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My shy wife was holiday slut for me and 1 other!

Hi guys, new to this site, so please bare with me.

I am a 30 year old guy from Scotland and want to tell u all about probably my sexiest ever experience which occurred last summer.

Having slept with just six girls before I got together with my wife seven years ago, I realise I am not the most experienced guy out there! I am however far more experienced than my wife who had only ever been with one guy, her previous boyfriend of five years, before we met. This at first was something I liked as I realised she wasn't a slut with a bad reputation, I even used to get green with envy when she referred to her ex.

Let me tell u all quickly what she is like, just to help you picture her for my story. She, like me, is 30 and a pretty intelligent lady having got through university with a degree in buisiness admin. She is about 5ft 4", 160lb (uk size 16), with size 36E breasts. She has once shaved her pussy for me, but for the last few years has had a full bush, which is pretty thick to match her shoulder length dark brown hair. Just the way I like my women, she is chubby without being fat and has all the curves in the right places.

Anyway on with my story from last year on the Costa Del Sol in Spain where we holidayed for a week in July 2006. When we are a home we have a reasonably healthy sex life, where sometimes we may fuck every night of the week, while others we are comfortable to go for a couple of weeks without doing it. When we go on holiday this generally changes mind you, where aided with alcohol we pretty much go at it like rabbits. Over the first five days of this holiday we had fucked in numerous places like the beach (at night), the indoor hotel jaccuzzi, the balcony and even in a toilet of a nightclub.

As I stated in my story, I used to get really jealous with the thought of her with her ex, but for some reason over the years the opposite could be said of me. I started asking her what it had been like with him, what he did to turn her on and so forth. Although she didn't like talking about it, she usually relented and used to tell me the details which she could obviously see were getting me going. After a while, when we were drunk and getting horny I told her how I would like us to meet a stranger who we would let fuck her. This really turns her on but the following (sober) morning all was forgotten as she put it down to drink.

I am not well endowed, less than 5" when erect as it happens, so the thought of her being pleasured by a larger guy could b down to guilt I guess. At this stage I should tell u that to be fair to her, she has never made me feel inferior about this and tells me it makes me better with my fingers and tongue. It also makes anal sex a regular part of our fucking as I guess it doesn't hurt as much as a big guy.

We were on our second last night of our hols, when we decided to travel by bus to the neighbouring resort for a meal and to visit a few bars. The bus took around thirty minutes but we realised a taxi later night would take half this time and be reasonably cheap, so we decided to stay beyond the time of the last bus home. At around two in the morning we headed to the taxi rank, already feelin frisky as I felt her arse through her three quarter length trousers. After five minutes a taxi appeared and he said it was fine to get in even though we were heading to a different town. In the back of the taxi I sat close to my wife and teased her by rubbing her pussy, as she tried to push my hand away for fear of getting caught. The taxi was like a Citreon people carrier so the back seat was quite high and visible to the driver in his mirror i guess.

As we left the resort we went on to quieter roads with no lighting, so my wife eased up a lot and even lifted her hips to let me slide her trousers and thong down to her thighs to let me touch her properly. I have felt my wife wet at times, but never ever like this. The idea of someone else being so close was obviously doing it for her as she virtually slid of the leather seat with her moistness. With her getting more turned on she pulled me close and kissed me hard to stifle her moans of pleasure. We kissed for a few minutes with our eyes closed when I realised the taxi had slowed down a lot. I pulled away from the kiss and as we opened our eyes, she nearly died of embarrassment. We had went from the dark safeness of the quiet roads on to a busier motorway which was far better lit up than my wife could have dreaded. She instantly pulled her pants and trousers up and stammered to the driver that she was really sorry. The driver as u can imagine certainly didn't need an apology and told her not to stop on his account as he was more than enjoying the show. She laughed this off as a joke, but I pounced on it and asked her please could this be the night to fulfill my fantasy. At first she point blank said no, but after I pleaded she said we could fool around a little, but only if it was really what I wanted and wouldn't put our relationship at risk. I assured her and I realised I was in for quite a time.

I asked the driver if he could find somewhere remote and he didn't dissappoint. He pulled off the road at a restaurant which he explained had recently closed down and drove us out of sight to the still lit rear car park. I told him to get out and come and stand by her door which I swung open. I took of her bottom half clothes and kind of pulled her tits out her bra without taking her top half clothes off. As I told him to touch her, he must have thought all his christmases had come at once. He presumed he was going to wank off as I fucked her and didn't realise he was getting in on the action.

He went for her pussy with his fingers, and I was glad that he wasn't being soft and gentle. He plunged one then two fingers up her and thrust them really hard as his thumb ground into her clit. After less than a minute of this she came really hard, almost drawing blood from his arm as she dug her nails into it. I pulled her back an put her head on my lap and her legs opened in front of him. I know he was desperate to fuck her already but I told him to taste her, which I know she loves. He went down her and she was in heaven, telling me she felt like she had been naughty and this was her punishment for it.

After a few minutes i got the guy to stand up. I reached over undid his belt and pulled out his cock from his trousers. I aint gay, but I have to say it was pretty impressive, about 7" I would say, thick and already wet with pre cum. So here we were with a mid fifties Spaniard about to fuck my wife and my cock was throbbing. He positioned his cock at her pussy and started rubbing it up and down her slit. He was just about to push it in when my wifes legs clamped shut. Call it weird to get cold feet at this point but she said that she didn't feel right letting this guy go all the way with her. I tried to persuade her but had to respect her decision when she said full sex was taboo. She told me she would suck him if I wanted instead and this was a very good alternative for me and the Spanish guy.

She took him in her mouth and I was astounded by how much of it she swallowed, all the way to the back of her throat. This only lasted at most thirty seconds and it all got too much for our new friend as he grunted and filled my wifes mouth with his cum which she duly swallowed every last drop.

On the drive back to the hotel afterwards he told us that his wife of thirty six years had never given him oral and this was his only experience of licking pussy or being blown. I was well chuffed that he was the lucky guy who got to help with my fantasy as noone deserves a life without blow jobs. He dropped us at our hotel door, a free ride thankfully, and squeezed my wifes pussy through her trousers one last time to get him through the night he laughed. At that he drove off and I realised we hadn't even found out his name. We went back to the room and she let me do what the driver couldn't as I bent her over and fucked her pussy.

I know this seems pretty far fetched but I assure u all it is 100% true.

If u enjoyed it why not drop me an e mail and maybe I can tell u a few more like the time I caught my sister in law getting


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