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Michelle's Awakening-Part 3

a hidden desire surfaces

PT 3

Ch 11

The parking lot at the Pinetop Bar was more of a dusty, dirt field than an actual parking lot. Set along Highway 6, the Pinetop catered mostly to local ranchers, as the young guys preferred to go into Petersville, a much larger town, 40 miles away.

As a result, when Mike pulled the car into the lot, they saw that it was about half-full, mostly pick-ups, some newer, many older. But all of them had signs of a working ranch about them.

Before they had left the cabin, Mike and Michelle were drinking wine as she got dressed. After her third glass, she was beginning to feel some excitement about her amateur night debut.

“Babe, just watch what the girls before you do. Lots of them have been there before.”

“Ok. We’ll see how these old guys react to this hot body of mine!”

Laughing and giggling, Michelle went into the bathroom to finish her make-up. She was dressed in a short white “peek-a-boo” slip with no bra. She slipped on black thong panties, and heels that she kept at Mike’s house. As he had planned this outing prior to the weekend, he had made sure to bring them along. As a cover-up, she had on tight white shorts, and a light jacket.

“Ok babe, let’s go in, and find a place to sit, and get you signed up.”

“Stay with me honey, I’m nervous.”

“It’s ok babe, I understand.”

Holding hands, they walked into the bar. The lights were dim, but they could still see everything. Country music flowed from a juke box in the corner. Michelle could see the stage where she would soon be performing. Not all of the lights were on, but she could see a “stripper’s pole” near the rear of the stage.

“C’mon babe.”

Walking over to the end of the bar, they approached a man in his 60’s. Handsome, with a body of someone much younger, his smile put Michelle at ease.

“Here to sign up for amateur night?”


“Great! It’s a good turn-out tonight. Three other girls are already signed up. Fill this out, and take the number off the sheet. When you hear it called, you’re onstage. The winner gets $250 tonight.”

“How’s the winner chosen?”

“By audience reaction. The wilder you can get these guys worked up, the better your chance of winning. First girl is up in about half an hour. Good luck!”

After filling out the form, which only required a “stage name”, Mike found them a booth, and they sat down.

“I’ll get us a something to drink.”

“Ok honey.”

Looking around, Michelle saw the tables next to the stage were already full. Almost all men in their 60’s, a few were flirting with the two waitresses, and one was looking directly back at her.

“He’s kinda cute, I’ll have some fun with him,” thought Michelle.

Mikes’ reappearance with two Long Island iced teas brought her mind back to the present.

“There’s seven girls signed up now. You’re number four.”

Taking a long drink, Michelle thought for a moment, and then looking at Mike said, “Honey, I think this will be fun. I’m going to win that prize!”

Squeezing her hand, Mike kissed her cheek.

“I know you will!”

Loud country music blared from speakers, as lights lit up the stage. Various colors, with spotlights, one on the pole, and the other focused dead center on stage.

“Ok, number one!”

With that, a woman about 30 walked up the stairs leading to the stage, and clung sensuously to the pole. Hoots and hollers began throughout the bar. Dressed in a pale blue thong bikini, Michelle thought she had a body that guys would love. Taking another long drink from her iced tea, she watched the woman’s dance moves closely.

Swaying sensuously in time with the music, she toyed with the audience. With one man, she shook her butt inches from his face, another, she rubbed her swim suit covered breasts across his face.

As her dance continued, she removed her top. Large breasts swayed in time with her body. Dropping to her knees in front of one man, who appeared to be 70 or so, she stuck her breasts hard against his face. The crowd went wild at this.

By now, Michelle had finished her drink, and was working on Mike’s. Just as she took a drink, the song ended. Patting the man on the head, the woman grabbed her top, and put it back on as she walked off stage. The crowd noisily shouted their approval of her performance.

“Number two!”

As number two danced, Michelle saw that her performance was much more sexually charged. Completely nude almost immediately, this girl, younger than the first, had everyone on their feet. Spreading her legs widely, men were reaching and grabbing, some were successful. Those that were able to reach her were rewarded with a quick feel or squeeze.

“She’s a tough act to follow.”

“Just wait until it’s my turn.”

Mike noticed that she was feeling the effects of two drinks. When the song ended, the crowd yelled for an encore. As the music started again, Mike leaned over to Michelle saying, “If you get an encore, the crowd loves you. It really increases your chances of winning.”

Her encore, while similar to her original dance, was offered to three men who, judging by their reactions, were having a difficult time sitting.

“Number three!”

This girl or woman actually, was in her late 30’s, quite beautiful, with small breasts. Michelle had seen her earlier, sitting with her husband, judging by the ring on her finger.

As she began her dance, she twisted and turned, and in one graceful movement, had removed her blouse. Her breasts, milky white against her tanned skin, shone brightly in the stage lights. Swaying her hips sensually, she lowered her shorts over her butt, wiggling it close to the crowd. Close enough that one man managed a quick grope between her legs.

As expected, the crowd practically in a state of sexual frenzy, called for an encore. As she danced again, Michelle got ready. Stepping out of her shorts, and taking off her jacket, several heads turned from the stage. Finishing her encore, number three walked up to one man, leaned over and kissed him. As she did, several sets of hands reached out groping and squeezing.

“Number four!”

“Ok babe, you’re up!”

Kissing Mike quickly, Michelle headed for the stage. As she walked past the man who had been checking her out earlier, she grabbed him by the arm, pulling him to his feet.

“C’mon honey, you’re part of the show!”

Smiling broadly, the man eagerly followed, amid shouting and hollering from the audience. Sitting back, Mike thought, “This is going to be great!”

Holding the man at arm’s length under the spotlight, the music began. Running her hand lightly down the front of his shirt, and slowly over his crotch, Michelle then reached under the hem of her “shortie” slip, and hooking her panties, pulled them down and off, while swaying her body in time with the music.

As soon as she had them off, she was fully exposed to the men sitting behind her, who immediately went crazy. Wrapping her panties behind his neck, she pulled him to her, kissing him quickly. Then, taking her panties into one hand, held them to his nose, wherein he inhaled deeply.

Breaking away slightly, she lifted the slip up and off, draping it over his left shoulder. Now naked, she turned and leaning over, shook her butt at him. Pulling her back to him, he humped against her butt. As he did, she blew a kiss to the men she was facing. At that, the music ended.


The crowd was crazy, almost everyone standing.

As the music started again, Michelle dropped to her knees, mimicking oral sex with her dance partner. As soon as he reached to hold her there, she stood, and twirling in a circle, knelt down on all fours, in front of two men sitting at a rear table. Everyone else had a perfect view of her butt.

As her partner approached, she rolled over, as if offering herself to him. Kneeling down, he put his face to her vagina. No sooner had he started working on her, than the music stopped. Holding himself firmly in place, he was interrupted by the speaker.

“Number five!”

As soon as Michelle was able to stand, she put her slip on, but handed the panties to her partner.

“A souvenir for you.”

Walking off the stage to thunderous applause, she passed number five, who gave her a scowling look. Guys clapped as she walked back to the booth where Mike was waiting. A few patted her butt.

“Babe, that was awesome! You’ll win for sure!”

Honey, I enjoyed it!”

Sitting down with just her slip on, she started in on the new drink Mike had gotten for her. The vinyl material of the seat felt cold on her bare butt. Drinking and talking with Mike, she didn’t pay any attention to the last few dancers.

“Can we have all the contestants on stage please?”

Michelle got up, and walking to the stage, went through the gauntlet of butt smacks again. When all the girls were lined up, the man who had signed them up held a card over each of their heads. That was the signal for the crowd to show their appreciation. The loudest would be the winner.

As he started down the row, the crowd was cheering each one. When he held the card over Michelle, she received a standing ovation.

“Looks like we have some tough competition!”

The next three girls received raucous applause, but not anything like Michelle.

“We have a winner!”

Walking over to Michelle, he hugged her, and handed her an envelope.

“You were incredible! Please come back for another amateur night!”

Thanking him, she left the stage, walking back to Mike. Hugging him, they kissed and then sitting down, opened the envelope. Inside was $250 in cash.

“Babe, let’s finish our drinks, and head back to the cabin.”

As they got up to leave, Michelle put on the heels, and handed Mike her shorts and jacket. As Mike pulled out onto the highway, Michelle lowered her head to his lap, and kept it there.

Ch 12

Arriving back at the cabin, Mike led Michelle by the hand through the door. Doug and Cindy were dozing on the couch, a small fire crackling in the fireplace. Hearing the door open woke them up.

“Guess what! Michelle won!”

“Really? “

Both Doug and Cindy sat up, the blanket they were using to cover up with falling to her lap, revealing her breasts. Climbing under the blanket next to Doug, Michelle held up the envelope.

“Two-hundred and fifty dollars!”

“Wow! Good for you!”

Stripping naked, Mike sat down next to Michelle, and pulled the blanket over him, resting his hand in her lap. She separated her thighs, allowing him free access to explore. While they described the evening’s events to Doug and Cindy, Mike and Michelle played.

Finally, Michelle could stand it no longer. Climbing over and straddling Mike, she lowered herself onto him. Leaning forward and kissing him, she began to moan in time with his thrusts.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so good to me.”

After a few moments, Mike said, “C’mon babe, let’s go to bed. See you two in the morning.”

As Michelle stood, Mike got up and arm in arm they walked towards the bedroom. Doug watched her butt disappear with more than a twinge of jealousy. He loved Cindy, he knew that. But something about Michelle left him unsettled. He was drawn to her like nothing he had ever known. He had to see her back home, and he would, no matter what.

Ch 13

Doug awoke when Cindy repositioned herself. After Mike and Michelle had gone to bed, Doug and Cindy did the same. Knowing that she would sleep undisturbed for several hours yet, Doug got up quietly, and went downstairs. As he passed the bedroom where Mike and Michelle were sleeping, he stopped. The door was ajar, so he gently pushed it open, and peeked in. There, on top of the covers, were Mike and Michelle naked. She was facing away from the door, with her upper leg draped over Mike. This afforded a beautiful view for Doug.

Stepping quietly into the room, he gently tapped Mike on the shoulder. Opening his eyes, they looked at each other. Holding up 3 fingers, Doug pointed at himself, Mike, and then Michelle. Understanding, Mike nodded in agreement.

“Hey babe, move over towards me a bit,” Mike whispered.

Sleepily, Michelle followed Mike towards the center of the bed. Now lying on her back, Doug stared down at her milky white breasts, as he climbed onto the bed next to her.

Suddenly awake, Michelle realized there were three people in the bed. Wrapping her arms around the shoulders of both of them, she smiled.

“Now, this I like!”

Mike started to kiss his way down her body. As he reached her navel, Michelle parted her thighs. Moving between her legs, Mike went to work with his tongue. At the same time, Doug straddled her chest, his penis resting on her chin and lips.

Encircling the base of his penis with her hand, Michelle sucked the head in and out a few times, and then took him deep. Drawing him in and out, she rolled his sac between the fingers of her left hand. For his part, Mike was holding the outer lips of her vagina apart, while probing with his tongue.

Michelle put one hand on Mike’s head, as if to hold him in place. The other hand she used to squeeze Doug’s butt, pulling him ever deeper.

As Michelle’s butt was near the lower edge of the bed, Mike stood, and holding her legs straight up and slightly parted, he entered her. Moaning around the shaft of Doug’s penis, she did her best to meet Mike’s thrusting efforts.

Reaching up, Mike firmly squeezed her right breast, while pounding fiercely into her vagina. Thrusting loudly, he came, filling her. Pulling out, he tapped Doug, signaling a switch. Reluctantly, he slid out of her mouth, moving to switch places with Mike. As they did, Michelle turned over, so that she was now on all fours, her butt presented to Doug.

Grabbing her hips, Doug positioned himself and slid in easily. Thrusting deeply, he closed his eyes momentarily, dreaming of being with Michelle alone on a secluded beach. He opened them when she reached back, rubbing his sac.

Sitting in front of Michelle, Mike watched as Doug pummeled her. As he had just had an orgasm, he was in no shape to participate. That didn’t stop Michelle from trying, however. Sucking and sliding along his shaft, she was doing her best to get a response.

Reaching forward, Doug firmly squeezed both of her breasts, as he continued to thrust. He was crazy with lust for Michelle. He just couldn’t get enough of her, literally and figuratively. He just hoped that it wasn’t too obvious to Mike.

Feeling his sac tightening, he quickened his pace and intensity.

“Oh gawd!”

Literally exploding, He was out of control. Michelle rubbed her clitoris, setting off her orgasm as well. Holding tightly to Mike’s thighs, she screamed her way through their simultaneous orgasms.

Exhausted, Mike laid down next to Michelle, with Doug laying on top of her, kissing and holding her tenderly. Mike leaned over to Doug and whispered, “I’m going to check on Cindy.”

Rolling over onto his back, Doug pulled Michelle on top of him. Kneading her butt, he kissed her again. Gazing into her eyes, he wrapped her hair in his fingers, holding her tightly to him.

The basic premise for this story is true. The two main characters are based on a relationship my wife was in a few years ago. Obviously, I enhanced it a bit, but a few of the things you've read actually did happen. If you're interested in the next installment, let me know, and I'll upload it...







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