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Make Love To Me Part 1

A loving couple's journey into fantasies became all too real
“Make love to me” Beth instructed Allan as his tongue expertly explored her most personal parts.

Allan crawled up her body and leaned forward, kissing her gently. Beth responded, her tongue searching for his, tasting her own juices on his tongue as they kissed. She needed his cock and she reached down between their bodies, her hand in search of his healthy seven and a half inches, guiding it into her warm, wet and welcoming pussy, sighing deeply as Allan entered her.

They groaned as the mutual pleasure raised their pulse rates, Beth, blissfully unaware of Allan’s mental visions, was getting off on his pole inside her as his thrusting movements became more accentuated, starting slow but building pace. Their tongues remained entwined as she thrust her hips back into his, digging her heels into Allan’s buttocks, forcing him deeper into her.

They’d been married for a couple of years now, having been together for more than 5 years and they both enjoyed a full and satisfying sex life. Beth had dated guys before she’d met Allan but other than kissing and petting, she’d never gone all the way with anyone other than Allan. He was all she needed, all she wanted and she was deeply in love with the man. He was good looking, stood 6’1” and was fit in more than one way. Sure, he was a regular down the gym but he was also very attractive and she found it easy to be turned on by this good looking hunk. He wasn’t just looks, either, his education had enabled him to acquire a well paid job and they enjoyed a good standard of living, their joint incomes resulted in sufficient surplus income to spend on luxuries such as good holidays. And on top of all this, Allan knew which buttons of hers to press to turn her on. She disengaged from their kiss.

“I love you” she whispered as she felt the first wave of orgasm approached.

Beth tensed her pelvic muscles, making her pussy tighter, accentuating Allan’s pleasure as well as her own. Their breathing became more laboured as they rocketed towards their climaxes, Allan’s forehead perspiring. Beth looked up at her husband and lover and, in one final burst of passion, she thrust herself into his hips with such force, she felt his balls slap against her buttocks, the slapping sound louder than their passionate breathing. She arched her back as her body went into an uncontrollable spasm, her breathing suspended temporarily as her body reached orgasm, swiftly followed by a second, the process sending Allan into orgasm as well, thrusting himself deep into her and holding himself in place as he ejaculated into his wife, filling her pussy with his sweet sticky cum.

They lay together, their bodies still joined at the hips as they fought to regain their breath, Allan supporting his weight with one arm, the other gently stroking Beth’s long dark hair. God, she was horny he thought to himself. Her 34-24-34 body on a 5’7” frame gave her ample curves and sufficient height to turn any guy’s head. She was definitely attractive and always received a lot of attention, not all of it unpleasant. She knew how to look good and she enjoyed having the power to turn guys on, to make men want her, to feel aroused just by her looks. By the same token, she was a one man woman and that man was Allan. She’d fancied him from the very start when they met when she was a sweet and tender 18 year old virgin. She’d given herself to Allan and, since then, she’d wanted no-one else and doubted that she ever would.

Allan had had a few girlfriends before he’d met Beth but he was totally smitten with her. At first, he thought it was just an infatuation but it slowly became apparent that they had mutual feelings and 3 years later, they married.

Beth was used to receiving attention and loved to flirt a little but nothing more than a bit of harmless fun. She was used to being asked out and chatted up at work, at clubs or even just out shopping with girl friends. But since she met Allan, she was completely content as, indeed, was Allan.

Later that evening, they had gone out to a club and Allan had queued up at the bar to get some drinks. He’d watched Beth from a distance being chatted up by total strangers and, at first, it had made Allan’s blood boil. She was his woman, get your filthy hands off, he’d thought to himself. Then he’d noticed he had gone rock hard in his trousers whilst merely watching them. How could this be? He wondered how it were possible for him to get aroused thinking about the love of his life, his woman, his betrothed being chatted up by a total stranger. Was this normal?

“Silly arse” he whispered to himself as he thought the consequences through.

All that was happening was that some guy was chatting to his wife, he wasn’t cuddling her, kissing her, groping her or, worse still, making love to her. So what was the problem? The problem was the more he thought about the consequences, the harder his cock got.

“Yes, mate” the barman said, shaking Allan out of his day dream.

Allan ordered the Vodka and Red Bull’s and returned to the table. Allan was introduced to the strangers as Beth’s “Husband” and as he stood at an intimidating 6’1” and well toned, the strangers made brief polite conversation before making their excuses and leaving them in peace. Beth smiled and Allan smiled back. His eyes, however, gave him away.

“What’s up with you?” Beth queried.

Allan smiled more, his eyes misting over with the start of some perverted thoughts.

“Oh, nothing” he lied.

Beth cocked her head to one said and gave him that “Don’t lie to me” look that she had.

“Well……” Allan began, “…I’ll tell you when we get home” he said, hoping to distract her with a dance.

“No. Come on. Tell me” she persevered.

Beth was a very strong willed woman. Allan sighed. How could he tell his wife that he was turned on thinking about her in the arms of another guy. She’d punch him, he was sure of it.

“You ever heard of Prurient?” he said, outright.

He hoped she was unaware of the phrase. So far, luck was with him as Beth shook her head. Beth wondered if it were an insurance company. In fairness, Allan had only become aware of the phrase recently when a work colleague introduced him to the concept. The colleague had told Allan about a Prurient club where members, all couples, indulged in what was known as soft swing.

“You know what swinging is?” he probed further.

Again, Beth shook her head.

“Is it something that monkeys do on trees?” she said, half seriously, half tongue in cheek.

Allan grimaced. She was in one of those moods, was she? Beth took a sip of her drink.

“Swinging is a term used for..”

He felt very self conscious that this could ruin a great relationship and physically prepared himself for a slapped face..

“Wife swapping” he said.

Reaching for his own drink and holding it to his lips, partly for protection but mostly to hide his face from hers as be blushed.

“Soft swing is where you entertain…..another partner…….whilst your own partner watches……but only with your hands……..oh, or your mouth” he stammered his way through the brief description.

“What are you saying” Beth said, her voice intimating. Beth was not enjoying what she was hearing.

“Only to play out at home” he replied meekly.

“As a fantasy, you know” he winked at her, taking a big sip of his drink.

Allan knew he was not alone in his thoughts the quantity of websites obviously had sufficient subscribers to make it worth their while. Allan was still uncertain why he was so aroused by such thoughts. After all, he’d kill anyone who tried to harm Beth. But what if the stranger meant her no harm at all, only pleasure. Didn’t he love her enough to want her to have pleasure? Of course he loves her enough. But to imagine some stranger pawing at his wife’s gorgeous breasts, the breasts he himself found much pleasure in caressing, kissing, nibbling, sucking..he noticed himself getting hard again.

“Why?” Beth’s question broke his train of thought. “I thought we had plenty of fun in the bedroom area” she said, her hand slipping under the table and stroking his thigh, noticing his already firm bulge in his Levi’s.

“Yeah. Well, it was just a thought” he said, taking another large swig from his pint glass.

“I couldn’t bear to think of you with…….another woman” Beth said, her words carefully pronounced.

Allan knew she was going to say something less polite like “Some old trollop” or “Slapper” or something.

“But we’ve played out fantasies before” he said, bravely trying to defend his honour.

Beth stopped in her tracks. It was true, they had acted out fantasies before. Not often, mind you, but enough for a bit of variety. Dressing up seemed pointless when shortly after beginning, it would all be removed again, she had thought to herself. But she was also aware that keeping her man happy in the bedroom would make him less likely to stray. And, according to an article in a woman’s magazine, variety was the spice of life as sex could get a bit boring.

“How do you plan to do that then?” she asked cautiously.

Allan put his pint down. Could she be warming to the idea? ‘Best not rush it, take it step at a time’ Allan thought to himself.

“Oh, you know……” Allan said nonchalantly.

Beth looked at him carefully.

“Tell me” she ordered.

“Well. Just pretend I’m someone different” he said. She blinked.

“Is that it?”

“Initially, yeah!”

“What do you mean initially?” she enquired cagily, her face showing some apprehension.

“To begin with” he replied.

“Thanks for being a thesaurus!” Beth said icily, “I meant, how do you plan this to develop?”

“Beth, I watched you being chatted up by those geeks earlier and you’ve just felt my crotch. I’m rock hard, sweet heart. I don’t know why, but it turned me on. Maybe, if we tried acting out the scenario in the bedroom, it might add a bit of spice to our sex lives”.

“Spice?” Beth retorted. “We’ve made love in every room in the house including the garden shed, much to the amusement of the neighbours. We’ve done it in the car, in the cinema, in the swimming pool changing rooms, we’ve made love in the park, on a boat and on a hotel balcony. How much more spice do you need?”

Allan looked shocked.

“I thought you liked it” he uttered, looking deep into the amber glow of his drinks glass as though it were a crystal ball, looking for some image or sign that would give him some answers.

There was a short pause.

“Well, I do like it” Beth responded. There was a short pause. “But this is a bit different. It’s perverted” she continued.

“No less perverted than making love in a public place” he said, his eyes never leaving his vodka Red Bull.

Another silent pause ensued. “Anyway, it would always be you with another man, not me with another”. There was another short awkward pause in conversation.

“Just in the bedroom?” she replied, her hand stroking his thigh again. He looked up at her sexy brown eyes. God she was horny.

He nodded in agreement as he spoke.

“Yes”. Beth smiled.

Her hand reaching the thick denim clad rod that was pressed against his leg. She could almost feel his pulse in his cock through the thick material of his jeans and she imagined the tip of his erection covered in pre-cum, she could almost taste it.

“Then take me, stranger, to your bed and have your wicked way with me” she said.

Her cute smile showed just a glimmer of impishness, she was warming to the idea of a bit of naughtiness in their love making. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead before moving his lips down to find her freshly glossed lips. She placed a finger on his lips before he could insert his tongue.

“Not so fast, stranger.

Buy me some more drinks and get me pissed, stranger. I don’t come cheap” she said, her mood changing to be a little slutty especially for Allan.

“OK, miss” he said, playing along with the game.

“And don’t disappoint me.”

Licking her lips seductively and staring straight at Allan’s groin. “I only like BIG BOYS” she said, the words leaving her lips in her sexiest voice.

Allan laid Beth on the bed, their kissing passionate and hungry. Tongues wrapped themselves around each other in much the same way as their arms did, hands over each other’s hot bodies, touching, caressing, teasing each other’s skin, stroking, massaging, arousing.

Allan disengaged his mouth from Beth’s, their breathing deep and erotic. The shadows from the romantic candles danced on the ceiling, adding to the atmosphere, the gentle back ground music and the smell of each other’s cologne and perfume awakening all the senses. Beth went to speak but Allan placed his finger on his own lip as if to shush her. He leaned forward and nibbled her ear lobe and Beth responded, wrapping her long legs around his well toned hips.

“Tell me about this stranger” he urged her, his speech little more than a whisper.

“Well, he’d be about your height.”

Kissing him with each piece of information, “maybe with blond hair and possibly a tattoo on his shoulders” she continued. Allan became more intrigued.

“What else?” he whispered.

“He’d have lots of chest hair so I could feel my breasts being aroused as we made love”

Her breathing becoming more laboured as the visualisation manifested itself in her own mind.

“And pearly white teeth. she continued

Allan’s mind spun every bit as much as hers must have done. She was really living the dream and Allan couldn’t wait to fuck her.

“…And he’d have a big erection, lots of pubic hair which would rub against my clit as we made love……”

Allan noticed she always referred to sex as making love.

“And big balls that slapped against my bottom. He’d gently caress my breasts with his big muscular hands and I’d have to brush his hair out of his eyes as we made out”.

Allan could hardly believe his ears.

“What would you do to him?” Allan asked.

Beth closed her eyes, as though she was losing herself in her own imagination.

“We’d enjoy a few drinks and chat a little. I’d flirt with him and maybe stroke his chest to see just how much chest hair he had. Then, I’d let him kiss me. He’d have to make the first move, you understand” she said, her eyes opening momentarily as she spoke. She disappeared back in to her own little world again.

“I’d suck his tongue whilst he fondled my breasts, I’d let him unclip my bra before taking my top off so as I lifted my arms, he pulled off my top and bra at the same time” she said.

Her breathing remained laboured as she lay back on the bed, her arms above her head as though she wanted Allan to caress her breasts as she spoke. Allan reached out for her ample tits and gently cupped them with both hands and Beth squirmed slowly in delight. Beneath the material of her clothing, he could feel her nipples pert and erect, pressing against the tight material, wanting to be liberated and open to the atmosphere. Allan lifted her top over her slim tummy and she sat up enough for Allan to reach behind her and unclip her bra, as she had described a few moments earlier, before removing the offending articles over her head. She collapsed back on the bed and Allan once again reached for her tits.

“Then what” Allan asked.

“I’d let the guy fondle my breasts and suck on them, one at a time, each nipple getting the same amount of attention” she whispered.

Allan responded, following her description, his tongue and lips licking and sucking at her nipples, the saliva glistening in the candle light.

“Then, I’d reach for his belt”

Her arms reaching out for Allan’s belt and unbuckling him, she unclipped the button on his jeans and unzipped him.

“Then I’d tell the guy to undress for me so I can see how much he is turned on by me.”

Opening her eyes and sitting up slightly, supporting herself on her elbows. Allan stood and removed his jeans then, slowly and provocatively, he began to lower his boxers. His seven and a half inches stood proud and he so much wanted to fuck his wife but Allan wanted the fantasy to last. She sat up some more and reached out for Allan’s erect penis and gently ran her hands down the shaft, her mouth merely centimetres away from the tip, her warm breath gently huffing on his hard moist erection.

She teased Allan a little, allowing her long dark hair to fall against his sensitive penis-head, the tingling sending tremors of delight up Allan’s spine.

“Then I’d sit him down”

Rolling off the bed so she was squatted in front of him.

“Then I’d do this.”

Beth held his shaft with one hand and placed her mouth at the base of his cock where his scrotum met the penis, her tongue extended and began to lick the sensitive piece of skin. Allan laid back in ecstasy as his wife butterfly flicked his scrotum. He murmured gently.

“You like?” she asked in between flicks of her tongue.

“Mmm” Allan responded. He was ready to explode but he wanted to cum in her pussy, not on the bed sheets.

As if reading his mind, Bethany continued.

“Then I’d do this” she whispered.

Her voice going as low and seductive as her laboured breathing would allow. She stood and unzipped her short skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, then hooking her thumbs through the elastic of her panties, she slowly lowered her briefs, revealing inch by inch, more of her pussy until all was in full view. She stepped out of her underwear and knelt on the bed, manoeuvring her way up to Allan’s shoulders before straddling his neck, a knee by each of his ears before she lowered her self on to his waiting mouth.

Allan poked his tongue out to meet her soaking wet pussy as her labia met with his lips, her dark pubic hair against his face. Allan adjusted himself so he could breathe through his nose as his tongue lapped eagerly at her moist love lips. Beth squirmed and moaned in delight as his tongue probed at her labia, his lips and tongue nibbling at her clitoris, making her squirm even more. Allan reached up and felt one of her breasts, gently caressing her, feeling her erect nipple against the fleshy part of his fingers. Beth responded, writhing on Allan’s face as he turned her on. Unable to take any more, she took control.

“Make love to me” she commanded.

Dismounting from Allan’s face and wriggling down his body until she was over his groin. She grabbed his erection with her hand and directed herself towards it, wanking him slowly in the process. Allan groaned in pleasure. He felt her warmness as she lowered herself onto him, impaling herself on his dick.

“Mmm” Allan murmured as he entered her, his eyes half open as he used his other senses to enjoy the experience.

“Fuck me Allan.”

Allan opened his eyes sharply. Beth was not usually this course when they had sex.


“I said Fuck me” she repeated.

Allan was turned on even more by her dirty talk.

“Is this how you’d speak to a stranger?” he questioned.

“Shut up and fuck me” she responded.

Leaning back and arching herself as she rode his erection, her ample breasts pointing at Allan begging to be caressed. Allan obliged, tweaking her nipples with his thumb and forefingers until she squirmed even more. She began bucking on Allan’s love rod, moaning in delight as his meat filled her completely. She may be living out a fantasy for her husband for his sake, but he was everything she needed, great technique and sufficient size to satisfy. He thrust his hips as deep into her as he could and they both gasped simultaneously, almost as though his movements were instinctual. That was another thing she loved about him, they were so in tune with each other, as friends as well as lovers. God, he was so good in bed and she doubted she’d find better, even if she tried.

Allan was turned on by Beth, images of her with someone else raging in his brain like a hurricane. Of course, he could never go through with the idea in real life and neither could Beth, they were too much in love with each other. But they were happy to act out fantasies together and that closeness made them even closer, sharing not just their lives but their dreams and fantasies as well.

Beth was in her own little world, too. She could do the dirty talk but what really turned her on was seeing her hubby enjoying himself as this invariably resulted in his performance being even better. Consequently, she would reach a strong and powerful climax if Allan was in tip-top shape so playing out the fantasies were as much for her own benefit as for his. And his performance this evening was unbelievable. What’s more, he had some staying power, he could make love for hours before withering and tonight was no exception.

Beth felt her plateau was on the ascend again and her movements became more vigorous, her writhing became more accentuated as she hurtled towards her climax. Beth’s breathing came in short sharp gasps as she prepared herself for her blessed relief, her muscles tensed as she reached her climax.

“Oh my god!” she yelped

Allan moved one hand from a breast to her clitoris and massaged it gently with his knuckles. She became motionless, albeit temporarily, like a statue as the wave of orgasm made every nerve in her body tingle. Her breathing stopped momentarily as she climaxed, her pelvic muscles tightening on Allan’s rock hard dick. She drew in breath suddenly as she came down from her climax, Allan felt his own climax building. His mind took over and the fantasy in his mind’s eye sped him to the inevitable, his seed spilling into his wife with a force Beth felt, his sperm squirting against her insides, tickling her from within, pumping, ejaculating, cumming.

They slowly regained their breath, Beth crouching forward with Allan’s cock still inside her, feeling the pulse from his penis against her pussy lips. They kissed tenderly for several minutes, enjoying the closeness of each other.

“Was that nice?” Beth enquired?

Her eyebrows raised in eager anticipation. Allan grinned like a Cheshire cat and murmured quietly to himself, feeling his own juices slowly dribbling out his wife’s used pussy onto his balls.

“How was that for you?” he asked.

Beth grinned back at him wonderful babe.

“You’re special” he said, leaning forward and kissing her.

Both had enjoyed the session and had eventually fallen asleep in each other’s arms, dreaming of how much in love they were with each other. They relived the fantasy many times, each time Beth would conjure up images of different people,

Every time, it would be Beth being taken by a stranger, flirting with them, flashing flesh at them, allowing them to kiss her, fondle her, grope her and then have full sex. Each time there would be something different, sometimes Beth would want it from behind, other times in missionary. On one occasion, they ended up in a pile-driver position, something Allan hadn’t done very often with Beth.

Sometimes, they would act out the fantasy with the bedroom curtains open, as though the thought of being watched added to their enjoyment. Other times, they might make love in a bath full of water or on the dining table, sometimes with a pot of sweet and sour sauce left over from their earlier take-away that they had saved purposely for the event.

The months passed by and still Allan and Beth enjoyed the fantasy. If they needed any additional spicing up of their sex lives, this fantasy of Beth any with another guy hit the target every time. Because each time was different, it was always wild, hot and steamy. Allan had been known to crawl into work, looking like he’d just come off a night shift, so little sleep he’d had. But Allan never complained, his wife was keeping him happy between the sheets.

They often spent time in deep meaningful conversation and both had confirmed that this was only a fantasy, that neither of them wanted it to actually happen. That said, they both found the whole fantasy thing a real turn on, provided it was only with each other.

Allan, however, was still being told about the soft swing scene by his work colleague and how that could be a real turn on.

“No pressure, if you just want to watch, then that’s fine. At your own speed” his mate had told him.

“Soft swing is where your partner gives another guy a blow job or a hand job in your presence and they reciprocate with your woman. You can either watch or indulge with the other guy’s woman. It’s up to you but you can stop at any time”.

Allan had found the entire thing odd but strangely arousing. He’d surfed the net and found lots of soft swing sites, a large proportion of them in the UK and had found them intriguing.

Curiosities lead him to alternative sites and each site resulted in him becoming more interested. Allan found himself intrigued beyond his own belief and wondered if he and Beth could maybe try something on their own before they jumped in and joined a proper organisation.

Allan arrived home early one evening and found Beth in a sexy mood. She’d dressed up for his home coming and had done her hair and makeup beautifully for him.

“What’s this all about?” he challenged her as he took the glass of wine she’d handed him.

“I’ve something special for you” she said in her minx type manner.

She reached under her top and pulled out a paper wallet and handed it to Allan. He put his wine glass down and opened the wallet. Inside were plane tickets for Ibiza for both of them. He looked at her quizzically.

“Look at the flight dates” she said.

Allan opened one of the tickets and saw the dates incorporated his birthday which was fast approaching.

“Happy birthday!” Beth said as he looked back up at her, planting a big wet kiss on his confused face.

“Look. We’ve got our own villa on a complex with a shared pool, clubs and bars nearby and two weeks of sun, sea, sand, sangria and……can you think of anything else that begins with ‘S’?” she teased.

Allan’s face burst into a grin.

“Surprised?” Beth asked.

Allan scooped her up in his arms and kissed her, gently at first, then passionately, his hands reaching for her arse. She pulled away from his embrace.

“Stop it. Dinner’s ready” she said.

Adjusting herself even though there was only her and Allan there. She attended to the oven and hob whilst Allan sat at the dining table, repossessing his wine glass.

“I’ve planned what I’m taking. I thought I’d pack that sexy bikini you love me in” she called.

“Which one? I love them all” Allan replied.

“OK, I’ll take them all” she giggled

Allan woke up late one morning in the villa and his head hurt. The sun shining through the drawn curtains felt like his eyes were being scorched and his mouth felt like the inside of a parrot cage. It must have been a good night last night. His head felt like there was a rock band going on inside his brain then he remembered the night of passion with his dear wife. God, she had driven him crazy, a combination of alcohol, the music and the heat had turned totally wild.

Visions of the way she had mounted him flooded back into his mind and he gently put his hand towards his own genitalia, gingerly fumbling to see if he was still intact. He wondered if he’d still be able to walk, so ferocious was Beth in bed. He eased his legs over the side of the bed and slowly sat up, the rush of blood to his head resulted in another July 4 th firework display exploding between his ears, his hangover pounding and echoing within his skull. He padded over to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on his face. He still felt like shit. It wasn’t like that in the movies, he mused to himself, wondering how he could still be jovial when he felt like a walking corpse!

He ventured into the sitting room, the patio doors were open and through the blinding sunlight, he could see Beth sitting on a sun lounger, cold drink in one hand and a book in the other.

“Oh, you’re up then” she said cheekily to him, putting her book down. “Fancy a swim?”

Allan shook his head and instantly wished he hadn’t. Beth looked at him but without pity.

“You old ‘un’s just not up to partying, are you?” she joked.

As she stood, Allan saw her in her skimpy bikini, the bra element barely covering her nipples and he could see them protruding through the wet material, her lovely dark hair still moist from the pool. He guessed she’d been in and out of the pool most of the morning, having a quick dip every time she got too warm. Her skimpy bikini bottoms barely covered her pussy and little tufts of dark pubic hair were visible, despite Beth having her bikini line waxed prior to their holiday. His groin stirred and his head pounded with the sudden increase in heart beat.

“So what happened last night?” he asked, tentatively. He hoped he hadn’t made a fool of himself.

“Oh, not much!” Beth said nonchalantly as she sat back down. Allan sat on a lounger beside her.

“Oh. Good” he said, placing his head in his hands.

“How was Sharon?” Beth enquired.


“Sharon? That blonde bimbo you were chatting up?” Beth continued.

“Sharon?” Allan shook his head and again regretted the action. “Is this a wind up?”

“You must remember. She was the blonde tart with big tits. You’d only had a couple of drinks and you spilt your drink down her top. You tried to dry her top with your almost clean handkerchief before the bouncer intervened. He was going to throw you out for groping until I stepped in and rescued you” Beth concluded.

Allan couldn’t remember a thing.

Well, you tried to chat her up whilst you were ‘dabbing’ her tits with your hanky. I saw you tweak her bum with your hand. Oh, and she kissed you a bit” Beth said,


Allan groaned inwardly. He’d made a total idiot of himself and Beth had witnessed the entire thing. And, what was worse, he couldn’t remember doing it at all.

“What were you doing whilst I was…talking to this..Sharon?” Allan enquired, not too sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“Oh, just dancing” Beth replied. Another short pause. “With Jose”.

Allan looked up sharply, his head hurt but he was becoming more coherent.

“Who’s Jose?” he asked.

Beth smiled inwardly.

“Well, if you were trying to make me jealous, I thought I’d respond by making you jealous, so I danced with Jose for much of the night. After I rescued you, you sat in the corner nursing your drink until you passed out.”

“So how did I get home?”

“Taxi. It cost me 30 Euro’s more ‘because you were legless, but never mind” Beth replied, picking up her book and turning to a page. She pretended to read as she piled the agony on to Allan.

“I think Jose liked me” she continued.

Allan replaced his head to his hands.

“How do you mean?” Allan responded.

“Oh, just the way he kissed me” she replied.

Allan’s jaw dropped to the floor. “And I couldn’t keep his hands of my arse” she continued. Allan looked up at her, her sun shades hiding her mirth behind her tinted glasses.

“Oh, you idiot! I’m teasing you” she blurted, laughing out loud.

“Yes, I did dance with a few guys but only because you were out of it. When we got back here, you and I made love. You must remember that?” she said.

Allan nodded. He did remember that part, his bruised thighs bore the scars of their efforts.

“I remember you getting a lot of attention when we got there” he stated.

She looked up from her book and if Allan had been a bit more coherent, he’d have noticed her book was upside down.

“That’s nothing new though, is it?” Beth replied.

Allan had to agree. She was sexy, no matter what she wore. she had a way of carrying herself that turned heads wherever she went. He reached for the bottle of Pepsi by her lounger and took a swig straight from the bottle. He needed re-hydration with the sudden increase in heart beat and fast. Allan stood to go back indoors.

“May I make a suggestion?” Beth questioned.


“Put some clothes on!”

Allan looked down and realised he was naked on the patio. He trotted back inside.

Evening descended and Allan had recovered sufficiently to handle another club but tonight, he would limit the alcohol. He was still a little fragile and wondered how on earth Beth could still be so perky. Maybe she’d been less heavy on the alcohol herself yesterday.

The image of Beth and Jose had played on Allan’s mind all day and although he couldn’t remember the guy or any of the guys Beth had danced with, he imagined the guy in his mind. Like their fantasy play acting, he imagined the guy cuddling his wife, dancing with her, embracing her, cuddling her, kissing her, touching her…

“I wonder?” he said to himself.

“Wonder what?” Beth replied.

Allan hadn’t realised he’d said it out loud as well.

“I’ve an idea. Are you up for a bit of a challenge?” he asked Beth.

She looked at him in one of her “What’s he planning now” looks. Allan paused, waiting for her response.

“Go on” she urged, her arms crossed defensively.

“I was just thinking about you, last night. I know I was out of it, but I’d love to see you flirt with Jose again”

Beth smiled. “His name wasn’t Jose. I made that up” she said. “But I did dance with a couple of guys, more for company than anything else”

“Would you flirt and dance with another guy tonight whilst I watch” he said bluntly.

“I’d rather dance with you, big boy” she said, cuddling up to him and allowing her hand to wander down to his buttocks, giving his bum her usual playful squeeze.

“Me too” he said, followed swiftly by “We can dance all night but I’d still like to see you flirt with someone else. You made me jealous earlier when you said you’d kissed and groped another guy, I’d like other guys to feel jealous of me.”

“I don’t understand” Beth responded, trying to look into Allan’s eyes.

“Well, you know how you turn on other men.

They all fancy you, they’d all like to bed you. That’s a given.”

Beth nodded. She had to agree that she always attracted attention from men. She was attractive. It was evident that she was able to create erections with just a smile.

“I’d like other guys to want you so much but it would be me that took you home, who slept with you, who undressed you, who made love to you. It’s an ego thing.”

Beth nodded. “I know you like that sort of thing. I’m not sure I do” she replied.

Allan sighed. “But you’re OK with the play acting and fantasy stuff.”

“Yeah, but that’s just play acting. It’s not real” she said.

“But that’s the point, the more real it is, the more exciting it would be. Since we’ve played out these fantasies, our love making has been fantastic, don’t you agree?”

Beth nodded. “Sure, it’s been heavenly.” She realised in her own heart that over the last few months, they’d grown even closer, their relationship was even stronger than before, not least because of the increase in bedroom activities.

“Imagine how much better it could be if you acted out the first bit with a real stranger. Imagine how could sex could be afterwards.

“I’m not so sure” Beth replied, not totally comfortable with the idea as such, although great sex was something she did enjoy. She’d never felt so close to Allan in all the years they’d been together.

“Aw. Come on, dear. Just this once? What do you say? Huh?”

Allan’s persuasive voice and genuine manner gave Beth a bit of security. After all, he wasn’t asking her to sleep with another man, just to flirt and dance and things. And she had enjoyed their recent bedroom fun, occasionally instigating the role play, much to Allan’s delight.

“How far do you expect me to go?” she asked, her eyebrows raised quizzically.

“Don’t know…..” he replied, honestly. “… far as you feel comfortable, dear. Tell you what, is your mobile fully charged?”

“I’ll text you with some suggestions. After each dance, make an excuse to have a drink and pick up the text message. Why don’t we use the codes we used to use before we were married?”

“I remember” Beth replied. “You used to send me lewd messages. You’ve always been a bit pervy, haven’t you?” Beth joked.

“I thought that’s what you loved about me” Allan replied jovially. They smiled at each other and Beth drew in a big sigh.

“OK. If it means that much to you” she agreed.

She had a gut instinct that she might live to regret the decision but she loved Allan so much, this was what he wanted so badly so, why not? Anyway, maybe she would enjoy the experience, she always felt sexy when she went out, her clothing adding to her natural beauty and attracted lots of attention. She’d always found the attention exhilarating, even amusing provided it didn’t get too heavy and, with their role playing recently, maybe she could generate some more ideas for their future fantasies.

Allan wanted to jump up and punch the air in delight. Instead, he put his arm around Beth’s waist and pulled her close to him, placing his lips against hers.

“Thank you. You know I love you, don’t you?” he said between kisses.

“Show me later when you get me home……” Beth replied, “…….provided you’re not too drunk again!”

“Trust me!” he said. Beth gave him another of her sideways glances which, in her body language, meant “Yeah, right!”

The club was heaving with people and they fought to get a drink at the bar. Allan opted for a small short with tonnes of tonic water. He needed to keep his wits about him this evening. Beth was looking really horny, a short skirt and a tied T shirt on top of a bikini which was Allan’s favourite.

They chatted for a little while before they split. He would watch her from a safe distance whilst she danced on her own. She’d purposely left her wedding ring on, so as not to be seen to be fibbing when she came to terminate any relationship she’d built with some stranger. It didn’t take long for a young local lad to approach her, he was late teens or early twenties, dark haired and olive skinned. He was about 5’11” and a little podgy, but clean shaven and smelt clean and fresh. He offered to buy Beth a drink and she agreed. If she was going to lead the guy on, you may as well do it properly and save some money in the process, she thought to herself. The guy called himself Juan and Beth was not about to argue, thinking his real name could be very complicated. He was in smart casual clothing and when he returned with their drinks, he was very attentive, asking Beth lots of questions like did she have a boy friend and such.

Beth answered honestly, no she did not have a boy friend. That was not a lie. She was economic with the facts however, assuming her wedding ring might give Juan a few clues.

Unperturbed, Juan continued to chat Beth up, asking her lots of personal questions about her work, hobbies, music and so on. Beth felt her mobile vibrate as a text message came in and she covertly read the message.

“xxx” it read. That meant to let him have a few small kisses.

Beth was not sure about this, but her husband was only a few yards away and would easily pummel this Spaniard into a pulp if he tried anything. She accepted some praise from Juan and gave him a little peck on the cheek. His ‘chat up’ lines were incredibly corny, and she winced at his method at times. Still, he was sweet in his own sort of way and she was warming to him slowly. Her phone vibrated again.

“*LL” it read. It meant to flash Juan a little bit of leg.

Beth felt a little nervous but she decided she was up for the challenge. What’s more, she couldn’t wait to get Allan into bed. She guessed he’d be so hot and up for a good romp. She engaged in conversation with Juan, hitching her skirt up subtly to scratch her thigh, leaving the flesh exposed. She could see Juan was getting hard and he fought to control his vision, trying to look genuine and retain eye contact but with the distraction of upper thigh being flashed, it was difficult to keep concentration.

Beth’s bag vibrated again and she again read the message without being seen.

“iI?” it read. She texted back “I”.

Juan’s dick was not little, it was erect and Allan had been querying if her charms were working. Allan received the text back, his own cock hardening at the thought of this foreigner getting aroused by his wife. Allan watched from a safe distance, the music from the disco drowning out normal conversation unless you were very close to the people you were talking to. Allan wished he had taken a lip-reading course at some point. He was aching to know what was happening. He glanced at his own mobile phone. No message alerts yet. He returned his gaze to his beautiful wife who was flirting quite blatantly with this young local lad. Allan could take it no more.

He reached for his phone and texted Beth with the message “*UU”.

Beth felt the phone vibrate but could not view the message covertly enough for some time. Allan thought she’d not got the message.

“Shit! What’s she up to?” he said to himself as his fingers pressed the keys on the keypad. Send. Moments later, Beth’s phone vibrated again. Allan was becoming quite impatient. Shortly after, Juan was interrupted by a friend, giving Beth the opportunity to read her messages.

“He wants me to flash a bit of my breasts” she said under her breath. Her mind spun. This was getting a little out of hand. Flirting was OK, it could even be fun. Leading a guy on was very unfair, however. This poor guy was thinking he might get laid when all she was doing was prick teasing him. She thought about the consequences if the guy got heavy or violent.

“Don’t be so silly ” she said to herself beneath her breath.

Allan was just a few feet away and, although he was currently out of her sight, she knew he could see her and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Reluctantly, she undid a button on her top and turned back to face Juan. He tried to restart the conversation but with the hitched up skirt and now an extra button on the blouse undone, his speech became less coherent. Beth almost felt sorry for Juan as he stammered and stuttered, trying to be polite but unable to remove his eyes from her sexy body.

“Fancy a dance, Juan?” she said, trying to save his embarrassment.

He nodded, aware that his erection protruded through his tight trousers leaving little to the imagination. Beth noticed but was more subtle in her recognition of his cock, noticing that it was quite a big beast. Beth had not had heaps and loads of experience of erect penises having only ever had sex with Allan. She’d seen and stroked other guy’s bulges when she was dating prior to meeting her hubby, but nothing more. She knew these things came in different sizes and she was sure this one fell into ‘the above average’ class, rather like Allan’s.

Beth knew that this flirting thing with a total stranger was morally wrong because she was deeply in love with Allan. But it was the sense of adventure. Because she’d never really ‘been’ with another guy, at the back of her mind, Beth had always wondered what it might be like. Allan showered her with love and affection; that much was true, but it was great to be the centre of attention and Beth was enjoying being flirtatious. And she knew she was safe, Allan would step in and save her if things got awkward.

The dance track wasn’t one of Juan’s favourites and Allan wasn’t that keen on the track either. Beth, however, was having a whale of a time, shaking her groove thing like a woman possessed. As she danced, her luscious body swayed, her ample breasts swinging from side to side like a metronome, hypnotising half the dance floor as she danced. Allan watched from the balcony, his own erection pressing against his own tight clothing, begging to be liberated. He’d never really watched Beth from a distance on the dance floor, they’d always danced together. She was a great dancer but sexy with it. God, she was hot. And, unless he was very much mistaken, she was really enjoying herself, judging by the look on her face. He wanted so much for the evening to end there and then so he could take her home and fuck her. Allan wanted to feel her pussy on his erection, her warm wet tongue against his, her hot sweaty body writhing against his. He wanted to tell her he loved her. He wanted to show her his love. He wanted to make love to her. He wanted to fill her with his love. He wanted to spill his semen into her warm, wet, inviting pussy. Allan knew that pretty much most of the guys on the dance floor that were ogling his betrothed would have given their right arms for an opportunity to do what Allan was planning.

Right now, however, all Allan could do was watch. The music changed and a slow song began and, just like in the UK, the dance floor was flooded with blokes looking for a lady to slow dance with. Juan held onto Beth, his arms wrapped around her, his nose against hers. He spoke to her and Allan tried desperately to read his lips. No good, he was as much in the dark as he had been all night.

Allan noticed Juan’s head move but his back was towards Allan and it wasn’t until they’d danced around a bit that Allan noticed that Juan was kissing his wife. Beth had taken this strangers tongue into her mouth and was kissing the guy. Allan was regaining his thoughts when he saw Juan’s hand slip down Beth’s back and cup a handful of her arse, his tongue still buried deep in Beth’s mouth. Beth was not pushing him away. Allan wanted her to stop so he reached for his phone. He turned around, not wanting to view any more, his mind all askew.

Should he text her to stop? He was pained to see her like this but, by the same token, he was so aroused by it. How far did he really want her to go? Not all the way, surely?

“Bollocks” he said to himself.

He wanted to stop. He’d text her, then he’d go down to the dance floor from the balcony and repossess his own wife, take her back to the villa and screw her long and hard.

“Good plan” he thought to himself.

“Hiya” a voice said in his ear.

Allan turned around and saw a blond girl looking at him. She looked slightly familiar but he couldn’t place her. Allan nodded politely, turning his attention back to his phone.

“Do you remember me?” she said again.

Allan looked at her. He went to speak, then froze. He noticed she had a large bust and in her hand was a handkerchief.

“You were kind enough to lend me this yesterday” the girl continued. “I thought I’d take the opportunity to return it to you personally” she said, leaning forward to kiss Allan.

His worst nightmare was coming true, an unwanted distraction. Sure, this girl was pretty and had an ample bust but, right now, he had his own world to save.

“No problems” he said, brusquely. He moved away from the balcony but the girl followed him.

“As a thank you, I’d like to buy you a drink. If that’s OK?” she said tentatively.

“Uh? No need. You’re very welcome” he said, trying to compose his text.

“No. I insist” she said, stubbornly.

Allan knew this was going to be tough. Beth was strong willed and he guessed this blond girl was very much the same. If he’d been single and not in love with Beth, he’d have whisked the girl off her feet and fucked the arse off her all night. But he was married. Happily married. And all he wanted was his own wife, Beth.

The girl tugged him by the arm towards a counter on a supporting pole had two fresh drinks perched on them.

“I noticed you on the beer last night so I got you one. I hope that’s OK?” she said.

Allan smiled inanely. Christ, why couldn’t she just leave him alone. He rushed the text and hit send, not noticing the signal from this part of the club was zero. The text message did not send.

Allan tried not to get into conversation but the blond was very persuasive, using her charms and her curves o direct the dialogue.

“Where’s your other half, then?” she asked.

Allan’s wedding ring may have given him away and he really couldn’t recall what they’d spoken about last night.

“She’s dancing” he said, making towards the balcony to look over the edge. The girl held his elbow.

“So as she’s deserted you, we’ve time for a little chat, then” she said forcefully.

Allan hesitated just long enough for the girl to take control.

“Good” she said, leading him to a quieter part of the club. “Tell me all about yourself” she commanded.

This part of the club had leather sofas and the music was such that you could talk without being drowned out. Allan was in no mood for small talk, his dearly betrothed was in the process of being pawed and poked by some guy and he objected. Hang on a minute. It had been Allan’s idea in the first place, the entire fantasy thing had been solely his idea, hadn’t it? So why was he objecting to Beth being groped by a stranger, it had been his own suggestion? He’d fantasised about Beth being taken, even fucked by a stranger. His own emotions went through the roller coaster ride it had earlier. Problem was, he wanted to watch and not chat to some big chested blond girl.

“Well?” a voice interrupted his train of thought.

He was brought back to the present, to his busty blond sat beside him. She stroked his leg with her hand, almost absent minded as she spoke. Allan felt very uncomfortable and wanted to terminate his conversation with this girl. He had to get back to the balcony, he needed to ensure Beth was not in imminent danger.

Beth, meanwhile, was unaware of Allan’s absence and she was still responding to Juan, thinking Allan was watching them both. She recalled how Allan had told her about the soft swing thing, how couples would swap partners and bring them to climax using their fingers and tongues, but not full sex. The thought of being intimate with a stranger repulsed her but the idea of getting someone aroused enough to turn them on was somewhat erotic. She remembered how it had enhanced their own love making and how she was getting aroused herself at the moment. She couldn’t wait to get Allan in bed and give him a ride of his life. She desperately needed Allan’s rock hard cock inside her and she wanted it now.

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