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Lisa and Kim

Drunk wife has fun with a friend
It all started with a girls night out for my wife Lisa. When she came out of the bedroom I instantly wanted to throw her on the couch. Dressed in a pair of faded, tight, ripped jeans and a plunging halter top that showed off her nicely tanned breasts.

“Does this look OK?” is all she said.

“Damn, how come you never dress like that when we go out?”

She always tends to dress like a delicious little whore when going out with her friends and like a tomboy when we go out.

“Whatever,” she said with a slight smile.

“Have fun.”

I was sleeping when I heard her stumble in the house, with someone else? I heard her friend Kim’s voice and instantly thought, “Hmmm maybe a drunken threesome,” which I knew would never happen.

She was saying thanks for the ride and telling her friend how much she loved her when things went silent.

The sounds of moaning made me wonder exactly what they were doing.

I slowly crept out of the bed to take a peek and what I saw completely shocked me. There was my conservative little wife in a lip lock with her friend while they tightly embraced each other. I could not believe my eyes. Jackpot, I thought. They continued kissing when Kim slowly started massaging Lisa’s breast over her top. A loud moan escaped her lips. Lisa leaned back against the wall and pulled her top down. My wife has beautiful 36c breasts with nipples that are always erect. Kim took a nipple in her mouth, then let go of it. My wife looked over and said, “You can join in if you want.”

How in the hell could she see me, I wondered, when all of a sudden a man stepped away from the wall.

We have never talked about anything like this, and instead of stopping it, something made me just freeze and watch.

He quickly walked over and went straight for her breasts. Kim in the meantime had sank to her knees and was undoing his pants. Now I am not the most endowed man but this guy had a dick that had to be at least 8-9 inches and not even fully hard. Kim immediately started sucking him.

Lisa had her top off and now the guy was working her pants down. Damn, why am I frozen. Kim helped remove the rest of my wife’s clothes.

My wife was quite drunk but seemed to be enjoying every single movement. Kim was back to sucking this guy's cock while he was finger fucking my wife with deep thrusts.

This lasted for about a minute when Kim told my wife, “It’s time for some fucking!”

Kim had the guy sit on a kitchen chair as she undressed. At least she was going to do the fucking and not my wife. Before Kim could get undressed my wife quickly sat down on his cock. She didn’t move, just sat there moving her hips back and forth.

As far as I know, my wife has never cheated on me, but here she was fucking another guy right in front of me. Kim seemed to love it and stood behind my wife massaging her breasts. The she reached down and started helping my wife slide up and down on his cock.

“Holy shit,” is all Lisa could say. She was really going at it for a couple minutes when the guy said he was going to cum. When this happened Kim held my wife down so she could not move.

You fucking bitch, I thought. The guy started grunting and held still, I knew she was getting filled with cum. When he finished Kim said, “Won’t your husband be surprised.”

Upon hearing this, the guy pushed them away and said, “What the fuck is wrong with you two, I didn’t know she was married!” and quickly started dressing.

Kim sat Lisa up on the chair and knelt down it front of her. I thought for sure the guy would stop because I know I sure the hell would have.

Kim parted Lisa’s legs and proceeded to lick her pussy which was leaking big globs of cum. The guy was still dressing and quickly left the house.

Kim continued to clean my wife for a couple more minutes. She then abruptly stood up, got dressed and left with my wife still sitting on the chair.

I waited for a minute and walked out into the kitchen. I looked at my wife sitting naked and confused on the chair.

“Oh, you're home.”

“I gotta pee,” is all she said.

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