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making a bad situation worse part 2

it is long i know ,but it is true
    Excuse please my bad spelling, my training is in hydroliques systems for heavy machinerie , not unfortunately,  English Litt.
                    Sorry for the lenght of it but i am getting it off my chest . all of it, the sex and even the parts that make me look like a perfect basterd
                  On leaving home  i was a mess i had things to set before leaving , I called the airline to book myself on a later flight , there was one at 1;25 pm , that was fine it is a one hour flight and i was not expected early.
                     I the called my friend Gerry , we were un the same unit (Special Forces) we are closer than brothers. He owns an investigation firm , he does not handle infidelity and divorce cases , but he could at least recommend someone.
                     I walked in his office , he said i looked like shit , i said i feel like it . I need the services on a detective . He said by your  looks it is not the business it must be Bernie . I gave him the short version of what was going on .  He was sorry and suprised .
                      He said he was not to busy and as a favor to me he would handle the case . He then pulled a piece of paper for me to read and sign.
                       It was a release form giving them permission to install vodeo and sound equipment in my house . tap the phone of the aforementionned person, fallow her, gather any and all information ,video pictures and sound relevent to the case.
                I signed and asked why my home ?  He sais wifes how cheats when the husband is not home  like doing it at home the feel better , saver and there are no credit card trail to fallow after the fact , like motel rooms rental ect. I mentionned then to him that since we both work we only have cells, no home phone .
                  He then asked if i had checked her e=mail on the computer at home , i said i did not have her password ,i never had before reasons to do that
                   He called in a girl  to his office, --  "This is Carole , my hacker "
                      After asking if i could access my work computer from home and the road when i was out of of town, She asked for my passwords and ip'S  then she had me acces my computer at work and make a folder which she protected with a password  and that  she would have all my fife's e-mail dumped in there ,she was not worried about passwords . To know that there are poeple like that scares me sometimes.
                He then called a guy in and gave him my address and told what equipment to intall , basement playroom , upstairs living room and main bedroom  He knew my house as well as i did he been there often with his wife or alone with  for poker . He mentionned we would have video even if the lights were out .
                  At work he said he had a girl worked  at the same compagny as my wife  who worked for him part time he would have her nose around , "don't worry he said she is discret or she would not work for me."
                    I arrange to see him first thing on coming back fryday and left.
                           One more stop before my flight i had time , my doctor's office for a blood test, i did not know whom she was screwing and under what conditions , Did she used protection ???
                     I was to be sorry later to have given permission for the videos at home . I saw thing on the dvd they had made that no man should see his wife doing. Some thing are better left to the imagination.
                                At around 5 that afternoon , she called me a my hotel , wanted to know if i had cooled off since this morning and tought about our conversation.
            -  " It was hard to think about anything else "
            -  "  did you change your mind ?? "
            -   " I am still not ok with you screwing around"
            -    " One guy once in a while is not screwing around you know"
The she came back 
              -  "Do you forbid it??"
              - " We forbid a child not an adult Bernie , but i love you and i would like you to change your mind and not do this"
               - I love you to please don't ever doubt that Dennis"
                - If i forbid it ,will it change your mind ??"
 After a long pose
                 -" I am not, sure probably not "
                         Then she said she was preparing her supper and loved me was going to  miss me till fryday kisses and was gone .
                          I was not hungry . i whent down to the bar and had a couple beers , i don't drink mutch .
                     At around 8Hrs that evenig the time we usually call each other if i am out of town, I decided to gave her a ring , her phone was turned off . again at 9 and 10;30.  I hookr=ed up ma portable to check my messages at work . I was amazed at how fast Gerry's people had worked. there was a bunch of messages in that folder we had created in the morning. I checked mine first and openend thi folder , it was mostly messages from mutual friends and her sister. but there were a few from a" Loulou", il was the Marie Louise she had talked about .
       The first one 2 weeks ago,
                 She was asking my wife if she had enjoyed (Robert) and was he hot ?
                  My wife had anwered that it was pleasant but not great . but was thrilled by the fact that she could still conquer and please men . She thanked her for the advice to practice her ass with a dildo, it had hardly hurt the first time he penetrated her.She was surprised she had come so hard , she did not think women came being ass fucked.    ( i did not know she own a Dildo)
          Second message
                  She was offering my wife (une partie de jambes en l'air) with 3 or 4 guys and her
                        My wife wrote the she was not interested in that sort of things and forget it.
                 Also that she could not bring me to accept her decision..
          Third message.
                    She told my wife not to worry it had taken her 6 mounths to convince her husband ,She to pick the moment, she had but her husband( devant le fait accomplie )while they were in bed together by saying she was going to do it period .  He had gotten mad to treathening divorce and everything , but came around after a week . Not to worry it would be the same with me
                 If Bernie was not interested in her and a few guys together, but would like to experiment  a woman, she would be glad to do the initiation.
                    Bernie wrote back this morning , saying she had fallowed her advice , but was worried at my reaction.
                  As for experiencing a woman , she  was not into that but ended with ( we never know about the future , kisses en hugs it was a nice offer .)

                 Forth message
                      Marie Louise said , Not to worry i would get over it soon , and thanks for keeping my hopes up . Kisses
                             That was it
                   From her sister nothing interesting , except one intriguing message
                     She said , Bernie , i will do what you ask this time only . I don't like it and don't like what you are doing to Dennis he is a nice guy and does not deserve this .  Re -think what you are about to do  .Marielle
                     No mention of what it is Bernie wanted her to do for her.
                    It was midnight i tryed her phone again it was still off  i took a shawer and tried to sleep had a meeting next day a 10 am.
                              Next morning she called me saying she had  cone to see a movie shut off her phone during the movie and forgot to turn it on again. Strange, she hated movies and preferred renting the dvd's when they came out.
                             I concluded my business next day and tought about taking an evening flight home . but decided , i had given her till friday i will respect that .
                               She called me a little before 8 pm asked about my day ans deal i said i would conclude it the next morning and take an afternoon flight and be home for supper, She said she could not wait for me to get home she missed me so much.
               We did not mention our problem  we made small talk for a while and i heard the doorbell . she said it is Marielle she will spend the evening with me i feel lonely i miss you . we said bye and left her to her sister if it was her, I knew that her sister a nurse works afternoon shift but she could be on a day off .
               i tried her phone later , it was not off but she did not pick-up  i re-tried untill 12;30 'Am

             I took the 6 am flight and upon arriving went straith to Gerry's office He said it is not pretty it is bad you want to see are you sure ??
              She is been out before he told me, a few afternoons she had taken afternoons off work only to come back in time to lock-up for the night and take her messages this had been going out for 3 weks prior from what they had found out. He had the motel were they had been .
              Now he said the video from home it will not be easy for you , don't fly off the handles on me .
               He started the DVD , in our bedroom they were doing 69 , she on top and sucking his member like there was no tomorrow deep troathing  him of all things i wanted to puke . She was moaning event with his cock in her mouth and girating her hips rubbing her cunt in his face as he was licking and sucking for all he was worth. The moaning was something else. from both of them.
               They finally both came , she took his load in her mouth , (something she never done for me )  You could even see her swallow it .   As they got up afeter a while, i recognized the guy , shit it was her Boss's huband  Robert!   His wife is a stunner, i have to admit ,better looking than my wife except maybe for her legs.
                     He said you are getting good, you took it all in your throat  She laughed saying that she had gotten a small dildo and practiced taking it down her throat . After a while he was hard again with her help caressing  him , it had not taken much to get him soft just a blow job.
                      He asked if she had douched her ass , she said sure .He went to the foot of the bed and put two pillows on top of it and she came and lay on top of the pillows with her stomach on the bed and her legs ob the floor, He started massaging her cunt while she was telling him to please squeeze it and rub hard He took a jar from the dresser and started libing heer ass with one hand while still massaging her cunt with the other . She asked him to take the bigger dildo on the dresser and put it in her cunt , and go in    her ass easy as they had only done it a few times.
                  He lined up after inserting the dildo in her cunt and started pushing in , he got about halfway in when she pushed back and took it all in, letting out more a growl than a moan  . She started to move her hips then saying go go  it is good ram me (Defonce moi) i want it all in,  fuck your (saloppe)  i was mesmirized   in shock  , he was slapping her ass and at the same time as he was ramming her hard. She was screaming, not moaning , i am surprised the neighbors did not ear even if they are not very close.
                    She was screaming yes , yes oui .oui punish your saloppe as you take her ass  he was giving her some pretty hard slaps we heard the noise . 
                          I will come ,please  take and squeeze my tits . he leaned on her back and reached around to grab her tits  She came a few seconds later so did he, they remained that way a while and finally he pulled out and give her a few slaps on the ass not love taps but hard slaps she wiggled  her ass saying Yes your saloppe loves that punish her a bit , he did .
                  He went to the bathroom to clean up i guess and brought her two towels to clean herself  She even had some cum on her face from sucking him before.
                         They got on the bed cuddling and caressing each other he said he was spent  She still had the dildo in her cunt and he was playing with it she seemed to enjoy it by her moaning .
                           She sucked him hard again and he took her in the cunt doggy style , it did not take him or her to come she did not seem to come very hard this time .
                          They kissed hard and he said he had to go before the bars closed and get home , his wife tought he was out with the boys.
                          He slap her ass again while she wiggled ans moaned to hell and back
                                He asked if she was ready for tomorrow , she sai she was not sure about two guys at once . she would phone him tomorrow and let him know. He told her a woman could easily take two guys it was not worse than her dildo in her cunt and his cock in her ass  . She said he was probably right .
                    He had finished dressing and left
                               She started crying saying over and over ;"""what have i become  ??

                                    This was Wednesday night .
                     Thursday night was worse .
                                   It will be in part 3 if you bear with me 
                                             It is not easy re-living this in a way



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