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M Ch. 4

A married woman finally finds someone. (a five part story)

  Jen called Gregg from work the next day and left a message on his voicemail that she'd be able to make it over to his place about 7:00 that evening. Pretty, dirty blonde-haired Jen had adjourned to the ladies room five times that day to masturbate about Gregg. She knew he was trim, sexy and muscular, but she did not know that he had a 9" cock that had ejaculated deep inside her married sister 26 hours before. Jen had thought Dorothy and her husband's marriage was a model of devotion and order and had always been envious of her older sister for it.

  As Jen had sat masturbating at her workplace toilet, she had visualized Gregg making passionate love to her inside some of her favorite paintings. The painting she had saved in her mind for "that special moment", her orgasm, was one called "the proposal". In it, Jen had painted a very pregnant woman in the 1890's period, complete with parasol, sitting on a rock near a pond, with her suitor down on bended knee in front of her, head down, holding her hand, his throbbing, pale erection hanging out of his dark pants, exposed.

  Jen was very much a romantic, and conventional too, wanting very much to "do things right". At 23-years-old and fresh out of college the year before, Jen was definitely looking for the right man, and although she prided herself in being down-to-Earth, she saw that as far as Gregg was concerned, she was also allowing her clit to have a large say in the matter.

  Gregg pretty much slid right into her when she arrived at his apartment. There was a little small talk, sure, and Jen had even brought over a bottle of grey reisling, but two minutes into the "conversation" on the couch.., and Jen did not say a peep when Gregg leaned over her and unbuttoned the top of her jeans. "I really like you Jen.", he said into her ear with steamy breath, pulling up on the top of her jeans so the crotch would press into her pussy. "I like you to." she said, her voice trembling. She could smell her own nipples starting to perfume.

  She knew she was going to be stuffed in a couple of minutes. Gregg pulled the zipper of her jeans down and heard her kick off her shoes. He then knelt between her legs and dropped kiss after passionate kiss on the pastel green panties covering her two labia and clit. After a little of that, Jen was so wet that Gregg could have made her cum in less than a minute if he had applied his finger anywhere near her clit and rubbed or stroked.

  It had been almost six months since Jen had had sex and she was on the pill, so she squeezed Gregg's hand in rapid fire, three times. He knew what that meant. He stood and offered her a hand. They stood and as they walked to the bedroom, Gregg knew he had Dorothy's sister.

  Standing in the dark beside the bed, he hugged Jen and said, "I love you, Jen." She didn't stop hugging him. "I don't know why I'm saying this. It's just how I feel, and I feel it really strongly." He scooped her up and placed her on the bed. Six-foot Jen had never been treated like this before. Men had always treated her like a "strong woman". Never like a tender angel. He stood beside her and took his clothes off, exposing his hairy chest and attentive erection. Jen stared at his cock. As far as she was concerned, it owned her from that point on.

  She smiled and quickly pulled off her jeans and blouse. Gregg reached around to unsnap her pastel green peek-a-boo bra. He placed it down and then removed her panties with is teeth, growling. Jen started growling too. He could smell her essence from her vagina and anus right through her panties. Her body was giving off some strong signals and she even instinctively wondered if taking her contraceptive this morning had been a mistake. She wanted all of Gregg.

  He french kissed her deeper and more passionately, with an obvious display of male dominance and protection, than anyone ever had. Her nipples were poking into the sides of his chest as she tried, over and over again, to swallow his tongue-tip. She was so wrapped up in that, that she hardly realized he was inside her till he was hilted and knocking her pelvis with his. It was at that very moment that Jen realized she wanted his child. "I love you, too!" she cried, and lifted her legs and locked them over him. Gregg had been claimed. She felt buffet after loving buffet of her cervix with his cock's face. With the way she felt about Gregg and his blessed cock at that moment, she would kill Dorothy if she found out.

  As he fucked her deep and gently, pulling on first her earlobes and then her nipples with his lips, he was arranging his plans for the next day with her sister. He knew he'd have to wait for her to call, but wanted desparately to deliver Jen's cum, which would be all over his cock and balls, into her. Jen came her first time, then, frightened at the intensity of feelings she had for Gregg. She dug her fingernails into his back for what he was doing to her.

  He looked into her eyes, feeling her cool cum on his balls and stopped fucking her for a moment, still fully erect within her genitals. "Jen?" he asked, whispering. She looked up at him, sniffing back her tears of joy and training a lock of his hair behind his ear. She felt like a nine-year-old girl with her first crush.

  "Will you marry me?" he asked, in complete seriousness. He waited a bit, and then, fucking her slowly and delicately, added, "You don't have to answer now." In a kind of pysiological response, she pressed on his tailbone with her heels, implying that her answer was tending toward the positive. He began thrusting her harder, then, feeling her open wide and get hotter, softer and wetter.

  He raised up on his elbows and grabbed her b-cup tits hard. The pressure made her nipples turn up even more toward Jen's face. His nuts flapped against her labia for the next ten minutes and the new lovers were both in ecstasy. "There's just one thing, Jen..." he said, slowing again, his voice and body trembling as he got ready to cum. "I want children." he said, and at the thought of that, sent millions of his sperm into the naive woman's body. Sperms that would have been every bit as happy going into her sister, Dorothy. As a matter of fact, the sperms left in his urethra, that didn't quite make it into Jen, would be making their home in Dorothy in a very short while.

  She felt him cumming and pulled Gregg harder into her with both her legs and arms. Gregg had no idea she was on the pill, so was very turned on that she was making all the right signals that said she wanted his baby.

  He wondered if he could handle having both Dorothy and Jen pregnant with his child(ren) at once. He definitely wanted it, especially if Jen agreed to marry him. As he came, he imagined it was Dorothy he was cumming in. It was her he saw underneath him. Jen meant nothing to him. She was just a tool. Something to help Dorothy and him get off. "I love you so much, sweetheart." he said, after emptying into her.

  Gregg was still hard inside her, even after he came, so he fucked her really slowly and she came a second time. As the sperm began their search for her egg, Jen was secretly hearing wedding bells. So was Gregg. Dorothy was already thinking of a place for the shower, and couldn't wait till the next night to talk to Gregg, so waited outside of his apartment, in the dark, in her car, for Jen to leave.

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