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Make Love To Me Part 3

A loving couple's journey of fantasies and voyeurism continue
 In spite of the profound events that had taken place with Beth and the stranger, Juan, Allan and Beth continued to enjoy their two weeks away as best they could. Ibiza was always one of their favourite haunts. The warm Mediterranean sun had warmed their skin and lifted their spirits. The continual party environment surrounding the couple helped some, but the atmosphere between Beth and Allan had been noticeably altered. Allan was having trouble putting his finger on it, the change in Beth somewhat subtle yet, conversely, definite. 

There had been a definite shift in Beth’s attitude since Beth’s involvement with Juan just a few days earlier. Beth had always enjoyed the attention she’d received, guys hitting on her in almost every situation imaginable. Yet, while enjoying the attention, Beth had become somewhat immune to it. The subtle boost to her ego had become so familiar and expected it bypassed her conscious mind. It was just a fact of life that men found her attractive and sexy.

Beth had plenty of experience of warding off the guys, but now her confidence had grown. Allan had noticed the change in her over the last few days. His wife had experienced another man, a well-endowed man and had received a mountain of attention after that unpredictable event. At first she had rebelled against the thought of becoming intimate with. She outright rejected the notion. But, as things progressed further than Beth’s mind flirted with and even briefly imagined and she’d ended up having full sex with this total stranger. She struggled, dismissed the fleeting fantasy only to have it return again and again as her curiosity of his size returned.

Despite Beth’s loyalty and unrelenting love for Allan, in the end she had allowed this stranger to take her, to have unprotected sex with her. If that hadn’t been bad enough for Allan to witness, Beth then took the lead and fucked this stranger again. A deep sexual need possessed her being and overrode her conscious. Her will to resist utterly destroyed by the feeling of Juan’s huge cock when they first fucked, Beth found herself willing mounting Juan’s huge organ and riding him like some porno star, fucking him again for her on pleasure, but not bound by reservation or reluctance and still without protection.

Allan had discussed the matter with Beth and they both knew their relationship had changed. Without ever discussing the worst of the consequences openly, they both came to the conclusion that they either had to live with what had happened, or it would cut their emotional bond to pieces, or, God forbid, lead to their separation. There was an unwritten agreement that both parties had been wrong. Allan was for having coerced Beth into flirting so overtly and sexually with other men, for pushing her into taunting them with the notion of having sex with her. Beth was for having agreed to get sexy with men and then taking the matter further, for taking Juan to their holiday abode, and worst of all, for fucking the stranger again after he’d initially had his way with her.

Beth felt very different having fucked a monster cock and realized the pleasure she could both take from and give another man. In spite of her knowing she was a changed woman, she hadn’t revealed any change of heart to Allan. Beth didn’t want to admit any sign of guilt or remorse. She wanted Allan to bear the brunt of the responsibility. After all, this was all his idea and he was supposed to be there to rescue her. Sure, she’d lost control a bit, but she felt that, in her defense, the allure of that big cock had simply possessed her in a moment of weakness. The opportunity to be fucked with such an enormous cock was something that grew on her curiosity and desire until she just couldn’t let pass her by, thinking she might never get another chance.

Emotionally, Allan was all she needed and all she wanted. However, the power she’d experienced had really opened her eyes. Beth realized she now had the power to make her husband’s day or make his life miserable. It intoxicated Beth at times to think about how she had taken on and such an extreme sexual encounter. Beth had the power now and she could use her newfound confidence to both tempt other men and play with Allan’s emotions at will.

Beth absent mindedly rolled her wedding ring up and down her ring finger. Her inner sexuality had been awakened and the feeling was addictive. Consequently, Beth had, over the last few days, toyed with the boys to an extent that had surprised Allan. In fact, even their own love making had changed. To the casual observer, there may have been no noticeable difference; it was still as wild and intense, their actions hungry and demanding, yet under the surface there were all sorts of changes. Beth had changed from asking Allan make to love to her, to instead demanding now to be fucked, a change in attitude and manner that was unmistakable to Allan, both ominous and excitingly erotic.

Beth had barely noticed her slow but definite evolution until it flowered completely open and she too saw how much she had changed. The changes had slipped quietly into her attitude and were fully revealed when they had gone clubbing. Beth proactively engaged men in conversations, taking the lead, flirting openly and without guilt. Beth had caught the bug of being a hot sexual attraction. She felt the seductive power to arouse and control men. Her sexy curvaceous body, her confident manner and her come-to-bed eyes were able to melt even the strongest-willed, hot-blooded male. To that extent, Beth was patently aware of the changes in her. She was sexy without a doubt and she loved the feeling. The new Beth loved to flaunt it, to attract attention and capture Allan’s mind like locking him up in a bank vault. She thrived on seeing that lost in lust, flushed face on her husband’s face when she was making some stranger’s dick bone hard. The more she teased men, the sexier she felt, and also the more power over Allen she enjoyed. Whereas she might have discouraged the guys hitting on her, now she was flaunting herself, advertising her sexual nature. Beth even wondered at time at her motivation for stepping into the new, sexual tigress out in public, asking herself at times, ‘What has come over me? Why do I feel this urge for men’s attention so?’

Beth didn’t know why. She simply hadn’t been unable to work out her motivations. Okay, it had been Allan’s idea for her to flirt, to lead the guy on and she had done it solely for Allan, her husband. Beth had felt disgusted with herself initially, the thought of having gone “all the way” with Juan and having been unfaithful to Allan who, by her own admission, she still loved dearly. Yet she had been so turned on, so aroused mostly, she decided, due to hers and Allan’s role playing the swinging scene over the last few months. It was Allan’s fault that she had become so turned on, so aroused and so horny that she wanted just to have sex, to feel the release of tension that only a climax could offer. Beth’s aversion to guilt simply required that Allen bear the burden of responsibility in her mind.

In Allan’s absence that infamous night, Beth had gone into autopilot, so to speak. Juan’s enormous erection had, for good or bad, been in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. She had tried to convince herself, and Allan, that it was all okay, yet she knew Juan had been really turned on by her. Not just her pretty face, her curvaceous body and her sexy legs, but her attitude, her sexy dirty talk, her wildness between the sheets and the general aura of being horny she exuded. Add to this the adrenalin rush she’d enjoyed looking at Juan as he had entered her, his look of utter delight, of total satisfaction, and feverish arousal. She would never forget the look in his eyes and he impaled her body with his log of cock. Juan was so intensely hungry to fuck her she could have stopped him if she had tied, she reasoned.

Despite the fact Beth had been mentally in role-play mode, she still had her wits about her, her powers of observation not deserting her. She had witnessed, first hand, Juan’s excitement at Beth as she had sucked his cock and permitted him access to her soaking wet pussy. She had seen the young man’s inflamed passion as he had fucked her and felt their sordid, blistering hot, mutual pleasure. The vision of Juan’s eyes melting as his climax built, exploded in her pussy filled her mind… there he was again, coming so hard inside her, filling her pussy with his alien semen. Oh fuck, it has been hot, a moment of sexual ecstasy to powerful to ever forget! It was that good in spite of the fact that she was reluctant and hoping for escape up until the moment of carnal penetration. After Juan sliced her open with that monster cock, there was no way to return to mental innocence.

Beth had found the pleasure she took from Juan’s cock an utterly shocking, totally amazing experience. Her previously limited sexual encounters had never unearthed anything of this magnitude before. She and Allan had visited adult websites and had seen some images of huge cock, but she had always believed it was nothing more than trick photography could a guy really be that big? Personal experience now told her not only that it could, but revealed the knowledge that she could handles such a huge cock and thrive on the feeling of fucking it. What a way to learn the earth-shaking truth!

Beth tried to relive the experience while role playing with Allen. She acted as if the events leading up her surrender to Juan happened in such a way that that Allen would believe her total reluctance, and to an extent it was true. She was reluctant until her sexual desire totally consumed her will to resist. Beth didn’t know he had seen the extent of her sin, her commitment in the heat of sex with Juan. Allan saw her attempts to mislead him as Beth attempting to make up for her willful infidelity. It only added to his loss of faith in Beth. Alan’s instinct for concern was well founded, if slightly errant.

In reality, Beth’s new, inner being was play-acting how she might arouse other men, how she might develop the teasing and how she would enjoy sucking the hapless men into utter sexual frustration, let the feeling arouse her fully and then have her husband later. Her overt actions with other men had become much bolder and more daring. Beth was much more passionate in her flirting and in bed. Allan enjoyed these changes in Beth, yet he also feared what she was becoming. Or, was it what he was making her in to! Was he making her some sort of slut? Beth was his dearly loved wife, how could he make her into some cock-craving tart? What sort of shit-bag was he, he wondered at times.

Allan recalled how he had witnessed Juan’s huge cock entering his wife’s body that first time, how disgusted he had felt, and yet so aroused he felt like he might ejaculate in his pants. It had been an ironic realization that he’d felt so frozen, so powerless whilst Beth had stepped up to the plate and took control of her sexual need. In that one scene of contrasting actions, the balance of power in their relationship tipped in her direction, rather like some distorted political debate after one candidate failed to adequately address an accusation. Yet, in further irony, Beth had also become powerless. In her case it was powerless to resist the pleasure to be realized from Juan ravishing her and fucking her into multiple orgasms.

Allan pondered the consequences. On the plus side, Beth had become wilder in bed, more daring and adventurous. God, she’d become hornier than ever and he’d never had such a great time. Allan could safely say that their sex lives had never been better and the thoughts of her with someone else made him crave her even more. In spite of the now-obvious dangers at hand, Allan desperately wanted to see Beth flirting, coming on to a guy, teasing him, arousing him in the same way she had with Juan. On the down side was that Beth was not the same woman he’d married. Her reservations and innocence were now forever lost, blown away in the wind as it were. She’d grown closer to her own sexuality and Allan feared Beth may find the need to feel a stranger’s cock in her again greater than her need for him. ‘Could he lose her playing these sexual games? Would she want more than he could offer? Or, was he merely panicking unnecessarily, that his fears were overtaking his rational thinking?’ Allan’s mind mulled over his worries again and again with no definitive answers coming his way.

In an effort to overcome his secret fears, Allan had unknowingly become more passionate himself. His love making took on more intensity, his mind reliving that night, just a few days earlier, when Beth had had experienced such heated bliss and sexual surrender with Juan. As if trying to emulate the intensity he knew his loving wife had felt from Juan’s size, Allan fucked Beth hard for long periods of time. He took on an attitude of dominance and unconsciously tried to compensate for his failures and shortcomings through brute force. He sensed Beth love the new level of intensity and that pushed him further into his desire to please her with a new level of physical passion.

Beth had enjoyed Allan’s increased sexual prowess. She took it as Allan loving her with greater intensity, fucking her like he meant it, trying to make Beth want no one else but him. And, as a life partner, Beth truly didn’t want anyone else but Allan. He was loving, caring, thoughtful, good looking and, at this moment in time, fantastic in bed. There was, however, a seed of sexual desire growing in Beth for more sexual adventure. She could feel her desire for sex with other men beginning to gain momentum as she flirted with them out in public. Her mind often drifted beyond the moment to the possibility… even the vision of having sex with her flirting partner.

Allan and Beth continued to enjoy their holiday, both keenly aware that there were things in each other’s heads that had not being discussed, matters that needed to be brought out into the open. They both guessed the other was still dwelling on the Juan situation, the excitement and the angst yet neither wanted to be the first to resurrect the matter.

To make matters more complex, both characters were very strong willed. Neither was prepared to give an inch yet, conversely, never wanting the other to feel oppressed. Beth had decided that it would be down to her to approach the matter, and in much the same way Allan had set these things in motions with his initial plan, Beth had now devised a plan of action of her own making.

It was the night before Allan’s birthday and they had been out drinking and partying. The vodka had been flowing freely and Beth was a little on the giggly side. Dressed in a flimsy skirt and loose fitting top, revealing her sexy cleavage, they’d partied hardy for a while, but had left the club early, returning to the villa to party on their own. Beth had initially been disappointed as she had been getting into the groove, as they say. She loved to dance, using the opportunity to display her sexiness and get a work out at the same time. More to the point, it gave Beth the opportunity to flirt which, in return, would make her even hornier. She had been in an upward spiral of sexual arousal when Allen announced that he wanted to return to the villa. His simple idea was to take advantage of the feverish benefits he felt from Beth’s previous flirting with other men. Beth had teased her husband and all the men around them into full, blue-veined erections and Alan knew better than to let her go much further. He feared it could be a repeat of her night with Juan and he was not mentally ready for anything like that yet.

Back in the privacy of their vacation abode, Allan selected some music on his Ipod and a sexy, grinding, blues tune beat began to change the mood of the room. Beth wasted no time and began dancing straight away. She had always enjoyed the freedom of movement dancing provided. She loved getting her hips swaying and seeing Allan’s mind captured. She could almost read his mind, knowing he was imagining her sexy hips hovering over his own, lowering herself onto him and impaling herself on his erection. Beth wasn’t far off, Alan was dreaming of fucking her as he watched her hips move with ball-bearing freedom and so suggestive of fucking his cock.

Beth moved to the music, her body sway like a pendulum and twisting her torso with near snake-like freedom. It was hypnotic to Allen and he found himself lost in his own thoughts as his delightful wife danced before him. He joined her, dancing on the mat in the front room of their quarters, the curtains flung open for anyone passing by to watch, the music resonating in his ears in rhythm to Beth’s slow, mesmerising, seductive undulations.

Beth had sensed Allan’s mood and she danced nearer to him, her body swinging close to his, their hips missing each other by the minutest of fractions and she could see Allan’s erection. Just like the guys in the club, Beth knew she was doing what she needed to, arousing her husband like she had done so many times before and how she had inadvertently aroused possibly thousands of total strangers over the years. Beth instinctively knew what was on Allan’s mind and she was feeling pretty horny herself. She raised her arms whilst dancing, her wrists close to Allan’s ears allowing him a perfect view of her bouncing breasts. ‘I love teasing him till it makes his balls hurt,’ Beth said in her lose state of mind and chuckled at the power she still held over Allan.

Beth grinned with pleasure as she saw Allan gulp at the sight of her bare tits, knowing she had been showing them off to strangers all night. She added to his need by subtly inching up the hem of her skirt until Allan could see her cute little bottom. Beth could feel her panties were soaking wet and she hoped that Allan was up for a busy night. He sure looked to be. She wanted him so much. Beth thrived on the feeling of being wanted and she wanted Allen just as badly. She wanted her husband and no one else in that heated, private moment of togetherness even though the recent events had changed her. The difference was that Beth was now in the driver’s seat. She was in control of their sexual playtime and Beth was going to tease Allan to total distraction. She would tease Allan just like she teased Juan. Allan would be treated to the same arousing foreplay as Juan had been. Allan would be taunted and lead on, kissed a little, permitted a little touching intimacy before being encouraged to fulfill her needs first. There’d be plenty of time for Allan to be pleasured afterwards. ‘Ladies first,’ she thought and smiled.

Beth’s lips brushed against her husband’s cheek, the first bits of his stubble gently scratching her face. He wanted to talk and pull him into her plan.

“Allan,” she whispered seductively.

He looked at her drop-dead gorgeous face. “Mmmmm” he said, ignoring her prompt, looking to plant his lips on hers, wanting to taste the lip gloss or, even better, the woman attached to the lip gloss.

“There’s a chance for us to enjoy a great night on your birthday, tomorrow, Allan,” she whispered to get his attention, her words slow and sexy. “I thought for your birthday, we could go out and celebrate”. Allan was lost in her scent.

“If you like,” he mumbled, his lips looking to nibble her ear.

“I think you’ll like it,” Beth said, allowing Allan access to her lips. Allan nibbled at her as she teased him with her mouth.

“You think?” Allan muttered. His mind was on other things.

“I know!” Beth said confidently.

Allan sub-consciously noted her attitude, her character still strong only now. She had greater determination and felt comfortable with it.

“Tell me,” Allan said, his lips moving down to her neck and kissing her there. His kisses were slow and gentle unlike the background music which seemed out of step at the moment.

“I’ve found us a place to go celebrate you birthday, luv. One of the guys was telling me about it earlier tonight. There’s a pool and a bar…” she began, enjoying the attention her neck was receiving, “…three dances areas, a VIP area for really wild partying, the best in sexy, dirty, house music, nude dancers, erotic lounges, and pretty much anything goes. How does that sound?”

The way Beth was making each feature of the club dirty sounding and naughtily inviting was getting Allan all hot under the collar and his kisses became firmer, his tongue licking the side of her neck as his hands rubbed Beth’s shoulders, feeling the warmth of her skin against his fingertips.

“Dress fetish if you wish; go bare if you dare,” Beth said, and giggled, recalling the advert that she’d seen. She spoke in such a sultry, seductive manner, that not for the first time, Allan wondered if Beth wouldn’t make a top professional doing sexy voice-overs for commercials.

Allan’s kisses became more subdued as he considered her offer. Patently aware of their escapades a few days earlier, he was not sure if either he or Beth were up for this type of party. Allan looked into Beth’s dreamy eyes and noted just how beautiful she was. Irrespective of her sexy body and unquenchable lust, she was absolutely gorgeous. On a scale of one to ten, she was definitely an eleven! Yet within her eyes, he could see something more, a desire that went beyond needing him. ‘Is she hungry for more adventure with other men? Is that why she wants to take me out on my birthday?’ he wondered.

Beth had difficulty concealing her feelings and she knew that her eyes were her downfall; they always gave her away. She could get away with hiding her motives from most people, but she and Allan were on the same level, the same wave length, and she would never be able to deceive him. He knew her too well. The thoughts flooded Beth’s mind of being able to strut her stuff in such an open atmosphere, where groping and fondling other people were the norm, where topless dancing was not restricted to just the paid dancers. ‘Why stop at topless? Bring it on!!!’ she fantasized.

Beth was strong enough to know that she could trust Allan in the presence of naked women. Although he’d enjoy the view, he knew he wouldn’t stray. He might enjoy a playful tweak here or a grope there, but she was confident that Allan was safe. On the other hand, she loved the feeling of being watched, being wanted, and especially being desired sexually. Just the thought of men lusting for her was making Beth horny. She felt her sex moistening even more. In her dream, dozens, maybe hundreds of pairs of eyes watching her, each pair of eyes connected to an ever increasing erection, all wanting sex with her, wanting to bury their firm cock’s in her pussy, the pussy she’d given only to Allan (oh, and Juan).

Following their role-playing recently and the situation with Juan, she knew that Allan enjoyed watching her as she sexually teased men. Even then, Beth could not have guessed at the depth of her husband’s voyeuristic fetish. Beth was simply pleased that he loved watching her play with her prey like a cat with a captured mouse. He had no complaints in that regard. She felt in some ways and in spite of the atmosphere of apprehension at time, that she and Allen had become even closer. The situation with Juan just a few days past was drifting quickly away, and hopefully taking away any negative consequences, but the benefits seemed to be lingering. Beth felt alive with a new sense of freedom and control over her sex life.

“Do you really want to go?” Allan asked, bringing Beth out of her momentary trance.

“If you’re up for it,” Beth said, giggling and swaying her body close to his in a playful and seductive manner, her hand wandering down to his crotch and touching the bulge in his trousers. “I can see you do feel up for it!” she said with a seductive smile and gripped his hard cock firmly in her hand.

Allan inserted his tongue in her mouth before lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed and he noticed her cheesy grin. Beth was overjoyed that Allan had acceded to her suggestion.

“I’m going to dance all night for you,” she said, elated and Allan knew this was more than just the “E” she had ingested earlier.

“How about you do a little topless dancing for me now?” he said, sitting on the bed expectantly

Beth needed no more persuasion, the music from the lounge drifting into the bedroom was sufficient for Beth to start swinging her hips, raising her arms and lifting the hem of her top, revealing her sexy curvaceous bust, the lacy, half-cup, bra concealing little of her beauty. She shook and shimmied, knowing Allan would be mentally and visually mesmerized with her dance. Oh yes, she had the power and there was no question that she was going to exploit the gain to her benefit. Beth slowly unzipped her skirt, hooking her thumbs into the belt straps and teasing Allan even more. It was all Allan could do to stop himself from drooling as he watched his sexy wife cavort before his very eyes and he knew just how lucky he was.

“Do you think the guys will enjoy my dancing tomorrow?” she said, her voice taking on the husky tone that made her sound so appealing.

“If you dance like that, there will be absolutely no doubt about it,” Allan responded, his eyes wide. He tried to reach for her to pull Beth to him, but she nimbly danced just out of his reach.

“All in good time,” she chastised him, her skirt now around her ankles.

Allan groaned outwardly. He loved her teasing him but he’d had enough of the arousing torture, he wanted Beth and he wanted her now. He wanted her this very second.

Almost instinctively, Beth turned her back on him and danced backwards, her shoulders at his eye level.

“Be a dear and unclip me, will you?” she asked.

Allan reached up and unclipped her bra, helping her remove the material from her arms, his hands reaching around and cupping her breasts. Beth groaned subtly as Allan’s expert hands caressed her, his movements just the way she liked. Firm but not too hard, stimulating the edge of her areola, his finger movements replicating the action of his tongue. She wiggled her bum towards his hips, lowering herself, feeling the unmistakable lump in his trousers and knowing in a short while, that would be buried deep inside her, making love to her, having wild passionate sex with her… fucking her. Oh yes, she wanted to be fucked. Bollocks to only love making, she wanted fucking. ‘I want to fuck. I want to be fucked. I love to fuck. I loved being fucked,’ echoed in her mind like a mantra of lusty imprinting.

Beth moved her arse over Allan’s groin and sat in his lap. He moved one of his hands down to her wet panties, moving the material to one side to allow access to his fingers. He touched pubic hair and then her love lips, Beth gasping suddenly as he did so. The sensation of being touched aroused her more, made her need him with a new level of hunger.

Allan’s breathing was overtaking him, jagged and rough, revealing the sexual need and desire building. All he could imagine was Beth dancing naked for some stranger and that it was someone else’s fingers making her gasp, not his.

“Is that how you’re going to dance tomorrow?” he asked, shivering with lust, hopeful and anxious with fear in the same moment.

”I’ll dance naked if you really want me to. God, yes,” Beth replied, writhing on Allan’s fingers, masturbating herself on his digits.

“The guys will definitely find it more erotic if you dance that way with them,” Allan suggested, his voice quivering with heated excitement.

“Me too,” Beth replied. Almost without realising, Beth went into fantasy mode.

“I’d dance with the guys normally and flirt with them. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmm, yes. Tease them and let them see how sexy you are,” Allan responded.

“I’ll rub my tits on them while we dance and at some point when I’m ready, I’ll walk over to you. I’d let you take my top and bra off. Would you like that?” Beth teased him.

“I’d love that,” Allan assured her, his cock feeling like it would spurt cum everywhere at the idea.

“Then maybe I’d get a bit warm so I’d lose my skirt” she continued. Beth was still sitting on Allan’s lap, her back to him yet he could sense her eyes were shut, conjuring up the image in her mind.

“Then what?” Allan prompted.

“Then I’d lap dance with him, like this” she said, accentuating her pelvic movements. “I’d take his hand and place it on my panties so he could feel my wetness…” she went on, pausing periodically as if living and telling the story in real time. “That’d be nice to rub my arse all over his hard cock. Then I’d let him put his fingers inside my panties and touch me…”

Beth moved Allan’s hand to position him, “Oh, yes ...right here” she said, her body jumping slightly as Allan touched the spot she wanted. Allan continued his finger movements and Beth traveled on towards her first climax.

“You must be very hot by now,” Allan prompted.

“Mmm. I’d better lose these panties. You’d better help, stranger,” she said, standing and letting Allan lower her final item of clothing.

Allan was treated to a perfect view of her bum cleavage. Seconds later, Beth was naked.

“What about the guy?” Allan asked.

Beth moved so she was kneeling in front of Allan. She liberated his erection in a few swift moments, noticing the pre cum on the head of his cock.

“Ah, poor thing is crying. I think it wants kissing better” she fantasized, taking her mouth and placing over Allan’s cock.

Beth surprised Allan when she tried to deep throat him from that position. Whilst she’d been happy to try it before, it was only after Allan had talked her into the effort. Yet, tonight, she was taking the lead. Was it the new found confidence she’d discovered?

Allan tried to contain his next question but instinct and lust took over. “Did you do this to Juan?” he asked.

There. I’ve said it,’ he thought. ‘It’s out in the open now.’

“Uh humm” came the reply. Allan knew it would be difficult for her to talk with a mouth full of hard cock, but knew the answer was yes.

What Allan couldn’t decide was whether Beth was confirming in reality or was just continuing in fantasy.

“Really?” he pressed her. “Did you really suck Juan’s cock?”

“Uh humm” came the same reply. Before Allan could ask any more, Beth’s fingers had cupped his balls and she began to tickle his testicles, making his own climactic urge take control.

I’m gonna come in a minute if you keep doing that,” Allan announced.

Beth disengaged momentarily. “Good,” she said, resuming her position with her tongue working the shaft of his cock.

“I bet you tell all the guys to come in your mouth!” Allan said, half in jest. His climax over-swept him, his own dirty talk and images of Beth deep throating Juan monster dick sent his mind toppling him over the edge. Allen suddenly felt the amazing pleasure of his juices leaving his body, flooding into his dear wife’s throat and almost directly into her stomach. He fucked her throat, not feeling her tongue or the roof of the mouth until he finished ejaculating by shoving his cock as deep as it would go and pulsing hard.

When she could shove his locked-up body backward, Beth removed her mouth from Alan’s cock and pushed him onto the bed. She climbed over him and held her pussy just above his mouth.

“I’m going to call you ‘Jack Daniels’ from now on,” Beth joked and smiled down at him, noticing how, from that angle, her pussy hair made Allan look like he had a moustache.

He looked at her quizzically.

“Jack Daniels is a liquor. You’re my favorite licker!” she said, laughing at her own joke and writhing on his face, pressing her love lips against Allan’s nose so it would stimulate her clitoris. Allan lapped at Beth’s hot, wet pussy, his tongue entering her with ease. Allan knew what Beth liked and he worked her pussy, his tongue like a windscreen wiper, moving from side to side, varying the depth of his tongue, his fingers and knuckles adding to her physical external stimulation.

What was turning Beth on most, however, was the images in her mind, dirty dancing naked with some stranger, being watched and wanted, being groped and aroused, licking and sucking the stranger, bringing him to climax in her mouth then being licked and tantalized, coming on the stranger’s face. ‘I’m coming on a stranger’s face,’ the notion echoed in her mind.

“I’m coming on a stranger’s face,” she exclaimed aloud as her body tensed in orgasmic overload, leaving Allan in no doubt she was in fantasy mode now. He felt her gush, a warm flow of her own juices tricking down his tongue and into his own mouth. He swallowed her cum in much the same way that she had swallowed his.

Beth rolled off of Allan and they lay together, side by side for several minutes.

They looked at each other and then Allan smiled at her.

“What’s the cheesy grin for?” Beth asked.

“Oh, you know,” Allan replied in his usual casual manner. She gave him one of her stern looks.

“Then what?” Allan asked. Beth understood.

“Then…” Beth said, kissing her husband tenderly, “…I’d come and find you. I’d tell you all about it and get you so hot you’d bring me home and fuck me the rest of the night.”

“You’d want me to fuck you?” Allan replied, playing the game.

“Mmm” Beth responded, climbing on top of her husband and pinning his arms down against the mattress. “Yes, but like this.” Beth lowered her hips onto Allan’s cock which was regaining its firmness.

To regain control, Allan rolled Beth onto her back so he was on top.

“Wouldn’t you prefer it like this?” he asked. She rolled back on top of him again. “This way is better” she said and smiled.

Beth loved it when they fooled around during sex. Love making could be so ruddy clinical at times, so it was nice to make it fun, and anyway, they had a similar sense of humor. They were on the same wave length and could both fully enjoy the temporary diversion. She also loved the sense of being in total control by being on top.

Allan and Beth rollicked and fucked for several hours, the alcohol, atmosphere and effect of the “E” adding to their pleasure and sensations before exhaustion got the better of them. They fell asleep in each other’s arms on top of the sheets. The stereo played on and the lights remained on until morning.

Beth was the first one to wake up and she showered and prepared some toast and fresh OJ, turning the volume on the stereo down to a more acceptable level.

Allan eventually surfaced, his mood changing from struggling to wake up to one of delight when he saw Beth had prepared Breakfast. His delight was also due to the fact that she was wearing the tightest of T shirts, braless and she filled the undersized T-shirt to the brim with her fabulous body. He felt the stirrings down below and his thoughts leapt forward onto the evening ahead.

“Happy Birthday!” Beth said. She gave Allan a big hug, pressing her only thinly covered body against his naked body.

He reached for her buttocks but she pulled away.

“You’ll have to wait for your present until tonight!” she said, playfully. Allan smiled. Hell, he was looking forward to seeing just how far her fantasy from the night before would come to fruition. Little did he know that Beth was looking forward to his birthday outing even more than Allan.

“I’ll need to go shopping shortly” she said, placing his breakfast in front of him.

“Why?” Allan asked, scraping a burnt bit off his toast.

“I’ve nothing to wear for tonight” Beth said, looking at him in her sly, sexy way.

Allan’s heart melted. He knew that look and he couldn’t bear to disappoint her. And, Allan was confident that Beth’s shopping trip wouldn’t disappoint him, whatever she bought.

“You know the kinds of things I like and I’ve seen a lovely boutique in town that looks very promising,” Beth told him.

“What have you got in mind?” Allan inquired.

Beth smiled. She had won. She’d had that power!

“Just you wait and see!” she said, disappearing into the bedroom. She reappeared a couple of minutes later, having found some shorts to go well with her revealing T-shit top.

“See you about 4ish” Beth said, taking her purse and giving him a wave of the fingers, then blowing him a kiss.

“Toodle pip” Allan replied, sinking his teeth into his toast.

“Argh, yuck!” Allan coughed and spit out his toast. It was burnt on the underside, too! Allan reached for the OJ, hoping it would take the taste away. He wondered about the night ahead. ‘Will it be as Beth had suggested in her fantasy sex? Will it be just a fun night of dancing in a wild new setting? Or, will it be another experience that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth for a while? ’ Time would tell he decided in a state of mixed emotions.

The cab journey seemed to take forever. The club was on another part of the island which was renowned for its night life. Ordinarily, they’d base themselves nearer, but this year and with short notice and all, they’d had to slum it a few miles further away.

Allan had already had a couple of drinks, stiffeners to prepare him for the night as he wondered how it might develop. He guessed it might be quite some night, judging by Beth’s attire. She’d certainly gone to town in more ways than one. Her outfit was so beyond anything he had seen her wear, it was almost unbelievable. She had not allowed Allan a look at her until she was ready, and that was after spending more than two hours in the bathroom preparing. Hair and makeup all had to be perfect, legs and bikini line all shaved and smooth, perfume in the right places, and then came the outfit.

It has been frustrating for Allan as he waited for Beth. He paced up and down outside the bathroom like an expectant father waiting for the birth of a child. He’d guessed Beth would be dressed to astound and the tension was taking its toll on him. Allan raided the fridge a couple of times. He made drinks. The alcohol to calm his nerves, but also it gave him something to do, provided a welcomed a distraction. He hated waiting, he was so impatient. Beth had teased him previously, stating he had “Less patience than Dr. Harold Shipman,” the infamous British serial killer. Allan had ignored her black humour as best he could, but her words echoed in his mind again as he paced, and the memory of her tainted comparison gave him a creepy feeling. At the moment, he just hoped the agonising wait to see Beth jazzed up for their wild night out was worth it.

’Silly bugger.’ he said to himself. ‘Of course it will be worth the wait.’ After all, Beth had never failed him yet. Allan knew Beth could wear a black bin liner and still look sexy. She was just that sort of lady.

Allan’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the bathroom door lock click open and saw the door handle turn. He stared anxiously at the doorway as the door opened, and then his jaw fell.

“Holy fuck!” he mumbled aloud, and his mind screamed out, ‘Talk about a come fuck me outfit!’

“Wow!” he added, letting his lips purposely accentuate the sound. Stunning was utterly inadequate to describe how Beth looked. Yes, the wait had been worth it. Well worth it. Allan felt the stirrings of an erection in his pants as he stood, mesmerized by Beth’s beauty.

Beth glowed. Her radiant smile only added to her confident look. Had Allan not known her, he might well have felt intimidated by her overpowering beauty.

Beth gave a little twirl and grinned. “How do I look?” she asked, as if the “Holy fuck and Wow!” weren’t enough.

Beth felt like a million dollars, and judging by the bulge in Allan’s trousers, she knew her look for the evening was just right. But she wanted to hear him say the words.

Her top was so revealing it was bordering on obscene. Beth had chuckled at the thought of bumping into some pensioners, that her attire might just cause a fatal coronary! The top was the flimsiest garment Allen had ever seen on Beth, including lingerie. The top was so skin hugging, so low-cut, and so utterly revealing it made him gulp down a breath of air. Her ample breasts were clearly visible though the material and only enhanced by the outline of a hint of an utterly see-through, spider web of a lacy bra underneath. The two garments only accented her beautiful, virtually naked tits, but did nothing to hide them. There was not a handful of material involved in the two garments combined! Beth’s already pert nipples were pressing against the material, trying their hardest to be noticed. Guess what! They were succeeding in grand fashion!

Beth saw Allan’s eyes drift downward to examine her lower half, her skirt a little more than a minge pelmet, barely covering her panties! Even when she stood up, the shortness might have been mistaken for a wide belt with a skirt yet to be added.

Allan dropped down to determine if he could see underneath the faint excuse for a skirt. No problem! His effort revealed that Beth had trimmed her pubic hair and through the thin lace of her panties, Allan could just see just a tiny bit of her pussy hair. Her sexy vaginal lips proudly pressed against their skimpy lace covering leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Allan would only later learn that Beth had purposely shaved her pubic hair into the shape of a heart. Her tight panties, which Beth had purposely purchased a size smaller than she fitted, accentuated her cute buttocks and added to her amazing shape even more. Her bare legs were divine, finished off by a pair of designer high-heeled sandals.

“Fuck me!” Allan whispered out loud, more of a statement than a request.

“Later, darling,” Beth giggled, waltzing over and giving him a snog. The aroma of her perfume mingled with the faint but intoxicating scent of her moist pussy and she oozed sexiness.

Allan suddenly wanted to cancel the evening out. He wanted to stay home and make love to Beth. After all, he realised, ‘What better birthday present could I want than that?’

“C’mon,” Beth urged, bringing Allan back to reality. She opened a drawer and took out some Euros and placed them in her tiny clutch bag.

“Let me see if I’ve got everything… cash, lipstick and phone; yup, that’s it!” she declared.

Allan gulped again for air, hopeful of some form of magical strength coming to him, and Beth thought he looked a little pale.

“Are you okay?” she said with some faint level of true concern in the voice, but checking her hair in the mirror at the same time.

Allan guessed that even if he cried out feigning near-death illness, she’d still go to the club and have a good time. He decided immediately, he better suck it up and go with her, just to keep an eye on his sexually supercharged wife.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Allan lied. He put his hand in his pocket nervously and checked for his own mobile phone, knowing he’d only just taken it off charge.

“Same rules as before?” he asked.

“Sure. No interrupting me and just remember that I’m in control tonight. You can only watch until we leave the club.” Beth confirmed without a trace of humor in her face. “Okay?” she asked to make Allan acknowledge her rules.

“Yes, okay,” Allan agreed and felt his stomach turn over immediately.

Allan had seen Beth’s serious side when she was so goal oriented, so driven toward a mission. He knew not to challenge her, especially now she had adopted her new, much confident and purposeful attitude. Beth had always been strong willed, but now she was even more so.

At the club, Allan paid the taxi fare, thinking the fare was quite reasonable. He was acutely aware that the cabbie had been checking out his wife’s very visible pussy in his rear view mirror en route. Either the cabbie was still in a daze or he’d offered a discount for the arousing view. Either way, Allan was happy to be out of the cab.

They stood on the side walk, noticing the characters that were waiting to get in to the club. People were dressed in all sorts of outrageous clothing, one guy trying to portray the “Freddie Mercury” look, tash and all. Several of the girls were dressed in skimpy PVC outfits, busts bursting from the seams. Others were dressed in leathers of every kind. Some ladies had dressed normally but removed some of their ‘sensible’ outer clothing once inside the venue. By then they were strutting their stuff in their bikinis, many of which were little more than strings, material barely covering their nipples. A dozen or so girls were already topless and getting heaps of attention from all the guys and even from a few of the girls. Natural blondes, bleached blondes, brunettes, red heads, silicone implants, natural breasts, there was a selection of everything. Fat girls, thin girls, multi-racial girls, there was something there for every type of horny guy.

The guys in line to get into the club were every bit as outrageous. One guy was wearing a towel around his lower half like a nappy, an attempt at a crown of thorns on his head, trying to look like a Roman emperor. Another was wearing jeans with the back side cut out to reveal his butt cheeks. Allan guessed maybe the guy was gay or bi and was advertising his perfectly fit rump.

Allan slipped the door guards a couple of pre-folded Euro bills and the couple was allowed in ahead of the mass of party goers who didn’t seem to mind waiting in line, or were at least too cheap to pay for immediate entry. Inside, the party was going strong and everyone was having a great time. The bar was fully occupied and a smell consistent with strong “weed.” The pungent aroma wafted through the air with enough strength to make the innocent high just from breathing the smoke-filled air. Beth noticed how despite all the other action going on, she was already turning heads. And, she wasn’t even topless yet, even if there was very little left to the imagination. In any case, it pleased Beth to be drawing loads of attention just having arrived. Her head felt light and buzzy and she wondered if the weed in the atmosphere was getting to her or if she was high on the lust filling her body and the eyes of her admirers.

Allan yelled something in her ear which Beth didn’t quite catch and he left her temporarily. The music was very loud and she was lost in her own little bubble of internal solitude for a time. She’d guessed that Allan was going to get some drinks and sniff out some “E.” He was good at finding any stimulants to be had and very discrete in his manner, skills that only come with a certain amount of experience!

Beth reflected on how lucky she was to be married to Allan, he was so considerate, overtly caring and kind. But, more than all of that, he loved her so deeply that she drew strength and confidence from his unwavering commitment. Despite of recent indiscretion with Juan, Allan was still the doting hubby that she married. Yes, she was lucky to have Allan. She reckoned that she wouldn’t trade him for anyone. Beth nodded her head in approval at her own thoughts. Anyone watching her would have thought she was getting into the music. But, her mind was clear in the fact that she and Allan were forever. He was perfect compared to anyone she could think of. As her mind considered others who didn’t measure up to Allan, her mind came to Juan.

Juan! He was a useless shit of a lover, a lousy kisser and rough, she remembered, trying in her mind to minimise the sordid pleasure she had enjoyed with the Spaniard. Beth mind drifted back to Allan, wondering why he was so keen to see her getting it on with other guys. ‘Wasn’t she enough for him? Crickey, they’d tried every possible position in the book. They’d done it in a number of outrageous places. They’d shared various porn web-sites together and she’d even acceded to his requests to live out his fantasies to flirt with other men. So what was missing?’

Beth mentally scratched her head in wonder. She had no idea. She doubted she’d ever be able to understand men and their dodgy hormones! But, as the loud beat of music pounded in the background, Beth questioned herself as to why she had gone along with this unusual behavior. Why had she lived out Allan’s fantasy? Beth delved deep into her own psyche and found the answer which she’d known all along. She loved Allan, no matter what, and she was happier with this than with having Allan going off with some floozy and doing the dirty on her. Beth knew she couldn’t bear to lose Allan, she needed him so much. She realized she’d do pretty much anything to keep him, to stop him running off with some bimbo tart and, in fairness, she’d already given more than she believed was possible not long ago. She’d only gone all the way with Juan due to circumstances. She’d never planned to and it had happened as a result of keeping her hubby satisfied. And, after all, he had walked in at the end, watched and not interrupted. ‘The rule for “no interrupting” was supposed to mean while she was flirting with someone, not while she was being overpowered by some stranger and fucked. Didn’t common sense dictate that much?’

Beth shook her head, hoping the physical movement would dislodge her thoughts. She tried to focus on other things. Where was Allan with her standard Vodka red bull? Still her mind kept wandering back to Juan and how she’d been coerced into being fucked by him.

“Watcha name? I’m Si. You with anyone, darlin’?” a voice said.

Beth turned round to see a short, cocky looking Londoner wearing tatty jeans and a “Teenage Ninja Turtles” T-shirt.

“Yes,” Beth said confidently.

“Oh yeah?” the Cockney replied. “Who’s that then?”

Beth was aware that the little shit was trying to call her bluff. She saw a bunch of guys a few yards away, all quite stocky and strong framed. Beth nodded towards the group.

“Bromsgrove Rugby squad,” she replied in a matter of fact way. “My husband is scrum half and his brother is the hooker.”

The Cockney’s face paled slightly and to make sure he got the message, Beth waved at one of the group who was looking at her. Of course, dressed as she was, she got a big smile and a wave back.

“I’ll see ya later, then,” Si said, skulking away back into the madding crowd. Beth breathed a silent sigh of relief, thanking the heavens she knew a bit about rugby. She hated all this six nations’ stuff, but seeing thirty well-built blokes running around in shorts had its advantages, she had to admit.

A few moments later, Allan appeared with the drinks, almost bumping into a couple with punk chains attached to various parts of their bodies, much of it hidden beneath underwear. Beth was delighted that he’d been able to acquire some “E”. They chilled for a bit, taking in the pulsating beat and watching the clubbers dancing, performing actions which, had they been horizontal, might have been obscene. Thrusting hips and gyrating limbs filled the dance floor and as the dance tracks progressed, so did the volume of bare flesh or display.

Beth grabbed Allan and led him to the dance floor, strutting her stuff to the beat, her body swaying and her breasts swinging. Beth noticed, not for the first time, the amount of eyes on her and she rose to the challenge. ‘If they want a show, I’ll give them a show,’ she thought. It was her husband’s birthday and she wanted to give him a birthday he’d never forget. She’d later realize just how unforgettable this birthday would be for him. But just because it was Allan’s birthday, it didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun, too.

After twenty minutes of hard dancing, Beth led Allan off the floor. The alcohol and “E” were kicking in and she was in so ready to get on with the planned show for Allan, and of course to feed her desire for lusty admiration.

“You wanna watch for a bit, sweetie?” Beth suggestively asked.

“You think I’m not up for this, don’t you, Miss Funny-fanny?” Allan replied, doing his Sean Connery as James Bond impression. Allan’s poor Scottish accent was actually worse than his Australian accent, both bad enough to be humorous. It was so normal of Allen. He and Beth often went into abstract character mode, their humour being on the same level.

“It’s not logical, Captain” she replied, her hands by her ears as though impersonating Dr. Spock.

“Who you gonna dance with, luv?” Allan replied normally.

Beth looked around and saw a guy, flamboyant in his dancing and wearing the same outrageous clothing that the Village People used to wear.

“I want that one,” she said in her best. “Little Britain,” voice, pointing to the gay bloke. Allan smiled, knowing she was 100% safe with this guy.

“See you in a bit” he said, kissing her gently on the cheek. Beth went to walk away, but Allan held on to her elbow. She turned back and looked at him.

“You look gorgeous” Allan said. “I love you.”

Beth smiled, blew him a little kiss and walked off, her arse wiggling delightfully as she went.

Allan felt the pangs of loneliness and the adrenalin rush of erotic excitement stirring inside him. ‘What will tonight bring our way?’ he wondered fruitlessly, but realized, ‘Only time will tell.’

Beth and Allan were enjoying the night even if in their separate ways. They had had plenty to drink. Beth felt a wonderful sense of freedom. She had loved dancing with Allan and loved the music going on around her. Allan was keenly aware of many of the guys who were looking at his wife. He noted the variety of hungry looks on their faces. He felt resentment toward some of them because of the way they ogled Beth. They looked at his loving wife with cocky smirks on their faces as if Beth were nothing more than a piece of hot meat, female flesh to be picked up for the price of a drink fucked for fun.

Beth was looking really hot and she was turning guys on just by her dancing in that revealing clothing that she wore. Allan felt that maybe she was degrading herself. She deserved better than these animals that were leering at her. She was no easy lay. She was his woman and no one else’s. Yet, he felt the contradiction in him. Perversely, and in direct conflict with his loving concern for Beth, he wanted the men there to ogle her, to desire her sexual treasures, for their cock to get bone hard and for them to feel a deep, hungry need to possess and fuck for his beautiful wife.

As Allan looked around the club and watched some of the other ladies dancing, he too felt an erotic attraction towards them, but only in the, “Blimey, she’s horny,” admiring kind of way. Not a, “I’d like to take that bitch out back of the club fuck the arse off her,” way he imagined the looks of many of the men ogling Beth appeared.

An attitude of, ’How dare these animals behave in that way with my wife,’ kept coming back to Allan even as he fully realized that it was the men leering at Beth that aroused him. He wondered if he really was some sort of deranged pervert, wanting to see his wife get off with another guy. Was it normal? His buddy from work seemed to think it was. Allan was half expecting Beth to be inundated with a plethora of lewd comments and maybe that was sick for him to want that to happen to his dearly beloved. It wasn’t sick, it was hot. It was sexy. It was erotic.

Allan wondered what he had let himself in for and, more to the point, what had he introduced his dear innocent wife to? Yet, tonight there was no room for guilt, only room for the desire to see Beth in action again, to see her making dicks get hard and maybe much more. Was it the “E” kicking in that was driving his lust so hard? “Bollocks” Allan said to himself and walked to the bar to get another drink, hoping it might help clear his mind of these ill-timed thoughts. Tonight was a time for fun, not analysis.

As he waited for his drink to arrive, Allan’s mind wandered back to that evening less than a week ago when he’d watched helplessly from the doorway as his dear lovely wife was fucked by this total stranger. A wave of the same nausea passed over him, the same sick feeling he had experienced that night when he hadn’t moved in time to save Beth. He recalled the feeling of paralysis as he had stood rooted to the spot like a rabbit in the headlights on an oncoming truck. He had wanted it to stop whilst, simultaneously wanting it to continue. Right now, the “E” was in his system and Allan was starting to feel a bit high, the emotional roller coaster no longer an issue. He was tripping a bit and Allan suddenly wondered what life might be like if he hadn’t met and married Beth. He wondered if he’d ever be happy, or if he’d be permanently reliant on uppers like “E” to keep him going. Beth had made such a change to his life and now, through his own bloody stupid fantasies, he’d turned his wife into a totally different person and he wondered if he’d be able to love this new “Beth” to the same extent as the old Beth.

”Of course I bloody well can,” he said to himself, just barely audible. Why should he worry? Beth loved him and that was all that mattered. Okay, so she’d bonked some stranger, it wasn’t as though it had been behind his back. She may not have known he was there at the time, but Beth would never actively do something behind his back, there was a level of unwritten trust between them. Allan relaxed, his thoughts gaining clarity and he put it down to common sense although he wondered if the “E” had helped him come to these realisations.

Within minutes, any depression or anxiety had disappeared and Allan watched the revelers as they frolicked the night away, enjoying the scene before him, scantily clad women of all sizes (some were absolutely gross!) and guys rising to the bait, hoping the next tune would be the Lambarda or some other intimate dance.

“Hiya hunky, fancy a dance.” a familiar voice whispered. Allan turned round and saw Beth, her face flushed and sporting a large cocktail of some sort. She smiled at him and he gave her a peck on the cheek. Beth wanted to give Allan much more, but Allan shied away, wondering if anyone watching might catch on to their marital tricks. She wanted to enjoy the evening without having to explain their sexy game. If she and Allan kept the contact looking like sister and brother, it might not cramp their style. Beth was beaming all over and Allan could see she was having a great time.

“What have you been up to?” he asked, expectantly.

“I’ve never had so many guys want to dance with me or buy me drinks,” she giggled, sipping at her cocktail. “I wonder why that is?” Beth’s eyelids fluttered seductively.

“I don’t suppose the way you’re dressed has anything to do with it, does it?” Allan asked.

“Maybe!” Beth replied and giggled some more. “Everyone’s looking at me and they’re all sporting big boners” she said, leaning forward and whispering in Allan’s ear. “They all want me. They all want to fuck me, Allan, and it’s turning me on like crazy,” she added.

Despite the thick smoke in the club and the aroma of weed, Allan could feel the fermions radiating from Beth’s excited body taking over in his. He could all but smell his wife’s heated moistness. Allan felt himself joining the unofficial boners club.

“You want to play a little birthday game for me?” Allan asked tentatively. He hoped she would decline, in spite of knowing if she did decline, he’d feel disappointed. Allan’s pulse began to race and he began to redden in the face, not quite blushing, but heated with excitement.

“If you’re up for more, I’m game for it; actually I’m game for anything!” Beth agreeably exclaimed, her eyes wild and alive.

Beth was so unexpectedly willing it made Allan wonder if she’d had more “E” since earlier with him, or if someone had been spiking her drink.

Allan suddenly had a brainstorm. He hadn’t a clue where the idea originated from and if it was the byproduct of the drugs, the booze, the atmosphere or his own wild imagination. “Give me your hand,” he said.

Beth obeyed, swaying slightly and Allan had temporary second thoughts about his idea. Beth steadied herself and Allan’s fingers, as if working independently from his brain, slowly but purposefully removed his wife’s wedding and engagement rings from her finger. He reached over and dropped them into her clutch bag.

“Here’s the storyline,” Allan said, noticing Beth was looking at him sternly, but it was only her trying to concentrate with her mind spinning with alcohol.

“Well, we could pretend you’re single and that you’re on holiday with your brother. That’s me,” he said, pointing his thumb at his own chest. “You could dance on your own, get flirty with guys that sort of thing.” There was a short pause whilst the information sank into Beth’s intoxicated mind.

“Mmm, sounds good so far. You’d make a ruddy good pimp, you know!” she said, trying to suppress a hiccup. Beth’s mind went off at a tangent, thinking through the scenarios and the fun she could have, toying with the guys, teasing them, leading them on, arousing them, and torturing them with the possibility, but giving them nothing more than that. With Allan watching from the wings, she’d be safe enough, and it’d turn Allan on for certain. He’d have a great birthday by getting off watching her. Later he’d take her home and punish her with his big stiffy. What a plan, she thought to herself. Add to that, she could control not only these guys at the club, but also her hubby.

Beth decided she’d make Allan satisfy her before she permitted him direct pleasures. Although, just to maintain his interest, she’d give a little back! She wondered how she could be so evil to her own husband on his birthday of all things, but her thought lasted no time at all. The wickedness of the idea and the fun she would enjoy were much the stronger emotions. Beth could feel herself getting wet at the idea of dominating men subtly with her sexiness, and the thought of Allan watching her cavort with a bunch of strangers, many of which were barely clad, made Beth even more excited.

“Will you be watching?” she asked, her voice taking on an element of sultriness.

“You bet!” Allan responded, excitedly. After all, another live show of his dear lovely wife wearing almost nothing dancing and partying with all the other folks was about as good as it could get.

Beth could see the excitement in Allan eyes and she grinned, knowing she would be able to deliver, she would be able to give her hubby a show he’d remember, and provided he didn’t get too pissed or stoned, he’d repay her later between the sheets. Yes, this was going to be one hell of a birthday.

“You know the rules?” she said in a commanding tone. “I have my phone but you mustn’t interrupt me no matter what. Do you understand?” she said.

Allan nodded slowly. “Shit! That’s going to drive me nuts!” Allan said aloud. He looked disappointed but he knew there was little point arguing with Beth about her rules. After all, he’d made the suggestion in the first place and Beth had only agreed, even if she did jump on the change to have some freedom. He guessed it was only fair that he acceded to her simple request.

“Do you agree?” Beth asked again.

“Okay!” he said, resignedly, a veil of red mist in his eyes. “But, we’ll keep in contact by text, okay?”

Beth nodded in agreement, although Allan was not overly sure if she heard him or if Beth was just nodding her head, being in a slightly stoned, slightly pissed state.

“Good. See ya later!” she said, wiggling her fingers as a goodbye, blowing him another little kiss as she turned to walk off. Beth stopped briefly and said “See if you can find me!” and gave him a sly little wink before running her fingers through her hair in the seductive way that she often had to add emphasis to her words.

Allan watched his loving wife as she disappeared into the crowd and wondered if it were the drink or the new shoes that made her so unsteady. Hell, she was driving him crazy. He wanted her all to himself, yet he wanted to share her. He wanted to see other guys thinking they were doing great with her only to find she’d leave them and spend the night with him and only him. Visions of Beth and Juan fucking with such passion flitted into Allan’s mind and he felt the stirrings in his loins. Allan closed his eyes and blinked incessantly for a few moments until he forced the images to dissipate.

When Allan regained his senses a few seconds later, he saw Beth on the dance floor with a gaggle of guys around her. How had she attracted so many men at once? Then Alan realized that the men had been waiting on her as she came back to him for a brief visit.

One man in particular caught Allan’s eye. The man was a tall slim guy with a shaved head and a spider’s web tattoo over his eyes. Allan watched with interest, forgetting about the fire water in his glass, totally engrossed in the spectacle before him. He noticed Beth’s shapely legs as she strutted on the floor and how well toned they were, not least from the amount of exercise they had pulling and pressing on his own thighs, pulling him deeper into her. Those legs brought on a thousand fond memories and Allan watched, his jealousy tinged with a little sadness, but laced with perverse pleasure. He tried to convince himself that he was disgusted but passion and lust were his overriding emotions.

What the heck was wrong with him? His mind spun from side to side more than in a political debate as he pondered the consequences of his suggestion. Too late now; Beth was already executing his plan with the clinical accuracy of a Tomahawk cruise missile dropping in on its target.

Allan watched the effect Beth was having on the strangers. All of the guys around her wore looks of intense and growing lust as she danced with them, dancing closer and more intimately than you might reasonably expect even to the fast tunes. The group was virtually dry fucking his wife on the dance floor and all Allan did was shake his head to the beat of the sexy music, his body language saying “No” yet his inaction saying “Yes.” He felt sure he could walk over to the dance floor, take her by the arm and lead her out of the club. He could take a cab back to their villa and lock the door behind them. He felt to power and authority, yet Allan didn’t. His emotions alternated between watching her do more at the club and taking her home, and it was a pulling of emotions that drove him crazy. Allan watched on and let the course of inaction rule the hour.

Beth was really getting into party mode, herself uncertain as to her shifting motivations. Was this partly to please Allan who she loved dearly and wanted to please more than anything in the world in her conscious values? Or could it be that she was motivated by the alcohol and the “E”? Maybe, just maybe, she considered, her ego was taking over. The ability to create a hundred hard-on’s in a matter of minutes and, dressed like this, she’d achieve her goal in record time.

Beth’s dancing got wilder, tossing her head freely around, loosing herself in the beat and, consequently, she received more and more admiring, hungry-for-her stares. Several guys tried to hit on her and Beth was able to handle herself comfortably. One guy had tried his luck, trying to look suave in a white dinner jacket but with tight leather trousers, his bulge accentuated in his attire. Beth had danced with one particular guy for a few minutes until he’d whispered something vulgar in her ear. “Let’s just get out of here and fulfill our destiny. We were meant to fuck each other tonight and I really want to put my dick in your hot ass.”

Beth was not one to hold back. She decided to attack his attire in return, “I might have considered it, but whatever kind of look you were going for with your outfit, you missed!” she said, smiling and her counter comment.

Her dance partner looked at her, his feelings hurt. “C’mon baby, let’s get it on, just you and me” he said, still trying to be cool.

“Maybe!” Beth said, pausing for effect, “…but, you’d be in with more of a chance if you had some personality!”

“What do you mean?” he replied, getting angry.

“You’re not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?” Beth said, running her hand along his chin. “Anyway, I tend not to date outside my own species!” she added, waving a goodbye to him with her fingers and disappearing into the madding crowd, leaving the prospective date aroused and frustrated.

Beth realised she had enjoyed the feeling of power. Leaving a guy frustrated, wanting her so desperately when he hit on her so crudely felt good. God, the power she had over men felt good; it was awesome!

Another guy with a number “3” hair trim and a St George Cross shaved into his head tried his luck. His accent was obviously from the West of England, making him sound a little dim, even though he was probably a nice guy. He dressed in a vest top, trying to give the impression he was toned when he was actually a little over weight. ‘Too many carrots,’ Beth had joked to herself and named him, “Wurzel!”

Wurzel had tried desperately to get Beth to dance close to him, wanting a feel of the soft luscious body, but Beth had other ideas. Leading him on was a fantastic turn on for her, noticing his sweating brow and flushed face, adding to the discomfort of the lump in his pants. He had blatantly asked her if she’d go outside with him and give him a blow job (obviously he was not in possession of a VIP pass) and Beth had laughed.

“I wouldn’t waste this make up and clothing on you without a VIP pass,” Beth had retorted, enjoying watching the guy squirm.

“No need to be mean with your sarcasm!” the guy had replied.

“Oh, sarcasm is the only service I can offer you, sweetie!” she said, turning her back to him and wrapping her arms around the nearest guy she could find, allowing herself to be kissed by the stranger, the taste of cognac on his tongue. When she disengaged, Wurzel had disappeared.

A guy with dark hair with a white skunk like streak (rather like Kevin Pietersen) started hitting on her, dancing next to her, giving her smiles and come-on looks. Beth responded, dancing provocatively close to him, making her breasts sway like balloons in a gale, noticing his eyes fixed to her chest and moving in a hypnotic fashion. He was obviously enjoying the view, the growth within his tight white trousers giving the game away. Beth knew she’d hooked him and now she was reeling him in like an unsuspecting carp, taking the bait. Beth put her arms around the guy, almost like a bear hug, trying to dance slow to a fast track, pressing her firm and erect nipples against the bare flesh of his chest which was visible from his fashion shirt which was tucked in but unbuttoned to the navel.

The guy responded, trying to grab a handful of bum, but Beth wriggled a bit too much for the guy to get a good grip. He kissed her neck and whispered things in her ears. Judging by his accent, she guessed he was from Northern Ireland and she subconsciously noted not to make any political statements which might cause friction, like “Which network is your mobile on… Orange?”

Beth was high, her emotions and her humor were crossing the line of civility and she didn’t really care. She was so enjoying the endless supply of aroused male attention, confident that Allan was nearby, watching her every move. After the escapade a few days earlier with Juan, she’d half expected Allan to fit her with a tracking device connected to a portable SatNav! No matter, she was happy and confident; so confident that when the guy suggested they go somewhere less public, she agreed willingly.

The guy led Beth away from the main dance floor to a section below the VIP area where there were fewer people. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him, embracing her like Heathcliff might in Wuthering Heights. His lips met Beth’s and he closed his eyes, savouring the moment, feeling Beth’s warm sumptuous body against his. His hands wandered down her arms, taking her wrist and placing it against the bulge in his trousers.

“How does that feel, honey?” he asked.

“That feels just like a penis, only smaller!” Beth said, when she realized his was anything but hung, not even average in size. Disengaging from his embrace, she walked off, her arse wriggling in her unique way.

“That makes us even” she said to herself as she brushed past the clubbers, making her way to the dance floor. Her phone vibrated and she read the text message.

It read “???”

She’d seen Allan watching her and he knew she’d left the dance floor. He looked at her and she could see the longing in his eyes, he looked like a St Bernard Dog with those big sad eyes and for a brief moment, she felt pangs of guilt. But, Beth knew that his fetish to watch her was driving him crazy, egged on by his jealousy. She knew her flirting was having the same effect as “E” would have on his sexual prowess. He was good anyway, but the teasing and the “E” would give him an extra edge when they got back to the villa. That is if he didn’t rape her in the taxi she would have him so worked up.

She gave him a sly wink, placing her cell phone back into her bag before waltzing back into the swinging throng of heaving bodies as the music took over the mass of grey cells, all becoming zombies to the beat, responding as the beat commanded. All inhibitions had been left back at their respective hotels, resting in their suitcases ready to fly back home and only then return to any sense of normality. It was a wild party and everyone was into it. Beth had certainly left her inhibitions somewhere, probably ripped away from her along with her married fidelity by the bastard, Juan.

Beth’s attention was soon changed, a young beefy chap sporting the latest designer jewelry and a receding hairline tried his luck. Beth put on a brief hot show for this guy, her hips swaying, which made her brief panties highly visible. Beth wondered if her wetness was obvious. However, when the ultra violet strobe flashed she knew her aroused state was visible for all to see. She simply ignored that her wetness was visible for all to see. She threw caution to the wind and her dance movements became as wildly free as before.

The dance floor was now one big heaving, undulating mass with bodies pressed against each other as everyone fought for a foot or so of space to do their own thing. This was an ideal excuse for several people to grope the person next to them and Beth felt a plethora of alien hands on her rump, one or two of them female hands judging by the length of the fingernails she felt. One guy, totally pissed, put his arms around Beth from behind and slurred something to her. His accent sounded Eastern European but it was hard to tell and being pissed, she couldn’t understand him anyway. Beth turned forwards again only to be pulled back by her waist and snogged, the stranger’s hands cupping both tits and caressing gently, his thumbs and forefingers gently tweaking her erect nipples. As quick as it happened, it ended, the stranger lost control of her in the throbbing mass of bodies dancing.

An older guy in leather cowboy pants and a leather ten gallon hat danced in front of Beth for a while and he was obviously feeling lucky, too. Beth hadn’t a clue what he was on but whatever it was, it was having a terminal effect on his common sense. The guy held Beth’s hands, pulling her close then pushing her away which, with the crowded dance floor, was a distance of no more than a couple of inches. Suddenly, he dropped her hands and undid his trousers on the dance floor, Velcro instead of a zip or buttons and, underneath, no underwear. He stood in front of her and spread his legs, throwing his arms in the air as though doing a star jump. The crowd cheered at his nakedness, a few wolf whistles and jeers racked the air.

Beth couldn’t help but laugh and she placed a hand to her mouth to contain herself, almost doubling over.

The naked dancer looked seriously hurt.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, quite honestly wondering at her laughter. Beth was giggling like a fourteen year old school girl at this poser who was trying to make some sort of impression. She saw the direct correlation between the excessive hat and the lack of manhood and it amused her to no end, went straight to her funny bone. Beth guessed maybe the guy drove some flash expensive sports car to make up for the lack of cock. ‘This place is a freaking zoo. It’s wonderful!’ she thought in a state of aroused bliss, feeling no pain and enjoying showing off her barely covered pussy to the countless men.

Beth managed to control her mirth after a bit, gasping for air as though she was having an angina attack or something. The guy looked at her, still sporting a hard on which couldn’t have been much more than four inches. Beth thought it would sound better if she thought of it as ten centimeters as it sounded larger than four inches!

“You wanna put this in your mouth, baby?” the guy said, almost sending Beth into another laughing fit.

“No thanks……” Beth replied and a totally wicked thought hit her. “I roll my own!” she said, bursting out into laughter again, those revelers around her who heard the comment also collapsed into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Beth turned and made her way off the dance floor, a visit to the powder room necessary before she pissed her pants with laughter. Even the DJ had noticed the commotion and made a comment, making the naked dancer feel totally humiliated.

Allan had been watching and had lost sight of Beth a few times in the crowd, but saw her heading for the toilets. He tried to intercept her and their eyes met as he approached. She looked at him and he saw in her eyes the seriousness, “Rule one. Don’t interrupt.”

Allan smiled and diverted himself to the gent’s room, finding an empty cubicle and sitting down. He felt his own erection in his hand and he could so easily have removed his tension at that point, but he was saving himself. He tried to piss but his erection was blocking the emptying of his bladder.

“Shit!” he said out loud.

“You want some, man?” a voice from the next stall said. The voice sounded Afro-Caribbean and was probably some dealer judging from the weedy aroma emanating from the toilet next door.

“You’re okay; thanks, man” Allan replied. He’d taken some “E” and doubted anything would make him feel better, other than repossessing his own wife and fucking her shitless. ‘His own wife! Bollocks! He’d better get out there and keep an eye on her.’ He didn’t want another Juan situation to arise. Suddenly, Allan was envious of the guys dancing with his wife, ogling her sensational body, fantasizing about having their wicked way with her, wanting to fuck her. He’d been the one to say, “I do,” and, “…keep only to her as long as they both shall live,” yet he’d been proactively encouraging his own dear wife to cheat on him. Wow!

Allan almost came in his trousers at the thought of her fucking someone new. He was so turned on at the thought of someone else wanting her and Beth wanting the other guy with equal lust burning inside her. His fantasy of seeing Beth with someone else had become a play-acting game which had evolved into the real thing and, even though this night was relatively innocuous (so far), Allan felt a wave concern combined with hotly arousing excitement.

What’s more, Beth was aware of Allan’s thought patterns, at times even more than he realized his own need to watch her with other men. And, as it was Allan’s birthday, she was going to give him more of what he wanted. ‘He wants a show, he’ll get a show. And later, if he behaves himself, some physical reward, too!’ Beth thought.

Allan watched on.

“Hi! Can I fill you up?” a European accent said. Beth spun round and saw a young blond haired guy smiling at her. He was about Allan’s height, slightly stockier and was either on steroids or worked out a lot, judging by his body mass. He handed her a drink similar to the one she’d just finished and Beth guessed he’d been watching her from a distance.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the drink as he handed it to her and taking a big sip. Even with the air conditioning running full blast, the massive amount of body heat was heating up the club. It was very warm feeling to Beth and she drank thirstily.

“I’m Kris,” the guy said, his smile genuine.

“I’m Beth,” she said, instantly regretting the idea. She wished she’d used a false name. The concept of being anonymous seemed quite attractive. Yet despite her intrinsic apprehension, she felt a definite attraction to Kris.

Kris was good looking, nicely dressed, clean shaven and well groomed. When he smiled, his teeth were almost perfect, almost Hollywood-like and Beth was instantly transported to the fantasy role-plays she and Allan had been enjoying over the last few months. Kris could have been a movie star or a male model, and he oozed with confidence as well. For all she knew, she may well as fucked Kris already in her fantasy world he fit her fantasy images from the past so well. Maybe his sudden appearance was déjà vu. It certainly felt eerily familiar.

“Where are you from?” he asked. Beth looked blankly for a moment as she regained her composure.

“I’m from the UK,” she said, beaming. Her smile worked, Kris’ face lighting up like bonfire night.

“Really?” he smiled back, his face aglow. “I love the UK. I have friends in London, Imperial College. You know it?” he asked, eagerly.

Beth knew of it but not where in London but she wasn’t going to let on. “Sure, I know Imperial,” she lied, trying to impress the handsome guy. “I have a friend at Holborn University,” she added, uncertain if a Holborn University even existed!

“How interesting,” Kris said and Beth got the impression he didn’t really care about the geography of the UK or any school of higher education. He was more interested in exploring the twin peaks of Beth’s protruding chest. His eyes were surreptitiously being drawn to her ample bust. Beth recalled an advert a couple of years earlier for a brand of lingerie where a busty woman was shown in a skimpy bra with the tag line “Weapons of mass distraction!” Beth had her own tag line, “Weapons of Mass-turbation!”

“Tell me, are you with someone tonight?” Kris enquired harmlessly, although he had his own agenda.

Beth answered immediately, her confidence high and her memory good, recalling her rings were tucked away in her clutch bag. “I’m with my brother who’s over there somewhere,” she said, waving vaguely over towards the bar area, ensuring the pointing was done with her left hand, flashing her naked ring finger.

“Maybe you would care to dance with me, then?” Kris asked, almost gentlemanly. Beth wondered if he was being genuine or taking the piss out of the British “reserved” approach. She half expected him to order tea and scones!

“Let me finish the drink you generously brought me first,” Beth replied, sucking hard on the straw from her drink, the cold and alcoholic liquid refreshing her throat. It tasted so good, she felt she could drink another dozen but she also guessed the alcohol was severely disguised and it was probably 200% proof. Aware she needed to keep her wits about her, she set the last quarter of the drink aside and remarked, “Probably spiked to the hilt, huh?”

Kris just smiled and they hit the floor.

Now Beth took pride in her dancing, but she’d met her match in Kris. He was cool, his dancing as good as any guy she’d ever seen and Beth had to admit she was most impressed. She responded by throwing herself into the music, her hips and arms rotating and gyrating with the beat, her shapely calf muscles adding to her elegance as she danced, her provocative movements matching Kris’ as they cavorted around. Beth basked in the admiration of other revelers, her revealing top leaving nothing to the imagination. There was no need to even take the top off and go topless; it was so transparent there was nothing more to be revealed, especially when wet with perspiration.

God, she was feeling horny, hornier than she had felt earlier. What had Kris put in her drink? Was it really spiked like she had joked? Had he laced it with more “E”?

Beth started to feel light headed and she guessed maybe the drink was stronger than she thought. Yet, she did not feel unwell. She felt elated and suddenly extremely horny. Beth decided she would see how far this might go with Kris and then she was going to find her hot and horny husband. After playing with Kris for a short while, she was going to take Allan home and fuck the arse off him. In fact, she toyed with the idea of sucking Allan off in the cab, just so that he’d have recovered when they got home and maybe they’d fuck for much longer. Beth had her plans all mapped out, but Kris had other plans for her. It seemed that the stranger had his own agenda.

It could only have been about twenty minutes and Beth since she had met Kris, but Beth was feeling so hot and horny that she had to do more. She was patently aware that she was driving Kris nuts and he was now showing the beginning signs of agitation. Beth held felt her cell phone vibrate a couple of times, but she had not had the opportunity to check out the messages. She was certain that Allan that wanted her to tease the guy some more. What’s more, Beth was up for it, enjoying the game, the fun was in the chase and, judging by Kris’ face, he was enjoying the experience.

‘He’s going to be so mad when he finds out this it just a game,’ Beth though of Kris’s hungry looks.

“You wanna go somewhere quieter for a few minutes?” Beth bellowed, trying to be heard over the thumping bass beat coming from the industrial sized Bose speakers.

“Sure” Kris responded and smiled confidently, knowingly.

Beth tottered towards the edge of the dance floor, Allan watching her from a safe distance. God, he was envious. He wanted so badly to reclaim his wife, but he was a man of his word. He would not interfere. Not yet, anyway. Allan thought Beth looked a bit tipsy, but guessed maybe all that dancing in those hiked-up sandals was taking its toll. Of course, Allan had no idea she was being influenced by a cocktail of alcohol, and her own lusting psyche. Allan was in touch with all his senses, the “E” and booze not affecting his mindset or lucidity much as he watched his luscious wife teasing and leading this blonde guy into a false sense of security.

Unlike last time with Juan, in this club there was only one way up to the VIP club and only one way down. There was only one way out, so there was no way for Beth to get outside again without his knowledge as long as he stayed vigilant. Allan would, or should, always know where she was. And despite Beth’s intoxicated state, Allan truly believed she was still in control. Beth’s recent boost in confidence was contagious and his confidence in her had increased. Allan was, however, frustrated that he’d sent several text messages to Beth who’d not had a chance to view them, to respond, to be more provocative.

’Silly arse,’ he thought to himself. ‘How the fuck could she act any more provocatively?’ Her dancing had bordered on obscene and he’d seen more hardcore action on the dance floor than he’d ever seen on any British cable or satellite TV station where certain images are either pixelled out or craftily cut by the editing room to leave just enough for imagination.

Beth was feeling confident, cocky almost. Following the Juan fiasco a few days earlier, Beth was happy to be in control again, to be in the driving seat blissfully unaware that the concoction of alcohol and drugs had yet to properly take effect, their reaction building but not yet at full strength. It would not be long, however, until her body would be overcome by the mixture. She thought the “E” she’d already taken plus the alcohol was not beyond the levels she’d consumed before and she felt calm yet excited, working to her own agenda to tease Kris, then find Allan and relive the experience whilst they had sex.

“You want to go to my private room?” Kris suggested, pointing towards the VIP area.

“Why not?” Beth had agreed, half knowing to expect a sexual assault in the wild VIP area. He soaring confidence, however, let her to believe she could handle whatever came her way.

Kris flashed something to the bouncers and passage was granted, the bouncers watching Beth as she mounted the stairs, her cute arse visible from beneath the shortest of skirts. Even from his somewhat distant vantage point, Allan could see her buttocks plainly. He wanted that sweet arse now. He wanted it pressed against his own hips, not walking up the steps with a handsome stranger. Allan could feel the moistness on the tip of his erection and he yearned for Beth, for her to bed him now, to take him all the way, to ride him, to fuck him, to make him cum.

Allan’s fate settled back in on him. For now he simply had to wait and ponder, feel the anticipation teasing him, letting Beth’s sexy teasing of other men arousing him and turn him on. It was not that he needed any more help, but it was all he could do. She was in control and he had to wait his turn for her attention. Allan pondered on whether maybe he should just stick to the planned fantasy more than dreaming of the ecstasy of having Beth alone. The change of focus could save him considerable mental stress.

Allan put his hand into his pocket and felt his mobile phone against the clammy skin on his palm. He removed his hand, leaving the phone where it was. He was certain Beth had received the texts. The signal in the venue was surprisingly good. Yet, he knew it would just be as waste of time, effort and money to try to get her back before she was ready. He watched as Beth ascended the top of the stairs, her cute arse cheeks taunting him as she walked, as if they were speaking to him. Allan could now say in total confidence that he knew how the guys felt when Beth left them wanting more. The frustration that built up inside his mind, let alone his pants was becoming truly torturous. His only consolation was that in a few more hours, he’d be the one to remove her clothes, to get inside her knickers, to screw the arse off her.

Beth reached to stop of the stairwell and turned back, scanning the crowd for Allan, aware vaguely where she had last seen him. Hundreds and hundreds of heads bounced around in party mode, dashing any hope of finding her husband and knowing for certain his whereabouts. Yet, Beth felt strangely confident and content that Allan could see her. He would be ready to save her, to whisk her away from this madness if the need arose. Right now, she wanted Allan to be much close, to be at hand, but she’d committed herself to give Allan a birthday present and this was it. She was doing this for him, not for her, she tried to make her mind believe.

To be continued..

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