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Making a bad situation worse no 1

True story, cheating wife cauth with her pants down as it were\ part no 1
      This is a true story, it happened a little over 2 years ago.
                We had been married for 9 years . My wife was 5-7  nicely proportionned with nice (dance's legs) and a ass to go with it .She was more cute and sexy than beautiful. brunette green eyes. Me a am known as Big Den , i am a big man .
                 Sex was good she was hot and wtted a lot when she orgasme . We had resorted to plastic mattress covers after ruining a couple mattresses .She had one kink, during foreplay she liked her vulva rubbed hard and squeeze , and her breast squeezed ;whitin reason; when she came and she squirted and came hard .She was hot and liked it . Two things she did not do, let me come near her mouth she took my coq out and let it go on her breasts and her ass was off limits .She said only whores did this .
                    I own a medium size business and she was an accountant working for a big firm in town here.
                    Lately , she had mentionne a few tim a girl friend of hers at work whose husband let her go out on her own and pick-up and screw guys .Except for mentionning that this was no way to run a marriage i did not pay any attention to it .
                   She kept bringing it up to the point where it annoyed me a bit . so i asked one evening after she was on that again
                  -" Are you trying to tel me you want to do that to???"
                  -"  no no  i was just talking "  this after some hesitation
                     On a tuesday night a week later . i was leaving the next morning to negotiate a big contract for my compagnie the next morning till the fryday  3 days . I don't go out of town often 2 or 3 times a year and juste a few days at the time .
                       We were in bed petting a forplaying . When she said to me
                    -" Marie -Louise (her friend ) says that she had a really hot guy last week and will see him again this week" That got ma temperature down a bit
                      - "What is this tonight you whant to go out cruising while a am gone"
                        -" Only if you are ok with it ,Marie Louise sais that it relaxes her and help their marriage , she is glad to find her husband afterward"    That got me soft fast!
                    I got up and sat on the side of the bed , she started to rub my back and kissing my nek while asking  What is wrong , and pointing to her croutch -" This does not wear out you know "  she continued , -"i Love you and only you and i don't whant to loose you"
                           -"What is wrong??  , you ask me to go out and fuck the first guy in sight and in the same sentence you have the gall to say you love me!!"
                  -"It is not that way , i would only do it once if i do and i would be carefull  what type of guy""
                       I got off the bed and said i was going to spend the night on the sofa in the living room i had to think this over . I was mad, hurt , i did not know what to feel or think .
                        She said -" don't take it that way , it is not that bad please stay with me i love you i swear"
                          I whent downstairs
                      I figured on of two things 1-  She already was screwing someone else and whanted to cover her but in case i fund out
                                                                 2- At the very least , she had someone picked-up for a (partie de jambes en l'air )  as we say here.
                         Little things came to mind that i had payed no attention to before. She always kept her pussy necely trimmed , but 2 weeks ago she had shaved it complitely she said it was to please me because i had asked often it was true . A few times she had comme back from work a bit erlier than normal and upon coming in  i would find she was in the shower she had expalined  she had hard days and needed to freshen-up before supper on these days she was too tired for sex just turned around and fell asleep , one day , she even forgot a douche bottle in the shower .
                      If she was screwing someone already , i could do nothing about it . If not and she had decided to do it, same thing , i could not stop her, she would find a way .unless i chained her in the basement and this is not my style .
                     I did not sleep much she moved around in bed for a while then silence . I went up to the bedroom maybe talk this out some more .She was on her belly sound asleep and by the stain on the sheet she had brought herself to orgasme .
                     In the morning , i took a shower in the downstairs bathroom and went upstairs to dress , she was in the main bathroom .
                       On coming out she said to me
                 -" I cried all night hoping you would come back to bed . Have you thought it over?? while coming to kiss me .She said -"i love you so much"
            I said  -" And you did you reflect on this mess ??"
               - " Yess and i was hoping you would decide to be ok with it . it not like i was leaving you, i do not whant to loose you"   I knew the marriage was over then
                    -" I have a very important question for you, Did you already go th bed with someone else???"
                     -"No  i swear " This while looking at the floor , not at me ,she was lying .
                      -" Ok here is what i think, you are a mature 34 years old woman , i can't make the decision for you. You will have 3 days and 2 nights to do or not do this . It will be your decision and you will have to accept the consequences."
                         -" Promise me i won't lose you no matter what , if i do it it will only be one time . I love you and could not endure loosing you"
                           - " I can't make that promise, i am not ok with this "
                  The looking her strait in the eyes i said
                             -" Bernie , ( her name was Bernice i called her Bernie , most people did )I have never cheated on you ,i would rather you did not do this but the choice is yours not mine .  
                        I picked up my bags and left , i had a plane to catch  she coutgh me in the stairs and said please hold me tight and say you still love me .  I did .

                                This is long and hard for me to write , i will continu in part 2 on how i whent about catching her with her pants down and her boyfriends too there were two of them cought them in full action , it still hurts


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