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Michelle's Continuing Affair, Ch 1

Michelle continues an affair with her college boyfriend
After Michelle’s description of her weekend with Mike, I asked her to call him again and set up another date in our hometown, Pasco, Washington, as I wanted to actually see them together. Michelle told me that Mike was still in love with her from their affair sixteen years ago and the sex she described to me from the weekend was pretty fantastic.

Michelle expressed her love for me above all else, but I have a burning need to actually see her and her lover together. And did I even want it to go further than that? Did I actually want my beautiful wife to have a long term affair with Mike? Was there a chance of losing my wife?

I’d thought about that before, starting fifteen years ago with Alec, then again when she was in Seattle with Mike. She’s assured me it can’t happen. She told me that I’m the perfect husband, a great lover, good friend, we’re madly in love with each other and I’m still willing to share her with a lover. But still, I know there’s a huge element of danger that felt like a drug I have to take that slowly loses its effectiveness…you have to take more and stronger doses. Like stronger doses of the drug, I wanted Michelle to be more and more intimate with Mike. I know that if I ever did lose her I’d be completely shattered forever. That’s why it’s so much like an addictive recreational drug. You know it can ruin your life, but you have to take it anyway.

I was realizing that only a few months ago, Michelle and I were a normal loving couple madly in love with only each other. Now, my lust was to see her with another guy and maybe even to have an extended affair with him. The thought of that possible affair with another guy lusting after my wife and her returning his lust made me rock hard every time I thought about it. I simply couldn’t resist encouraging her into it!

“Honey, I want you to see him again.”

“You want me to go to Seattle again?”

“No, I want you to invite him here. I need to see you with him. I don’t understand, but I need to see you together. I know you want to and I have a burning need to see him make love with you. Over the last few weeks and especially after the weekend you were gone I discovered something of myself that I had only glimpsed before. I need to see my beautiful wife in another man’s arms. I want to be there when you meet him. I want to see him kiss you, dance with you, see him take you to his hotel room. If there’s a way, I want to see you make love with him. I want to see how desirable you are to another man."

“Baby, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like the strongest aphrodisiac on the planet to me. Even knowing he loves you, knowing it’s dangerous, I guess knowing how bad he wants you and even that he loves you makes it all the more exciting for me.”

I could barely hear her, “To be honest, it scares me how bad I want Mike, I’m really starting to like him…a lot more than I ever did in college.”

“And it scares me how much I want you to want him. Tell me, the fact that you like him, that you have an emotional involvement with him, what does that do for your sex with him?”

“You want the actual truth? It makes it so much better.”

“That’s what I would have suspected. Babe, I want your sex with Mike to be the best it can be. If that means more and more emotional involvement, then so be it. Just not enough that you’ll want him over me. Think of it like a swimmer above a big waterfall, the closer she gets to the waterfall, the faster the current is and the more likelihood that she’ll be swept over. But there’s that spot just before the waterfall where she can still just barely keep from going over. And knowing how close she is is so exhilarating to her. That’s how I like to think of you with Mike, you like him…a lot, the closer you are to him emotionally, the more you enjoy the sex. I want you to push the boundary between lust and outright love to the very edge. If you know you’ll go over the emotional waterfall if you move an inch closer, I want you three quarters of an inch closer for your experience to be the absolute best possible.”

“Sweetie, I don’t know if I can do that, what if I get too close, what if I fall madly in love with him?”

“You won’t. I trust you. I just don’t want you to be afraid and stay too far back from the waterfall.”

So, we had made a decision to call Mike and ask him to come to Pasco to meet her again for the express purpose of making love with her…and come ever so close to falling in love with him. Our sex seemed to get hotter and hotter. Michelle was dressing more and more provocatively for me and even when we went out, her dresses were shorter, her panties skimpier…almost always silk or satin thongs instead of the cotton briefs she used to wear. She was feeling sexy and it showed in her whole demeanor. When we went out, she wasn’t afraid of kissing me, and sometimes pretty passionately when we were in public places. We experimented more than we ever had before and almost always Michelle had a screaming orgasm. Neither of us could wait until nighttime when we could make love together.

Mike and Michelle had made love so many times in Seattle that Michelle kept thinking of little tidbits of their lovemaking to tell me, keeping both of our fires stoked nearly constantly. It was all I could think about at work, then when we got home our lips would be on each other, frantically going from one part of our bodies to another. I couldn’t believe how it turned me on to think that another guy had ravished my beautiful wife, making love with her again and again and that before long I was going to be seeing them together with my own eyes.

We were concerned about the possibility that Michelle might be pregnant after going to Seattle, so we waited until after her next period started before she called him. It did come, but a few days late, which left us pretty nervous for those few days. It did give us those few extra days of lovemaking before we had to call a temporary halt though.

One evening before we went to bed, Michelle told me she had a couple things she wanted to talk to me about before she called Mike and set up another weekend. “Honey, you remember how we used to want a baby? I still want someday to be a mom. I was thinking, what would you think if I didn’t use any birth control when Mike’s here?”

“Sweetheart, you want to let Mike get you pregnant?”

She became very emotional, whispering softly, “Yes, I still want a baby. Even if Mike was the biological father, you would still be daddy. It would be your little boy or girl as much as mine. And, you’ve wanted a baby as much as I have.” We had tried to adopt, but it had proven next to impossible to adopt an infant. We’d been to doctors and the problem was that my sperm count was too low to impregnate her. Even if we could afford the exorbitant cost of the fertility treatment, I still didn’t have enough sperm that the doctors could use artificially.

“We need to think about that. That would be a pretty big step. We need to think about it and talk about it quite a bit more before we make that kind of decision.”

“Well, you know, it probably wouldn’t happen. I did a little research and found out that the odds of a woman my age getting pregnant are a lot less than they were just a few years ago, actually pretty slim.”

I was pretty nervous about it, but I knew it was something Michelle wanted pretty bad, so I wasn’t going to have a closed mind about it. I think I already knew the answer. I loved her enough that if this was something she really wanted, I would let her try. Besides, I had always wanted a little person around the house too. I would be nervous about it being Mike’s baby, but she was right, I would be daddy.

“What else did you want to talk about?”

“The night I’m with Mike, I want you to make a date with Jacqui. It can just be for dinner, but I would enjoy myself that much more if I knew you were with someone having a good time that evening. And besides, like I told you earlier, girls can have fantasies about their husbands too.”

“Honey, I had a grand total of two dates except with you and both of those were flops. There’s no way I could do that.”

She looked at me with a determined look on her face, “Sweetheart, that’s going to be part of the deal. No date with Jacqui, no date with Mike.”

“Argh! You know I wouldn’t be able to call her. I would have been too bashful to even talk to you at that basketball game if you hadn’t come up to me.”

“Didn’t seem like you were too bashful to kiss her and even nibble on her nipple that night. And she did tell you to call her if you changed your mind. You said she wanted to hear about my weekend with Mike. Have you ever gone back and talked to her since then?”

“No, I haven’t. That night I got carried away with the situation. It was a one-time thing. I wouldn’t even know how to ask her out.”

“How about if we go to Victoria’s Secret together and talk to her. Would that make it easier?”

I was feeling like this was a losing battle. Nervous as I was about it, I agreed. I didn’t want to miss out on seeing Mike and Michelle together and if this was the only way, then I would do it. Might be fun , I thought.

“Okay, babe, how do we do this, do you call Mike first to set up a time and hope Jacqui’s free that night, or do we talk to Jacqui and hope Mike’s free?”

“I’ll call Mike first. It will be a full weekend for him and out of town. If Jacqui isn’t free that evening, we’ll try to reschedule another time with Mike.”


That night, after I agreed to try and get a date with Jacqui, I was especially horny, thinking how it would be going to dinner with her. I didn’t think it would lead to anything else, but it was fun thinking about and our lovemaking that night was even better than normal. Michelle was sucking my cock like she was afraid she’d never see another one in her life. Before Mike came into her life again, she only rarely went down on me but now it was a regular occurrence and I loved it. She twirled her tongue around me and sucked until I was just at the verge of coming, then she let me slip her panties off and kneeled down on all fours, jutting her beautiful butt up, encouraging me to slip my cock inside her. Oh God, this woman felt good when she did that. I loved her so much!

The next day we talked about the baby again and decided to skip the contraception. We weren’t going to make any particular effort for her to get pregnant, but if it happened we would welcome our new baby into our lives. We also decided to not tell Mike what we were doing. If it happened, we’d deal with the question of what to tell Mike then. Maybe a little shortsighted, but we honestly didn’t know how to deal with that.

Michelle knew I wanted to watch her and Mike making love, so we decided that she would tell Mike I was going to be out of town for a night or two and she would bring him to our house while I was gone. I’d make a reservation in the Best Western in Kennewick. We had a big patio door on our bedroom that I would be able to watch through, along with enough property that I could hide outside and not be visible. I wouldn’t be able to hear anything, but maybe that would happen another time. We had wanted a full height mirror for quite a while, so decided this would be a good time to get one and put it on the wall opposite the patio door. There’s a slight rise behind our house that would put me high enough to clearly see the other side of the bed through the mirror.

Michelle had been talking to Mike periodically on the phone, letting him know she had enjoyed Seattle and how badly she wanted to see him again, but they hadn’t made any plans. She called him again and asked if he’d be able to come to Pasco on March 28th . That was still a few weeks away, giving us time to make all the arrangements and hopefully set up a date with Jacqui. Michelle let Mike know that I was going to be out of town then and that she wanted him to stay with her at our house.

Now that she had a tentative date set with Mike, there was that last frightening thing we needed to do. Michelle dragged me down to Victoria’s Secret to talk to Jacqui. When we didn’t see her on the floor, I was ready to turn around and go home, but Michelle asked the clerk if Jacqui was available somewhere. “She’s in back. I’ll get her for you.” I didn’t know whether to be distraught that we hadn’t gotten out of there before asking or relieved that she was there after all. The one thing I did know was that I was a bundle of nerves and scared nearly to death!

When Jacqui saw us, she got a big grin on her face. I was so nervous I was shaking. I had no idea how to do this. But, Jacqui seemed so genuinely glad to see us that it bolstered my little dab of courage, so I forged right ahead, “Jacqui, remember my telling you about Michelle’s date with her college boyfriend?”

“How could I forget, the only time I’ve ever heard that in here.”

“Well, it turned out really well and they’re having another date on March 28 th and I... I… was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me that night?”

My legs were trembling, almost to the point that I couldn’t stand on them. She looked at me and over at Michelle, smiled and said, “I’d absolutely love to? What time?”

I was more than a little bit shocked that she accepted, “Well, I was thinking dinner about 7:30, maybe pick you up about 7:00.”

“Ooh, that might be a little problem. The store doesn’t close until 9:00.” In my nervousness, I had kind of forgotten that. Seems like it would have been embedded in my mind since I met her here right after 9:00 that night she modeled the clothes for me. “Let me make a quick phone call and see if I can get someone to cover for me that afternoon.”

She pulled out her cell phone and made a call, “Hi, Tina, I’ve had something come up on the 28th in the afternoon. I’m wondering if you could take my shift that afternoon?” We waited a little bit until she went on, “Wonderful, I’d like to get out of here no later than 1:00. Thanks Tina, I really appreciate it.”

“Tina can take my shift that afternoon. We trade off quite a bit, so I didn’t think it would be a problem for her. It won’t be long until she needs someone to help her out. Where are we going, what kind of clothes do I need to wear, formal, casual or what?”

My shock was starting to give way to anticipating that this might be fun, “We’re going to the Inferno Nightclub, so something appropriate for that.”

“Oooh, sounds like something sexy might be in order.” That sounded pretty good to me, she’s a very pretty girl.

“Your wife has a date with her boyfriend that night?” She looked at Michelle and smiled, “What will we be doing after dinner?”

“I have some plans right after dinner, so I’d probably take you home, then I’m going to be staying in a hotel that night so Michelle and Mike can use our bedroom.”

She looked at both me and Michelle with a twinkle in her eye, that same twinkle I saw a month ago when I first told her about Michelle and her boyfriend. She told Michelle, “That sounds like you’re going to have a good time.” Then she looked back over to me, “Since Michelle will be busy that night, if she didn’t mind, would you want to stay at my house instead of a hotel?”

My mouth kind of dropped open unable to say anything. Before I could regain my wits and politely decline, Michelle got a big grin on her face and spoke up, “He would love to!” I looked at her like she was out of her bloomin’ mind! That wasn’t our agreement, she and I had only talked about a dinner date with Jacqui.

“Good. Robert, you can pick me up at my house at 7:00. I’m really looking forward to it!” She wrote her address on her business card and Michelle and I left.

As soon as we got out of the store, I asked Michelle, “Baby, what the heck are you doing? You know I can’t do that!”

She smiled back at me, “Honey do you know how much more I’m going to enjoy the night knowing that you’re going to be well taken care of. And besides that, she’s young and absolutely gorgeous. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to spend a night with her.”

I didn’t know what to say. She was right. After Jacqui’s modeling session with me, spending a night with her would be pretty near the top of my to do list. But, it took me by such a surprise that I didn’t know how to react to it. My cock did though and Michelle noticed it and let out a very cute giggle at my predicament trying to get out of the mall with no one noticing the huge tent in my pants.

The next week and a half Michelle and I continued to have absolutely fantastic sex. Michelle was anticipating her nights of passion with Mike and I was anticipating watching it, fulfilling a fantasy that had been festering for the last fifteen years, since watching Michelle and Alec in Kodiak. I kept thinking about that night a few weeks ago when Michelle had made love with me, showing me what it had been like between her and Mike the day before. Ever since she got home from her weekend with Mike in Seattle, we made love every night, except during her monthlies. It was the most passion filled, meaningful lovemaking imaginable, with Michelle coming at least once, sometimes a couple times. And I certainly didn’t discount the effect on me of anticipating what a night with Jacqui might be like.

Michelle warned me several times what the sex between her and Mike would be like, lots of kissing, foreplay and very erotic lovemaking. She usually talked about it during our foreplay and it turned us both on so that our bodies were literally shaking with need for each other. I had seen her and Alec fucking in Kodiak. But anticipating seeing her with an actual lover was even more exciting than watching that night of fucking with Alec.

Michelle and I quit having sex starting the Sunday before our Friday night dates. We both wanted the other to be extra turned on by the time the big night arrived, but three weeks that we had abstained before she went to Seattle had been too long. As much fun as that had been, it was simply too long. During that week, Michelle alternated between wearing the two very sexy nightgowns I had purchased from Victoria’s Secret before she went to Seattle and we snuggled and kissed every night. It was pretty hard for me when she wore the pink babydoll that Jacqui had modeled for me that night. My imagination was in overdrive thinking about Jacqui and what she might wear to bed Friday night, or not wear. Michelle of course couldn’t help but ask me if she or Jacqui were sexier wearing it. Naturally, I had to be diplomatic answering, remembering that Michelle was the girl I loved and lived with, and I certainly didn’t want to offend her. “Oh, Jacqui by far! I think she’s about the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen.” That got me a gentle fist to the shoulder.

Friday morning we got up, both of us nervously getting ready for work, me to City Hall and Michelle to her attorney’s office. The day was going to be a gloriously warm late March day, so Michelle wore a moderately light, short dress. I didn’t get a chance to see her undies as she had dressed in our dressing room with the door closed. She was the very essence of sweet and sexy that morning. I asked her if that was what she was going to wear tonight and she said no, she had something much better in mind. I was mentally going through her wardrobe, wondering what she was planning to wear.

After we were both dressed, Michelle asked me to help make up the bed. She pulled out a set of new satin sheets she said she had bought just for this occasion. She thought Mike might enjoy them and she knew she was going to. Actually, I kind of enjoyed helping her getting the bed ready, thinking about what was going to be happening on it that night.

I had a hard day concentrating, not getting much done at work. Every attractive woman I saw made me think of Michelle or Jacqui. I spent the day thinking about that night. If not anticipating Michelle making love to Mike, it was my first date with a girl other than Michelle since we got married and the potential for sex with Jacqui kept me on edge all day. I hadn’t mentioned to Jacqui that I planned to watch Michelle with Mike. Would that repulse her? Make her call off our night? Thrilled and that much more excited? I simply didn’t have any idea and I didn’t know for sure how to approach it with her.

When the end of the workday finally arrived and I got home, Michelle wasn’t home yet, so I took the opportunity to take a quick shower. Just as I was getting out and drying off, Michelle walked through our bedroom door. God, she looked hot in the dress she wore that morning. As I stood watching, she gave me a playful grin and pulled her dress up over those beautiful curves and over her head, revealing the skimpy little satin thong panties and bra she had worn. I couldn’t believe she had worn those to work under a dress short enough that she would hardly have been able to sit without showing off her panties.

Then, she slipped the panties down her legs revealing that freshly shaved beautiful pussy and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I think she was intentionally torturing me, knowing that I couldn’t have her. Standing there naked in front of me, she was glorious, so incredibly beautiful and once again, like that time in Kodiak so many years ago, I knew that tonight, another man would be enjoying this beautiful woman, not me.

She pulled open her drawer and pulled out a sexy little pair of black and gold silk panties and bra, slowly slipping the panties on, doing her best to arouse and torture me in the process. Then, she slipped the bra straps over her shoulders, turned her back to me and asked me to please fasten it for her. I couldn’t help but reach around and give her nipples a little caress and pinch, making her shiver and a slight, “Mmm,” as I fastened her bra. She sat at her dresser like this, knowing how provocative she was to me, and put on her makeup; she had become an expert at making herself even more beautiful. She finished the makeup with a bright red lipstick that couldn’t have had any purpose other to excite the entire male species.

As I sat watching her, thinking I couldn’t possibly get any hotter, she looked over at me and asked, “What do you think Jacqui is doing now? I’ll bet she’s doing exactly what I’m doing, making herself beautiful and sexy for her new lover.”

Oh God, she could have said just about anything but that! Now, I was picturing Jacqui’s heavenly body sitting at her dresser, nearly naked, putting on her makeup for me, with the intention of taking me to bed later that night.

Michelle sat there, looking in the mirror from different angles, making sure that she was perfect. I could have told her that she was perfect even without makeup. Then, she got up, went to our walk-in closet and pulled out a tiny little black dress that I hadn’t ever seen before. Between the silk underwear and the little black dress, it was obvious that she had been shopping, preparing to make herself very, very sexy for her lover. She slipped the dress down over her arms and upper body, barely able to pull it down, it was so tight. As a matter of fact, she had to ask me to help pull it down and zip it in the back. When she finally had it all in place, she turned, modeling it for me, showing me how it fit tight to all her curves, barely coming to her upper thighs and showing a good share of her beautiful cleavage. Then she pulled on her black silk stockings over her beautiful legs, barely coming just above the hem of the dress. I knew from past experience that Michelle liked silk, it turned her on so much knowing how sexy and soft it was. Last, but not least were the hoop earrings and heart pendant necklace that only added to her sexiness. She took one last long look at herself in our new floor length mirror.

After she had finished dressing, she told me it was my turn. She told me she had something for me, went back to her dresser and pulled out a pair of loose silk boxers she wanted me to wear. I hadn’t ever worn silk boxers and they really felt good. I might want to get used to this! I finished dressing in cream colored slacks and a brown shirt and finally we were both ready to go to meet our respective dates. Michelle was meeting her date at the nightclub at 7:30. I wanted to be there before Michelle because I wanted to see how she greeted Mike. The nightclub was about a fifteen minute drive from our house, so Michelle wasn’t leaving quite yet. Jacqui’s house was in town, much closer to the club.

Before I left, my beautiful wife told me there was one more thing she wanted to do before I picked up Jacqui. She came to me, kissed me, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth, then sucking on my bottom lip, she unzipped my slacks, pushed them and my new silk boxers down off my very hard erection. She looked at me, grinning, knelt down and gently kissed the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around me, engulfing me in her warm, velvety mouth all the way to the base. She made me feel like my insides were on fire. I knew I couldn’t last long after a long week of abstaining, but Michelle seemed to realize just the right instant when to stop, leaving me on fire with lust, at the very edge of an explosive climax. She returned to kissing me, sliding my pants back in place and whispered in my ear, “Have fun with Jacqui tonight.”

Oh God, I had no idea how I was going to make it through the evening. I looked at her, telling her that her lipstick is smeared and that I’d have to wash it off of me. “I can fix mine and you probably better wash your face, but leave the other, maybe it’ll inspire her.” Then Michelle calmly walked back to her dresser mirror and repaired her lipstick. As she watched me walking out the door, she told me, “Honey, I love you. Have fun, I’ll call you in the morning.” I told her that I loved her too and wanted her to have the best time ever tonight.


I stopped off at Safeway to pick up a pretty bouquet of flowers and very nervously drove over to the address Jacqui had given me. This was going to be the first time I had picked up a girl for a date since Michelle and I were going together and this seemed completely different from then. Michelle and I had known each other since we were kids, but this time I was picking up a very attractive and much younger girl that I had only met a couple times for what would most likely be an extremely erotic experience, especially after the little going-away gift my wife had just given me.

I found her house fairly easily, then stood at her door, trying to get up enough courage to actually ring her doorbell. When I did, she answered fairly quickly and I handed her the bouquet I had brought. She looked at them, smelled their fragrance, smiled beautifully, told me thank you and gave me a very nice kiss on the lips. It wasn’t overly erotic, no tongues passing from one to the other but her lips felt so soft and luscious on mine and lasted a little longer than a simple greeting kiss. There seemed to be a promise in that one kiss that this was going to be a very nice evening.

She invited me in and closed the door behind us, found a pretty vase for the flowers and filled it with water. “Thank you for the flowers, that was thoughtful of you.”

“I thought it would be the least I could do, pretty flowers for a very pretty young lady.” How was that for a cheesy line! But at the time, it was the only thing I could think of to say and I felt lucky even thinking of that.

She smiled at me and did a little twirl-around in front of me, modeling her outfit for the night. “I thought this was pretty, do you like?” Pretty? She was a vision of absolute loveliness! She was wearing a soft and very slinky blouse that covered her fully up to her neck but the back had a totally transparent lace inset extending about three quarters of the way down her back, showing that she obviously couldn’t be wearing a bra. Her skirt was long and pleated, very thin and slightly transparent except for the top few inches, barely hiding her panties but clearly showing her legs through the thin material. It had a slit on one side that extended all the way to her hip. I was already longing to know what, if anything, she had on under that skirt. There wasn’t any pantyline. She had on about four inch heels and her long brown hair with golden highlights simply flowed about to the middle of her back.

“Jacqui, you’re absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you, I thought you might like it.” She picked up her purse and added, “I think I’m ready, shall we go?” I was positively giddy when she took my arm and let me escort her to the car. I opened the passenger door for her, watching her as she slid into the car. The slit on her skirt opened, showing those long beautiful legs, and still no hint of panties underneath. This was going to be a very, very nice evening!

Jacqui and I drove to the Inferno ahead of Michelle, so I’d be there when they met. When we walked in, I looked around and recognized Mike sitting at a booth near the back. I spotted an empty booth far enough away so I could see them, but not so close as to be obvious and asked the hostess to seat us there. Mike knew that Michelle was married, but hadn’t ever seen a picture of me, and I didn’t want to be close enough to be noticeable. The picture I saw from Seattle hadn’t done him justice. He was extremely good looking, tall, thin, very muscular, just the kind of physique I wish I had; dark brown hair just a little long, but very nicely cut. Looking at him from a woman’s perspective, I could see why Michelle fell for him. She told me that he was the hottest guy she had ever met and I could certainly see why she said it.

I let Jacqui slide in the booth first, then I sat down. She scooted close to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. God, her perfume smelled good. It was different than what she had sold me for Michelle to wear, but had the same effect. It made her even more alluring to me.

The waitress brought menus and we ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. I’m not used to drinking, so anything hard was out of the question for me, especially since I was driving. I ordered a medium rare rib steak and Jacqui a shrimp salad. I guess she was a little more conscious of her figure that I was about mine. I love steak!

I didn’t know anything about Jacqui, except she was very nice, extremely pretty and was an assistant manager at Victoria’s Secret, so I asked her to tell me a little about herself. “Well, I’ll give you a brief rundown. I’m twenty-six, I grew up in Walla Walla on my mom and dad’s little orchard. In high school, I was on the basketball team that won the district championship and we came in third in the State. I graduated in 2006 and went to the local Community College for two years, majoring in business management. After college, I worked at a couple of small businesses in Walla Walla before applying for a sales clerk’s job with Victoria’s Secret four years ago. I got a promotion to Assistant Manager about six months ago. Someday, I’m hoping to get a chance to manage my own store. I love working there, it’s fun. We get to meet lots of people that are mostly there for fun. Guys buying something sexy for their wives or girlfriends or the girls buying something to show off to their guy. I like helping people pick things out. But the day you came in the first time was the best day ever. Nobody else has ever said they were buying anything like that for their wife to wear with her boyfriend. Then when you told me she wasn’t even going to know what it was until time to wear it for him. That was why I offered to model them for you, it was just so hot!”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed that night. Sure wasn’t something I was expecting when I walked in the store. That was the first time I was ever in there and boy, was I nervous.”

“I could tell you were nervous, it was cute. That made it even more fun to model the clothes for you. I knew I could get in trouble for it. We’re not supposed to do that. But it was worth it and nobody ever found out, so it turned out OK.”

“Actually, right now, I think it turned out much better than OK. We wouldn’t be sitting here together if you hadn’t.”

“I guess you’re right, it is turning out well, isn’t it? Now, tell me a little more about you. Oh, one more thing. No, I’m not going with anyone right now.”

That was a piece of information that I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to ask, so I was glad she told me. I don’t particularly like to talk about myself, so I asked her, “Did you read the story I wrote about that time in Kodiak?”

“Yes, I loved it.”

“Then you know a lot about me and Michelle from that.” I started to tell her a little bit about our life since then when my beautiful wife walked into the club. I had seen her get ready that evening and already knew how beautiful she was tonight, but she still took my breath away. She saw Jacqui and me, gave us a slight nod and smile, acknowledging us and walked to Mike’s booth. He stood and kissed her like the lovers they were, very passionately. After what she had told me about her time with Mike, I didn’t expect to be jealous from a kiss, but I couldn’t help it. It seemed so strange seeing another guy kissing her and admiring her in public like this. When she scooted into the booth with Mike right behind her, Mike wrapped his arms around her and they kissed again, but this time it seemed to go on forever. After they finished with the kiss, Michelle snuggled next to him and told him…something! Dang, we were too far away to hear anything. I hadn’t thought about that. I wanted to know what they were saying to each other, but would have to settle for just the visual treat.

The club had a country music band playing, which was one of the reasons Michelle wanted to go there. Both of us love country music and we had heard this band was pretty good. Their lead vocalist was definitely very good. I didn’t know whether or not she would want to dance, but I doubted it. Neither of us are dancers, except square dancing and that’s completely different than typical dancing.

All through dinner, Mike and Michelle chatted and laughed with each other, taking an occasional kiss. Michelle was flirting with Mike like she hadn’t done with me for years, edging closer together and constantly touching each other. Michelle was touching his face and Mike brushing his hand against her breasts. This was two new lovers enjoying themselves to the fullest. Watching her with him was making me so damn jealous, but it was also so thrilling and arousing, thinking what was to come later that night. I was about to watch her making love with this guy. It was comforting to me that even though Michelle knew I was there in the club watching, she didn’t hold back. She obviously didn’t feel like she hand anything to hide from me.

It was obvious that Michelle felt a lot of affection for Mike. That was stoking my jealousy, but Michelle and I had talked about that and it was what I wanted for her. As much as I wanted to watch her make love, I also wanted it to be with someone special to her that would treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

Aside from trying to watch Michelle, I was having a great time with Jacqui. When Michelle walked in and kissed Mike, Jacqui leaned over and whispered to me how good they looked together and told me how hot it was watching my wife with another guy. “Someday, after I’m married, I think it would be nice if my husband would let me occasionally kiss someone like that. I don’t know if I could do it though.”

“We certainly didn’t plan for this, it just sort of happened. We’re both enjoying it though. It’s made every day even more fun and has added a lot of spice to our sex together.” It felt a little funny talking to this girl I hardly knew about Michelle’s sex life and mine. It was hot though, talking about sex with this beautiful girl next to me! When I mentioned my sex life to Jacqui, I wanted so badly to put my hands on her thigh and run it up under her dress to see what she felt like and what she had on under that sexy skirt. I was still way too bashful with her to be quite that forward, even though I suspected she likely wanted me to do exactly that.

Our conversation never did get back to Michelle and me after Kodiak. Jacqui asked what we did for fun, besides Michelle having a boyfriend. “Probably the most fun thing we do is square dancing. We’re members of two clubs, an advanced square dance club here in Kennewick and a regular club in Walla Walla.” I told her that we like to travel out of town quite a bit to other clubs and how much fun it is meeting and dancing with new people. I told her about the State square dance festival we had in Kennewick last year, which was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. “I’d really like to take you to lessons to learn how. One of the fun things about square dancing is that we can bring other couples or singles without anyone thinking it’s weird. I think square dancing is just about the ultimate in swapping, since we trade partners through every dance.

It’s hard to believe that only last June, I hadn’t even thought about writing down the events about that night in Kodiak which started this whole affair. So much has happened since then that it’s hard to believe.” If someone had told either of us that I would be encouraging Michelle to have an affair with an old boyfriend (who I didn’t even know existed) and I would be sitting here on a date with a beautiful girl nine months after that square dance festival we both would have said it wasn’t possible. I’d had that fantasy of watching Michelle, but it was just that: a long forgotten fantasy that I certainly never expected to become reality. And me on a date with another girl? Not in any realm of possibility!

I still didn’t know how to approach Jacqui about watching Michelle and Mike later. It was getting close to the time when I suspected they would be heading to our house, so I needed to talk to her about it. We were having a really good time and seemed to be relating well with each other, so I just outright asked her, “Jacqui, I never mentioned to you what’s going on right after dinner. Michelle is taking Mike back to our house and going to be making love with him and I’m planning on watching through our bedroom patio door. Michelle knows I’ll be there but Mike won’t. Do you want me to take you home first? Then, later, I can come back to your place, if it’s still okay.”

She looked at me with a smile, “I’ve been wondering what you had planned after dinner, Robert. Watching your wife and Mike making out has been making me so hot. I’ve been drooling, thinking about what you guys are doing. If you don’t mind, I’d love to go with you. And it’s definitely OK for you to go home with me afterwards!”

Once again, I was pretty giddy with excitement. She still wanted me to go home with her! “I was kind of hoping you’d want to go with me. It’ll make it even more fun watching with you there. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, even if I didn’t realize it. I know from that first time though, that it’s going to be a little hard coping with the jealousy.”

I was right about the timing. My phone chirped with a text message from my wife, “Heading home in just a few minutes. Love you.”

“Love you too. Don’t hold back.”

I told Jacqui it was time to go and I paid our bill. A few minutes later, I parked the car far enough away from the house so it wouldn’t seem that it was ours. Jacqui and I walked behind the house where I had put a couple chairs in the dark behind some mulberry bushes that would hide us from inside (I had been hoping Jacqui would want to come with me) but we would still be able to clearly see through them into the bedroom. I told Jacqui that Michelle was going to open the patio door so we would be able to hear a little bit at least; we would need to be quiet so as not to give ourselves away. As nervous as I was about what we were about to see in the bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice Jacqui’s skirt opening up and her long, bare leg. Jacqui noticed me sneaking a peak and smiled at me.

When Michelle and Mike arrived a few minutes later, she directed Mike into our driveway, Mike got out then went to Michelle’s side to let her out. When they went inside, I saw the lights go on in the living room, then in the kitchen but wasn’t in a position to see in the kitchen so I didn’t have any idea what would be going on until she took him into our bedroom. This was the worst part of the waiting, wondering what she was doing in the other part of the house, anticipating the bedroom door opening as the minutes seemed to drag on for hours.

It seemed like forever until the kitchen lights were turned out and I could see Mike and Michelle walking through the living room toward our bedroom, hand in hand. When she got to the hallway leading to the bedroom, she turned the living room light off and I was finally rewarded when our bedroom door was opened and the light went on. She turned the dimmer down enough to be romantic but still enough that Jacqui and I would be able to see them. My heart was pounding, waiting for the upcoming roller-coaster ride. I only wish that I had been close enough to hear what was being said.

Jacqui looked at me and took my hand, squeezing it slightly to remind me that she was still there with me. Michelle opened the patio door, then turned to Mike and went into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck for a long, very passionate kiss. Mike slid one side of her dress off her shoulder, revealing her sexy bra and cupped her breast in his hand, kneading her nipple through the thin material slightly as he kissed her. Michelle’s eyes were closed and I could see her face turn to butter as Mike slid her other strap off and unfastened her bra, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her soft, beautiful, bare breasts and brought his mouth to her nipple sucking on it until she pushed him away. Mike sat on the bed and Michelle went into our dressing room. When she turned away from Mike, she looked out the window, directly to where she knew I was sitting and subtly blew me a kiss. She couldn’t see us and didn’t know that Jacqui was going to be there, although I’m sure she suspected she might. Several minutes later, Michelle re-appeared wearing the silk teddy she still had from our wedding night.

Oh God, I thought, I didn’t know she was going to do that. That teddy is special to us, she’s only worn it a few times since our wedding and only on very special occasions. It’s the softest, sexiest thing she owned, coming only to a few inches below the matching silk G-string, semi-transparent, so that you could see everything revealed under it, with a plunging neckline, barely covering her nipples with silk. The only weight Michelle had put on since our wedding was her breasts, so her teddy still fit her perfectly and no more often than she wears it, it’s still like new. The biggest thing with that teddy is that it has so much emotional meaning to us, stemming from our wedding night. It was so shocking to me, another man seeing Michelle in only that teddy and about to make love to her in our bedroom. I whispered softly to Jacqui, telling her that this was what she wore on our wedding night and how special it was to us. She looked at me, gave me another kiss on the cheek and squeezed my hand a little tighter, intertwining her fingers with mine and cupped our hands with her other hand.

Michelle slowly walked over to Mike, held out her arms and did a slow circle. Mike got up off the bed, letting Michelle undress him. When he was standing naked in front of her, Michelle took him in her arms, pulled him tight to her, resting her head in the crook of his neck, kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears. Mike’s hands were tight around Michelle’s butt, pulling her in tight to him when Michelle brought her lips to his and kissed him once again, but this time with an on-going passion, sucking on his lips, passing her tongue into his mouth, her hands around his neck pulling him tight to her. She literally melted into him.

I glanced at Jacqui, sitting there mesmerized at the hot scene we were seeing in our bedroom. I whispered to her that I asked Michelle to not hold anything back and that I hoped to see them making love, not just fucking. She whispered back to me, “This is HOT!” My cock was so stiff and those silk boxers weren’t helping any, made me feel even more aroused. I think that was Michelle’s plan. Jacqui was watching our bedroom window so intently, that she didn’t even notice my little dilemma.

Mike pulled away and brought his lips down to her nipple, spreading her teddy open to give him access.

Michelle pulled her mouth off of him and led him to our bed where Michelle and I have made love so many wonderful times. Mike eased her down on the edge of the bed and kneeled down in front of her on his knees and kissed her breasts, one after the other. I knew how sensitive Michelle’s nipples were as she was arching her breasts out to him.

They lay down together and Mike kissed her, cupping her face with his hands. Michelle wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tight to her, returning his kiss with obvious hunger for more until Mike pulled away and pulled a breast into his mouth once again. Michelle thrust herself out to him, pulling his mouth tighter to her. Then, he pushed the silk teddy aside and kissed down her stomach to the top of her G-string. Michelle lifted her hips, allowing him to pull it down off of her. Mike reached up for a pillow and pushed it under her hips exposing her sex even more before he leaned down and took her pussy in his mouth.

I could only see the expression of lust on Michelle’s face and her writhing under him until Mike pulled away and scooted up, looking at her beautiful face as he forced her arms up over her head, holding her wrists while he ravaged her breasts. Her mouth was an O and her hair wild, as she shook her head from side to side. Michelle was twisting and writhing as he sucked on her breasts. She got one hand free of his grasp and grabbed a handful of Mike's hair, pulling him off her breasts so she could kiss him. She was desperate; kissing his mouth, biting his lips, licking at his face, biting his neck and throat.

Mike pulled away, and took a breath, having re-secured both Michelle's hands. My heart was pounding, my palms sweating and I realized I had almost crushed Jacqui's hand in mine. She grabbed my thigh with her other hand and gave it a squeeze, almost as if reassuring me. We both looked back at the scene. Mike rubbed the head of his cock along my wife's slit! She was growling at him, loud enough for Jackie and Me to hear her, "Mike, baby, fuck me. Fuck me! I am yours!"

Finally, with a single motion, he drove the full length of his cock deep into my wife’s pussy; she opened her mouth still wider in a silent scream as he ground himself against her, impaling her on his member. Then it seemed like forever that Mike slowly plunged in and out of her, with Michelle’s expression changing from lust to pure enjoyment and finally grimace. On and on he made love to my wife, becoming more tender, more loving; leaning forward to kiss her tenderly as he plunged deep inside her. With one last mighty thrust, he orgasmed inside her, filling my wife with his cum. Michelle’s body shook like an earthquake as waves of pleasure erupted inside her.

Jacqui was watching this with me, her face showing that she was in awe of what was happening in our bedroom. She was still gripping one hand tightly and squeezing my thigh when she turned and looked at me, wide eyed and the only thing she could think to say was “Wow! What you and Michelle are doing is so sexy!”

After they climaxed, Mike collapsed on top of her, taking her lips with his once again in a long, passionate kiss while he was still buried inside her. Mike and Michelle wrapped arms around each other, Michelle’s leg draped over him and her bedroom eyes engulfed Mike as they kissed in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

If I didn’t trust my wife so explicitly, I would think there was danger in losing her. I had asked her to not hold anything back tonight and she certainly wasn’t. Even as much as I wanted her to feel passionately for Mike, I was afraid of the depth of her feelings for him. Could she really be so intimate with him, yet not be madly in love with him? Had she plunged over the waterfall or was she still at the top seeing how close to the edge she could get? As it was, I was close to ejaculating all over myself, which I really didn’t want to do with Jacqui right next to me.

Mike rolled off her and laid his head on her chest with Michelle’s arm around him, gently stroking his back. They lay like this for a long time until Mike started to gently play with her nipple on the opposite side, then lightly nibbling on the nipple that was in front of his mouth. I could see Michelle pull him tighter to her and a smile of contentment on her face as Mike laythere grazing on her nipple. His hand that had been stroking the other nipple snaked its way down between her legs where she spread her legs apart, allowing him to caress over her pussy. As Michelle was squirming, I could only imagine what his fingers were doing to her.

Michelle rolled over toward the mirror and Mike snuggled close behind wrapping an arm around her, cupping her breast. Michelle had that well loved look of contentment on her face as Mike gently massaged her nipple and her pussy.

As much as the jealousy was still engulfing me, it was exciting that they were doing this on our bed. Every time Michelle and I make love from now on, we’ll both be thinking about her and Mike making love in that very same spot.

Mike said something to her and Michelle stretched one leg up over his body and I could see in the mirror, his cock entering her from behind. Michelle grimaced as he entered her, then they both started moving in rhythm with each other, making love, Mike’s cock sliding gently in and out of her pussy. It seemed to go on forever, gradually becoming faster, harder and more urgent. I was trying to watch the expression on Michelle’s face as Mike made love to her so intimately. Jacqui was squeezing my thigh, holding my hand and leaning her cheek against me while we watched my wife and Mike make love. Michelle’s expression was constantly changing, from that smile to lust and finally grimacing as they were plunging together. Finally, I heard Michelle’s loud moans of passion and finally her explosive orgasm. Mike managed to keep plunging for another minute or so until he too couldn’t hold any longer and came deep inside her. Then they both relaxed in the same position, with Mike’s cock still buried inside her. She looked into the mirror, toward where I was sitting, gave a feeble smile and a thumbs up with her hand.

Jacqui and I stayed and watched for the next little while, until it seemed they were likely going to sleep in the same position, Mike still inside her, with his arms around her and over a breast. I absolutely loved the look of satisfaction on Michelle’s face.


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