragged some stray fluids onto her anus and pressed the pad of his thumb across the whole pink, puckered area. It slowly began to sink inside as she took a few deep breaths. It felt awesome. The pressure feeling in her back, tummy, and pussy continued to grow, but also began to feel intensely pleasurable. When she realized what the feeling was, it was too late to stop it even if she wanted to or could have done so. Another wave of dizzy, flip-flop, woosh and she started to moan as the waves of her first ever vaginal orgasm overtook her. From a tingling in her feet, to leg muscles, to the area he had so gently massaged on her neck began to spasm? glow? boil? It was impossible to describe. The contractions she felt in her vagina were stronger, deeper, more satisfying and addicting than anything she had felt in her entire life. She couldn’t remain still and her hips involuntarily began rotating and bucking at the same time, causing even more pleasurable friction and stretching in her vagina. This could go on forever as far as she was concerned. She moaned, almost wailing with a pleasure she had never before experienced. She had no concept of time, but did notice that his balls were beginning to creep up the back of her thighs. As her orgasm began to subside, Jay began to growl. Linda urged him, “Come on baby, let it go, come inside me!”

Jay’s penis began to thump inside her. She had never had intercourse with anything so large that she could actually feel the man orgasm. This was unreal. Several strong twitches, a groan from Jay and this monster inside her erupted. And it was HOT. She could feel the individual squirts as if a fire hose was being turned on and off deep inside her vagina. There must have been ten or more strong individual squirts. Holy crap, this was going to be like more cum than she’d had in her added up over the last twenty years. It felt amazing and she didn’t want it to end. Jay had worked very hard over the last hour to accomplish just the penetration and he needed a moment’s rest when he was finished ejaculating. It was not effortless, but not painful either, to remove his large penis head back through her vaginal opening. It created a loud popping noise when he finally got it out and the first wave of semen streamed out of her. She lay down on her stomach and literally passed out as he crawled up on the bed beside her.

When she awoke, she had no idea how long she was asleep, although it was more like she passed out from the sheer excitement and joy of the experience. Jay was awake beside her, softly stroking her hair. She reached over to rub his chest and accidentally bumped the penis that lay draped across his washboard stomach. She looked at it, still amazed that she got the damn thing inside her. Wow. Dizzy, flip-flop, woosh, and as that happened she felt a large amount of semen stream out of her vagina. He said, “Sweetheart, I need more….can we do it so that I can look at you?”

“I’d love to, but I doubt that thing is going to fit. We might have to leave well enough alone, as sad as it makes me to say that.”

“Hey, trust me again, okay?” Jay rolled her onto her back, kissed her nipples, sucked on them for just a moment and asked her to scoot towards the end of the bed. He rose and again kneeled at the foot of the bed. He grabbed her knees, letting her know that he was going to manipulate her hips for a few minutes. He pushed her knees toward her chest, then moving his hands onto the kneecaps, he rotated each of them outwards, increasing the size of the circle he made with her legs with each repetition. After a few minutes he had her legs bent and hips stretched upward and out like a frog. He got up and placed a pillow in the middle of the bed. He asked her to move her cute little ass onto the pillow. Once there he told her to concentrate on the flower again and had her put her hands behind her knees and pull her knees as far toward her chest as she could while simultaneously pulling her legs as far apart as they would go. He lined up the massive head of his penis with her opening and pushed gently. She let out a long, throaty moan as her vaginal opening was stretched beyond its limits, but it ultimately opened to accommodate his size. He sank in several inches with each gentle thrust and was now touching places he hadn’t touched during the rear entry session. She was loving the feel of his elbows, where she rested her hands, as he held his massive body above hers, his forearms caught behind her knees, forcing them up and out, holding her in place and forcing her hips to be inclined toward the ceiling. It was like she was being bent in half and having a big black pipe split her in half at the same time. He was in total control and she was loving it. Within a few minutes of his deep slow thrusting, combined with the unique way he rolled his hips when he sensed he had penetrated her to the maximum, she felt a pressure on her bladder, or so she thought. Moments later, the pressure showed up again on the front side of her spine. She lost her breath, got dizzy momentarily, had to breathe deeply to regain control. When it became clear to her what was happening her stomach flopped and her vaginal juices gushed. Within moments, she was entering a second vaginal orgasm, the first time in her life she’d experienced more than one orgasm in a single session! She was multiple! And thrilled! And orgasming and struggling to breathe. When her orgasm started to subside, he tried to pull out in order to give her the thrill of reinsertion. She pushed him off, hoping to catch her breath before he could reenter. As he rolled over on his back, she realized she may have disappointed him and asked quickly if she could get on top. Since that was okay with him, she swung her leg over and mounted him reverse cowgirl style. He thanked her for giving him another chance to “look at that glorious ass”. She grabbed his penis and held it steady as she slowly sank down on it, meeting less resistance at her opening this time. She started to ride him, hoping to make him come. It was slightly painful, as she was beginning to get a little sore from being stretched. But it didn’t end up being pain, just the beginning feelings of her third vaginal orgasm. As it built and she crashed into and through it, the very last of her energy seemed to drain from her. She felt like passing out again and pushed her legs up to un-impale herself from his massive penis. She slid backwards, resting her sore pussy on his chest, her head falling down and her mouth coming in contact with the round brown head of his penis. She thought oh what the hell, at least I can muster the energy to lick his beautiful balls. She raised her head up, stuck her tongue out and licked the gigantic head. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and couldn’t believe that she slid the head into her mouth. This was a part of sex she didn’t necessarily live for. She was very proud of the fact that she had developed the ability to allow Dan into her throat. She knew that very few women were able to do that, she knew that many women who lived to have a penis in their mouth couldn’t even do that. So she relished her ability and wanted to show it off for Jay. She maintained a steady pace of breath, concentrating on the flower, as she started to take more and more of his plentiful shaft into her mouth. After a few minutes, she felt the giant knob of the head pressing against the back of her throat. Oh well, she thought, at least I got that far. All of a sudden, she felt a change in the texture of his shaft and the tenseness of his body. He seemed to be growing, hardening. When she realized what was happening, it excited her to the dizzy, flip-flop, woosh point once more. This flood from her vagina forced her fluid, and some of his semen out onto his chest. This sent him over the edge and his penis began to thump in her mouth. Swallowing was not something she did, but she was just on fire today and knew she would be disappointed if she didn’t swallow him. She clamped down her lips and held on for dear life as what seemed like quarts of semen were forced at high pressure into her throat. After a good number of spurts, she pulled back an inch or two to receive some into her mouth. She received plenty and had to try and swallow it while this gigantic tool was stuffed in her mouth. She continued to breathe slowly and carefully through her nose, and was so proud when his thumping subsided, he let out a wonderful groan and his whole body seemed to relax. She slowly let his penis snake its way out of her mouth. She couldn’t figure out if the taste of his semen was good or bad, but she knew it was damn sticky. It felt like her teeth were glued together. As she let his penis go, she rolled off of him and lost consciousness again.

She awoke some time later to the buzz vibration of her cell phone with a text message from Dan. Jay was nowhere to be found. His clothes were gone and there was a note on the bed. Thanks, Beautiful Lady. All My Love, Jay

She hit the read function on her cell phone for Dan’s text:

How is your room?

Her reply:

I’m glad you texted. My mouth is so sticky I couldn’t talk if you had called. The room is great except for the gigantic puddle in the bed. I need to sleep. Talk to you in a while. Love, Your Best Friend Linda

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