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A husband helps his wife realize her dream

You are on your honeymoon. You have been tenting all the way and tired of it. You stop at my small village. I run a small guesthouse where you stay. That night the two of you come out where I am chopping some wood. I had no shirt. The two of you say hi to me and sit in the chairs nearby. As you watch me, you feel a stirring between your legs, a heat spreading in you pussy. Your pussy becomes moist. The flicks that you watched with your husband comes flashing through your mind, those well hung black guys. You wonder if I was hung like that. I finish chopping and come over and sit next to you and your husband wiping of the sweat with a hand towel. I pull the thermocol box nearby and offer the two of you some drinks. Its scotch and ice. We start chatting and drinking. I notice your eye frequently staring at my crotch. Your husband notices it too. I pour you another stiff drink. Suddenly your husband suggests that we play strip poker. “No..” you say, blushing. “oh come on dear you never lose, so why are you scared.” your husband laughs. You agree reluctantly. I realize the two of you are horny, but I am not sure about your intentions. Involuntarily my cock gets rock hard in anticipation of the out come. By the fourth game I am down to my jocks and you had your tops off. The sight of your ripe breast spilling out of your bra make my cock swell. In the next game you lose your skirt. In the next game I lose my jocks. I stand up and pull down my jocks, releasing my huge thick phallus with big balls hanging from its base. Your husband is fully clothed and I am stark naked. Both of you stare at my huge stiff cock. The look on your face is one of pure lust. Your husband’s eyes dart between my huge erect cock and the hungry look on your face. “Hey man .. you are hung like a horse” he says grinning like a school boy staring at a box of candy. You look at your husband and back at the swollen appendage hanging between my legs and whisper “ Is that real !!!” I stroke my cock and hold it up “It is real Miss.. why don’t you touch it and see for yourself” I dare you. You wet your dry lips with your tongue and look at your husband. “Go ahead honey .. touch him and see for your self” he says. You walk up to me and hesitantly reach for my erection. It looks even bigger close up. You touch the huge head with your fingers and my cock rears stiffening at your touch. “Its so big… so thick” you mutter. “Take it in your hand… Hold it” I whisper to you. Hesitantly your small fingers try to wrap around the thick shaft. You squeeze my cock and find it to be rock hard. By this time your husband is next to you. He reaches out and touches my cock. “Man you are hung like horse” he repeats. He places a hand on your shoulder and pushes you down firmly making you kneel before my python like phallus. You look up at your husband astonished by his act. I move closer, my cock inches from your lips. “Take him in your mouth honey” he says to you his eyes glistening.

You hold my cock straight, aimed at your mouth and slowly wrap your lips around the huge head. You move your head forward letting my cock into your warm mouth. Your husband kneels down, his face close to yours, watching avidly as my cock starts slipping in and out of your mouth. You start sucking my cock eagerly, letting it reach deep into your mouth as I move my hips back and forth. “you handle a cock quite well lady” I say enjoying the warmth of your mouth around my cock. Encouraged by my words you suck harder. Your husband pulls you down making you lie on the ground, my cock stuck in your mouth as I stride you. He moves between your legs and soon starts licking your hot wet pussy. You keep sucking me as you spread your legs wide, resting your feet on your husbands shoulders. You start groaning loudly as your husband eats your pussy, and I fuck your mouth. Several minutes pass as I fuck your mouth and your husband licks your cunt. You cannot bear it any more. You want my cock inside your pussy. Pulling my cock out of your mouth with one hand, you beg me to fuck you. I move down and your husband makes way smoothly. I hold my cock in one hand and rub it against your pussy lips, and ask you what you want, wanting to hear you beg for it. You eagerly beg me to sink my big hard cock in your cunt and fuck you like a whore. I push the head of my cock between your cunt lips and your eyes widen as you spread your legs. Your pussy is incredibly wet and more than half my huge cock slips into your pussy smoothly. You start moaning and licking Your lips, spreading your legs wider to accommodate my huge cock. I slowly push further and deeper into your pussy, causing an animal groan from you, your eyes are glazed over and you start shaking your head from side to side, as I fuck you. There is about two inches of my cock still outside your pussy. I pull my cock almost all the way out and then ram it in, slapping my balls against your quivering ass. You are already very aroused with the licking from your husband and the repeated hard deep strokes of my huge cock causes you to cum hard and gasp as you shudder and writhe in pleasure.

I don’t let you regain from your pleasure but keep up the intensity by beginning to fuck you with long, deep strokes, sending you into multiple orgasms. I hear your husband grunt and groan and turn around to see him jerking off and spilling his cum, as he watches my cock repeatedly plunge into your pussy. I thrust my cock faster and faster into your hot cunt. Breathing hard I ask you if you want me to cum deep in your pussy. Completely lost in pleasure, you beg me to fuck you hard and cum in your pussy. I am like a wild bull fucking its cow, thrusting wildly, my cock tearing into your pussy as I tell you to get ready to receive my seeds. I pump you harder until I thrust deep into your pussy and shoot my cum deep into your womb, deeper than ever before...Your cunt eagerly swallows every drop of my thick sperm. Your husband is on the ground between our legs watching close up as my cock spits huge quantities of my white sperm into your distended vagina.

After several minutes, I slowly pull my cock out of your ravaged pussy. At the sight of the semen still dripping from my cock, you realize that you are not on any kind of birth control !!! A look of consternation spreads on your lovely face.

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