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Lisa's New Lover

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My wife Lisa and our neighbot Dave and how he came to be one of her lovers and our 3 some partner.

Lisa and I had been living in our new condo about six months when we met the guy who had moved into the unit next to ours, his name is Dave and he seemed like a pretty decent guy. One of the fantasies Lisa and I had talked about was moving into a new place, making good friends and having sex with a neighbor. It seemed Dave was a perfect choice, he worked as a construction contractor and being recently divorced had just bought the condo next to ours. Lisa and I would pillow talk about him constantly while we were having sex and we had a lot of orgasms over the scenes that included him and knew we had to work out how we could get him to join us. We didn't want to seem to strange so we didn’t rush things, knowing that as time passed the opportunity would come for us to include him more in our life. Over the next few weeks we got to know him better, inviting him for dinner a couple of times a week and becoming good friends with him. We didn't do anything until one evening when Dave was over for dinner and Lisa was wearing her usual tight blue jeans, her small round ass looking great under soft denim. As the night progressed I could see Dave’s eyes following Lisa as she walked around our home. Later, when Lisa had gone into the bathroom, Dave leaned over to me and said in a low voice so Lisa wouldn’t hear, “I hope you don’t take this wrong but your wife is so beautiful and hot, I bet you guys have a fantastic love life.” I could tell he was lonely, still missing his ex-wife and was probably pretty horny. This was the chance we were looking for but wanting to be careful, we didn’t try anything too serious that night just some fun suggestive talk. Lisa and I talked later about what Dave had told me and we began to think that sometime soon we may be able to make something happen and as we had sex that night, she and I agreed again that we would both like to have him join us in a threesome.
A couple of days later Dave joined us again for dinner and afterward he and I started talking about Lisa and how sexy she was. I told him that Lisa really liked him and felt that he was very lonely, we continued talking about his loneliness and the talk soon turned to how horny he was and how it had been over six months since he last had sex and that was just a one night fling with an old friend and wasn’t that good. Lisa had excused herself after dinner to “freshen up” so Dave and I sat on the couch in the living room talking. After a while Lisa joined us in the living room and I could tell that she wanted to help Dave out, she was dressed very sexy in cute little skirt and an almost sheer white blouse, and I could tell she didn’t have a bra on. She wore just a little make-up... and with her long black hair hanging loosely about her shoulders, she was a seductive beauty!
The night before, while we were having sex, Lisa and I got very excited talking about what we could do to have Dave join us what would happen if he ever did and this was part of the plan. She must have been a real sexy sight for Dave when he saw her come into the living room to join us. As I said, we were sitting on the couch talking and kind of watching the TV when Lisa entered the room, came over and sat down between us, when she did I heard Dave take a deep breath. I glanced over at him and he was staring at my sexy wife and I could see the desire in his eyes. She joined in the conversation about how lonely he must be and how difficult it must be for him not to have someone to love and to love him. As we continued talking the topics got more sexual in nature and even the summer breeze blowing gently though the open windows couldn’t cool the ever increasing heat of the room, the heat of lust and desire. The same thing was on the minds of the three of us, two guys were going to have sex with this beautiful and sexy woman. The room became silent with only the quiet sound of the television intruding and I could feel my chest tighten with emotion, I could hardly breathe, I looked at my wife, she looked at me and then at Dave, but no one seemed willing to break the silence, each of us sort of focused on the TV, wondering what would happen next. After a few moments of emotion charged silence I got up and started walking to the kitchen, telling them that I had forgotten to take care of the trash and needed to get it out to the curb, as I left the room I heard Lisa start talking to Dave. I took my time outside and after a while I walked into the kitchen as quietly as I could, the idea of me leaving was to give Dave and Lisa some time together by themselves, getting to know each other better and so Lisa could see if Dave wanted her. I waited a few more minutes in the kitchen then peeked out into the living room and sure enough they were getting to know each other better. She had her arms around Dave's neck, and they were kissing, one of her legs was crossed over his and her skirt had ridden up her thigh so the shape of her ass was clearly visible. Dave had his arms around Lisa too and their lips were pressed together in a long and passion kiss. Lisa told me the next day that as I walked out of the room she smiled at him and patted the couch next to her so he got up and went over there to sit. She told me that he kept looking at her longingly while they talked, and then she leaned over and gently started to kiss him. He said to her, barely keeping the lust he felt under control, “You don't have to do this you know." She said, “I know I don’t have too but I want too.” While they were kissing, I hadn't noticed, but she said his hand was inside her blouse and all over her boobs and she loved feel of his rough, manly fingers rubbing her tender nipples and soft breasts.
I slipped quietly from the kitchen into our home office and every couple of minutes looked in on Lisa and Dave, as they continued their passionate kissing. I love seeing my wife kissing other men when they come to our home to take her out for the evening, watching as her lover pulls her close to his body as they kiss and knowing that soon they would be naked in bed together with his cock pounding deep inside her. I didn’t want to go into the living room, knowing that if I did the moment would be spoiled and Dave would be embarrassed and Lisa wouldn’t be able to give him what he wanted, which was her. I again peeked out of the office and watched as Dave took off her blouse off, their lips remaining locked together, doing it by feel and with their eyes closed. I watched them kiss passionately and saw as Lisa began to undo Dave’s jeans. My breathing was so hard I went back into the office fearing the sound would interrupt the lust. The next time I looked in, Dave was still sitting on the couch but Lisa was on her knees between his legs with his cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was moving her head in a rolling motion on the head of his cock making it bulge out one cheek, then the other. Lisa loves to have a guy’s cock in her mouth and she always makes them feel so good with her skill. As I watched Lisa sucking Dave's cock my heart was nearly bursting with pride, love and lust. Her soft brown eyes were closed, her beautiful long hair damp with his precum on her glowing white face as she concentrated on giving Dave a great blow job. She told me later that as she was sucking on Dave, she said to herself, "I hope Charley is watching me do this" and, "His cock feels so nice in my mouth." Exciting moments for both of us with Lisa thrilled to suck this guy's cock, pretty much a stranger and me getting to see my wife having sex another man! Dave loved it too; imagine going over to a friend’s house and having his sexy wife suck your cock while her husband watched the whole thing.
While I was back in the office, I heard Lisa, knowing that she was half naked, walking with Dave to our bedroom and I heard as she lay down on our bed. She told me later that Dave was very gentle with her as he slid off her skirt and thong and stood there looking, with eyes full of lust, at her naked body, on her back, her legs opened waiting anxiously for her new lover to take her. I walked to the door way of our bedroom and watched as Dave pulled his pants off, got on the bed between those lovely thighs, and slid his cock into Lisa. My wife has firm boobs and a slender, yet shapely body; she shaves her pussy regularly keeping only a narrow landing strip. Earlier that afternoon Lisa had paid special attention to her pussy making sure that she was smooth so she would be ready for anything that might happen. So the view that Dave had and the pussy he was now fucking was smooth, hot, wet, and tight just waiting for his hard cock. She told me she was surprised at how wet she was, "God I'm wet,” she thought and then, “I hope Charley is able to see this." She told me later that she really loved fucking this lonely, handsome guy with a good stiff cock, a man she barely knew.
I saw before he entered Lisa that Dave was rock-hard and I watched his cock slide slowly into my wife’s waiting pussy, it was fantastic to see. I have always loved to watch as my wife’s lovers enter her and see their cocks disappear deep inside her pussy. Lisa later told me that as he fucked her she was looking at him and could see the lust in his eyes and also the appreciation he had for her and that she was letting him fill his need by giving him her body. I watched as they fucked and soon he said to her, "I can't hold it much longer, do you want me to pull out?" In answer to his question Lisa grabbed him around his neck pulling him tight against her naked body and told him, “give me your cum, I need to feel your cum inside me” with these words Dave grunted and started shooting his cum in her pussy. As she felt it squirt inside her she kissed him hard and muttered with excitement, “Oh Dave I love you, I love you, give me all your cum, I love you, I love you.” I love Lisa and I know she loves me with all her heart and she has a great capacity to love men so I feel it an honor to be able to share her with other guys and let them feel of her love and of her body. And this is something she wants also, she wants to give love and pleasure to all the men she can and I love her for wanting to do that. As Dave finished cumming he started to kiss Lisa again and I could tell from the kisses that he loved that he was able to cum in Lisa and that maybe just maybe something more would happen. I watched as they rolled over on the bed with Dave still inside her and then she slide off his cock and I could see his cum oozing out of her pussy, I love that view also, seeing her lover’s cum inside her. She kissed him again and then started kissing down his body to his cock and soon had it in her mouth again. At this point I walked into the room and Lisa and Dave looked over at me as they heard me come in. She gave me a sweet smile, and continued to lick and suck Dave’s cock which was starting to get very hard again. I continued into the room and that's when the three of us started having sex together. One of my pleasures is eating Lisa’s pussy after her lover has cum inside her so that’s what I did now, I raised her up so she was on her hands and knees with Dave’s cock still in her mouth and I started licking his cum off her pussy and ass where it had trickled down, the cum tasted so good and of course I was rock-hard at that point! My sweetheart, my wife, my Lisa was about to suck and fuck two different guys, what a fantastic woman she is.
I touched her soft back and I stroked her ass as I licked his cum out of her and as I did this I could tell she was getting very excited and wanted to have a cock inside her pussy. She pulled off Dave's cock and went onto her back, looking up at me as I got on my knees between her sexy thighs. I put my hard cock into that soft, wet, and hot pussy of hers while Dave laid there watching and stroking his cock as I began fucking Lisa.
He stroked his cock, rubbed Lisa’s boobs and kept kissing her as he watched us fuck. Lisa laid there moving with my cock, loving the two of us lusting after her. Her eyes were closed as I fucked her and feeling Dave’s hand on her boobs and his lips on hers. Dave shot a drop of cum over on Lisa's face and into her hair, I said, "He's cumming again!" Lisa opened her eyes, quickly raised her head up and took Dave's cock into her hand to catch the rest of his cum. I love watch her do this, Lisa having her lover shoot his cum in her mouth and her swallowing every last drop. While I watched her sucking the cum out of his cock I started shooting my cum in her pussy, such an awesome experience for her, two guys cumming in her at the same time.
After that I was pretty tired and since I had to get up early the next morning we went to bed with Dave going to the bedroom upstairs and Lisa and I in our room. I got up at four and went to work, when I got home later I found a note from Lisa on the kitchen table: "Charley, after you left this morning I went up to Dave's room. We fucked. Love you, Lisa" Wow, that was great, I loved it, and I know she will tell me all about it when she gets home. Dave is still one of Lisa’s lovers and she spends every Thursday night with him then on Sunday he comes over for dinner and the three of us end up in bed for dessert.

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