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Lucky Private

A young man wisely obeys, for his benefit...and ours.
My life revolves around two things; my wife and the Army. I've been married to the Army for 20 years, and my wife and I have been married for 16 years. Without a doubt, she owns my heart, not the Army. Always has, always will.

Although she is in her mid 30's, she's as hot as ever. She's a 5'-4 power house that looks better than most women in their 20's. A nice, supple athletic build with just the right amount of curves, a beautiful smile that will stop you in your tracks, capped off with thick auburn hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. She easily fits into the bombshell category. To say I've got it good is an understatement, as all of my younger co-workers drool as she walks by.

I like to try to keep our sex life spicy. While we have both had other partners in the past, she has only given a blow job to me; no one else has had the extreme pleasure. On occasion, I'll push her to her sexual limits with telling her fantasies, buying her toys, making videos, ect. She has a tendency not to let herself go completely when she gets hot and bothered, although she has surprised me a couple of times and shocked me (I'm adventurous!). I know her wild side exists; I just try to bring it out more often. The way I see it, if she gets more comfortable with her sexuality, she will be more comfortable, and ambitious, around me. It's a win-win.

Since I'm the more sexually liberal one, I have a few ideas that I would like to think is appealing to both of us. There is no doubt that we were made for each other and nothing will come between us. With that said, my dark side has always wanted to share her. Not only have I wanted her to delve into her more sexually active side from her earlier days, I've wanted to watch her and him (or even her) go at it. I would love to 'offer her up' to that unknown someone.

Living on a basic training post, kids full of testosterone are in large supply. They are fresh from momma's home and high school and walk around with a raging hard-on. Due to the health screening they receive when entering, I know that they have a clean bill of health. They are easy prey, so to speak. Twice during their stay in Basic, they are allowed weekend passes, which they are allowed to venture off post. This is where they become part of the picture.

Young kids in boot camp with little time and even less freedom return to their old habits quickly when given the chance. They head to the mall to run around and goof off like they were so freely able to do just a few weeks prior to heading off to the hell they're now stuck in. I see this every weekend. They are filled with energy and the indefensible feeling as they have just became independent and are on their way to stepping into full fledged manhood.

Given that I want to use one of them (which I know they wouldn't object) for my wife's and my bidding, discretion is important to me.

On a Friday, I get a hotel room close to the mall and say nothing about my plans to my wife. We regularly go out on weekend nights and have a few drinks, so she expects nothing more than the usual. I secretly ask the hotel clerk for two room keys when checking in...

The only thing out of the norm that I do is lay out her clothes for her to wear. I pick out an outrageously sexy mid-thigh length dress and the remote controlled vibrator thong panties that I bought for her.

While killing myself doing so, a week prior to the big date I try to avoid any kind sex with her. That way, when the time comes, she'll be more than ready.

After checking in, I take her to a bar close to the mall and buy her a few drinks. Her inhibitions drop after a few, so I start to get her worked up while we're there. I start to hit the remote for the vibrator panties, only for a minute or so, in order for her pussy to get wet. A little while later, when the time is right, I'll pay the tab and head back to the hotel room. Unknown to her though, a little detour by the mall is in line.

After driving by the mall, I see the usual parade of new soldiers walking up and down the side walk. They are the ones that mom and dad didn't come to see, so here they are trying to do as much as possible in a short amount of time. I stop our car and jump out when the right one comes in sight. He has to be just so: athletically built, clean and cocky yet well grounded at the same time. My wife asks me  why we're stopping, but I just make up an excuse that he's doing something wrong.

When I approach him, he's naturally on edge. He was quickly introduced to the Army by believing everything he does is wrong, so I put him at ease. I tell him what I want him to know as frankly as possible. Before I do that though, I tell him that He'll have a blast as long he abides by some rules: No cell phone interruptions, when he's told to go, he leaves, and most importantly, do not cum inside of her.

I tell him that I want him to do what my wife or I say to do her. He will blow his load several times, but only after she is thoroughly pleased. He is to wait five minutes to enter the room after we do. Since her vibrator is pushing her to the brink of soaked panties, only five minutes will do. I also tell him to play along with what questioning my wife will have during the ride to the hotel. Afterward we're done using him as a fuck slave, I will pay for his cab back to post and he'll never see or hear from us again.

Which teenager wouldn't want that deal?

Of course, he agrees and heads for the car. As I'm walking towards the car, I slide him the extra room key and hit the remote again, only for a few seconds. With that, she starts to get the idea of what's about to happen. Given her sexually shy side, she looks at me across the car with her protesting eyes, shaking her head, telling me no. I just look at her and smirk, which causes her to think that I might be bluffing. A couple of quick jolts from the remote controlled vibrator keeps her on edge.

When we enter the hotel lobby, I give the private a wink as I tell him that he needs to call a cab to get back to post. My wife and I head up to our room, and once inside, she comes alive. She is so turned on that she wraps her arms around my neck as soon as the door closes.

As begin to kiss, I immediately begin to run my hands up and down the sides of her loosely clinging dress. As we continue, we make our way to the bed, but I won't let her lay on it. I just continue to kiss her mouth, ears and neck while stabbing the remote on occasion. After a few minutes, I spin her around so she is facing away from me. She lifts her hands over her head, reaching behind her to grab the back of my head.

This allows me free access to every part of her body, which I take full advantage of by bringing my hands up to cup her full, 36D chest. They fill my hands as I gentle tweak her nipples through her dress and bra. Although we both have a full view of us and our activities in the mirror, she keeps her shy eyes closed as I watch every move she makes. I continue to make quick stabs of the remote, causing her hips to buck wildly.

To her surprise, the door opens. She instinctively tries to bring her arms down from behind my head to cover up, but I quickly react by bringing my hands up to capture them. She is shocked to say the least, but after a split-second, she recognizes the person in the door. Her enormous eyes meet mine in the mirror, as if to beg me not to let it happen. I whisper in her ear that I love her with all of my heart no matter whose dick is in her, and nothing will change that.

Her eyes relax and turn back to him; her arms remain locked above her head by mine. He closes the door behind him, and fear fills his eyes. I tell them both to relax and enjoy the moment, and I further tell him to undress. As he does so, I place her hands back behind my head and then move my hands to the hem of her dress. Her eyes close again in a more relaxed state. Slowly, I begin to ever so slowly pull the hem northward, exposing my wife's creamy thighs.

The private's eyes are glued to my every movement as he undresses, and my wife can't help but to looks as to see what present she is being given as he undresses.

My hands continue to pull the dress up, exposing her pleasure producing panties along the exposing route to the top of her head. By this time, all of the private's clothes are on the floor, except his underwear. I tell him to wait in place as I undo her bra, releasing her beautiful mounds, bouncing in front of him upon release. I tell him that if he wants to continue, he will have to strip off his underwear, leaving him completely naked for my wife to see.

He does as told, and I oblige him by returning my wife's hands to the back of my head then hooking my fingers in the top of her panties. One more quick stab at the remote, which almost makes her cum, and then I pull panties down past her thighs and to the floor. While his manhood isn't huge, I can tell that she is more than pleased with the prospect as her eyes close, the crown of her head presses firmly rearward into my chest and her nails dig into the nape of my neck.

Returning my hands to capture my wife's hands, I move one of my feet between my wife's feet in order to gently motion for her to spread her legs in front of our new playmate. She abides, and in doing so, his eyes fix on the epicenter of her sex. I tell him to come over and kneel before her. He does so with a little hesitation due to his youth, but testosterone takes over and makes him obey the command. He promptly sticks his tongue between the lips of my wife's now dampened abyss.

My wife's body shudders upon contact. Her hips quickly thrust back against my thighs for a few seconds, as if in protest to the act, but then she releases inhibitions and trusts them forward as to offer her self to the young man. He reacts in the same manner, pressing his face firmly into her crotch. Looking into the mirror, I can see her wetness mold itself around his upper lip as his whole mouth is in full contact with her sex. As he clamps his lips around her clit, her hips begin to gyrate in pleasure. She releases my neck from her hands, and moves one around to grasp my aching dick, and the other to the back of his head. She now has completely released herself to the pleasure.

Sensing that she on the brink of orgasm, she pushes his head back. She places her hand under his chin and pulls upwards, beckoning him to stand before her. She tells me to get undressed, then drops to her knees and takes his dick into her hands. As I'm shedding my clothes, I watch her actions closely. She wraps both hands around the shaft, leaving only the engorged helmet exposed. Slowly, rhythmically, her hands begin to jack him off his vertical shaft, moving her hands up and down in front of her. His cock is only inches from her face, and she watches intently.

After a minute of her manual manipulation, she did something that I never expected her to do. She pulled his shaft down from its natural erect vertical position to a horizontal state. She stared at its head for a moment and moved her hands down to the base of the shaft. I stared in awe as her eyes closed and mouth parted. Then, in my almost dream-like state, I watched in slow motion as her head moved forward and impaled her face on his member.

His head involuntarily turned toward the ceiling as the sensation was almost too much for him to bear. Her mouth traveled as close to the base of the shaft as it could. Using the same amazing technique she uses when she really wants to pleasure me orally, she opened her mouth fully when she took his dick into her mouth. She opened so wide that there was no contact between her lips and his shaft. Once the head hit the back of her mouth, she reversed the direction of her head and drug her lips lightly across the shaft, stopping only when her lips hits the super sensitive base of his head. It can make me cum in such a short time that she usually saves it for the end of the oral session, but this was the technique that she started with!

I couldn't believe what I was watching. She worked her mouth up and down his cock with skill and precision, and his expressions told me that he was enjoying every second of it.

When I finished removing my clothes, I moved to the side my wife. She released her hands from his shaft but continued to work it over with her mouth. She took hold of my cock with one hand and moved the other down to pleasure herself. Occasionally, I would grab the arm connected to the self servicing hand in order to guide her fingers into my mouth. The fingers were so wet that it was almost unbelievable but I was more than happy to keep them clean with my tongue.

With me being fixated on the cock being trust in and out of my wife's mouth, I forgot to pay attention to progress of the young man's pleasure. I was surprised to find him on the brink of cumming. I thought that my wife would have controlled him better, but she kept pumping his cock into her mouth. She was having fun with him.

Being an obedient one, just a split-second before he cums, he pulls his cock out of her mouth and tries to control the impending explosion by grabbing the shaft just below the head and squeezes it until it turned purple. To no avail, his orgasm was too powerful. Jets of his cum sprayed all over her neck and chest.

I have to admit, I was jealous, as his orgasm seemed to never end. Her torso was covered with so much of his thick liquid that it immediately began to run down her stomach and continued down until it was captured by her pubes.

Without releasing the grip on my cock, my wife rose from her knees and guided me to the bed. She put me in position at the edge of the bed, facing it. I thought that she was going to get on all fours in front of me so I could take her from behind, as that is one of her favorite positions. To my surprise though, she instead laid her back on the bed and moved herself as to position her head off the bead and between my legs.

She wanted me to fuck her mouth, and with her head bent off the edge of the bed, her throat opened so I could get deeper penetration.

This is my favorite position, and she knows it. She wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled me into her mouth. As I started thrusting my hips and look down on her awesome body, still covered with massive amounts of our friends cum, I would get close to orgasm almost immediately. My wife could sense the impending release, so she pushed me back out of her mouth. She would not let me go without pleasure; she would alternate between licking the shaft and taking my sack into her mouth. As she did this, I began to work my hands to her crotch. She had not had an orgasm yet, and I wasn't about to let her go without one.

As soon as I got close to her wetness, her hand grabbed my wrist firmly, stopping its journey. She didn't want to cum...yet. I knew what her desire was, she wanted him to serve her sex the orgasm. It then became clear to me that my wife made him cum earlier on purpose. She wanted him to last longer when he was finally inside her. Clever.

I turned my attention back to our playmate. Being a teenager, he recovered quickly from his first orgasm. He was standing on the opposite side of the bed, watching timidly with another raging hard on yet intently looking between my wife's slightly parted legs. Uncertain of his purpose now that my cock was in my wife's mouth, he just stroked himself and watched the show.

I knew that this was my chance to fulfill one of my fantasies; offering my wife to another man. As my wife continued to service my shaft, I took both of my hands and placed each on behind her knees and pulled them up until they almost touched her chest.

I could now see what he had been staring at. With her legs pulled up and fully parted, I could see my wife's sensual slit. Her entire crotch was covered in a thick, shiny film of her body's lubricant. She was so wet, it had run down her inner thighs.

I made eye contact with him and then told him sternly to fuck my wife. With a completely shocked look on his face, his body moved forward as if he had no control over it. As he crawled on the bed, my wife ended the assault on my balls and took my cock back into mouth. Her hands immediately started pulling at the back of my thighs again, prodding me to trust my shaft into her mouth again. As I began to move my tool again, I continued to hold her legs up and open for our friend. As he moved into position, she let out low groans of impending pleasure.

Finally in place, he paused for a second with his dick less than an inch from his target, his hand pointing it with deadly precision. He studied my expressions one last time as to make sure that what he was about to do was acceptable. With groans from my wife and a simple nod from me, he placed the head at the edge of her opening. She quivered from the every so slight touch and groaned ever deeper, as if disappointed that she's had to wait another second longer.

He closed his eyes slowly and pushed himself forward ever so slowly, enjoying the moment so much that he was prolonging it as much as he could. My wife was not pleased with his tactic. She released my thighs and in turn grabbed his hips. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved to end of the bed. Not only did I want her to enjoy him, I wanted to watch them as well.

She began pushing and pulling on his hips, slamming his cock deep into her and causing his pelvis to pound her clit. She held on to his hips so tightly that her nails dug into his flesh. They keep this rhythm for several minutes. He was pounding her clit so hard that it's causing her body to glisten with a light film of sweat. She lifted herself up onto her elbows, trying to get a good view of the torture being committed on her sex. Her hands clinched the sheets as the tension within her was building.

Unexpectedly, he slowed the pace and began use to long, slow strokes. He was trying to tease her, and it was working. I could tell by my wife's expressions that she was on the verge of cumming, and cumming hard. Still propped up on her elbows, her head fell back as she began to pant through her open mouth. Although he was young, he knew this sign. He new she was close. He knew it was time. After slowing the pace to extend her pleasure, he knew that now was the time to finish her off.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her, raised his whole body up, supported only by his hands and toes and drove his cock into her with all of his weight. His pelvis smashed into her clit so hard I thought it would cause permanent damage.

Almost immediately, she came harder than I've ever witnessed. Her body bucked and squirmed uncontrollable as she screamed the music of pure joy. He wasn't done with her though. He slammed into her repeatedly as she continued to cum. I could see her soaked lips grabbing his cock, trying to pull it in deeper, as wave after wave of her orgasm overtook her body. Her wetness was so great that his balls were soaked.

Her inner muscles clamping down on his shaft proved to be too much for him. She was determined to make him cum during her continuing orgasm. His eyes clamped shut as all of his muscles began to seize tight. My wife dug her nails into his ass cheeks and continued to force him to pound her, refusing to let him pull out.

Although I told him not to leave his seed inside of her, my wife forced him to, and he shot his load deep inside of her with several wild thrusts. Their bodies continued to grind together throughout his release of ecstasy, but he finally subsided and fell over onto the bed.

Just when I thought that things were over, my wife quickly caught her breath and turned her body towards me. She spread her legs before me and smirked at me. Seeing me, watch his cum ease out of her, she reminds me that I'm the only one that hasn't came yet.

She motioned me forward as she slid her ass on the edge of bed. Being as hard as a rock, I could do nothing but comply. She pushed up on her feet, raising her hips and spreading her legs for me, offering herself to me.

My first instinct was to give her the same pounding she had just received from a perfect stranger. Resisting giving into temptation, I eased into her softly and slowly. She didn't expect this. Although the mixture of her and another mans juices was an erotic feeling, I wasn't going to fuck, I was going to make love to her, right in front of our new found friend no less.

I moved in and out of her slowly while staring into her eyes. We were both memorized. I began to stroke her face with my hand, and then run my fingers through her hair. Our breathing continued to get heavier. Giving into the passion, my eyes closed and opened slowly. Her eyes did the same. Her arms pulled me close to her, causing our chests to touch. His fluids made our body slick; they slide against each other effortlessly. Still gazing into each other eyes, we both said that we trusted each other, that we were perfect for each other, without saying a single word.

Her short breathed gasps began just as I started to feel my orgasm build. It was only a matter of time before we were going to reach orgasm. I continued to stroke her head and hair as I stroked her interior Zen.

With our eyes looked onto each others, I whispered, "I love you with all of my heart and soul, and one, will every change that."

Her eyes still fixed on mine, her mouth uncontrollable opens as she gasps. Her orgasm starts, and it's powerful. The muscles of her sex clamp around my shaft tightly; I could hold on no longer.

Our trust in each other, our sharing and our love for one another is proven to each other as we both get pushed over the brink of orgasm, gazing into each other souls during the ritual.

As the pleasure subsided and we become more aware of our surroundings, we noticed that our friend has quietly gathered his clothes and has left. We will never see with our eyes - him again.

As we check out the morning, the desk clerk asks my wife about her stay. She replies that the amenities were so pleasing, that we'll return again. And again. And again.

She gives me a quick wink and a smile as we turn to walk out of the door.

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