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Little Black Dress - Chapter 1

How it all started
I am not sure where we turned the corner but it has been a fun ride. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Let me start by saying we are now in our mid forties. I am Greg and my wife is Dee. We have had many experiences and it all started with my sexy wife wearing a little black dress while we were out dancing.

I am 5'11" with blond hair, brown eyes, thick arms and legs and generally tanned. I am by no means a wimp and I am not hung up on jealousy. I am very well equipped, extremely oral and straight but not shy.

Dee is quite the little package. She is a 5'3" blue eyed brunette with a beautiful set of sensitive pink nipples topping off 38D natural breasts, and an hourglass figure with a heart shaped ass and a head turning pair of legs. She keeps her pussy neatly trimmed or bald.

We met one night drinking and dancing and ended up with my thick eight inch cock filling her mouth full of cum in a dark corner of the parking lot when the club was closing. I later discovered she had a stack of variations and penthouse forums on her night stand and a supply of C cell batteries for her vibrator. She also had a line of men that had tasted her wares.

It was a match that was lit and is still burning 25 years later. We had regularly hit the country dance clubs on the weekends and enjoyed dancing.

On this particular night Dee had a black dress on that showed a low neckline and was just above the knee. It hugged her curves beautifully. The dress was silk looking and form fitting and it buttoned all the way from her cleavage to the hem of the skirt. A couple of buttons undone off the hem and you could see her black hose encased thighs. A few buttons undone on the top and you could see her black sheer silk bra encasing her beautiful breasts.

On this night she had on full dark pantyhose and black silk sheer panties and bra and medium three inch black heels. She had the sexy classy fuck me look. Unfortunately it was that time of the month, although I knew we would still have a great time.

Dee's friend Linda met us at the club. She is a hot little redhead that works with Dee at the bank.

We were sitting at a table near the oval shaped dance floor. I was ordering drinks, drinking and taking turns dancing with both ladies. We would all dance together on the fast songs and had been having fun for about an hour and half.

I was two-stepping with Linda when I noticed Dee and some other cowboy dancing and talking. It wasn't uncommon as Dee was a great dancer and loved to dance. This dancing however had that look of familiarity. Perhaps the dance was just a little too smooth.

When the song ended we all ended up back at the table. Dee's new dance partner introduced himself a Steve and ordered us all a round of shooters. Dee let me know that this was the Steve she used to date several years ago. I knew that they were actually close to getting married at one time. Like I said earlier we had been married several years. I was confident and not the jealous type.

Steve was a little shorter than I was. He was slightly thinner with several days growth of beard. He was wearing blue jeans, a pressed button down shirt and cowboy boots.

We were all having a good time. Steve was buying drinks and I could tell that Dee had that seductive look in her baby blue eyes going on. Linda pulled me out on the dance floor and started a line of questioning. She was trying to determine if I was getting upset with my wife. When I answered that all was well she gave the thumbs up sign to Dee the next time we passed the table dancing on the circular dance floor.

When the song ended I led Linda by the hand back to the table and we sat down. I sipped on another Crown and water. Linda looked nervous but told me that Dee loved me and was outside talking to Steve clearing up some old items and that she would be in shortly. I wasn't worried and started thinking, as men do, that perhaps Linda needed to have her brains fucked out and that I was just the man to do it. I actually kind of thought that Dee was trying to set Linda up with Steve.

Linda twirled me on to the dance floor several times and perhaps thirty minutes or so had passed. Linda appeared more nervous the longer Dee was gone. We were dancing when I noticed Dee out of the corner of my eye. She came up on the dance floor and grabbed Linda by her hand and led her off to the bathroom. I didn't think much of it as women seem to head to bathrooms in packs at nightclubs. I had a good buzz going and walked back to the table. Dee's ex Steve was gone so I sat there waiting on the women to return as I sipped my whiskey.

Dee and Linda returned from the restroom. Dee grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor for a slow dance. She slid in close and rubbed against me causing my cock to stir in my Wranglers. My left hand was in hers, my right hand on the small of her back just above her beautiful ass. My wife looked me in the eye and then she kissed me long and deep. I could taste the hint of Coors Light on her lips as well as what I thought was a hint of saltiness.

My cock grew harder as she whispered in my ear that she had been a bad wife and that she loved me. She whispered that I wasn't the only man she had kissed in the last half hour and that I needed to take her home. On our return to the table Steve had paid the tab but was nowhere in sight. The girls gathered their purses and we left the dance club.

Linda had a shit eating grin on her face as she hugged us good night after we walked her to her car.We proceeded to our truck which was parked between lights in the parking lot.

It was a larger parking lot and decent sized dance club. I walked Dee to the passenger side of the truck and opened the door. My cock was now hard enough to cut diamonds and precum was flowing, loading the front of my jeans. As I leaned over and kissed Dee she spread her legs rubbing against my hard cock. I slowly dry fucked my wife in the parking lot pressing the front of my jeans against her black dress. As my hands caressed her ass I could feel her panty line as her black sheer panties were clinging to the outline of her ass.

I was somewhat relieved that it was that time of the month. I know how she gets once started. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear how fucking hot she looked and kissed down her neck heading towards her cleavage. She pulled me back and said no....she needed a shower first. I kissed her lips and she said "take me home".

I walked around my to my side of the truck and climbed in and started it up. My wife then started telling me her adventures as I drove. Dee scooted next to me and let her little black dress ride up her thighs using her left hand and she started rubbing her pussy through her panties and hose with her right hand. She would pause only long enough to tease her nipples to stiffness.

Dee asked if I liked what I saw and wanted to know if I was mad. She wanted to know if I liked her being a slut like the wives we would read stories about. When I grabbed her hand a placed it on my cock I said "what do you think". She just moaned and started to tell me what she had done.

Dee said that Linda had ran into Steve earlier in the week and that he had asked about her. Linda had let him know that she was now married and that we all went out on a regular basis dancing and partying. Linda had also let Steve know that we would all be at the club on this particular night. They were all friends from a previous life before we met.

Dee stated that she could feel Steve's cock stiffen against her when they where dancing. She said that it turned her on to know she still had that affect on him. Linda had been encouraging her whorish behavior and encouraged her to take a break outside to get some fresh air and talk. They had set up a signal that Linda would give Dee the thumbs up if the coast was clear. Dee stated that she really was only going to talk in a quieter atmosphere other than the louder night club.

Steve led Dee out to the parking lot and over to his truck. She didn't want to get inside so he lowered the tailgate and he sat on it while she faced him. They chit chatted and Steve told her he had something of hers and asked if she wanted to know what it was. She said yes and when Steve slipped off the tailgate he pulled her close and tried to kiss her. He pressed himself against her and she could feel his stiffness. When she resisted he slipped by her and opened the passenger door and retrieved something from of the glove box.

Steve returned to the tailgate and then handed her what she recognized as a used pair of her red silk lace panties and an envelope. Dee said that when she took her panties that she could feel a dampness on them. Dee then opened the envelope and it contained a very dirty explicit hand written letter that she had wrote him years ago. Steve stated that he had been using them for years to stroke his cock with and that he had used them to do just that earlier tonight. She said when she looked at him holding her old panties while she was opening the worn envelope that her clit was throbbing just imagining him stroking his cock using her panties.

Dee stated that she had trouble reading the letter in the poor lighting and Steve offered to let her read it in the truck cab with the light on. When he opened the door to let her in he pulled her close and kissed her deep. Dee said she did not resist and tasted his kiss. Steve worked her little black dress up over her hips and was grinding his jean clad cock into her silk hose and panties dry fucking her. She said she came dry fucking him back in the parking lot.

She said that it turned her on even more to know that anyone looking in that direction would have seen quite a show.

Dee moaned rubbing my cock as we drove back to the house. My cock was ready to burst listening to my pretty wife relate her whorish escapades. She wanted to know if she should continue telling me the events of the evening. I, of course, said yes. I was having a hard time concentrating on driving.

She said that when she came he whispered in her ear that he knew she was still a hot slut and still loved a good hard cock. He bit her ear and told her that she still knew how to make his cock hard and that he was going to make her cum like a slut with her husband just inside the doorway. She said when her breathing returned to normal Steve then helped her in the front seat. He walked around and got into the drivers side and started the pickup and backed out of the parking space.

When she asked where they were going he told her to shut up and pull her tits out and that she was going to suck his cock and he was going to fuck her pussy and fill a slut wife full of cum. He then pulled off the pavement onto a dirt road behind the bar. Dee said that Steve had her teasing her nipples with her hands and tongue and that when he pulled over and shut the truck off both nipples where exposed and hard.

My wife said Steve then pulled his cock out of his jeans. Dee stated that it was thick and hard leaking precum. She said his throbbing cock had a slight curve to the right more than she remembered and when she reached for it he slapped her hand away and told her to beg for it like the cum slut he remembered. He asked her if she wanted to be fucked and that she said yes but she couldn't because of issues.

Dee was moaning in the truck telling me she would have done anything at this point. 

My hot wife told him that he could fuck her mouth and that she would swallow his cum. She said that she begged to please let her be a slut and let her suck his cock. She said she was rubbing her pussy through her panties and playing with her tits when he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down on his cock. She said that he slapped her face with his hard cock and made her beg to suck it. My pretty wife told me that sixty seconds after her mouth was on his cock that he was fucking her tonsils calling her a good whore.

After five minutes she said she was rewarded for being a good cocksucker. When he started to cum he just grunted "swallow" as his cock jerked and twitched spraying the inside of her mouth with his hot sticky cum. She relayed how Steve told her not to spill a drop and that she almost swallowed every drop. She said that he was moaning calling her a cocksucker and a slut. She said that her clit was throbbing as she cleaned his cock for him. She used her mouth and tongue on his shaft and balls. She said it felt like Steve had a gallon of cum pumping from his balls as she milked him dry. She said her face and lips were a wet mess of her saliva and his hot salty cum.

Dee said that she then sat back in her seat and cleaned herself after swallowing his cum. She looked him in the eyes and played with her pussy with one hand and cleaned her cum covered lips and face with the other. She said she came for him as she teased her swollen pussy through her panties. Dee said she could feel how soaked she was and that her pussy was begging for a cock. She told me that she wished she could fuck him like the stories we read.

All of this happened in the first 20 minutes outside. She said that she felt like a hot slut wife and wanted more and that when she was cleaning herself up she was considering fucking him even if it was going to be messy. Dee said that Steve was hard again and had removed his jeans and boots while watching her tease herself. My hot little cock sucking wife then stated that Steve slid over and got on top of her and leaned her seat back.

She said she could feel his cock bobbing against her tits. She said Steve told her to press her tits together. He then slid his cock between her beautiful tits and began to titty fuck her beautiful breasts.

My beautiful hot slut of a wife was reliving this again as she told me of her exploits, her legs were open and her dress hiked up as she was rubbing her pussy. Both breasts were outside of her silk bra. I was teasing her nipples between shifts and telling her how beautiful she looked and that every man in the club wanted to fuck her.

She continued her story.

Dee said she would suck his cock head on every up stroke and that Steve continued to talk dirty to her asking her if she liked being his slut. Dee told him that she was my slut but that he could use her if I said she could. Dee said that she started begging for him to cum on her face and tits. She said she was acting like a complete slut in the front seat of her old boyfriend's truck. She stated that she told him next time he could fuck her married pussy and she was still a cum slut and that she loved cock.

Dee said this made him cum again and he stroked on her face and tits. She said she alternated attention between his ball sack and his dripping cock head as she drained his cock once again with her warm wet mouth. Dee said that she tried to lick all the cum off of her tits while she was cleaning herself. She stated that his cock was now soft after she drained him completely. Dee said Steve then got dressed and started the truck back up. My wife continued relating to me how they both tried to straighten themselves up in the poor lighting. Steve then dropped her off near the front of the club as he parked his truck. 

Dee said she had remnants of fresh cum on her tits and face when she walked back in the club. The bouncer had looked at her up and down, smiled and let her in. She said that was when she came up and grabbed Linda off the dance floor so that she could help her clean up. Dee said that Linda was begging for details and that the other women in the restroom gave them dirty looks as she relayed her whorish escapades to her best girl friend.

As I pulled into the driveway I set the brake and kissed Dee deep. Our tongues danced as my hand found her inner thighs and caressed her silk encased pussy. She came instantly as I whispered in her ear what a sexy hot cum slut she was and that I was going to fuck her until she couldn't stand up.

By this time we made it from the truck to the doorway and I was fumbling for the door knob with a very stiff throbbing cock. Dee was coming down hard from the alcohol and evenings events. I looked her in the eyes and told her I loved her.

She was very groggy as I opened the front door I lead her to the bedroom and lay her on the bed. Dee looked like a hot mess. Her hair still streaked in a place or two. I turned the shower on and went into the kitchen and fixed her a coke and grabbed some aspirin. When I returned she was in the shower. I looked at her black dress and the evident stains on the front. Her bra was indeed a mess as well. 

I undressed and slipped into the shower with her. I eased in behind her and kissed her neck. I massaged her sore sensitive nipples and slowly slid my thick hard cock into her from behind. Her pussy was a mess and I could feel her pussy lips along my thick shaft tugging and gripping with every inch.

She asked me if I would keep her after being so bad. I reassured her as I felt my cock tense and start to throb. I pressed her against the tile bending her slightly as I fucked her hard. I grabbed her hips with my hands. The hot steamy water was pulsing as my cum filled balls bounced against her clit on each hard thrust.

Dee came on my cock. I had visions of her being a slut in Steve's truck. Envisioning my pretty wife cleaning herself of his cum, I started to pulse and throb shooting a huge load of cum deep inside her tight trimmed pussy. I must have shot more than ever as I bathed her pussy in my hot cum.

Relaxing, I grabbed the soap and washed her as the hot water washed our debauchery down the drain. I cleaned her from head to toe and shampooed her hair. I then turned the shower off. I dried her and tucked her into bed. When I slid in next to her I kissed her neck and whispered...

"Next time I get to watch."

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