Making a bad situation worse part -3

By Dennis

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A long and painfull true story
    The thursday evenign DVD starts in the living room , she is on the phone with me .
          She is dressed like a whore, her hair is down , not her usual poney tail, lots of makeup, a blouse with only the buttom button done , no brassiere, a mini skirt opened on both sides (i had never seen it ) and no panties.
The doorbell ring and she tels me it is her sister sais goodbye love you, hangs up and gets the door .
Her sister turns out to be Robert and another guy i don't know. ( Gerry sais his name is Claude .......)
            She kisses Robert  a long hard kiss , And goes and prepare and brings back drinks from the bar .
              She sais she is a bit nervous as she sits next to Robert , Claude asks if it is her first time with 2 guys . She sais that once before some years back she had done 2 guys but one after the other in 2 different hotel rooms but no not together at the same time , it was a first for her. (A surprise for me  but it could have been before the marriage a none of my concerns)
          Robert kissed her again while playing with her tits she began to moan ans move around , Claude sat on the other side of her and ran his hand up her leg , she spread whide for him. Robert is by now sucking her tits and she is humping Claudes's hand hard her hips are in constant movement.
               She says a one point,, she can hardly talk , she can't come there she will stain the sofa. 
    It moves to the camera in the bedroom , she is already naked the guys are undressing . Claude says (" very nice ass your huband must have fun fucking that ")
    She reply's (" i don't let him there, he would think i am a slut and might leave , i love him . Besides he is bigger than you guys and might rip me there ") 
     Robert said i was a pretty big guy alright, but did not know about my prick size. It got a laugh.
               She was by that time on her back on the bed with the guys on each side caressing and kissing her all over and she massaging their cocks. She was moving around moaning and encouraging them to go more and more .It was indecent to watch!.
               One said at one time is this keeps up we will come in her hands it will be a waste all around . She agreed  and asked Robert to warm up his (saloppe) now . He got her to get on all four on the side of the bed and sat next to her , told her to spread more , passed a hand under her to grab and massage her cunt and proceded to give each of her ass sheeks five good slaps ,
He said to Claude , (This is how she likes to be warmed up")  All this  time she was yelling  ( yes yes oui oui it is good . He told Glaude to give her five on each sheeks to while he squeeze the saloppe's cunt a bit . She whiggled her ass moaning and saying how good it felt .
            Then Robert put again the pillows over the foot of the bed , she seemed in a Hurry to assume the position over the the pillows  he started lubing her ass while claude mauled her tits from the side She was moaning like it was going out of style saying thing i could not make out.
               They then changed ends Claude took the dildo from the dresser, shoved it in her cunt while lubing his cock , He then pushed in hes ass she grouled as he pushed in and almost yelled ouiiiiiii it is good go all in, Robert on his knees on the bed in front of her lifted her head and she took him in her mouth  all of him !  They fucked her from both ends , her mouth and troath and her ass  . Robert told Claude to gave her a few slaps on the ass he would take care of her tits .
         They really whent to town on her , she was doing all she could to help moving her hips back into Claude and helping Robert along by holding his hips and pulling him deep into her mouth .
           She finally came hard i could tell , They came too i noticed she had swallowed all of Robert's cum , at least none was leaking from her mouth .l They crumbled in a heap . she saying she needed a little breack .
I  wanted to puke and kill the guys . Ma emotions were a mess i did not know what to think.
               The guys went to the bathroom to clean-up and brought back towels for her , she let them clean her up , saying that she liked their hands on her even with towels she was enjoying it raising her hips and moaning when they got to her tits and between her legs,
                After a while she licked and sucked their cocks hard again She got up  and said she wanted a double . Claude got on his back, she traddle him and leaned on him while Robert lubed his cock en got behind .
                  Did she go to town, moaning, screaming  how good it was , girating her hips saying Harder harder oui, oui, use the saloppe that i am .Finally everybody crumbled on top of each other.
                 Robert got out of her she got off Claude a lay down saying she could not take more .
     Claude said she had not sucked him yet , she said to give her a couple minutes to get some strenght back. She did while Robert watched she took his cum and swallowed it saying he tasted good.
             He said thanks , she was one hot saloppe as she called herself kissed her he was sorry but had to leave before his wife worried .
              She sucked Robert again while Claude dressed and left , After he said he probably could not get it up again for 3 days , the laughed hard at this .She said she was spent to and would never do two guys again, he better remember that . He said it is up to you  ok with me.
              He then asked about 2 weeks from now at his chalet  had she fixed it , she said yes , her sister had a Seminar in the area would be driving close by his chalet , she would tell me she was going with her sister for compagny , Her sister would drop her off Friday going there and pick her up again saturday evening on her way back , but she did not like doing it and being involved in her  cheating.
                 He sais he had to go too but did she want her dessert before .
                         She said yes please i have been a very bad (saloppe ce soir ) even a whore , she got on her belly brought her knees under her to get her ass up and to her encouragements to punish his saloppe and how good it felt he proceded to spank her good and hard .
          When it was over she said (" i have to find a way to get Denis to do that to me ")
                  He left , she put 2 pillows under her inserted the dildo in her cunt and started to slowly hump her hips . (  She did that to me after love making and humped herself to small orgasmes that way until she fell asleep on top of me)
                   She was crying and repeating (" Dennis what am i doing to you and us ") over and over .
                            That was the end of the dvd
               Gerry sais (" that is one mixed-up girl she needs help, be carefull how you handle this .it could go sour on you fast ")
                     I should have listened to him but i was past that .
                           He said one more thing ,
                                On thursday she left work around 3 pm with a Masrie Louise ..........  , they went to her house , according to ma guy there was no men there . She left a 6;30 approx when the woman'S husband arrived , we think it was the husband .
                   She looked like she had got dressed in a hurry. her hair was undone and her blouse buttons were not all done and out of her skirt  and she was not wearing her bra.  He took a picture of her coming out . She looked like she had just been fucked shit !
                         I was a mess a big mess .
                              In part 4  i catch her personaly, the break-up , and her suicide and note she left me
                       Again sorry if it is long and  bugs someone