Michelle's Awakening

By hikingman2

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Michelle's life turns around...

Michelle’s Awakening

Ch 1

Finally, 4:30. Michelle could now leave work, and head to the gym. But she wasn’t going there to work out, like she told her husband, Greg. She was meeting Mike in the side parking lot. Mike was her lover. Their relationship had been going for almost 3 months. Michelle was bored in her marriage, and their sex life was routine, as well as infrequent. She longed for more.

Michelle and Mike worked together, and had frequently met for lunch. The more they talked, the more their mutual attraction grew. Michelle found him to be attractive, physically fit, and as she was to find out later, very well endowed.

Her normal routine was to go in to the locker room at the gym, and change into her exercise clothes. Not only would this help her story when she got home, but Mike found them easy to remove as well. She would then come back out to the parking lot, where Mike would be parked next to her car. She would put her work clothes into her car, and they would then use Mike’s car to go to their special spot. About 6 miles from the gym, there was a pitted dirt road that led back into thick woods. A mile down this road was a small clearing, next to a small lake. Only used on weekends by teenage lovers, it was perfect for Mike and Michelle, who used it on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

As she drove to the gym, she thought back to the first time they had made love. Telling Greg she was going to the mall in a neighboring town, she used the map Mike had drawn for her, and drove to his house. Pulling into the driveway next to his car, she was amazed at how nice his house was.

“Hi,” Mike’s voice caught her attention as he walked towards her car.

“Oh hi Mike!” Exiting her car, Michelle came to him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Let me show you around.” With that, Mike took her hand and led her into the house.

“Mike, this is beautiful!”

“I did almost all the work myself.”

“You’re really good with your hands!” That comment brought a smile to Mike’s face.

“Let me show you the backyard. I think you’ll really like it.” When they walked out onto the deck, Michelle gasped. In front of her lay a pool, with a rock waterfall at one end. A beautiful lawn surrounded the pool. The yard was completely enclosed by thick, high hedges.

“Oh Mike, it’s beautiful!”

“Would you like to go for a swim?”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“I never wear one. No one can see in, trust me.”

Giving Mike a long look, Michelle smiled slightly. She knew that this was going to happen at some point, so why not now? She was certainly ready for it. With that, Michelle started to remove her clothes. Mike took his time undressing, as he was watching her, but trying not to be too obvious about it.

Mike marveled at Michelle’s body. A woman of 52, she had small but firm breasts, and a trim waist, with a neatly trimmed pubic area.

As Michelle stepped into the pool, Mike watched. Her butt was perfect! This caused his penis to awaken, and hastened his undressing. Michelle then turned and looked at Mike. Now it was her turn to be impressed. Broad, strong shoulders, led to a tight waist.   Obviously his life-long workout regimen was paying off. But what really caught her eye was his penis. It was truly bigger than any she’d ever seen! Of all the men that she had ever been with, none were ever longer than 6 inches. Mike was at least 2 inches longer, and definitely thicker.

Mike saw her staring and smiled. Walking into the pool, he came to her, resting his right hand on her upper arm. “Michelle, you are a beautiful woman.”

Before she could respond, Mike leaned forward, kissing her on the lips. Momentarily stunned, Michelle stared into his eyes, and then closing them, parted her lips. Their tongues met and intertwined. Mike’s arms encircled her, his hand resting at the top of her butt. Michelle put her arms around Mike’s neck, now kissing him passionately. Picking her up in his strong arms, Mike carried her out of the pool, laying her on the soft grass.

As they gazed into each other’s eyes, Mike whispered, “Michelle I want you.”

“I think we know what we both want.”

Smiling, Mike kissed her again, their tongues dancing. His hand resting on Michelle’s taut stomach, wandered to her left breast. Sighing slightly, Michelle arched her back, as if to offer her breast to him. Leaning down, Mike encircled the nipple with his lips.

Kissing the top of Mike’s head, Michelle whispered, “Oh Mike that feels so good.” He continued to suckle her breast, as his left hand wandered down her belly. As he continued down, Michelle’s legs parted, and she put her hand on the back of Mike’s head, holding him tight to her breast. Shifting slightly, Michelle touched Mike’s abdomen. Farther down, she encountered what she had desired since she first had seen it. His penis was longer and thicker than any she’d ever seen. Encircling it, she began stroking.

Unable to check her desire, she moved down, taking his penis into her mouth. Michelle would do this for Greg, but only reluctantly. Now her passion and desire were so intense, she greedily devoured Mike’s penis. With her hand around the base of the shaft, she tried to draw as much as possible into her mouth. At best, she got half. He was just too much for her.

Moaning, Mike put his hands gently on Michelle’s head. Lying back, he stared down at her, as she shifted so that she was kneeling between his legs. Sliding his shaft in and out of her mouth, she used her left hand to massage his sac.

Realizing that her wonderful ministrations would cause him to finish too soon, Mike gently pulled her mouth from him. As he did, his penis swung free. Michelle was mesmerized by its beauty, and she put her right hand around it, savoring its wetness as she stroked it.

Pulling her forward by her shoulders, Mike kissed her forehead, her nose, and then her lips. As they kissed, Michelle reached down, and grabbing his engorged manhood, brought it to her vagina. Easing downwards, she gently slid onto it. Never having been stretched this far by anyone; she immediately felt its wonderful fullness.

“Oh Mike.”

Michelle’s wetness allowed her to slide easily. Sitting down completely, she arched her back, her hands on Mike’s thighs. He responded by raising his hips, completely impaling her. Reaching up, he massaged both of her breasts, while they thrust together.

Michelle now leaned forward, her breasts caught between them. Kissing desperately, she increased the pace of her hips. Mike sensed that she was nearing her orgasm, and hastened to start his. Just as he felt his sac tighten, Michelle went over the edge. Hugging Mike tightly, she forced herself down hard on Mike’s penis. His first offering slammed into her.

Grabbing her butt with both hands, Mike lifted Michelle up, using his hips as a fulcrum. Thrusting repeatedly, he filled her. Stifling a scream, she held on tight. This most intense of orgasms washed over her like nothing she had ever experienced.

“Oh Mike,” was all Michelle could utter between gasps. Hugging him, they kissed passionately, his penis slowly softening, yet remaining deeply inside her.

When they awoke, they were lying side by side. The sun had drifted so they were now in the shade. Shivering slightly in the coolness, Mike kissed Michelle’s right breast, awakening her.   Smiling and running her hand through his hair, Michelle reached down and stroked him back to a firm erection.

“You are the man I’ve never had, but have always dreamed of.”

With that, Michelle laid back and spreading her legs, pulled him atop her.

Ch 2

As Michelle parked and walked into the gym, she noticed that it was busy. That was typical at this time of day. It was also a benefit for Michelle. Hey, she’s a girl after all, and girls like to check out the guys! In the locker room, Michelle undressed. As she stood naked in front of the lockers, she couldn’t help noticing a woman, 10 feet away, staring at her. Then she realized that the stare was one of lust. Thinking back to her bi experiences in college, she decided to have some fun, and enjoy the moment.

Turning slightly, Michelle bent over, rummaging through her bag. Spreading her feet slightly, this gave the woman a perfect view of her butt, and farther in between her legs. Michelle could almost sense the woman’s eyes upon her. Standing, she stretched, and arching her back to make her breasts project, she looked directly into the woman’s eyes.


As Michelle slowly looked up and down the woman’s body, this enticing stranger moved closer to her. Running her hand down Michelle’s right arm from shoulder to hand, she returned Michelle’s smile. Never breaking eye contact, the woman moved in to kiss Michelle.

“Hi to you,” she said as their lips met. Their tongues intertwined. The woman grabbed Michelle’s butt, pulling them tightly together. Wrapping her arms around the woman’s waist, Michelle broke the kiss.

“Sarah, you are as beautiful as ever.”

“So are you Michelle.”

Breaking apart, Michelle asked, “Are we still on for Saturday?”

“Yes. Are you still seeing Mike on the side? If you ever get tired of him, let me know.”

“You’ll be the first to know. In fact, that’s where I’m going now.” Finishing changing, Michelle gave Sarah a kiss, and headed for the parking lot.

Dropping her bag into her trunk, she climbed into Mike’s car, sliding over next to him.

“Hi babe.”

“Hi honey.” Giving Mike a kiss on the cheek, Michelle reached down and massaged his growing firmness through the material of his pants. Smiling at Michelle, Mike placed his hand on hers, as he drove one-handed to their secret spot.

When he parked and shut off the motor, Mike turned and kissed Michelle. Their tongues began their familiar dance. Reaching down, Mike grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, and lifted it up. Breaking their kiss momentarily, he lifted it over her head, tossing it in the back seat. He then opened the door, and getting out, reached in and took Michelle’s hand.

“C’mon babe, it’s so nice out today.”

Stepping out, Michelle immediately felt the warm sun on her naked breasts. Walking to the front of the car, Mike sat her on the hood. Lying back, she let her hands gently glide over her breasts, down her stomach, and under the waistband of her shorts. Kneeling, Mike placed his fingers alongside Michelle’s, and began to pull her shorts down. Michelle raised her hips, and her shorts slid easily down her legs, falling to the ground.

Spreading her knees, Mike lowered his head to her warm, moist, womanhood. Sucking and nibbling on the outer lips, she moaned loudly. Grabbing Mike’s head, she pulled him firmly to her.

Mike probed into her with his tongue, causing her to buck against him. Reaching up, she grabbed the upper edge of the hood for support. Raising her knees to her shoulders, she lay completely exposed. Standing, Mike quickly tore off his clothes, and grabbing his engorged manhood, easily mounted Michelle. As he slid in, he laid forward, and bucking his hips, kissed her passionately. Wrapping her legs around him, Michelle met each of his thrusts with one of hers. Sex with Mike had so overtaken her that she wanted to please him in every possible way.

He varied the speed and intensity of his sensuous assault, bringing her to the edge, and then backing off, time and again. Finally, she could take no more.

“Do it Mike, do me now!”

Michelle’s head twisted violently side to side, as she tightly wrapped her legs around him. He could hold back no longer, and thrusting deeply, exploded inside her. Grunting wildly, he filled her over and over. In the throes of her orgasm, Michelle could feel his cum running down to her butt, wetting the hood. A last jolt of orgasmic bliss hit her, and she bucked her hips, raising Mike.

Standing, Mike held her hips, so that his softening penis remained inside of her. Slowly, it slid out, and grabbing it, he slid it along her savaged wetness. Taking her hands, he helped her to stand. Hugging, they felt the warm afternoon sun on their bodies.

Ch 3

Saturday morning, Michelle told Greg that she was going to visit Sarah, a long time friend of hers. While driving to her apartment, Michelle thought of the encounters she had had with other women. Since her first experience at 19, Michelle knew that she was bisexual. Figuring her husband wouldn’t understand, she never told him. Sex with Sarah was different, special in many ways. Her touch, her kiss, drove Michelle mad with ecstasy.

Parking outside of Sarah’s apartment building, she locked her car, and walked towards the center court of the complex. The pool company was servicing the pool, so Michelle slowed a bit, checking out the guys. She had a thing for older men, and two years ago, she had a brief affair with a man in his late 60’s. Now, one of the men working here was in his 60’s. Stopping momentarily, she was admiring his tight butt, when a whistle from the other pool guy brought her back to reality.

Blushing slightly, she hurried on to Sarah’s apartment. Knocking on the door brought no immediate response. Knocking again, Sarah finally answered.

“Hi Michelle. I’m sorry, I must have overslept.”

“That’s ok, I was checking out the hot guy working on the pool.”

“Always looking!”

As Sarah turned back into the room, Michelle followed her, closing the door behind her. Sarah was wearing only a button-down shirt, held together by only one button. Following Sarah into the kitchen, Michelle was distracted by the sight of Sarah’s butt. The shirt she was wearing barely covered it, and with each step she took, a butt cheek was revealed. Coming up behind her, Michelle reached down, and pulling up her shirt, squeezed her left butt cheek. Nuzzling her neck, Michelle left a series of small kisses.

“You are so beautiful Sarah.”

Turning around, Sarah hugged Michelle. “The day is ours. Help me in the shower…?”

Drying off in the bedroom after their shower, Michelle lay back on the bed. “Sarah, I need to get you together with someone. Having Mike in my life is wonderful. I never knew that sex could be as wild as it is with him.”

“Well, he’s hung like a horse; at least you’ve told me that.”

“Would you like to see him naked?”

“Yes I would!”

“Then let’s see if he’s home, and we’ll pay him a visit.”

Grabbing her cell phone, Michelle dialed Mike’s number. He answered on the third ring.


“Hi honey!”

“Hey! What are you up to?”

“Are you going to be home today? Sarah and I want to go swimming.”

“Yep, sure will. Tommy and I are just hanging out. C’mon down!”

“Ok, we’ll be there in an hour or so. Bye, sweetie!”

“It’s all set Sarah. Mike and his friend Tommy are there.”

“Who’s Tommy?”

“You’ll like him. He’s cute!”

“Oh Michelle, you’re so good to me!”

Sitting down next to Michelle, Sarah placed her left hand on her right breast. As they were both still naked from the shower, the skin to skin contact felt wonderful for both of them. Reaching up, Michelle pulled Sarah to her, kissing her passionately. Sucking Sarah’s tongue into her mouth, Michelle held it with her tongue for a long, sensuous moment. Breaking the kiss, Sarah repositioned herself, so she could kiss her way down Michelle’s body. Nuzzling her right breast, Sarah greedily sucked and nibbled the nipple.

“Oh baby, that’s so good!” Placing her hands on Sarah’s head, Michelle gently encouraged her downwards. Needing no further prodding, Sarah kissed her way to Michelle’s navel, probing it with her tongue.

“Sarah, that tickles!”

Continuing on, Sarah gently but firmly separated Michelle’s thighs. Kissing the top of her warm wetness caused Michelle to jump. Immediately, Sarah began an intense oral attack on Michelle’s vagina. Michelle’s legs splayed completely apart. She was at the complete mercy of her lover. Reaching under Michelle’s butt with both hands, Sarah pulled her up to meet her mouth. She continued her unrelenting assault on Michelle. Twisting and moaning, Michelle was in a complete state of sexual bliss. Forcefully squeezing her own breasts, Michelle emitted a continual moan. The orgasm hit her hard, very hard. Covering her mouth to stifle a scream, Michelle wrapped her legs tightly around Sarah’s back. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her.

Continuing to probe and lick with her tongue, Sarah held tight to Michelle’s vagina. Finally, as Michelle started to calm down, Sarah lifted from between her thighs, and looking up at her, smiled. Reaching down, Michelle pulled Sarah up to her, kissing her, hugging her tightly.

The drive to Mike’s house would take almost an hour, so Michelle called and told him they would be late, as something had caused a “delay”. As they drove, the girls talked.

“Sarah, I’ve never felt so alive sexually as I have the last few months. Mike knows how to do things to me I didn’t realize were possible.”

“I’m so happy for you Michelle You two make a great couple. You have the best of both worlds.”

“True, but sex with Greg just isn’t very exciting. It’s the same old thing every time, and he’s almost always done is less than 5 minutes.”

“Is Tommy as big as Mike?”

“We’ll soon find out!”

Finally, they pulled into Mike’s driveway. Hearing the car, Mike and Tommy came out to greet them.

“Hi girls!”

“Guys, this is Sarah. Sarah, this is Mike and Tommy.”

After the introductions and a bit of small talk, they went inside.

“Wine, anyone?”

Sitting in the living room and talking, the wine flowed freely. After a second glass, Michelle moved closer to Mike on the couch, and turning to him, kissed him. As Tommy and Sarah watched, Mike and Michelle held a passionate embrace. Finally breaking apart, Michelle asked, “Who wants to go swimming?”

Without hesitation, the guys got up, and headed for the pool. By the time the girls got to the deck, the guys were naked, and entering the pool.

“Sarah, look at those hot, sexy butts!”

As the guys got into the pool and turned to look, both girls were getting undressed. Neither was wearing a bra, so as soon as their tops were off, their breasts were exposed. Putting her right arm around Sarah, Michelle reached over, and squeezing her left breast said, “Well, you guys like?”

Both nodding like bobble-head dolls, the guys watched them closely. Reaching into Sarah’s waistband, Michelle pulled her shorts down. Sarah responded by doing the same to Michelle. As Michelle had now taken to shaving herself (at Mike’s request), both men eye’s zeroed in on her.

Squealing in delight, both girls ran, splashing into the pool. The sudden immersion in the pool caused both girls’ nipples to harden. That caused an immediate reaction in both Mike and Tommy as well. Splashing over to Mike, Michelle hugged him tightly, causing his erection to grow even more. Reaching down, Michelle grabbed it, and putting between her legs, slid back and forth along its’ length.

“Oh sweetie, I need some of this.”

Kissing him, Michelle forcefully pushed her breasts into his chest. Responding, Mike reached around her with both hands, and grabbing her butt, pulled her even tighter to him.

Tommy and Sarah were talking and giggling. Sarah’s ability to handle wine was minimal, and as such, was feeling no pain. The more they talked, the more relaxed she became. Sensing this, Tommy grabbed her arm, and pulling her to him, kissed her. Their lips parted, and their tongues sought each other. Reaching down, he firmly squeezed her left butt cheek. This caused Sarah to moan loudly.

Hearing the moan, Michelle glanced over, and seeing what they were doing, she smiled. Turning back to Mike, she kissed him, and said, “Let’s go lay on the grass.”

Hand in hand, Mike and Michelle left the pool, and lay down on the grass. As Mike lay back, she straddled him, kissing his lips, before moving down and biting his left nipple.

“Oh babe, you sure know how to excite me!”

Reaching between her legs and grabbing his erection, Michelle replied, “It sure does look that way!”

Stroking him a few more times, she guided him to her willing vagina. As excited as she was, he slid in easily.

“Oh honey!”

Thrusting upwards, Mike lifted her from the ground with each stroke. Leaning forward, she kissed him, sucking greedily on his tongue. Thrusting and bucking, their actions soon caught the attention of Tommy and Sarah. Mesmerized, Sarah stared, mostly at the size of Mike’s penis. “My gawd, Michelle was right!”

Taking her by the hand, Tommy walked her to the edge of the pool. Lifting her by her hips, he sat her on the edge, her legs dangling in the water. “Lay back.”

As she lay back, he pulled her towards the edge, so that her butt was on the lip of the pool. Gently separating her thighs, he leaned forward and began an intense exploration of her vagina with his tongue.

“Oh gawd Tommy!”

Moaning loudly, Sarah ran her fingers through his hair, holding him tight to her. Wrapping her legs around his back, she bucked into him in a steady, rhythmic motion. Low grunts from Mike caused Sarah to look their way.   From where she was, she could see Michelle’s back and butt, thrusting up and down. With each upstroke, Sarah was treated to a view of Mike’s massive erection. How she wished she was in Michelle’s place at that very moment!

Her thoughts were brought back to her own place, when Tommy stood up, and pulling her upright, kissed her right breast while kneading the left one.

“Tommy, let’s join them on the grass.”

By the time Tommy got out of the pool and scrambled over to the grass, Sarah was already lying down next to Michelle. Michelle was on all fours, with Mike behind her. Holding her hips, Mike was pounding forward with reckless abandon. Squatting and thrusting, he had Michelle deeply impaled. Tommy watched with sensuous awe, as her breasts swayed and bounced.

Kneeling down between Sarah’s thighs, Tommy kissed his way to her vagina. Probing and thrusting with his tongue, Sarah was soon moaning loudly. Looking over at Michelle, she saw beads of sweat forming on Michelle’s forehead. Reaching over, Sarah grabbed Michelle’s hand and squeezed.

Working his way upwards, Tommy took Sarah’s left breast into his mouth. Reaching down, Sarah grabbed Tommy’s penis, and guided it to her waiting mound. With one continual push, he slid in.

“Oh baby,” Sarah was able to moan. Leaning up on locked arms, Tommy looked at Sarah as he settled in an erotic rhythm. Loud moans and grunts came from Mike and Michelle, as they fought their way through their individual orgasms. Holding himself tight inside, Mike pumped wave after wave of his seed into Michelle. Exhausted, he collapsed next to her, tenderly loving her body in its afterglow.

Tommy felt himself nearing the point of no return. Thrusting and gyrating, he was giving every ounce of his lustful energy to Sarah.

“Oh baby, c’mon now!”

With that, Tommy literally exploded into her. Squeezing his sac, she tried to milk every bit of his offering from him. Finally winding down, he lay atop her, kissing her passionately.

When Mike awoke, he saw that Michelle and Sarah were asleep, no doubt a mixture of wine, sun and sex. Hearing a splash, he turned and saw Tommy in the pool. As he stood to walk over to the pool, he couldn’t help but stare at the girls, two beautiful naked women. Gazing at Sarah’s naked butt, he imagined himself with her. Entering the pool, he went to the edge where Tommy was leaning on the side, soaking in the beauty of the girls.

“Mike, these girls are hot!”

“Yea, they sure are. If you get the chance, give Michelle a try. She gives outstanding head.”

“I’ll bet she does! I guess she’s not getting much at home.”

“From what she tells me, her husband is a dud in bed. Half the time, he can’t get it up, and when he does, he’s done before she can even get started.”

“What a lucky break for you!”

“Yea, she sure is. I’m gonna try to get her to stay with me for a weekend soon. I just have to figure out how to do it.”