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Michelle's Awakening-Part 2

her world expands

PT 2

Ch 4

Life during the next week was difficult for Michelle. Seeing Mike at work and not being able to get close to him was maddening. In addition, Greg was expressing concern about their lackluster sex life. She knew that she shouldn’t ignore him, but try as she might, she just couldn’t get excited about having sex with him.

Tuesday afternoon, Michelle was organizing her desk prior to heading for the gym, when Mike walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Hi babe”.

“Hi honey! I was just getting ready to head out for the gym”.

“Hey, I have a question. Would you be able to get away for a weekend soon?”

“I’m not sure, why?”

“I have the keys to my uncle’s cabin up at Meadow Lake, and I’d like to take you there”.

“I suppose I could. Let me think about it, and I’ll see what I can come up with”.

“Great!” Encircling Michelle with his arms, Mike gave her a long, sensuous kiss. Grabbing her butt, he pulled her to him, grinding his hips into hers.

“Meet you at the gym”.

Driving to the gym, Michelle thought about how great a weekend like that would be. Now she just had to figure out what to tell Greg.

Walking out of the gym after changing, she saw that Mike was parked in his usual spot. Throwing her work clothes into her car, she climbed into Mike’s. Sliding up against him, she kissed his cheek.

“I’ve got a way to get the weekend”.

“Mmmm. How’s that?”

“You know that three day seminar coming up in two weeks?”

“I do”.

“Well, I’ll be going to that”, Michelle said with a smile, firmly squeezing his penis.

Putting his arm around her, Mike held her tight to him as he drove. Reaching down, Michelle unzipped and then unbuckled his slacks. Raising his hips from the seat, Michelle pulled his pants down below his knees. Immediately, she took his penis into her mouth, sucking on it, sliding up and down on it with her lips tightly encircling it. Rolling his sac with the fingers of her right hand, she quickly had him fully erect.

“Michelle, I love the way you do that to me”.

This emboldened her even more. As they turned onto the familiar gravel road, she reached down, and grabbing her t-shirt, pulled it up so that her breasts were exposed. Reaching around her with his right hand, he firmly grasped her right breast, toying with the nipple.

Pulling up to their spot, Mike was surprised to see another car parked there.

“Don’t get up just yet, there’s another car here”.

Michelle stopped what she was doing, pulling her shirt back down.

“Who is it?”

“I’m not sure. It looks like a couple of teenagers going at it”.

Peering through the windshield, he saw that indeed, a college-age couple was at it, hot and heavy.

“It’s ok babe, just a couple of young lovers”.

Michelle resumed sucking on his penis, her left hand exploring his chest and abdominal muscles.

“C’mon honey, let’s go outside again.”

Without waiting for an answer, he opened the door. Pulling his slacks the rest of the way off, he stepped out. Sitting up, Michelle opened her door, and stepping out, met him at the front of the car. Pulling off her shirt, she dropped it to the ground. Jumping up on the hood, she pulled her shorts down, and kicked them off. Lying back, she spread her legs, inviting Mike to her.

The commotion behind them caused the young lovers to sit up and look. Both were mesmerized by the scene taking place.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Mike dropped it, and naked, stepped between Michelle’s legs. Guiding himself to her, he mounted her. The young couple watching was now both on their knees, staring through the back window of their car. What amazed the girl was Mike’s size. Her current boyfriend was her first lover, and he was what one would consider “normal”.

“My gawd, he’s huge!”

“She’s really into it!”

Michelle’s legs were wrapped tightly around Mike, crossed at the ankles. Bucking and moaning, Mike knew his release would come soon, as Michelle’s oral sex had more than gotten him started.

“Oh babe, here I go!” Thrusting hard, his sac was audibly slapping against Michelle. Just as he started to ejaculate, her orgasm hit her. Raking his back with her nails, she dug into him with her heels.

As they hugged, Michelle’s legs relaxed, dropping down, and lay on the hood. Looking behind him, Mike saw the lovers staring at them. Drawing back, he turned to give them one final part of the show. For her, a look at his penis, still semi-hard, and surely bigger than her boyfriend. And for him, a view of Michelle, completely savaged, as a woman should be after intense sex. Walking over to their car, Mike stuck his head in the window.

“Enjoy the show?”

“You two are awesome!”

“We come here every Tuesday and Thursday. If you promise to keep it a secret, you can watch whenever you want. Maybe join in too”.

“Cool! You’ve got a deal! By the way, I’m Doug, and this is Cindy”.

“I’m Mike. C’mon out and meet Michelle”.

Stepping out of the car, Doug and Cindy, both naked, walked with Mike back to the car, where Michelle was now sitting up.

“Michelle, this is Doug and Cindy. I’ve invited them to join us when we visit our spot.”

“Hi, I guess we put on quite a display for you”.

“We loved it!”

Mike noticed that Cindy was sneaking glances at his penis. This caused him to begin another erection.

“How about a quick dip in the lake?”

The four of them walked to short distance down to the lake, and without hesitation waded in. When the water was waist deep, Mike turned and smiled directly at Cindy. Blushing slightly, she returned the smile. Doug and Michelle were talking, with Doug stealing frequent glances at her breasts.

Walking over to Cindy, Mike said, “Cindy, Doug is a lucky guy. You are a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you.”

They were close enough, so that glancing quickly over at Doug, and seeing that he was distracted with Michelle, she reached down, and grabbed Mike’s penis. Stroking it, she said, “I never realized that a man could get this big”.

“Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Maybe soon you can experience it for yourself”.

“I think I’d like that”.

Michelle and Doug were wading over to them so Cindy quickly let go. Walking up to Mike, Michelle gave him a quick kiss, and squeezed his left butt cheek.

“Doug promised that they would be here on Thursday”.


Walking back to the car, Mike and Doug lagged behind, admiring both of the girls’ butts as they walked. Opening the trunk, Mike produced two towels, so they could dry off. As they prepared to leave, Cindy ran over, and kissed Mike on the cheek.

“See you on Thursday!”

Driving back to the gym, Michelle commented, “Looks like Cindy has the hots for you, one part in particular”.

“Would you mind is she had some?”

“Not at all honey. She’s young, and needs to experience what real, decent sex with a man is supposed to be like”.

Smiling, Mike pulled her to him, her head resting on his shoulder.

Ch 5

The next day, Michelle decided that Greg had suffered long enough. Getting ready for work, she wandered around the house naked, something she would normally never do. When she was ready to leave for work, she kissed him, gently squeezing his penis.

“See you tonight”.

At work she ran into Mike twice, the second time, he snuck a quick squeeze of her butt. That night, she took a long bath, and when finished, slipped naked into bed. Dropping his sweat pants, Greg too was naked.

Kissing, their tongues met. Sucking greedily on Greg’s tongue, Michelle was surprised to find herself becoming aroused. Moving down, Greg took her left breast into his mouth, sucking in as much as possible, and then gently biting the nipple.

“Oh honey, you do that so well!”

Working both breasts with his mouth, Greg’s hand wandered down, and finding her surprisingly wet, massaged the outer lips, and palm massaged the entire area.

Reaching down, she took hold of his penis, and was somewhat surprised to find him fully erect. As Greg had been experiencing ED for almost a year, this was truly unexpected.

Moving between her legs she guided him into her. Three strokes and he was completely buried in her. Setting up a bucking rhythm, he reached up and cupped her left breast.

“Oh babe!”

Thrusting wildly, he spewed forth, as her orgasm washed over her. As he continued unabated, the head board slammed repeatedly against the wall. Finally, they both slowed down, kissing passionately.

“Oh honey”.

“I love you babe”.

“I love you too”.

The next day Michelle’s mind was in a quandary. All morning, she wondered if she was putting too much into her relationship with Mike. Maybe, she thought, she should refocus her efforts with Greg. Finally, she decided to do both. Sex with Mike was a truly unique experience, and as long as she could keep it at that level…

As the afternoon wore on, she thought about the upcoming evening. She and Mike would be going out to their spot, and Doug and Cindy had promised to be there. Doug was cute, and had a nice, youthful body. This had excited her. The thought of being made love to by a 20-something was intriguing to her.

Mike seemed more than just casually interested in Cindy. While in the lake, Michelle had seen Cindy stroking his penis. And why not? He was overly large, and Michelle would love to see him in action. Besides, she wouldn’t just be sitting around, doing nothing.

Michelle caught herself rubbing her vagina through her clothes, as action that made her thoughts all the more sensually intense. She had masturbated for as long as she could remember. As a young girl, the feelings invoked by touching herself, were intensely scary, yet pleasurable at the same time. Her first boyfriend at 17 had tried to have sex with her, but she resisted, as she felt she wasn’t ready to go all the way. She would masturbate him, and let him take her top and bra off, but it never went any farther.

Michelle was late leaving her office, because her boss saw fit to dump last minute work on her desk. Pulling into the gym parking lot, she saw that Mike was already there, waiting.

“Hi honey, sorry I’m late”.

“That’s ok, just hop in and let’s go”.

Throwing her gym bag in the back seat, she slid in next to him.

“I put my name on the seminar list today. Are we still on for next weekend?”

“Absolutely. Just the two of us. Leave Friday after work, and return late Sunday. That sound ok?”

“Yes it does!”

Mike slowed as he turned onto the gravel road, the tires raising a dust cloud as he drove toward their destination. As he eased the car into the clearing, he was delighted to see Doug’s care already there. Pulling in behind it, he could see Doug and Cindy down by the lake. Doug was in shorts, and Cindy was wearing only a thong bikini bottom. Her breasts shone white against the tan she had obviously been working on for awhile.

Waving down to them as they got out of the care, Mike and Michelle grabbed towels and 2 large blankets from the trunk, before heading down to join them by the lake.

As Mike spread the blankets on the ground, Michelle carefully removed her work clothes, folding them into a neat pile. Doug intently watched her every move.

“I brought enough blankets for all of us”.

“Great! Thank you!”

As Mike got undressed, Michelle lay down on the blanket, letting the sun warm her body. By this time, Doug had lost his shorts, his erection betraying his obvious level of excitement.

“Cindy, let’s see you without the thong!”

Pulling it down, and kicking it aside, Cindy now stood naked, with 3 sets of eyes upon her. The small patch of hair she had was neatly trimmed.

“Come and sit between Doug and I”.

Sitting down, her hand rested on Mike’s thigh for balance. Once she was sitting, she was slow in removing it. Doug and Michelle were making small talk, but his gaze kept returning to her breasts. Turning towards him, and raising up on one elbow, Michelle rested her hand on his thigh. With her knees widely parted, Doug had an unobstructed view.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Uh, yea I do”.

Taking his hand, Michelle placed it on her left breast. Leaning over Doug kissed her. As they kissed, Michelle encircled his penis with her right hand, firmly stroking it.

Lying back, she whispered in his ear,” I want you in me”.

Climbing between her legs, Doug grabbed his penis, and sliding it up and down through her wetness, started to push his way in.

“Oh baby, do it”.

Resting on his knees and locked arms, he thrust forcefully into her, her breasts shaking with each movement. Firmly squeezing his butt with both hands, she tried to pull him ever deeper. With the stamina of youth, he took her to heights she had forgotten even existed. Peaking almost immediately, she had lost all control of conscious thought. She was completely under Doug’s control. Sensing this, he told her to turn over, and get on her hands and knees. Reentering, Doug placed one hand on the small of her back, the other on her shoulder. Thrusting with a fearsome force, his sac slapped loudly against her.

Mike rested on his right elbow, watching Doug and Michelle.   Cindy was completely focused on the spectacle before her. Rather than feelings of jealousy at seeing her boyfriend with another woman, she felt intense sexual desire. Here was an older woman of obvious experience, completely at the mercy of her boyfriend.

Mike was massaging Cindy’s left breast, toying with the nipple. Never taking her eyes off of Doug and Michelle, she reached back and began to stroke Mike’s penis. As she did, he pushed it into the lower part of her butt, so that it slid into her wetness.

Raising her upper leg, Cindy made way for him to enter. Looking back over her should, she whispered, “Please be easy, you’re so big, and Doug is the only guy I’ve ever had”.

Pushing forward, he felt her tightness as he started to enter. Ever the gentleman, he slowly worked his way in, allowing her plenty of time to accommodate him. Kissing her neck, he held her hips in place with his left hand.

Glancing over the top of Cindy, he saw that Doug and Michelle were still at it. Doug was now straddling her face, and had his penis buried deeply in her mouth. Her right hand was massaging his sac, causing him to moan loudly. By the urgency of his moans, it was apparent that his release was imminent. Sensing this, Michelle pulled him in as deeply as possible into her mouth. Bucking wildly, Doug exploded. Michelle swallowed with each burst, and was able to get it all.

Her orgasm, the third so far, hit just then. Moaning around Doug’s softening penis, she pushed hard against his face and tongue. Finally slowing, she sat up, and turning, lay down next to Doug. Kissing deeply, they were oblivious to Mike and Cindy.

Moving together, Mike and Cindy were in a sensuous rhythm. Only able to get halfway in, Mike felt that he was getting close. Unable to hold back, he came, releasing a torrent into Cindy’s vagina. Reaching down and rubbing her clitoris, he stimulated her orgasm as well. He held her tightly as they both interlocked in sexual bliss.

Looking over, he saw Doug looking back at him. Smiling, he had a look of utter satisfaction, yet complete mastery of the woman he had just been with. He knew they would be together again…

Driving back to Michelle’s car, Mike had an idea. “Hey babe, do you want to invite them up to the cabin next weekend?”

“Oh could we? You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all. You know, I’ve never seen you like you were tonight. It’s almost like he had a spell on you”.

I can’t explain it either. His body was like a drug. I felt like I was his personal sex slave. It was incredible”.


Doug was all that Michelle could think about for the next few days. On Saturday night, she was so horny that she practically ripped Greg’s clothes off. Try as he might, he was only able to achieve a partial erection. Only Michelle’s oral ministrations save the night from being a total disaster. This only served to make her more frustrated. On Sunday morning, she called Mike.

“Can you meet me at the mall at 11? I need to see you, if only for a few minutes.”

Explaining the previous nights’ debacle, he readily agreed.

“See you in front of Sears”.

Telling Greg that she was going to visit Sarah, she changed into an outfit she knew Mike liked. A brown sundress, rather loose fitting, it also had a plunging neckline. Whenever she would bend over, if someone were looking, they had a complete view of her breasts. That and sandals were the only things she had on, no bra and no panties. Since she would only have a short time with Mike, they would just get in the way, slow things down.

On the drive to the mall, she called Sarah, and told her what she was doing.

“Don’t worry I’ll cover for you. I owe you anyway”.

Ever since meeting Tommy, he and Sarah had been dating. Sarah was extremely grateful to Michelle.

Arriving at the mall, she saw that Mike was already there, waiting. Pulling up next to him, she rolled down her window.

“Hi handsome! Follow me; I’ve got something for you!”

Driving off, Mike followed. Since they had been seeing each other, they had developed a number of rendezvous sites. Where she was headed today was a large car storage lot in the industrial section of town. Closed on the weekends, it also had no rear fence. They could drive in, park in one of the rows of cars, and would blend right in. And that is just what they did.

Parking, she jumped out of her car, ran around to his, and practically dove into the passenger seat. Wrapping herself around him, they kissed fervently.

“Oh baby, I need you!”

“You look great babe”. As Mike spoke, he pulled up the hem of her dress. Seeing that she wasn’t wearing panties, he laid her back against the passenger door. Pushing her dress up above her waist, he got on the floor, and parting her thighs, dove straight into her vagina with his tongue.

“Let’s get in the back”.

Jumping over the seat, Michelle quickly undid his belt and zipper. Pulling his pants down, she grabbed his penis, and while stroking it, kissed and licked the head. Taking him deep a few times, he then held the head against his abdomen, while licking up and down the underside of the shaft. Reaching the base, she then gently sucked on his sac, rolling it with her tongue. Glancing up, she saw a look of pure joy on his face.

Licking her way back to the head, she then swallowed him again. Using her cheeks to make a vacuum, she sucked more forcefully. Moaning loudly, he put his hands on her head, assisting with her efforts.

“Mike, will you do me in my butt? I really want to try it. But please be gentle”.

“Turn over”.

Getting behind her, Mike lifted her dress, exposing her butt. Giving it a few playful smacks, he bent down, and gathering saliva on his tongue, thoroughly wet her anus. Grabbing his penis, he guided it to her, and ever so gently started to enter.

“Oh Mike, be gentle!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh no, I’m tight, so just be careful, that’s all”.

Slowly, he worked his way in. Gently rubbing her clitoris, he hoped to distract her while he continued to work his way in. This was a sensation that neither of them had ever felt before. When he was about halfway in, he decided not to go any farther this first time. Relaxing, he worked himself slowly in and out, rotating his hips. Reaching back, she massaged his sac, and rubbed his thighs.

“Oh honey, you feel absolutely wonderful in me”.

“I’m not going to last much longer!”

“Then c’mon honey. Do it!”

Her encouragement was enough. Blasting into her anal cavity, it lubed him enough to allow him to enter a bit more. Holding her hips, he emptied himself. Staying in place for a long few minutes, he slowly softened, and started to slide out.

Lying on her back, he whispered in her ear, “Babe, I love you”.

Looking back at him she replied, “Oh honey, I love you too. But we better go. I wouldn’t want someone to find us here”.

Pearl called Sarah as she drove. “Can I stop by for a bit?”

“Sure, c’mon over”.

Finally parking in front of Sarah’s apartment, Michelle went to get out of the car, when she realized how sore she was. “Oh gawd”, she said to herself. “It’s gonna be hard to walk for a few days”.

Knocking on Sarah’s door, she leaned against the wall for support.

“Hi, c’mon in. Why are you walking like that?”

Sitting down slowly, Michelle explained everything that she and Mike had just done.

“Gawd girl!   You are becoming sex crazy!”

“I know. I just can’t seem to get enough. That man is an absolute wonder to me. I’d do anything for him, as you can tell”.

“You’re already seeing him twice a week. Isn’t that enough?”

“Next Friday, we’re going up to his family’s cabin at Meadow Lake for the weekend. I’ve already got it covered at home”.

“You are one crazy girl, Michelle!”

Ch 7

Monday morning, Michelle was feeling a little better, so walking was easier. After sitting at her desk for a few minutes, Mike walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Hi babe”, he said, as he kissed the tip of her head.

“Hi sweetie. It’s rather difficult to walk and even to sit very long”.

“I’m sorry”.

“Oh, don’t be sorry. Quite the contrary, it’s a good hurt. I have no regrets”.

Looking up, she gave him a quick kiss. “Now get out of here, so I can get some work done!”

By Tuesday, she was almost back to normal. She was thinking about the evening to come, and was anxiously looking forward to seeing Doug again. She was also hoping that Doug and Cindy would be able to make it to the cabin.

Leaving work right at 4:30, she headed for the gym. Her anticipation had been growing all day. Changing quickly, she headed for the parking lot. As she walked towards the cars, she was surprised to see Doug and Cindy in the car with Mike.

“Hi babe, I left work early, and drove up to get Doug and Cindy. They’re on for this weekend”.

“That’s great!”

Dropping her bag in her trunk, she slid into the front seat of Mike’s car. Sliding over to him, they kissed briefly. As Mike started to pull out of the spot, Doug stopped him.

“Michelle, switch seats with Cindy”.

Without hesitation, she opened the door, and switching with Cindy, climbed in next to Doug. Pulling her to him, Doug kissed her, his hand immediately going to her right breast, and cupping it firmly.

Thoughts raced through Michelle’s mind. “Why did I do that so quickly? And why did it feel so right?”

As Mike drove, Doug and Michelle continued making out. Hands were everywhere. Cindy was leaning against Mike, rubbing his penis through the material of his pants. For his part, Mike’s hand was inside Cindy’s shorts, his fingers exploring.

By the time they reached their spot, Michelle had already had an orgasm, and was close to a second. Unable to control herself any longer, she dropped her shorts to the floor, and grabbing Doug’s shorts, pulled them down, his penis springing free.

Taking him quickly into her mouth, she slid him in and out 3 or 4 times, and then climbing up on him, straddled his hips. Grabbing his erect shaft, she guided him into her.

The sound of the front door opening momentarily distracted Michelle. Mike was getting out of the car, and holding Cindy’s hand bringing her with him. Walking to the trunk Mike opened it, and grabbing a blanket, he and Cindy walked towards the woods. Finding a small clearing, he spread out the blanket. As he did, Cindy got undressed.

Humping up and down, Michelle leaned forward, offering her left breast to Doug’s mouth. Sucking it in greedily he reached back, squeezing both of her butt cheeks tightly, pulling her farther onto him.

Kissing him, Michelle whispered, “Oh baby, you’re so good! Cindy is so lucky!”

As he continued thrusting in her, Doug replied, “She loves seeing you and I together. And she loves Mike. Man, is he hung!”

Smiling, Michelle kissed him again, their tongues dancing. Pushing her breasts into his chest, she squatted down on him, squeezing his sac between them.

“Oh gawd, don’t stop!”

Mike lay on his back, hands clasped behind his head, watching as Cindy tried her best to take all of him into her mouth. Being new at this he thought, she’ll get better with practice. And practice is what he hoped to give her. If it was ok with Doug…

Ch 8

Greg bought off on Michelle’s trip to the seminar. As naïve as he was, she had no problem convincing him.

“I’ll be leaving from work, and I’ll be back late on Sunday”.


Packing what she needed for the cabin into the bottom of her suitcase, she packed “seminar” clothes on top of that. Friday morning, she put the suitcase in the trunk of her car, and giving Greg a brief kiss, she left for work.

At noon, she and Mike went to lunch.

“Babe, I can’t wait until 4:30!”

“Just keep it in your pants big boy!”

Michelle was out the door on time, and getting into her car, she warmed it up, waiting for Mike. A moment later, he pulled up.

Jumping out of his car, he came over to hers, and leaning in the window, kissed her.

“Follow me to my house, ok babe?”

“I’d follow you anywhere”.

Having given Doug and Cindy his address, they were waiting in Mike’s driveway when he and Michelle pulled up. They had already decided to take Michelle’s car, as it was the biggest, so after piling their things into the trunk, they got in.

“Here’s the keys, honey. You drive”.

Getting in, Mike started up the car. Smiling to himself, he thought, “Here I am with another man’s wife, in his car, taking her to the woods for a hot weekend. While he’s doing the dishes, I’ll be doing his wife. Awesome!”

As they drove, they made small talk. Occasionally, Doug would kiss Cindy, or Michelle would kiss Mike at a stoplight. As it was daylight, and the road was fairly busy, nobody wanted to get too involved, yet.

“So when are you two getting married”, Cindy wondered out loud.

Turning towards the back seat, Michelle replied, “We can’t, at least not yet”.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m already married”.


“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Besides, sex with him is like watching paint dry, boring!”

“Wow Michelle, it sure looks like you’ve got a good thing with Mike”.

Looking at Mike and smiling, Michelle replied, “I think so too, we’ll see”.

They finally reached the cabin, just after dark. Pulling alongside the house, Mike parked the car, shutting off the motor.

“Well, here we are!”

As everyone started to climb out, Michelle grabbed Mike’s arm.

“Let’s just have a fun weekend, ok? No heavy talk”.

“Sure babe”.

Leaning over, she gave him a quick kiss, and jumped from the car. Coming up onto the porch, Mike unlocked the door, and walking in, turned on the lights.

“Oh Mike, this is wonderful!”

The cabin had a master bedroom downstairs, and an open loft upstairs. A deck ran completely around the outside.

“Wander around, check it out. Hey Doug, can you help me bring in the stuff from the car?”

When they got to the car, Mike stopped Doug to talk to him.

“Doug, Michelle really has the hots for you. I can see it in her eyes, and besides, she told me”.

“She’s an awesome woman”.

“Yes she is. But I’ve got a question. Do you think Cindy would mind if you and I and Michelle had a threesome?”

I don’t think so. Maybe we could have one with Cindy too”.

“That would be great!”

Bringing the bags into the cabin, the guys saw that Michelle and Cindy had already made themselves at home. Naked, they were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, each with one leg on the floor, and the other on the couch. Both Mike and Doug responded immediately.

“We thought you could use a welcome to the cabin gift!”

Hastily stripping off their clothes, Mike went to Michelle, and Doug to Cindy. Leaning down, Mike picked up Michelle in his arms. Standing and holding her close to his chest, he said, “I’m going to show Michelle the bedroom”.

Walking in, he laid her gently on the bed. Kneeling down, he kissed her. Putting her arms around his neck she pulled him to her. A long, sensuous kiss followed. Moving down, he kissed her neck, right shoulder, and then her breast. Moaning, Michelle rubbed his shoulders with her left hand, while holding his head in place with her right.

As he continued moving down, he climbed onto the bed, so he was now straddling her. His face was now at her vagina, his penis at her mouth. Grabbing the head with her lips, she eagerly sucked him in. Reaching up and grabbing his butt, she squeezed his cheeks firmly, while sucking along the length of his shaft. Holding onto the backs of her thighs, he shoved his nose as far as possible into her vagina. He loved the musky sweetness he found there. Wriggling her hips, she let her legs fall far apart.

Doug and Cindy were busy on the couch. Doug had mounted her, and was deeply thrust into her vagina. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, Cindy was raking his back with her fingernails.

“Oh baby, you’re so good!”

Doug smiled at her, and then kissed her.

“Do you want to join them in the bedroom?”

Cindy just nodded. Standing up, Doug took Cindy by the hand, his erection pointing the way to the bedroom. Standing in the doorway, they watched Mike and Michelle in an intense “69” before Doug said, “Room for one more?”

Looking up briefly, Mike nodded.


Sitting up, Mike’s penis came out of Michelle’s mouth with a loud popping noise, causing everyone to laugh. Climbing onto the bed, Cindy laid down next to Michelle, with Doug on the outside.   Rolling over and turning around, Mike laid on the other side, so that both girls were in the middle. Michelle kept her hand around Mike’s erection, slowly stroking it.

“Hey Doug, wouldn’t it be nice to see Michelle and Cindy kiss?”

“Yes it would!”

Without further encouragement, Michelle turned to Cindy, and smiling, kissed her on the lips. A puckered kiss momentarily, their lips soon parted, their tongues invading each other’s mouth.

Soft feminine moans emitted from both girls. Not a new experience for Michelle, Cindy was lost in the intense sensuality of an experience she’d been curious about, but never acted on. Both Mike and Doug just watched. Neither wanted to interrupt, not wanting it to end.

Cindy moved down, taking Michelle’s left breast into her mouth. Lightly biting the nipple, she then took as much of the breast in as she could. Moaning loudly, Michelle massaged the back of Cindy’s neck.

“Oh, keep going!”

Kissing her way down Michelle’s chest and lower abdomen, Cindy gently parted her thighs. Repositioning herself between Michelle’s legs, Cindy bent down and went to work on her vagina like a woman possessed. Sensing the time was right, Doug straddled Michelle’s chest, offering his penis to her waiting eager mouth. Encircling it with both hands, Michelle sucked him deeply into her mouth, his sac resting on her chin.

Reaching behind her head, Doug gently cradled her as he thrust in time with her motions. Bucking against Cindy’s mouth, Michelle was cumming and cumming hard. Grabbing her butt with both hands, Cindy held her tongue in Michelle’s vagina, probing and wriggling it about, as her muffled screams bounced from the walls.

Moving behind Cindy, who was on all fours, Mike positioned himself, and started to enter.

“It’s time for the whole thing, Cindy.”

Rotating his hips and pushing, Mike worked his way completely in. Holding her hips, he stayed there momentarily before starting a rhythm of long sensuous strokes. Pushing back to match his efforts, Cindy was in a blissful state of sexual absolute. Never in her wildest dreams, did she imagine she could feel this way.

Doug increased the intensity of his efforts as he felt the inevitability of release. Holding himself deep in Michelle’s mouth, he came. Wave after wave burst forth, as Michelle, gagging slightly was trying her best to swallow all he gave her.

Mike was now doing full length powerful strokes, his sac slapping fiercely against Cindy.

“Oh Mike, make me cum!”

Reaching forward and grabbing her breasts, he was like an uncaged animal. Sweat was forming on his forehead as Cindy went over the edge. At this, he slowed his pace, as his seed burst forth. Holding deep, he toyed with her clitoris, increasing the savage intensity of her orgasm.

Michelle and Doug watched lovingly, as Mike and Cindy collapsed next to them, sweaty and exhausted. All arms and legs, the foursome fell asleep, a deep restful sleep.

Ch 9

The next morning, Michelle woke up to the sound of bacon frying and the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee. Seeing Mike gone, she walked naked to the kitchen. There she saw Mike’s gorgeous butt standing in front of the stove.

“Good morning sweetie!”

“Oh hi babe!”

Coming up behind him, she hugged him tightly. Grabbing his penis, she stroked him to a full erection.

“What’s for breakfast?”

You, if you don’t stop that!”

Laughing, Michelle poured herself a cup of coffee, and sat down, looking out the window, and then looking over at Mike said, “You know, you and Doug have the sexiest butts I’ve ever seen.”

“Why thank you!”

Mike brought two plates to the table. While they ate, they made small talk. When they had finished, Mike took her by the hand and led her out onto the deck.

“Oh Mike, what a gorgeous view!”

“Wait until you see the lake. Once Doug and Cindy are up, we’ll take a walk down there.”

While there was an incredible view from the deck, no one could see them, as all the property was owned by Mike’s uncle, so it was posted as private property.

“Mike, do you think Cindy enjoyed last night? For her first time, I thought she was incredible.”

“Oh yea, I’m sure she did!”

“Well, good morning you two!”

“Good morning, Doug! Sleep well?”

“I sure did.”

"Grab a cup of coffee and join us. I assume Cindy’s still sleeping?”

“Yea. She’ll sleep till noon unless we wake her up.”

Grabbing a cup of coffee, Doug sat down so that Michelle’s chair was closely spaced between the two guys. Sipping his coffee and enjoying the view, Doug looked at Michelle saying, “Michelle, Cindy was absolutely wild last night. I’ve never seen her so excited.”

“Michelle was just asking me if I thought Cindy enjoyed it. I assured her that she did.

“So did I.”

“Ok boys, before we start anything, you go wake up Cindy, have breakfast, and let’s go to the lake.”

While Doug and Cindy were having breakfast, Mike and Michelle talked.

“Would you have any problems entering the “Crazy Legs” contest at the Pinetop Bar? It’s a club about ten miles from here, and every Saturday night is amateur night.”

“What would I have to do?”

“Well, I suppose that depends on how worked up the audience gets, and how drunk you are. I’ve seen everything from just showing leg, to complete nudity. It’s all up to you. I’ll be there the whole time.”

“Let’s see how worked up you get me beforehand.”

“Ok. The bad news is that Doug and Cindy can’t go because they aren’t 21.”

“I’m sure they’ll find something to do. Let’s go check on them.”

Doug and Cindy were eating breakfast when Mike and Michelle walked in.

“Good morning Cindy.”

“Hi. I hear we’re going to the lake.”

“Yes we are. I’ll get a couple of blankets to lie on. It’s a private little cove; we own all the beachfront property. It’s only about a quarter mile, so we don’t need to dress.   Everyone ok with that?”

“That sounds wonderful!”

While Mike went to get blankets, Michelle helped Doug and Cindy clean the kitchen. Michelle was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt to do everyday chores naked.

“Hey Mike, why don’t you and Cindy go ahead. Michelle and I will finish up in here, and then we’ll come down. Do we just follow that trail?”

“That’s the one,” Mike replied.

“Ok, we’ll see you in a few minutes.”

They watched as Mike and Cindy walked down the trail. They both noticed her gleeful response when Mike patted her on the butt.

Turning from the window, Doug went to Michelle, and taking her hands in his said, “Michelle, you’re beautiful. You have really opened my eyes to how sensual and sexual an older woman can be. If you weren’t with Mike, and I wasn’t with Cindy, I’d be chasing you for sure.”

Michelle blushed as she looked down at the floor momentarily, and then gazed into his eyes.

“Doug, you have taken me to sexual heights I never knew existed. I’m so torn between you and Mike. You both mean the world to me. But then there’s my marriage. I’m so confused.”

Taking her chin in his hand and raising her face, Doug kissed her. A long, sensual kiss. Pulling away slightly, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Michelle, I love you.”

“I love you too Doug.”

“Can I see you when we get home, just you and me?”

“I’d like that.”

Kissing again, Doug squeezed her butt firmly, pulling her into his erection. Dropping to her knees, she took him into her mouth…

Ch 10

As Doug and Michelle rounded the last bend in the trail leading to the lake, they could hear soft giggles, sighs and moans. Stopping briefly, they peered through the trees .There on a blanket, lay Mike. Straddling him, with her back towards Doug and Michelle, was Cindy. Viciously working herself up and down on Mike’s engorged penis, she seemed oblivious to her surroundings.

“Let’s stay here and watch,” whispered Doug.


Hugging close to Doug, Michelle kept her left arm tight around his waist. He in turn, squeezed and massaged her butt with his right hand. The scene soon had Doug full aroused. Seeing it Michelle stroked him with her left hand.   He covered his mouth to stifle a moan.

Cindy was leaning forward, her hands on Mike’s shoulders, using her knees as a fulcrum, as she slid up and down the length of his penis. Both of his hands were firmly massaging Cindy’s breasts. Doug was mesmerized by the sight of Mike’s member, as big as it was, sliding in and out of his girlfriend. Add to that the obvious enjoyment that she was experiencing, actually made Doug feel a bit of jealousy.

Michelle sensed that he was having mixed emotions, so leaning towards him, she whispered, “Hey baby, let’s join them, ok?”

Needing no further encouragement, he took her hand, and walking around the curve, they walked right up to Mike and Cindy before they even realized that they were there.

Smiling down at Mike and Cindy, Michelle asked, “Mind if we join you?”

Mike managed to move to his left side without disturbing Cindy’s position atop him. Lying down, Michelle reached up towards Doug.

“C’mon honey, lay with me.”

By this time, Mike and Cindy had resumed their lovemaking. All of this had Doug fully erect, so lying down; Michelle immediately pulled him on top of her. Dropping her knees wide, allowed easy entry for Doug.

He was like a man possessed. His feverish pace had Michelle climaxing within minutes. After her first orgasm, he paused so that she could change positions, and straddle him. As she rode him from atop, she leaned forward, offering her breasts to his mouth.

“Oh baby, you’re so good!”

Squeezing her butt, Doug thrust deeper. Climaxing again, she reached back, and squeezing his sac, urged him towards his own orgasm.

“C’mon honey, deep in me!”

Bursting forth, he filled her, again and again. Sitting down on him, she could actually feel it shooting into her. Smiling down at him, she kissed him.

“Oh sweetie, you’re the best!”

By now, Cindy and Mike had both reached climax, and she was lying atop him. Kissing her passionately, Mike was firmly kneading her butt.

“Hey Doug, you and Cindy are going to have to keep yourselves busy tonight. Michelle and I are going to the Pinetop Bar, and unfortunately, you have to be 21 to get in.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

After basking in the sun for awhile, they walked back to the cabin, the girls walking in front of the guys.

“Mike, I have never seen two finer asses.”

Looking back, the girls smiled.















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