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Michelle's Continuing Affair, Ch 2

Michelle continues an affair with her college boyfriend

When I got back to the house, Michelle was dressed in a pair of sweats and thin T-shirt, no bra. That didn’t surprise me, she’s been going without a bra at home more and more since she started seeing Mike. It still made me a little horny, seeing her so obviously braless in front of another guy, even if she had spent the night naked with him. I kind of suspected she wanted to get me alone, so she could ask about my night with Jacqui…and I was anxious to tell her, but it wasn’t to be for a while yet. Mike and I shook hands and greeted each other a little tentatively.

"Hello, Robert."

"Hi, Mike. Has Michelle fed you breakfast yet?"

“No, she said you’re the breakfast cook.”

"OK, I’ll make something in a bit.”

There was a silence. This was the first time we’d met and it was awkward between two guys who were making love with the same woman, my wife. It might not have been quite as awkward if he hadn’t been in intimate contact with her last night and until just a few minutes ago. In theory there must have been a number of topics we could have talked about but it was hard to get past the elephant in the room. That was a subject I was a little embarrassed to approach but Mike seemed to want to talk about it, "You know, Robert, I had a great time last night. I need to thank you for being willing to share.”

"I was a little surprised. No, make that a lot surprised when she first told me about you and her in college. I guess she probably told you about how she came to tell me about you, the incident in Kodiak and that I wrote a story about it last December?”

“Yes, she did. I wasn’t too surprised about what she told me, I knew that she liked sex a lot when we were in college.”

I started mixing sourdough pancakes for breakfast. I thought that I might be going to hear a lot more about my wife today than I really wanted to hear, but maybe I did want to. Kind of conflicting emotions on that.

“She told me quite a bit about you and her, maybe you can tell me some more today.”

“Ahem, I’m here,” Michelle said, kind of hinting pretty strongly that she didn’t want us talking about her sex life, “Maybe we can change the subject a little from my sex life.”

I grinned at her, “I just thought Mike might be able to think of some things you could have forgotten to mention.”

Mike jumped back in, “Michelle, did you tell him about your twenty first birthday?”

She turned a crimson red, “Maybe skipped that part. I’d still like to talk about something else.”

“No, I think I like this subject,” I said, “OK Mike, what happened on her twenty first?” I started putting the pancake batter on the griddle. Michelle was scowling at both me and Mike.

“I wanted her to have a nice birthday, you know she’s finally old enough to drink, so I asked her if she wanted to go to one of the nightclubs in Pullman. She told me she thought it might be fun, but she didn’t know about the present I already had for her. I had bought a really, really short skirt and talked her into wearing it.”

“OK guys, that’s enough. The pancakes are almost done we need to set the table.” I think she hoped the subject would go away as she put the pancakes and my fresh homemade maple syrup on the table (check the recipe at the end of the story). Mike and Michelle sat down to eat in silence while I cooked another batch of pancakes so we’d have plenty.

“Wow, Robert, these pancakes are good,” Mike told me when I sat down. Apparently Mike hadn’t ever had sourdough pancakes before.

“OK Mike, you bought her a short skirt.” Michelle started her scowl again. “Then what?” This is really getting me curious.

“I gave it to her right before we left and asked her to wear it that night. She opened the box, held it up and complained that it was too short, she couldn’t wear it. Well, it was kind of short, I think altogether it was probably about eight inches long. I told her to come on and wear it, it’ll be fun.”

“I assume she did?”

“Yeah, I finally talked her into it, along with a pretty skimpy top she had. Michelle, do you want to jump in here and tell your hubby about the drive to the club?”

She looked at Mike with the reddest face I think I’ve ever seen. “No.”

“I thought you might not. Anyway, on the drive there, I wasn’t above playing with her a little, rubbing her in the right spot, maybe a finger or two inside the right spot. By the time we were getting close to the club, she was getting really horny.”

“You can stop now,” Michelle jumped in with her red face.

“I can’t leave Robert dangling now,”

I tried to reassure her, “Sweetie, it was seventeen years ago, it doesn’t matter now, it’s just a fun story!” But she wasn’t having any part of it. Her face was still red as it could be.

“After she was that horny, I leaned over and asked her to take her panties off. Took quite a bit of talking, but she finally did. When we went inside, she had on that super short skirt and no panties underneath.” Michelle got up to clean off the breakfast dishes. I don’t think she wanted to hear Mike tell me the rest of this.

“She did a pretty good job holding her knees together. But she made the mistake of having a couple drinks with me. You know how she’s not used to any alcohol.”

I thought back to the night in Kodiak, with only a couple glasses of wine, “Yeah, I know”

“She wanted to dance, which sounded good to me. I couldn’t help but put my hands on her bottom and maybe accidentally pull her skirt up a little.”

Michelle walked back in the room to pick up some more dishes, “Honey, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a good idea for you to meet Mike.” Mike and I both laughed a little at that. She seemed to be over her anger about Mike telling me this and was starting to enjoy it a little herself too.

“OK, so he showed everybody my butt and my pussy, we went back to his house and fucked all night. I loved my birthday. Story finished!”

“Yep,” Mike grinned, “That about sums it up.”

“Sweetheart,” I told her, “I loved that. You were having fun.”


After Mike finished telling me that, it felt like we were almost friends when Michelle asked me to take her to get her car. On the way, Michelle couldn’t help but ask me about Jacqui. “Honey, all I want to say now is that she’s terrific and I had an absolutely fantastic night. I’ll tell you everything about it when we’re in bed because I know it’s going to make me want some bedtime activities and probably you too.”

“I’m glad. Does that mean you’re going to want to see her again?”

I was driving, but pulled over and parked the car before I answered her. I looked right at her because I wanted to see her reaction and said “Yes.”

She got a big grin on her face and leaned over to kiss me. “Will she take you away from me?”

I think she already knew the answer to that before she asked, but like me, she needed to hear it anyway, “No, Honey, I had a revelation last night after we made love. I’ll tell you about it later. She won’t ever be able to take me from you and I’ve already told her that.”

“Then you have my permission to see her.”

Even though I had already been sure of her answer, I was still relieved to hear her say it. “How about you and Mike, babe? How close are you to the edge of that waterfall? You and him were pretty hot last night.”

We continued on our way to pick up her car. “Knowing that you were watching us made it so much more exciting. I knew you wanted to see passion and that’s what I enjoyed so much. I like him a lot…and yes it was hot. But I’ve already told you, and I still mean it, I wouldn’t ever leave you for him.”

“Actually, I understand that a lot more now after spending the night with Jacqui than I did before. I’m anxious to tell you all about it and everything else from last night.

One thing I had to mention to her, “You wore our nightgown last night. I didn’t expect that.”

“I did that for you, because I knew you were watching and it would turn you on even more. Didn’t hurt with Mike either I guess. So what do we do now? Are you still OK with me and Mike”

I thought about that just briefly before I answered her, “Yes.”

Michelle’s mood brightened quite a bit. She smiled and told me, “Good, because while I was waiting for you to get home, I thought of something really special for tonight.”

“You want to tell me what?”

“No, you’re going to have to wait and see. The only thing I will tell you is that I’m really, really looking forward to tonight. I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it.” She got a big grin on her face and went on, “And I KNOW Mike will enjoy it!” She whispered under her breath, “I’m going to like it too.”

Oh God, she had me hard and horny all over again. She noticed and said, “Seems like you might already be enjoying my little surprise. You’ll see tonight.”

I tried, but she wasn’t giving me even a hint, just quietly looked out the window until we arrived at her car. Now I’m really looking forward to tonight. She told me that there were a couple things she needed to pick up at the store, so she’d be just a little behind me.

After Michelle got out of the car for hers, I couldn’t wait any longer. I texted Jacqui, “Couldn’t wait until tomorrow, talked to Michelle, hope to see you soon. Kisses, Robert.” I waited a few minutes hoping for an answer. I wasn’t disappointed. She texted me back four smiley faces.

We arrived back at the house. When we were sitting in our living room, I asked Mike, “Michelle says you’re an architect. Do you work for yourself or with a firm?”

“A pretty big company in Seattle. We work on office buildings, medical, we’ve done a few hospitals, mostly pretty big projects.”

“Ever anything in Eastern Washington?”

“Actually, we’re bidding on a medical center in Prosser only about 45 minutes from here and it looks pretty promising that we’ll probably get it.”

Michelle and I looked at each other. I was pretty sure she knew what I was asking next, “Will you be spending any time there?”

“I think so. If we get the job, I’ll be working a lot directly with the owner and their representatives at their office in Prosser to put together their specific needs before we start the plans. I’d be spending quite a bit of time there.”

I’m sure that Michelle and I both had the same thought…that she might be spending quite a few nights there as well, but nothing was said about it. I suspect that Mike was probably thinking, or at least hoping, the same thing.

We talked away the rest of the day. I was finding Mike to be a really nice guy and I liked him, even if he was having sex with my wife. We’d had a pretty late breakfast so skipped lunch. It was around 4:30 when Michelle mentioned that she was starting to get hungry again. We decided to go to the Black Angus steak house. Michelle and I had eaten there not long ago, their food is really good and they have quiet semi-private booths where you can visit in private without a lot of overriding noise.

Michelle changed into something a little more appropriate for a nice family restaurant. When we arrived, the hostess seated us and shortly took our orders. While we were waiting for our food, I couldn’t help but ask, “Mike, you started telling about some of yours and Michelle’s escapades in college. Anything else you think her loving husband should know?”

“Well, did she mention to you the night one of my friends watched us?”

Michelle did a double take on that one, “What are you talking about? I don’t remember that ever happening!”

“Oh, maybe I never mentioned it to you, do you remember John? He was there one night on the couch. I told him if I was lucky you might be coming over sometime during the night, so he stayed awake.”

“Wait a minute, you mean John McClaren?”

“Yep, he would be the one.”

“Oh God, he was in some of my classes. I remembered how he used to smile at me like he knew something. What did he see?”

“You came in and left the bedroom door open. Apparently, you didn’t see him. Anyway, John was standing out in the dark living room when you got undressed.” Michelle was sitting there, once again red-faced, looking like she wanted to crawl under the table and hide. “It was one of those nights when I had a boner and you climbed on top of me. Damn, it felt good when you did that! John was there, watching the whole thing. He told me about it the next morning, how turned on he was. As soon as you started getting dressed, he snuck back over to the couch so he’d be there pretending to be sound asleep in case you saw him on the way out.”

Michelle squeaked out a little voice, “When was that?”

“It was the first part of our junior year.”

“That’s the year we had two classes together. No wonder he kept smiling at me like that. Probably wanted to see me naked again.”

“No probably about it. He stayed over a few other nights hoping for a repeat, but you never came over at the right time again.”

“Thank you God for small favors anyway!”

Mike asked me if she had told me about the night watching the movie and I told him that yes, she did mention that to me.

Then Mike looked at Michelle, over at me, then back to Michelle again, whispering to her, “Strip poker, did you tell your husband about that?”

Now Michelle’s face really did redden and she looked like she had suddenly swallowed a frog, “Umm no, and I really wish you wouldn’t!”

Mike looked over at me and I nodded my head up and down, indicating that I wanted him to go on. Michelle saw me and scooted over to Mike, took his face in her hands and kissed him, hard! When she finally broke away, I could barely hear her telling him, “If you keep that to yourself, I’ll make it worth your while later tonight!”

“Sweetheart, I’m counting on you tonight, whether I tell this story or not, but I think Robert wants to hear it.”

I didn’t say anything, but nodded once again, confirming that I definitely wanted to know about my Michelle playing strip poker. After we got home from Reno after our wedding, we spent three days together, alone at her dad’s cabin in the mountains. One of the things I wanted to do with her then was play strip poker and she wouldn’t. It’s one game I’ve always wanted to play and she never would with me. So now, hearing that she did with Mike, I definitely wanted the details! No jealousy here I kept telling myself, no, none at all. Damn right I was jealous!

“One of my friends from Seattle came to visit me for a weekend, with his wife. I knew him since Junior High school, but hadn’t ever met his wife. They started going together after I left for Pullman that year and had gotten married pretty quickly. It was April when they visited, a little after spring vacation of our junior year.”

Michelle’s face was still red and she was holding it in her hands, breathing deeply, trying hard to ignore what was being said.

“I called Michelle Saturday and the four of us went out to dinner. Afterward, we went back to my apartment and started playing games. It started out pinochle for the first couple games, then it got kind of boring, so Jon, my friend, asked if we wanted to play poker for a while. I didn’t have any chips and none of us had much change, so he suggested we play strip poker instead. I glanced at Amber, Jon’s wife, thinking how much I’d like to see her with no clothes and you know how pretty Michelle was so obviously Jon was thinking about her and I have to admit that I wanted to show off my pretty girlfriend. Amber smiled and said she thought it’d be fun, so that left only one of us to convince. When all three of us turned and looked at Michelle, her face turned red, kind of like it is now. With all of us waiting for her, she finally nodded okay.

That was when the waiter brought our food. Arghh. I want the rest of the story!! We didn’t want to spoil Michelle’s appetite more than we already had, so we talked about other things, our square dancing, some of the projects Mike has worked on, he told us about his house a little more. I couldn’t help but smile at that, thinking about Michelle’s show and tell about his bedroom when she was in Seattle.

We finished eating and the waitress picked up our dishes, so I asked Mike to finish telling me about the strip poker episode.

Michelle finally decided to get into the story a little, “There’s not a lot more to tell. None of us got naked, we quit before then. We all ended up in our underwear and decided that was far enough.”

Mike wasn’t going to let her off the hook quite that easy, “Yeah that’s true.” Then he looked right at me and went on, “But not quite the whole story. Michelle was so sexy when she took off her blouse. Then when her skirt came off, it was like another world! She unbuttoned it and slid it down off those hips like she’d been practicing to be a stripper all her life. I thought both Jon’s and Amber’s eyes were going to pop out of their heads! And those underwear! Sweetie, why don’t you describe the underwear you were wearing to Robert?”

Michelle was once again acting like she wanted to crawl under the table, scowling at Mike. It reminded me of the time she was trying to kill me with her eyes alone in Kodiak after I’d stoked her passion a little in Kodiak before asking her if she wanted to make out with Alec. “Umm, they were kind of a flesh colored thong.”

Mike took over, “Yeah, they were about as sexy as sexy can get! Didn’t cover hardly anything and just a string around her waist. Some I’d bought her to wear with the skirt she wore that night. The bra didn’t cover much more either. Jon really, really liked that game. Actually, I did too.”

I was really taken aback by all of this. It seemed like Michelle was so open sexually in everything she did with Mike. So unlike the girl I’ve known for the last 16 years. And now she’s really opening herself back up again, being that Goddess I remember seeing in Kodiak that night. Mike obviously had an effect on her that I’ve never had, even as much as we’ve always enjoyed sex together.

Mike went on, “Sweetie, do you want to tell Robert about the rest of the night?”

Michelle looked at me and smiled, apparently thinking that she might as well have some fun too telling the story, “I was so horny I couldn’t hardly stand it. Besides being almost naked, we’d all been doing some touchy-feely and flirting with each other all evening. Mike’s and Jon’s underwear were bulging so much and I wanted Mike inside me so bad! Mike and I went in the bedroom and practically ripped each other’s clothes off. Mike buried his face and his tongue inside me till I came, then I got on my hands and knees and Mike fucked me like we hadn’t ever before! God, we were horny!”

Wow, I guess she kinda got over her bashfulness about telling the story. I couldn’t help but ask her, “And is this making you as horny tonight as it is me?”

“Uhunh, I think it’s time we should go, don’t you?”

Besides sending all my blood about halfway down my body, there was apparently still a tiny bit left on top that made me wonder about something Michelle had told me the night she first told me about Mike, “Playing that game with another couple made both of you that horny, but you never actually did anything with anyone else?”

Mike answered, “No, it was a one time thing, we never did anything else like that.”

I was glad to hear that. I was enjoying these stories and they made me horny as hell, but not if I found out that Michelle had lied to me about being with someone else besides Mike.

So I picked up the check. Mike and I split the cost and we headed out to the car. I was really curious what might happen, so I suggested that Mike and Michelle sit in the back seat on the way home. After that story, I was ready to watch some fireworks! Michelle obviously knew what I had in mind and she didn’t disappoint me. She was all over Mike as soon as we got in the car, kissing him, encouraging his hand up under her blouse, rubbing his crotch, never letting their lips apart for even a second all the way home. By then, I was so horny I didn’t think I could stand another minute!

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