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Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 3

I have an affair
Mike left for Seattle Sunday morning after breakfast. Shortly after he left, Michelle and I satdown to talk about the weekend. “Honey,” Michelle started, “I need to know, what are you really thinking about me and Mike?”

I paused for some time, trying to think how to answer her question. “Babe, there hasn’t ever been anything hotter than watching you and Mike together, especially last night. I don’t know how to explain it more than we’ve already talked about, but I can’t get over the thrill of you having sex with Mike. If you’re wondering if I still want you to see him again, then the answer to that is absolutely yes!”

“Sweetheart, what would you say if I told you I wanted more?”

I looked at her a bit quizzically wondering what she meant. “What do you mean more?”

She was kind of biting her bottom lip, like she did when she was nervous about something, “Mike and I talked before you got here Saturday morning. I’d like to actually date him, you know, like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

I looked at her, concerned at what she was telling me. Somehow this was scaring me a little bit, even more than the intimate love making I had seen. “So how would that work exactly, Mike is in Seattle, you’re here. What would it mean for you and me? Where’s it eventually going?”

She almost started crying, “Sweetheart, I don’t know all the answers. Mike isn’t taking anything away from how I love you, but we really care for each other and want more than just an occasional fuck.”

I was thinking to myself how to respond to this, wasn’t this what I had secretly been wanting all along? I wanted her to care for him. It was exactly what I had told her not long ago about the emotional waterfall. She was getting closer and closer to the edge, that made that ‘occasional fuck’ more and more meaningful and better for her. And at this point, even as powerful as my jealousy toward him was… and even my fear of losing her, that strong drug addiction was even more powerful than my fears, it was like a moth to a flame, even though I knew I could be destroying myself, I couldn’t bear to have her stop seeing Mike. How would I explain it to her, when I didn’t understand it myself?

As I’ve said before, Michelle and I were experiencing a fantastic sex life right now…so why my urge for her to be with Mike? Maybe because he was the big reason for that fantastic sex life. Before he came into our lives we had settled into fairly routine sex. Since January 1st, when Michelle first told me about Mike we rarely skip a night making love, except during her monthly. Maybe I was afraid that if Michelle loses that connection with Mike, our sex will return to be as mundane as it had been. And I had to admit to myself, I felt that Michelle having sex with Mike justified me having a sexual relationship with Jacqui, which I definitely didn’t want to give up, now that I had experienced her that first time.

“Babe,” I whispered to her, “Make whatever arrangement with Mike you need to. All I ask is that you always come home to me. I love you,” even though the thought in the back of my mind kept trying to surface, what if one time she doesn’t come home? Even though it’s scary, There’s something so sexy about Michelle having her independence dating Mike. And, I guess, especially that I won’t know what she’s doing with him…and too, the incredible chemistry between her and Mike.

“Thank you, honey, I love you too.”

I noticed she didn’t say that she would always come home. Was that intentional? Or simply something she didn’t think she needed to say?

“And what about Jacqui? You can date her too, you know.”

That was another thing I couldn’t help but wonder about a little bit. Was Michelle setting me up with Jacqui just in case? I was afraid to ask her that question. But I also couldn’t help but want to see more of Jacqui, she seemed too good to be real. I started to daydream, thinking of her beautiful body and what it had been like to make love with her.

When I didn’t respond to Michelle’s suggestion that I could date Jacqui, she mentioned it again, “Why don’t you see if she’d like to learn to square dance? We can take her to the lessons Friday nights, then if you want to, you can drop me off and take her to dinner… or something else.”

I looked at my wife straight in her eyes, “And if I didn’t make it home Friday night, would you be OK with that?”

Michelle looked at me just as intently. “Yes.”

“You do understand the chemistry between me and Jacqui is positively incredible?"

“Yes, and I like that it is.”

I knew that Michelle kept in pretty constant contact with Mike, although she didn’t share any of the details with me. That’s what independence means, she doesn’t have to share it with me. From some of her grins and giggles when she was texting and I was there, I suspected she and Mike were likely sexting to each other.

Jacqui and I talked and texted quite a bit as well. It was hard to see her since she had to work until after nine nearly every day, then was tired after work. I asked her if she would like to come to the square dance lessons with us and she was enthusiastic about that, sounded like a lot of fun to her. Her problem was that it’s on Friday nights which are always busy at the store and she had taken the Friday before off to be with me, so wouldn’t be able to for a couple weeks.

When the Friday finally rolled around that Jacqui could get off, Michelle and I picked her up at 6:30.

I had told her that her work clothes, which were always a very attractive skirt and blouse, would be perfectly appropriate for lessons. The ladies don’t ever wear square dance clothes for the Friday night lessons, just to the dances, which in our club are the first and third Saturday of each month.

When we arrived at our dance hall, our other club members were pleased and surprised to have a young attractive beginner. We didn’t want to raise any suspicions as to our actual relationship, so Michelle and I danced in the square together, letting the other guys dance with Jacqui. Typically at a lesson, the caller will teach five or six new moves through the evening, practicing each one until it becomes second nature, gradually expanding the list of calls the beginner knows. I think square dancing is the ultimate ‘partner swapping’ dance, as each lady moves around the square, dancing with each of the four men in the square about the same amount.

When the lesson was finished that evening and we all said our goodbye’s to our friends, Michelle was true to her word. She asked me to drop her off at home so Jacqui and I could have the rest of the evening together. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, the Black Angus, which has semi-private booths. Through dinner, we snuggled together, snuck some kisses and giggled about the square dancing fun. I can’t remember most of what we talked about, mostly just trying to get to know each other better. I know that I really liked this girl and was falling for her fast!

After dinner, we drove to a secluded area of Columbia Park overlooking the Columbia River. It was fairly cool outside, so we sat in the car, simply looking at each other without talking for a few minutes and finally came together for a kiss. I don’t feel like I’m a very good author and it’s hard to describe that kiss. It was sensual, erotic and extremely stimulating, making me hard as a rock. I don’t know how long we were together in that kiss until I couldn’t help myself and reached under her blouse to her breast, gently massaging her over her sexy Victoria’s Secret bra until she asked me to unsnap it. While I was reaching behind unsnapping her bra, she was undoing several buttons on her blouse, letting it open so that I could take her bare nipple in my mouth and suck. We must have sat in the car making out like horny teen-agers for at least an hour or two until I told her I needed to take her home.

When we arrived at her house, I walked her to the door, she unlocked it and asked if I would spend the night with her. Oh how tempting it was! But I told her no, I really wanted us to date and get to know each other before we made love again. We kissed again on her front porch and agreed to make another date as soon as we could. As I walked to my car, she was still standing on the porch and threw me a kiss as got in.

I drove home with a feeling of euphoria at what a relationship with this girl was going to bring. Like Michelle with Mike, I wanted it to be much more than just sex. When I arrived home and walked in our front door, Michelle was still up watching a movie. She was more than a little surprised to see me and asked how my date was?

“Fantastic! We went to the Black Angus, got to know each other a little more, then went to the park. We kissed and made out and I took her home, kissed her again and left.”

“You didn’t make love with her?”

“No, I told her we needed to get to know each other better before we had sex again. I really like her, she’s very special.”

Michelle got up, walked over to me and said, “Mmmm, I’m glad. I suspect you’re horny and I know I am just thinking about it.” She reached down, feeling me, wrapping her hand around me. “Pretty obvious I’m right. Come with me, lover boy.” And she led me to our bedroom.

She stood in front of me, doing a slow strip tease, torturing me with how slowly she was removing her clothes. I was most definitely horny from making out with Jacqui all evening and now my wife seemed to be enjoying torturing me.

When she was finally naked, she came over to me and whispered in my ear, “Call me Jacqui tonight. I want you to be making love with her.”

Oh God, she was making me hard! Just like Michelle had done with me, pretending I was Mike the night after she came home from Seattle, I wanted to give Michelle the same erotic experience I had that night, so I was going to truly be making love with Jacqui.

“Ummm, Jacqui, kiss me please.” She came to me, putting her lips to mine, opened her mouth slightly letting me push my tongue into her mouth. I wrapped my hands around her butt, pulling her tight to me while we were kissing. I gently rubbed my hands over her body, exploring her as if we hadn’t ever explored before. I cupped her breasts in my palms and rubbed her nipples between my fingers and whispered in her ear, “Oh God, Jacqui, I want to make love with you.”

I picked her up and laid her on the bed, then stripped out of my clothes and laid down beside her. I held her face between my hands, kissed her passionately, then told her, “You’re so beautiful!” and kissed down to her nipple, sucking her whole breast into my mouth. I reached down with one hand, caressing down her stomach, between her thighs, gently separating her pussy lips with my fingers. ‘Jacqui’ was writhing beneath me, pushing her hips into my fingers while I slowly inserted two fingers into her, working them in and out while she was moaning and begging me to fuck her. I pulled my hand away, found one of our fairly thick foam pillows and slid it under her hips, then kissed down her stomach and found her clit, suckng it into my mouth and buried my tongue inside her pussy.

She was so wet, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pushed myself back up to her mouth, kissing her while I pushed my cock deep inside her and held it there, imagining what it had been like inside Jacqui with her pussy pulsating, almost like she was milking me, “Oh Jacqui, you’re so tight, it feels so good inside you, how you can squeeze yourself around me, pulling me in deeper.”

Michelle and I were both literally shaking with the heat of the moment. Her hands were on my butt, pulling me into her tight. We were pelvis to pelvis, with ‘Jacqui’ thrusting up to me, when I started to slowly withdraw and push back in, over and over again, my cock growing bigger and deeper every thrust into her. This was how lovemaking was meant to be, the most excruciatingly wonderful experience on earth. Over and over again ‘Jacqui’ and I thrust to each other in perfect rhythm. She was moaning my name over and over again while I was doing the same. “Oh Jacqui, Jacqui.”

The more I moaned Jacqui’s name, the more excited Michelle became, finally grabbing my butt, pulling me tight to her and screaming out, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” I couldn’t control myself any longer and our bodies trembled together as we finally reached the point of no return where heaven and earth meet.

Afterward, we lay together, completely spent and exhausted, gently kissing each other. Michelle told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too. I told her, “That’s just a taste of what it was like that night with Jacqui. I can’t even begin to describe it, the first time I’d ever been with a girl other than you. And she’s so wonderful!”

“I’m glad, that’s what it’s been like with Mike too, getting back together after all this time. We were together in college, but never anything like it is now, just so incredible!”

“I know, I saw.”

Michelle was biting her bottom lip again, like she has when she was nervous ever since I knew her in school. “Speaking of my lover, I was lonesome while you were with Jacqui tonight, so I called him.”

The way she was acting she had my attention. I knew something fairly significant was going on. “What did you and him talk about?”

She was fidgeting around, obviously getting more and more nervous, she barely whispered, “He invited me to his house next weekend.” I watched her, knowing that she was eventually going to tell me the rest of this conversation, which I suspected I already knew, “I told him I would, that I need to see him.”

I was a little surprised that she hadn’t discussed it with me first, but I had told her after he left that she was free to see him and now she was obviously taking that initiative. “How are you going to go, are you going to fly again?”

“No, I’m going to drive. Flying is too expensive, and I think I want to get used to driving there by myself.”

Get used to it? Sounds like she’s planning on making regular trips to Seattle to meet her lover. The thought both excited me and scared me badly, especially that she’s planning these trips without my knowledge beforehand. But this is exactly the thing that’s actually bringing Michelle and me so close together to have the kind of sex we had just enjoyed, so instead of voicing the disapproval that was so close in my mind, I told her, “Babe, I hope you have the most wonderful time ever!”

The next morning was Saturday and I wasn’t working but I knew Jacqui was, so I called her before she had to leave for work and asked her when we could see each other again. “I’m off Wednesday, can we do something then?”

“How about if I pick you up about 5:30, right after I get off work and we have dinner, then go to a movie?”

“Wonderful, see you then.” And I heard her kiss the phone with a loud smack.

“Sounds like you have a date,” Michelle said, laying in bed beside me. “Will you be making love with her then?”

“I don’t know. I really want us to be more like a normal dating couple before we have sex again. I don’t want it to be just sex with her.” At the time, I didn’t think how stupid that sounded… most married guys, especially those with a wife as wonderful as mine, don’t have a ‘normal’ dating relationship with a single girl.

“Umm, I hope you do.”


The rest of the weekend was pretty normal for me and Michelle. We went to dinner with her parents Saturday night, came home and made exquisite love again, like we did now almost every night. Sunday afternoon, our square dance club had a club meeting and since I was the Secretary, we were obligated to attend, not that it was as much an obligation as fun meeting with our friends. I couldn’t help but think how surprised they all would be if they knew about Mike and Jacqui. For all appearances, Michelle and I were a typical married couple, madly in love with each other. It was still hard for me to believe that only a few months ago, that’s exactly what we were. Now, we each had another lover who we were crazy about.

The closer it got to Wednesday, the more nervous I was again about my date with Jacqui. I still didn’t know if we would spend part or all of the night in bed together.

Wednesday finally arrived and Michelle kissed me and told me to have an especially good time as I was leaving to pick up Jacqui. When I knocked on her door, she answered it wearing a mid thigh length skirt and soft sweater. It didn’t really matter what she wore, she always looked and smelled fantastic and so sexy.

Our movie didn’t start until 8:15, so we had plenty of time to eat and talk. We went to the Olive Garden and only had to wait about 20 minutes to get our table. It’s a lot noisier and not nearly as romantic as the Black Angus, but I had asked Jacqui what she liked and Italian was near the top of her list, so here we were. We enjoyed just talking with each other, continuing to become familiar with each other and at the same time coming to like each other more and more.

After dinner, we went to the theater and watched the movie, 10 Rules for Sleeping Around. It seemed kind of prophetic for our situation and was pretty funny. We held hands with our fingers intertwined and Jacqui giggled through much of the movie. I bought popcorn and a pop and had fun feeding her popcorn. I thought a lot about what we were doing after the movie and finally came to a decision, which left me more relaxed and able to have fun with her.

When we got back to her house, I walked her to the door and kissed her again, this time with all the passion I was feeling for her. When we broke away from the kiss, I told her Michelle was going to be out of town, but wondered if she could go to the square dance lesson again with me Friday night. “I’ve already talked to Tina about it. I’m going to owe that girl so much! Yes, I can go.”

My smile nearly stretched my face out of any normal proportion. “I’ll pick you up at six then, at the store?”

“Sounds great, I’ll be waiting.”

I kissed her again and walked back to my car.

When I got home a little after eleven, Michelle was still up waiting for me again, “Well, did you?”

“No, I’m waiting for that special time.”

She actually looked a little disappointed. When we went to bed, she was naked like she almost always was in bed now and scooted her body next to mine and kissed me. When she started to get frisky, wanting to make love with me, I told her, “Baby, I can’t tonight. I just left a beautiful girl horny with no one to relieve her, and it’s not fair that I come home and make love right after.”

Michelle got a little pouty after that and did her best to seduce me until I told her, “And besides that, I want you to be horny when you get to Mike’s house Friday night.”

“Umm, good thinking, I can live with that.” Michelle and I wrapped our naked bodies around each other and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Friday morning, Michelle told me that she was leaving straight from work since it’s about a four hour drive. I watched her pack her suitcase with the sexiest clothes she owns. When she was finished, I commented that she hadn’t packed any nightgown or underwear. She grinned at me and said, “I didn’t think I’d be needing any.” Before she left, she wrapped her arms around me and told me, “Honey I love you. Thank you. I’ll see you Sunday night.” Then she added very quietly with a mischievous grin on her face, “Probably.”

I watched her go, more than a little afraid at what was happening to us, but exhilarated at what she was doing. I wasn’t yet doubting my trust in her, or myself. As I was to find out before very much longer, ‘yet’ was the significant word of that thought.

Friday evening I picked up Jacqui to take her square dancing again. When we got to the hall, our friends were surprised that Michelle wasn’t there. I explained to them that she had gone to Seattle to fuck her old boyfriend… not! I did say she went to Seattle to visit a college friend, leaving the presumption that it was an innocent trip to visit a lady friend.

Several of the guys took turns dancing with Jacqui. I didn’t want to monopolize her all evening, raising some kind of suspicion that she was any more than an acquaintance who wanted to learn square dancing. She seemed to enjoy both the dancing and the attention from the guys. It honestly isn’t very often that we have such a pretty, young girl by herself wanting to learn. It’s quite a treat for all of us.

When the lesson was finally over and we were in the car on our way back, I asked her if she was hungry. She looked at me hungrily and said, “No.”

“Me either, since Michelle’s gone, do you mind stopping by our place?” She looked at me expectantly, and told me that would be great.

We pulled into our garage, got out and walked in through the laundry room. As soon as we were inside our kitchen, we were instantly in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily, totally unable to resist the sexual frustration from the last two dates. I had decided that if Jacqui was willing, I wanted to sleep with her tonight. I’d fallen head over heels for her and I think she had for me also. This was now our fourth date and the second night that we would be intimate. We had sex the first time and had only kissed and made out, being very sexually frustrated since then. Plus, the last time Michelle and I had sex was Tuesday, an eternity in our current world! I can’t express here how badly I wanted Jacqui. The thought that within the next couple of hours my wife would be in Mike’s arms and his bed didn’t even cross my mind. All I had been able to think about all evening and now was making love with Jacqui.

We walked hand in hand back to mine and Michelle’s bedroom. Once inside, I undressed Jacqui. I pulled her sweater up over her head; her breasts looked beautiful in the lacy bra beneath. Then I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to floor, revealing the matching panties she was wearing (Than you Victoria’s Secret!). I went down on my knees and slipped her panties down her legs and planted a tiny kiss just below her navel. Reaching up and around her I unclipped her bra, licking and sucking at her nipples in turn. I stood up to let her undress me: She undid my shirt, one button at a time, kissing my chest and stomach as she revealed it. I shrugged it from my shoulders and it fell to the ground. Then it was Jacqui’s turn to kneel and she undid my pants, again kissing my legs all the way down as my pants slid down my legs. My shorts went next, but all I could feel was Jacqui’s sweet breath on my crotch. We were both naked. We went into each others arms for a deep, long, meaningful kiss.

When we finally had to catch our breaths, I asked her, “Jacqui, sweetheart, would you mind wearing something for me?”

She looked at me a little surprised, not having any idea what I had in mind but trusting me nevertheless. “Whatever it is, yes.”

I took her by the hand into our dressing room where I had earlier laid out Michelle’s sexy silk teddy, the one she had worn on our honeymoon. Jacqui recognized it, since I told her about it the night Michelle wore it for Mike. “Are you sure? Michelle won’t mind? You told me how much this means to both of you.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I think Michelle will be thrilled when I tell her. You’re so beautiful, I’d love to see you and feel you in it.”

“Okay, why don’t you go in the bedroom and I’ll be out in a minute.” As soon as I stepped out of the dressing room, Jacqui closed the door behind her.

I assume she’d be out in just a minute, so I sat on the bed and waited…and waited…and waited. I read in a book one time that a beautiful woman is worth waiting for, but I assumed Jacqui was only putting on a nightgown, not getting ready for a night on the town. I sat on the bed, my cock growing harder and harder with anticipation. I must have sat there waiting for her to put on a nightgown at least twenty minutes, with no idea what she might be doing.

When she finally opened the door and stepped into the bedroom, I was awestruck! She was so beautiful! Not only was she wearing the sexiest nightgown I had ever seen, but she was wearing a pair of Michelle’s high heels…that she had helped me pick out last February and had taken the time to completely redo her makeup and lipstick and brush her beautiful, silky soft hair out around her shoulders. I couldn’t help but sit there with my jaw gaping open, unable to say a word. Jacqui walked over to me, pulled me up off the bed, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She had obviously borrowed some of Michelle’s perfume as not only did she look exquisite, she smelled so intoxicating.

“Jacqui, you’re so unbelievably beautiful!” I held her in my arms, rubbing my hands over Michelle’s silk teddy, up her back, down her sides to her bare thighs, up her stomach to her beautiful breasts and nipples. How this girl had somehow become mine and was here in my bedroom, in my arms, was simply too impossible to comprehend.

We laid down on the bed together simply holding each other tight and kissing, not wanting this moment to ever end. At that moment, I thought she was too beautiful, too fragile, too… I didn’t even know what, to even make love to. We kissed, we caressed, I brushed her hair away from her face, kissing her eyes, her nose, her ears, her neck. I slipped a strap off her shoulder to reveal her breast and kissed her nipple. Jacqui was lying beside me moaning and still running her hands all over my body. I kissed back to her lips exploring the inside of each other’s mouth with our tongues. I thought the first time we made love was fantastic, but it paled in comparison to what I was feeling then and we hadn’t even touched each other below the waist yet.

I was feeling an urgency that I couldn’t ever remember feeling before when I slipped Michelle’s silk g-string down off of Jacqui’s waist. As soon as it was gone, I rolled over on top of her and was instantly inside of her. Jacqui’s eyes rolled back in her head as she groaned. I couldn’t help but love the feeling of Jacqui’s pussy pulsating around me when I was buried deep inside her. It was all I could do to keep from coming without a single thrust when Jacqui found my lips with hers and thrust her tongue inside my mouth. My depth of feeling for this girl far surpassed anything I ever expected. I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy right to the very edge of her lips and thrust back inside her, making love with one of the two most beautiful and wonderful girls I had ever met. We slowly made love with each other, neither of us ever wanting it to end. Jacqui wouldn’t allow that kiss to end, even as we rocked back and forth, making love. I almost regretted it when I started to feel my climax start to slowly build from deep inside me. When the climax became so urgent that it couldn’t be denied and both Jacqui and I felt the simultaneous explosion coming, she still wouldn’t release me from that kiss. I could feel her lips become hard and strong as she quivered under me and the explosion finally took place, going on…and on…and on, until I felt like I might pass out with the pleasure. Our lips were still locked together when it was over.

When my brain started to function again after the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had, I was truly frightened. I no longer trusted myself. I felt that this girl was magical and there wasn’t any possibility that I would ever be able to give her up or live without her. As honest as Michelle and I had been with each other, this had been lovemaking that I couldn’t ever tell her about honestly.

We laid together holding each other, unable to talk, hardly able to breathe for the longest time. I slipped the straps of Michelle’s teddy back over Jacqui’s shoulders. I wanted her to wear the teddy through the night. We didn’t make love again that night, there simply wasn’t anything else either of us could do except hold each other and kiss through the night, until we finally drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I woke up the next morning with a sense of wellbeing and the feel of a beautiful woman in my arms. My only regret was that Jacqui had to go to work early that morning. She usually didn’t start work until noon, but since Tina had taken part of her shift Friday evening, Jacqui was taking Tina’s this morning. I kissed her on the lips. “Time to get up, beautiful.”

She blinked her eyes a few times at me and looked around like she was trying to remember where she was. “Umm, what time is it?”

“It’s eight o’clock. You said you need to be to work at nine thirty and I have to run you home first.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. “Make love to me first.”

I wanted to so bad, but I knew we didn’t have time. “No, we can’t now, you have to get up and shower so I can take you home for some clothes.”

She grudgingly rolled out of bed, and we both realized she still had on Michelle’s high heels from last night. In our excitement, she hadn’t ever taken them off. Even with stumbling a little bit, her hair and last night’s makeup a mess, she was still beautiful this morning. When she turned on the shower, I thought back to the night Michelle had role-played that I was Mike and we showered together, making me want to join Jacqui in the shower, but I knew that would lead to other things, probably back into bed, and Jacqui was already going to be pushed to get to work on time.

I got dressed, Jacqui finished her shower and dressed in last night’s clothes and I took her home so she could get some fresh clothes and make-up for work. When I dropped her off at her door, I kissed her and told her, “I guess I don’t really need to say that last night was the best night I can ever remember having Jacqui, thank you.”

“Me too.”She kissed me again.

“When can I see you again?”

“We close early tomorrow.”

“I can’t, Michelle will be coming home tomorrow night and I want to be with her.”

“You never told me what she was doing this weekend. Is she with Mike?”

“Yes, she is. She didn’t exactly say so, but I think she sort of invited herself to his place. She told me she wanted to see him pretty bad.”

“So they’re probably in bed together now?”

I knew what time it was, but automatically looked at my watch to see the time. “I suspect they’re probably making love about now, maybe in the shower together.”

“That’s hot!”

“I’m anxious to hear about her weekend. Back to my question, when can I see you again?”

“I’m off Wednesday this week again, I’ll call you.”

“I can’t wait!” And with that, I took her in my arms for a long passionate kiss and drove home.

I grabbed a McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with egg and a pop on my way home. When I got there, I was honestly glad to be alone that morning. It gave me a chance to sit down and think about Jacqui, what happened last night and about Michelle, my love.

What were my feelings about Jacqui, was I in love with her? What am I going to tell Michelle about last night? I’ve now been out with Jacqui a total of four times. Last night, I felt love for her after we made love. But now, when I could analyze it a little bit without the distraction of her in my arms, I realized it wasn’t love I felt for her it was lust. I was definitely in lust for Jacqui and most definitely wanted to keep seeing her. I rationalized that if it was lust, not love, Michelle wouldn’t have a problem with it. I knew for sure I was extremely infatuated with Jacqui!

I remembered thinking after that sensational love-making that I couldn’t tell Michelle the truth about it. But now, in the light of day, I thought that wasn’t being fair to her. She has been completely honest with me about her feelings for Mike and how wonderful their lovemaking is.

Plus, I knew Michelle reads these stories before I submit them and I was going to be honest about my feelings in the story, so I definitely had to be honest with her before she read it.

I got up to clean up the bedroom and make the bed. As soon as I walked in the room, I visualized the beautiful Jacqui in my bed. When I walked over to it, I smelled her perfume (actually Michelle’s perfume, one that she hadn’t worn for quite a while). I thought about washing the bedding, but decided that I wanted to savor that smell and I thought Michelle would enjoy smelling Jacqui in our bed when she got home, if the odor lasted that long, so I just straightened the bed up and put Michelle’s teddy on her side of the bed where she would see it and I could tell her about my night.

My story doesn’t make it seem like it took long to do all of this, but by the time I felt I had understood my feelings and straightened everything up, it was mid-afternoon and I realized I was getting hungry again, so I drove back to McDonald’s again and picked up a chicken sandwich and fries for lunch.

While I was sitting in McDonald’s eating my lunch, I realized that as much as I had thought about my own feelings and Michelle’s this morning, the one person I hadn’t was Jacqui. The first night we were together and made love all night, I was totally honest with her and told her that I wouldn’t ever leave Michelle, and she knew that I told Michelle everything, so she went into this affair with her eyes open. But after last night, what was she feeling? The one thing I didn’t want to do was to hurt her, my feelings were already deep for her and I thought we needed to talk about what now? That had to be the agenda for our next date, hopefully Wednesday. That would give both of us plenty of time to think between now and then.

When I left McDonald’s, thinking about Jacqui, my car pulled me toward Kennewick and the mall. I didn’t seem to have any control over where the damn car wanted to go. When it parked itself as close as it could get to the mall entrance, my stupid shoes seemed to take over my destination. How come I no longer had control over these inanimate objects?

Jacqui was talking to a customer when I walked in her store. One of the other girls, I think her name was Joannie asked if she could help me and I told her thank you, but I needed to talk to Jacqui when she was finished.

Jacqui saw me and I saw her smile. When she finished selling some bras and underwear to a pretty customer, she walked over to me. Suddenly, I was my old bashful self and didn’t know what I was doing there or what to say. “Hi,” was all I managed.

She got a grin on her face and said “Hi,” in return. Then her professional self took control and she formally asked me, “May I help you find something?” I think she was toying with me.

I thought quickly why my car and my shoes might have brought me into Victoria’s Secret that afternoon, “I’m looking for a nightgown for my wife, I’d like something soft and comfortable for her and maybe just a little sexy.”

“I think I have just the thing you might be looking for.” She took me to the nightgown rack and pulled out a long, fairly demure gown. I took it from her, feeling the soft fabric thinking that Michelle would definitely enjoy wearing it. It appeared to be made of silk. I don’t know if it was, but it felt like it.

“I think she would love this, but I wonder if it’s the right size.” I looked at Jacqui and told her, “You’re about the same size as her, I wonder if there’s any chance you could try it on for me to make sure it’ll fit.” If she was going to toy with me, I’d return the favor.

“I’m sorry sir, but we can’t do that, but I’m confident it’s the right size.”

It most certainly was and Jacqui knew it. After last night, she knew exactly what size nightgown Michelle wore. It was a little expensive, over a hundred dollars, but it was perfect for Michelle and I needed to have it. “Could you please giftwrap it for me?”

“We’d be glad to, we charge an extra three dollars.”

“Okay, I’ll take it, and I would definitely like to have it wrapped.” And then inspiration struck me, “And I have a friend who asked me to pick up something for his girlfriend, probably close to the same size, maybe another nightgown, I’m not sure if she would want something sexy or comfortable.”

“Hmm, this is for his girlfriend, not a wife?”


“Okay, I think something sexy would probably be better then.” We walked to another rack of nightgowns, a completely different style and she looked through them, picking out a light red gown, completely sheer and silky, with sheer panties and an equally sheer small robe cover-up. “Do you think she might like this one?”

“I think it would be perfect for her, she’s a very pretty girl and he adores her.”

“Are you sure about the size?”

“Pretty sure, she’s almost exactly the same size as my wife, maybe just a little fuller in the bust.” Then I added, “She’s probably close enough that she could even wear my wife’s nightgown.”

Jacqui smiled just a little at that, but never broke her professionalism, “Then this should be perfect for her. Would your friend want it giftwrapped too?”

“Please, yes.”

I made my purchases and as I was walking out the door, I saw Jacqui watching me and she threw me a little kiss, which I returned. That was the only time in the whole exchange that she acknowledge she knew me. Well, that was fun, I thought, maybe the car and shoes weren’t so dumb after all... I was feeling pretty good and felt like jumping up and clicking my heels on my way back to the car.

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