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Meeting Gloria

I meet Debbie's partner, Gloria and she has expectations.

Meeting Gloria

This is a continuation of my story about my life with my ex-wife, Sue.

Marg has come over to the west and planned to stay. She decided that I would not leave my wife for her so she had moved on and formed a permanent relationship with her good friend, Cherie.

Sue, my wife had invited our babysitter to join us. It seemed that given she had promised that her cheating with men was to stop she had started to have an affair with our 18-year-old babysitter, Debbie. I had worked out from what was said that Debbie was living with a partner, Gloria. I was looking forward to meeting Gloria.

It was about a month later that when I returned home from work my wife told me that she had invited Debbie and Gloria to dinner. She warned me to be careful about what I said in front of Gloria as she was not sure if Debbie had told her of our previous get together, as she called it. 

While Sue was running around preparing I changed out of my work suit, dressed and put on some more casual attire. As I returned to the kitchen the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and was greeted by Debbie who took me into her arms and kissed me. My attention was drawn to a red-headed woman with Debbie who I guessed was in her middle twenties.

To say that she was good looking was an understatement. She was slim with long legs. She sported a strong jaw and a cute little nose. Her blue green eyes were unique. Despite all the obvious pleasant features, it was obvious that she dressed down and wore no makeup. I immediately remembered Debbie saying that her partner had a dislike of men. I decided to test her response. 

After being kissed and hugged by Debbie I stepped across to her and while taking her into my arms I said, “You must be Gloria. I have been looking forward to meeting you. I’m Goyse.”

Her initial response was to start to pull away but I held her tightly and looked directly into her eyes.” She then relaxed and moved to fit snuggly into my body. As I went to release her she looked up at me with her lips slightly spread as a woman might if she was expecting someone to kiss her. I then invited them to enter. Gloria walked ahead while Debbie placed her arm around my waist as she entered.

Once they completed their greetings and small talk with Sue, Debbie turned to me with, “Gloria has some exciting news to give you. She looked at her partner saying, “Gloria”

“Debbie confirmed today that she is pregnant. Congratulations, Daddy. We have a little gift of appreciation for you.” She handed me a small parcel. I opened the box and found that it contained a gold watch and a thank you note which said, “Thank you for being kind enough to give us your sperm for our egg, Signed Gloria and Debbie.”

“I will treasure this gift from you both. I do hope though that I will be part of your child’s life. Don’t misunderstand me I trust that you will be great parents but I do want to maintain contact with both of you and also with your child.”

They looked at each other and smiled. “I told you he was a beaut bloke, didn’t I. I knew you would not be angry or disappointed. Gloria was worried about your response when we told you. Sue was not sure either.”

I looked at Sue. “You knew and didn’t tell me?”

“No, as soon as I heard I invited Gloria and Debbie over to allow them to tell you themselves. I didn’t want to spoil it for them. Besides, I think you had already guessed?” It sounded like a question so I answered.

“I thought you might be pregnant, Debbie but when I hadn’t heard I started to assume that I was wrong. You should have known when you missed your period.”   

“I’m not always regular like some women so until the test today I wasn’t sure.”

“Can I kiss her, Gloria?”

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” I took Debbie in my arms and kissed her. She surprised me by using her tongue and held me very tightly. The kiss went on and on. It was as if Debbie didn’t want it to end.

Once we broke Gloria spoke, “Don’t leave me out.” She moved in against my body and wrapped her arms around my neck. I pulled her in close and kissed her in much the same way that I did Debbie. After kissing Debbie like that and now this attractive red head, I was at full mast. With our bodies so close there would be no doubt in her mind that I was aroused. She whispered to me as we broke from our kiss. “Keep it till later.” She then pulled me in again and continued the kiss. My eyes sought out my wife, Sue to check her reaction. She saw me look and smiled at me. It was a relief to me that she didn’t have that jealous face on that I had seen so much in the past.

“Let’s eat,” Sue said.  

The meal was very special. I always admired Sue’s cooking ability. When we had first married she didn’t know how to boil water but after showing her a few basics she bought a good many cookbooks and became an outstanding chef. Much of the banter over the meal was about babies and the pregnancy experiences of the girls. I listened but before the meal was over I was wishing it would end. I was more at home talking about boats or cars if not discussing business. Discussions on the colour of baby’s poo or at what age to take their bottle away really didn’t do it for me.

Once the meal was over I volunteered to clean up to allow Sue and the girls to have a drink and continue their talks. After cleaning the table I was about to pack the dishwasher when Gloria walked up behind me and put her arms around me. “You don’t know how pleased I am to know that Debbie is going to have our child. Thank you very much.”

“I have to admit that I was quite worried about how you would respond when you found out that we had slept together.”

“You needn’t have worried, Sue and Debbie sat with me and explained. Debbie told me that you had insisted that she make sure that I knew what had happened and I appreciate that. Most men would not have cared they would just want the sex and no responsibility.”

“Debbie is a very special young lady. I would do nothing to hurt her. Both Sue and Debbie wanted me to have sex with her but I only agreed if she started it.”

“Yes, she told me.”

“Debbie told me that you mistrusted men. You haven’t been like that tonight with me.” It was more a question than a statement. She understood and answered.

“I’ve had some very bad experiences. As a young teenager, a family member tried to rape me. My family knew about it but did everything they could to cover it up. No one ever looked at my side or offered me support. I reacted badly and went crazy for a while and ended up in trouble. This put me in the control of more abusive men. For some time I actually hated being around men. In recent years I have started to realize that because of my behaviour I had been exposed to some baddies and that some men are kind caring individuals.”

“Yes, sometimes we can put ourselves at risk. We always have to be on our guard. There aren’t a lot of terrible people but those that do exist are always looking for an opportunity. You said for me to keep it for later. What did you mean by that?”

 “I wasn’t there when you inseminated Debbie. I was hoping that I might get to experience it. When we were at skating today I talked to Sue about it and she said that she is OK with it as long as it is just an occasional thing and that she is always included. She also mentioned a promise that she had made to you and she said it may help her get out of it. I didn’t understand that but I guess you do.”

“She’s gone back to roller skating? I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, a new rink has opened. The owner has recognized that Sue is the best skater there so has her teaching us girls a few things. I thought she would have told you. What’s this promise about?”

“She promised me that she would stay away from other men.”

“But she allows you to have other women?”

“That has not always been the case. She is doing that to try to allow her to break her promise to me. I’m not the cheating kind. Everything has happened because Sue is pushing it. Don’t get me wrong. I like it but don’t believe it is the right thing to do.”

“So it’s like blackmail. How do you feel about that?”

“I like the freedom but worry about the consequences. Before we came over west she had plans to get pregnant by someone that she had an affair with. It was only luck that allowed us to show her that she was making a big mistake. If she had been successful we would not be together today.”

“I understand. Having sex with someone is one thing bringing a child into the world is totally another. Why didn’t you leave her? Most men would have if their wives did something like that.”

“I don’t really know, to tell the truth. I often wonder myself.”

“You must love her a great deal.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“You don’t sound very convincing.”

“Sometimes she is my whole life and nothing else matters but Sue and the kids. At other times I wonder what is going to happen to us.”

“Her cheating worries you?”

“Yes, I have trouble dealing with it. When she was cheating it was so regular that you could set your watch to it. It wasn’t just a case of meeting someone and it getting out of hand. I could probably handle that OK. She was organizing her life around her lovers and often would give up commitments to me and the kids to be with one of her lovers.”

“What, there were more than one at a time?”  

  “Yes, often there were several. Sometimes she would meet them alone other times as a group.”

“Fuck…..   oh, sorry I didn’t mean to swear. You mean she was organizing gangbangs, group fucks?”

“Yep, she had someone who did the organizing for her. By the way, if you choose to swear that’s not a problem as long as the kids don’t hear it. I don’t swear but that is just me. I take no offence of others who choose to.”

“So you would be upset when Debbie and I get together with Sue.”

“No, no. I find it stimulating when women have sex together. I probably would not have too many hang-ups about her and a man but it is the sneaking around and the risk-taking that gets me upset.”

“What do you mean by the risk-taking?”

“She doesn’t use protection and likes to do it when she is close to ovulating.”

“She must know what’s she’s doing. You only have two kids.” She delayed for a while before she continued. I could see her thinking about it, working out how to ask me. She continued, “They are yours aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are both mine but our daughter has a different father.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“I accept her as my daughter but I didn’t provide the sperm.”

“So she cheated on you and got pregnant.”

“Yes, that about sums it up.”

“OK, now I understand why you insist on the promise. She will break it you know. The signs are there. I’ve seen her giving encouragement to the men at skating, like touching and brushing up against them.”

“Yes, I know what she does. Presently she is carrying my child. I want her to have her tubes tied once the baby is born.”

“That will give her total freedom to be with whoever she wants. Can you live with that?”

 “I’ll have to... or I will have to leave her. There are no other options. I know she flirts with all the man even when I’m around. She is not going to change. I know that. The promise is just delaying it, that’s all.”

“You could get a mistress. I have met Marg and Cherie. Cherie told me that Marg likes you. She didn’t say but I think she would be interested as well.”

“No, you’re wrong. Marg doesn’t like me she loves me. Cherie thinks she does too. I can’t keep leading them astray and give them hopes of more than an occasional night together. They expect more of me and I can’t give it.” I thought for a while wondering if Gloria could be trusted. Maybe I had told her too much. “I do hope you will not tell anyone what we have talked about.”

“No, what you say to me will not go any further. I would like to talk it over with Debbie though if you agree. If she agrees we may be able to help you out a little. After all, we do owe you a big debt of gratitude.”

“Well, you are in a partnership. I expect that you would discuss things but make sure that Debbie knows not to discuss it any further.”

“I’ll tell you what I have in mind. It will depend on Debbie but I’m going to ask her if she would like to continue to have sex with you if Sue decides to cheat on you. What I will do then is that if your wife is tempted to stray and we become aware of it, I will ask her for her OK to have an affair with you. It may be enough to discourage her. If it doesn’t work at least we can keep your mind off her.”

“I thought you didn’t like men?”

“Some men I despise but you are special. Many men only think of their stomach and what hangs down from it. I can see that you care about people and their feeling. We trust you.”

“Thanks, Gloria. I’ve never had such a great compliment. I promise you that you and Debbie will be safe with me.”

“I hope so. I love Debbie. She is my world. I couldn’t stand to lose her.”

Gloria moved across, put her arms around me and pulled me down to kiss her. Her lipstick was strawberry flavour and I love strawberries. This girl was just as desirable as her partner, Debbie. I could not help but be stimulated by the feeling of her body against me and the taste of her. As we broke she rubbed my erection through my pants and whispered, “not too long now. Just a while until he gets what he desires.”

“I’d like you to do something for me, Gloria. Would you be willing?”

“I guess so. I do trust you but there are some things that I would not do. What is it?”

“Come with me. It’s nothing terrible, I promise.”

I took her into the bedroom. I had a set of very sexy clothes hidden away that I had planned to give to Sue some time ago but when she got with Merv I had packed them away. I knew that Sue and Gloria would be close to the same size. Gloria’s desire to not be noticed by men who she had little trust for, meant that she dressed in such a way that although beautiful she presented as just plain. I wanted her to feel special tonight. She was going to help me with my problems and I wanted to show her how gorgeous she could be and hopefully feel.

When I showed her the clothes she shook her head. She told me they were not her style. She then said she would feel a fool in clothes like that. I held them up to her and said, “stop avoiding the issue. You’re a beautiful woman and I want Debbie and Sue to know how beautiful you really are.”

She took the clothes and moved towards the bathroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” I asked.

“I was going to get dressed.”

“Good, then do it here.”

“What, in front of you?”

“Yes, I’ll turn my back if you want me to but I’ll see you nude later tonight I hope, so it probably won’t matter.” I knew that if I turned my back I would be able to see her in the mirror anyway.

She started taking off her sloppy top and then dropped her loose fitting pants. Her curves were much more pronounced than I had expected. The loose clothing was doing a good job. Her breasts were not large but as she dropped her bra I could see that they were perfect in their shape. She then hooked her fingers in the top of her panties. “I’d feel better if you watched me in the mirror for this,” she said.

I smiled then turned my back making sure that she was visible in the mirror. She slowly slid down her panties. Her gaze never once left mine. I watched closely every move. Her pussy was covered in quite thick very red hair. The top of her slit was just visible. Her body was perfect in every way. Not one flaw, not even one mole. The only freckles were on her face. There was not one mark on the remainder of her body.

She was grinning at me as she slowly turned around one complete turn. She then reversed and started to turn in the opposite direction. When her back was to the mirror she slowly bent over allowing me to get a full view of her pussy. While bending she quietly said, “You may turn and look at me now.”

I turned around for a close-up view. Her pussy lips were just slightly open and were very moist. “You like,” she said.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on, Gloria. If Debbie and Sue were not downstairs waiting for us I would eat you for dessert.”

“Hhhmmm, peach with cream. I think we would both like that.” She replied with a little laugh. “I had forgotten the others for a while there.”

She quickly dressed in the bikini panties, uplift bra, and the short black skirt. She then sat to put on the high heeled shoes. “I don’t think you need the bra.”

“Do you want me to take it off?” she replied.

“If you feel comfortable without it, yes. I think so.”


She moved across to me to allow me to undo the clip. She pulled the bra through the arm holes in the dress, pulled it around her arm and out through the other arm hole. I was fascinated with the bouncing and flashing of her tits as she did it. “I can see you liked that,” she said looking down at my very obvious erection. “We should be getting back down. Debbie will be wondering where I am. She will probably think we have started without her and she can get jealous at times.”

“Just one more touch before we go.” I moved her over to the mirror and added a little colour to her face from Sue’s cosmetics. Halfway through she took the brush from me and finished off herself. When she stood I was amazed at how beautiful she really was. The dress exposed her curves as any good dress should. The knee-high skirt showed enough leg to show that what was above was desirable. The plain young girl had become someone that both men and women could admire.

As we walked down the stairs I heard both the girls draw breath and murmur.  “Hell,” Sue commented, “Where did you find the princess?”

“I have never seen you looking so glamorous,” Debbie said as she rose and walked forward to meet her. “Goyse, you’ve turned my love into a model.” She took Gloria into her arms and they kissed. “I was worried about what you pair were up to in the bedroom for so long but the wait has certainly been worth it. You’re a true artist, Goyse.” She took me into her arms hugged me closely and then kissed me. The kiss lingered a lot longer than it needed to. I was worried about Sue’s reaction, having been away with Gloria and now being kissed like this by Debbie. It was taking the attention away from Sue and that usually upset her.

“I’m no artist. This is the real Gloria. She has been hiding away too long. I thought it was time that she came out and showed us what the real Gloria is like. Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she gorgeous? You’re so lucky Debbie to have such a wonderful and beautiful partner.” As I spoke I moved over to Sue and leaned down and drew her into my arms. We kissed. It was important that I handed back her control so I made sure that when we kissed the kiss was more passionate and lasted longer than with Debbie.

I looked directly at her as we separated. I asked, “what have you girls been talking about?”

“Oh, nothing special. I was just telling Debbie that I have been offered a job as a roller dance coach at the new rink in town. The manager, Doug took me into his office and asked me this afternoon. Debbie was wondering why I was in his office so long.”

“That’s not the only thing he offered you was it?” Debbie was quick to say.

“Well, that’s just men. They all want to get in your pants but I couldn’t break my promise to Goyse could I?” She said while looking me directly in the eye. “Anyway this is just wasting time. Let’s adjourn to the bedroom. I’ve got to see what Gloria looks like without that dress. It’s obvious that Goyse has had the pleasure not it’s my turn.”

I looked at Gloria and then to Debbie. I could see that Sue’s direct approach had shocked them a little but despite that, they rose and followed her. I bought up the rear. Looking directly at Gloria’s perfectly shaped bottom. Debbie’s bottom was very nice but Gloria’s was a work of art.

As we entered the bedroom Sue took Debbie into her arms and they started kissing. Sue’s hand was travelling around Debbie’s body. She moved across her chest lightly rubbing against her nipples and then down and under her skirt. It was obvious that Sue was highly aroused and wasn’t going to waste time. I knew that her meeting with the Skate rink manager was the reason. I moved over to Gloria and whispered to her, “Do you want to join in or just watch?”

“What do you want?”

“You know what I want. The big question is, are you okay with it and if so then when?”

“I want it too. Like you I think we should watch for a while. I find Sue and Debbie together quite stimulating.”

“Are you feeling jealous?”

“A little but the sexual arousal overcomes some of that.”

“You sound as if you have watched before.”

“I have. Sue and Debbie have been going at it every day. I’ve been there occasionally. I get quite angry if they leave me out but I get over it once they include me.”

“So Sue has seen you naked before now? She seemed to suggest that she hadn’t.”

“I think that was to protect you. She told me that she worries about you becoming jealous and getting angry with her.”

“You can tell her if the opportunity comes up I will only get angry if she starts fucking other men. There is no way that I could get upset about her making love to you and Debbie. I fact the thought turns me on.”

By this time Sue and Debbie had shed their clothes and were engaged in a sixty niner. Sue had her legs wide open and from where we were sitting we could see Debbie’s tongue giving her a working over. Sue’s pussy was very wet and gaping open. In fact, juices were running out of her. I had seen her like this before but only after she had been fucked. I immediately thought that she had made the manager’s day.  Gloria now had her hand on my erection and was slowly moving softly along it.

Gloria must have been aware of my shock because she looked up at me. “Come on, I see it too. Let me try to take your mind off it. You can talk it over with her later. Remember we will be here for you when you need support. I think you’re in for a rough ride.”

“What, you’re going to try to buck me off.” She laughed with me as I drew her in to kiss her.

She drew back from me slightly and once again looked me directly in the eyes. “Don’t tell Debbie but although I love her very much I sometimes miss what a man can do for me in bed. I don’t want this to be a once only for us. Debbie did it to get pregnant. I need you for my satisfaction. Please make it last.”

“Whatever you want I will try to deliver. I know that getting undressed in front of me turned you on. I liked it too. Would you do that for me again?

She reached under her skirt and pushed her bikini panties slowly down her legs. She then stepped out of them one leg at a time. She handed me her panties. I went to put them into my pocket but she shook her head and told me to smell them. I raised them to my nose and the scent almost made me cum. The odour was musky but also sweet. I looked at the crotch and could see that there was a line of moisture with almost a clear jelly-like substance on them. I knew what that meant. I was to wear a condom or pull out.

Gloria has removed her shoes and was now lifting the dress over her head. She folded it neatly and then held her hands out to the side saying, “You like?”

 “You’re like my most erotic dreams.” I was undoing my trousers as I spoke. I then pulled my shirt over my head. I was now nude except for my socks.

She moved into my arms and once again we kissed. I then dropped to my knees. I placed my arms through between her legs to place my hands on her back and then lifted her up. My arms pushed her legs apart while my forearms and hands supported her body. In this position, her pussy was resting on my cock. I walked her out of the door to the spare bedroom. I placed her onto the bed with her but on the edge. I kneeled down then lowered my mouth to her pussy. Debbie and Sue were so involved I doubted if they had seen us leave. To be honest I didn’t care if they had. I wanted this woman and I wanted her to myself tonight. Normally I would control an urge like that but after seeing how used Sue’s pussy looked I just didn’t care.

I worked up along Gloria’s slit then down again but I didn’t stop but continued onto her rear hole. She let out a gasp when I first licked her but this was nothing compared with what she let out when I touched her arse-hole. It was obvious she loved it. I repeated and when I reached the top of her pussy she raised her hips to try to get me to lick her little clit. I pulled back and repeated the process. On the third occasion, I just touched her clit but quickly pulled away. Her moan was long and loud. The next time the extra juices coming from her pussy were very noticeable and her moaning was even louder.

After several trips down and back up I took Gloria’s little clit in my mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh, fuck that’s nice. Keep it up.”

I stopped sucking on it but moved my tongue along the side of it and across the top. Her hips were lifting wildly now. I decided that it was time for penetration. I moved up along her body giving the little nipples a lick as I went. She grabbed me once my face was near hers and pulled me into a long hard kiss. I then felt her hand travelling southwards. My cock had been slipping across her slit and clit. My pre-cum was mixing with her juices to create a slippery mess in preparation for entry.

I felt her hand on my cock aligning it with her hole. I pushed the head in. She was tight, very tight. I pulled my face back from hers and asked, “Protection?”

“Just fuck me, I want you inside me. I’ll worry about that later.”

“I’ll pull out.”

“No, you won’t. I want it the way that Debbie had it. If I get pregnant then bad luck...  or maybe good luck. Who knows?”

I pushed hard into her. She raised her hips to meet my thrust but I penetrated no more than an inch. She was tight, very tight. I pulled back and tried again. Just a little more slipped in. Gloria was moaning and groaning all the while. I continued to withdraw a little and then push back in. Each time I gained just a little more ground. After about fifteen or twenty attempts I was completely inside her. Her entry was so tight that it felt as if she would cut-off the blood supply to my cock. I was moving just a little bit inside her and each time I pushed I could feel contact with her cervix. It was a very nice feeling.   

I suddenly felt her entry go through a spasm. I knew what it was. It was the beginning of her orgasm. “Oooh, Goyse,  OOOhhh, Goyse, Oooohhhh, Goyse, Oooohhhh, fuck Goyse, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, OOOhhh fuck, my little pussy, give it to me.”

Her hips were lifting and thrusting. I could feel the heat of her juices on my shaft but she was so tight that nothing was escaping. I was moving with her as she thrust up at me. As she thrust forwards I pushed downwards. It felt as if my cock was reaching her stomach but I knew with just seven inches that was like a sexual mirage. I held back my orgasm. I was finding it difficult with the eroticism of it all but managed to do so.

Gloria had quietened down and I stopped my movement to allow her to recover.

“Is it always like that with you?” she asked.

“Sometimes, sometimes not. It depends. I have to admit that you are very special.”

“Was it like that with Debbie?”

“She was almost the same. I think she lasted a little longer before she had her orgasm.”

“You didn’t cum?”

“No, but that’s okay. The night is early yet. I need for you to make a decision about protection when you’re not so aroused.”

“So you didn’t cum because you didn’t want me to get pregnant?”

“Two reasons actually. The first is that I want it to last. It is important to me that you enjoy it and you wouldn’t like it as much if I came quickly. The other concern that I have is that if I cum inside you may get preggers and that is a decision that you need to make with a clear mind.”

“You know that I’m close to ovulating then.”

“All the signs are there.”

“When I get excited I feel as if I want a baby but then there are times that I think it may be a mistake.”

“That’s a decision that you have to be certain about. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be here when you’re absolutely certain, Gloria. Give it some time.”

“Okay, if you think so. Do you have a condom?”

“Yes, I do but maybe it’s better if I pull out. I can be trusted to do that. It will be more stimulating for both of us this way. I’ll have better feel of your pussy and you will have the thought of the risk factor thinking, will he pull out in time. Sometimes the risk factor can be highly arousing.”

“Like with Sue when she cheats on you?”    

 “I didn’t think of that but now you point it out. Yes, like Sue with her donkey dicks.”

“Donkey dicks?”

“You saw how stretched she was. She only goes for the big ones to get satisfaction. Anyone who is not this big and at least eight inches long gets ignored.” I showed her a size which was at least twice as round as my cock.

“That must be terrible for you. It must be so humiliating and she would be so loose. Debbie told me that you really enjoyed her. Now I know why.”

“I just enjoyed you and it’s not over yet.” We laughed and both of us started to build up a rhythm.

“Have you ever sucked someone off?” I asked.

“Yes, I had to do that in the home to prevent them from fucking me. I learned that once they came they left me alone so I had to do that or wank them to save my Cherry.”

“Did you save it?”

“Yes, I had to fight them off a few times but no one got me there. I lost it later to an arse-hole who I cared about. All he cared about is my pussy. Once he got it a few times he up and left and I never saw him again. I haven’t been with a man since then. Debbie was having trouble with her parents and family so I took her in to protect her. I wasn’t thinking of forming a relationship with her that just happened later. She’s very caring and I love her very much.”

“If you pull out I would be very happy to suck you off.”

“Perhaps that’s a good idea I would not want to get you pregnant until you’re sure.”

“Okay, it’s settled then. When you’re ready let me know.”

I continued to stroke into her. She raised her hips to meet me every time. I was hoping that she would become more excited but although she was working hard there were no signs of another orgasm. I knew that I needed to do something different if she was going to reach her peak again. After some time I slowed down but still no signs of increased arousal. I then slowly withdrew. She looked into my eyes and I knew she was wondering what I was about to do.

I slid slightly down her body and took her left nipple into my mouth. Finally a response, she groaned. I moved my mouth and used my tongue around her nipple and tits. I then shifted to the right and once more she moaned. I repeated the shift several times. Each time I shifted she let out a moan. It was obvious that this was exciting her. Suddenly I moved further south and ran my tongue up the right side of her slit then down the left side.  Her moans were now louder. I then ran my tongue down to her anus.

“OOOHHHH, fuck.” I ran my tongue back up to her slit. This time I reached her little clit. Her hips told the story. She liked this and the juices confirmed it. I ran my finger into her pussy. It was very wet. I then withdrew it and placed it against her arse-hole as I licked her clit. Her hips rose up towards me.


I moved the finger around her little but hole but without penetration. My tongue was working around her clit but not directly on it. Her hips were moving to get my tongue onto her little button. I could now feel her juices running from her slit down to where my finger was teasing her anus. I was wondering if I should penetrate her when she made the decision for me.

“Push it in a little bit. It feels nice.” I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pushed and my finger went to the first joint. I then moved it around inside her while continuing to tease her around her clit.

“Ooooohhhhhh, fffffuuuuuuccccckkkk mmmmmeee. I need you in me, now!”

I lifted my body over her and as quickly as possible pushed my cock into her. Her hips raised to meet me. I followed her lead in setting the pace and simply met each one of her thrusts. It didn’t take long and I was glad because I knew that I was getting close as well.

“AAAhhhh, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck,” she murmured as I felt that flush of heat that was her orgasm. It obviously was not as intense as her first but it continued for quite a while. I was starting to wonder if I could hold back much longer when she slowed and suddenly went quiet. She then started to laugh quietly.

“That was unbelievable. I thought it was going to go on forever and then I felt your pulse so I knew I had to stop or you would cum in me and you didn’t want to do that.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“Ruin it for me? You made it for me. You’re so gentle and caring, I can see why Sue, Marg and Cherie have fallen in love with you if you do that for them.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too.”

“But you haven’t cum yet.”

“That’s okay. If we go back to Sue and Debbie I’m sure one of them will do the services for me.”

“Next time I want you to give it to me.”

“Agreed, just make sure that it’s the right time of your cycle or else be prepared for the consequences. Come on let's join the others.”

We walked back into the master bedroom. Sue and Debbie were lying together facing each other in the centre of the bed. Sue appeared to be asleep but Debbie shifted her eyes to us as we entered. Gloria moved over behind Sue and spooned her placing her hands on her tits. This meant that she was leaving Debbie to me. I moved in behind Debbie. She turned her face back towards me and I lifted my head to kiss her. As we kissed I felt her push her but back towards me to indicate what she wanted. My erection slipped between her legs and the head slid across her slit. My head now rested against her clit. I moved in little thrusts so that the head of my cock teased her clit. In a short time, her movements mimicked mine and her breathing became heavier.

Suddenly she pulled forwards and pushed her bottom backwards and my cock aligned with her pussy and slipped inside. I was highly aroused and the heat of her pussy made my balls rise in their sack and I almost cum. I held off. I laid still for a moment, thought of a work problem and felt my balls start to drop once again. Once I was under control I started to thrust again.  Debbie must have felt it because she gave a little chuckle, kissed me and mimicked my movements once more.

In a short time, Debbie was working furiously with me. I could tell by her moans and groans she was going to reach her orgasm around the same time as me. I wanted to cum with her so I started thinking of blasting my sperm into her fertile pussy last time and in my mind, my wrigglers were fighting each other to be the first to fertilize her egg.

“Aaaahhhh, Oooohhhh, Aaaahhhh, Oooohhhh, Aaaahhhh, Oooohhhh, Aaaahhhh, Oooohhhh,” she moaned. I felt the heat of her juices and it sent me over the top.

“Ooooohhhhh, Ooooohhhhh, Ooooohhhhh, Ooooohhhhh,” I continued to cum and cum and cum until there was nothing left in my balls. I knew the cost to me of holding back so long was that my orgasm exceeded my capabilities. With my balls already dry my cock continued to try to eject sperm that wasn’t there. First of all, I felt the pain and then the rushing of blood in my ears and then I blacked out for a moment.

I awoke with Gloria above me looking worried. “Are you OK? Christ, I thought you had died on us.”

“No, I’m okay. It happens occasionally if my orgasm is too intense.”

“Do you remember what you said?”

“No, did I speak.”

“Yes, you said I love you Marg.”

I quickly looked across to Sue but she was still snoring. “What a stupid thing to say. I’m an idiot.”

“No, you’re in love. I picked it while I was talking to Marg. Do you know that she loves you too.”

“That’s wishful thinking, honey. She has a partner and I’m married with kids.”

She took my hand and started to pull me towards the door. I got out of bed and followed her. She took me downstairs. Debbie followed behind.

“Make me a coffee. We need to talk.”

I put the jug on and got the cups out and added the instant coffee to the cups with sugar. When the water boiled I mixed the coffee. I took a few biscuits from the tin and took them over to the table where Gloria and Debbie had been talking quietly. I sat down and looked at Gloria.

“You have to do something about it. You can’t just sit back and hope things will be OK, they won’t!”

“What the hell are we talking about?”

“We are talking about you and Marg. You just can’t ignore what you both feel. Do something about it.”

“Look, Marg and I had our time and we failed. There are just too many things conspiring against us.”

“Like what?”

“I am married. I have kids. Marg has a partner. Our families would disown us if we ignored everything and just thought of ourselves. It is simply not possible.”

“Okay, let’s work through it all. First off you’re married. Your wife just fucked someone and it’s obvious that when she wants to do it again she will because she has done it before. She doesn’t care if she hurts you and she thinks you care so little that you won’t even object and she seems to be right. To her, you’re a means of support, little else.”

“Maybe you’re right but there are good times.”

“Then there are the kids. They are getting older and they probably already know what their mother is doing. They probably already know why they are at their friend's place tonight while you entertain us. Kids are not stupid. They work things out. How do you think they feel? They probably already know that you and Marg have feelings for each other.”

I said nothing. I knew she was probably right. The number of times that Sue had attacked me over my being too close to Marg while they were around would have told them that something was not right.

“Then your families. Does your family care about you?” She didn’t wait for me to answer. “Unless the bastards are like mine they would want you to be happy and you’re never going to be sitting around waiting for Sue’s boyfriends to send her home. From what Marg tells us the whole town over east knew about your wife’s affairs. Don’t you think your family knows about them too or are they all deaf and dumb? Do you think that they like to see her cuckolding you?”

“I guess you have a point but remember that Sue is carrying my child.”

“Is she? Do you know that for sure? How can you know that she didn’t make love to someone else before you did? I can see your face and I can see that you know that you can’t be certain. That’s just the point isn’t it? You might never know. You said that she likes to make love to men when she is ovulating and refuses to use protection. Women don’t do that over and over again without getting pregnant. She has probably been there before many times that you don’t know about. How many more times will she do it.”

“She’s getting her tubes tied after this baby.”

“No, she’s not. She lives for the thrill. Take the thrill away and you lose her. She is with you because you will forgive her no matter what she does. No one else will. Once she is no longer fertile she will not need you because then she doesn’t need anyone to forgive her. You’re going to lose her anyway because in ten or fifteen years’ time she will not be fertile and then she will run off with one of her donkey dicks, as you call them.  Are you willing to lose fifteen years of your life? Marg can’t. She will not be there by then.”

I knew that everything that she said was most likely true. But I was in a rut and I felt that I couldn’t get out. When I married her I took her for better or for worse.  It was my belief that when you make a promise you should not break it or was that the excuse that I needed to not leave? It was ten years later almost to the day that Gloria’s final words would ring loudly in my ears. “If you don’t leave her and make a life with Marg you’re a fool.”

“I guess that I’m just a fool then,” was my reply. “Come on let’s go back to bed.”

“We will need to go.”

“I had hoped you would stay for the night.”

“I’m sorry but I have to go to work early tomorrow, maybe next time.”

“Okay, in a week’s time. Could you plan on stopping for a couple of days with us.”

“I will have made my decision by then.”

I saw Debbie looking at Gloria. I knew she would be wondering what the decision was that had to be made. I expected they would discuss it and make that decision together. Perhaps my and Debbie’s child would grow up with a little sister or a brother playmate. If they stayed around the area then Sue’s child might have two playmates.

The girls left and I returned to bed with Sue. I spooned her as I often did. She woke up and asked me had Debbie and Gloria gone home. I then asked her why she had broken her promise to me. She just shrugged and said I couldn’t help it. I was as horny as hell.

I dozed off to sleep but awoke to find Sue over the top of me sucking my cock. I was looking directly up into her gaping pussy.  “Lick me I’m sore,” she said. “He was really big and he hammered me.”

I did exactly what she told me and then she said. “You like it, don’t you? I love you. No one else would let me get fucked like you do.”

“I asked you not to. I’m disappointed in you.”

“But you told me it would be okay after I was pregnant.”

“No, I didn’t. I told you we could talk about it after our baby was born and after you had taken precautions.”

“Well, it’s too late now. Doug will expect it from me all the time now because we will be working together almost every day.”

“What if I say no?”

“It’s my pussy and I’ll decide who gets it and who doesn’t. Besides, you have your little tight pussies to service now. If I stop you they will be very disappointed. Debbie told me you were the best she has ever had. I like her and I don’t want you to disappoint her. You thought I was asleep when you came back but I listened and I could see that Gloria was very happy with you too. You’ve almost got a harem now. There’s me, Marg, Cherie, Debbie and Gloria. You won’t be able to pay me the attention I need with all that lot so I’m going to have to look somewhere else. You like them tight anyway so it’s better if I get a little on the side.  I’ll keep my but hole for you if you ever want it. Come on, don’t get angry with me. It’s just sex. I don’t fall in love like you do. You’re the only one that I love.”

I just shook my head. I was in no mood to suck her huge cunt hole so I rolled her off me, turned over and faked snoring within a few minutes. During that time she babbled on but I had shut her words off. The only thing I heard was her saying that there was no need for me to be angry. In fact, I wasn’t angry. Not at her anyway. I was just angry at myself for letting her con me with a couple of tight pussies.

 I enjoyed the company of both Debbie and Gloria and not only for the sex. They were down to earth girls making their way through life together. They shared their life as lesbians. From what they had told me they could be any woman that you might pass on the street who may have been dealt a rotten hand in life and found comfort and trust in each other. That was something that they were not able to find in many of the men that they had met. I was proud of the fact that they were able to feel that they could trust me.

Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. Marg came as usual in my dreams. She was gorgeous. She held me tight and gave me back belief in myself again. In my dream, I asked her to marry me and her look of delight and happiness made my heart skip a beat. We went off together and lived our life separate from all the worries and troubles that had plagued us up until that time. At one stage in my dream, others tried to break in. There was Lyn. There was Sue. There was Debbie with a beautiful dark haired child who looked like me and there was Gloria. I allowed Gloria to stay for a while but the others I sent packing. When Marg saw Gloria she asked me to tell her to go. I kissed Gloria and said I was sorry but you wanted it this way so she left.  

I awoke with a start. It was that fucking alarm again telling me to get ready for work. It seems that every time I find peace with my life that alarm comes and takes it way. I hate the fucking thing. One day I’ll lose my temper and smash it.

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