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Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 5

I take Jacqui on Memorial Day vacation
I’d like to say the time flew by for the next three weeks, but it would be a fib. Jacqui and I continued our two nights a week. We made out in the car, in the park and on her front steps, but I never went inside her house. I knew if I did, we would both be lost in lovemaking. Now that I had a definite plan, I wanted to make it extra special. Michelle and I were still making love, but by now I knew that wasn’t going to make lovemaking with Jacqui any less intense… or her lovemaking with Mike any less intense. Jacqui and I left each other feeling more and more frustrated after every one of our dates. I wasn’t sure how much closer to loving her I could get without losing myself completely to her, but it never occurred to me what three days with her would do to us, only how much I was looking forward to it.

When Michelle came home Wednesdays after spending Tuesday night with Mike, it seemed like she was getting more and more dreamy, but maybe it was only my imagination. She did miss one Tuesday with him because of her monthly and was pretty grumbly about it. I put it down to the fact that she was often grumbly during her monthly, but this definitely seemed different. I think she has been growing to depend on fairly regular lovemaking with him. If it hadn’t been for my anticipation of the upcoming weekend with Jacqui, I probably would have noticed it a lot more and been more worried than I was. Still though, whenever I thought about Michelle and Mike making love together I got that same thrill. Tuesday nights when she was with him, I was hard most of the night trying to imagine what they were doing together.

Jacqui had asked me several times where we were going and I kept telling her it was my secret. “But, what kind of clothes do I take, will it be cold, warm or what?”

“There will be a pool, so you’ll want a bathing suit, it won’t be either hot or cold, probably sixties or seventies if we’re lucky. Nothing particularly formal.”

“OK, I’ll figure out something.”

Finally, FINALLY! May 23rd rolled around. That morning, Michelle and I packed separate bags for different destinations the first time since we were married. I think both of us were too wrapped up in our own world to even realize what was happening to us. When we left for work that morning, we kissed passionately and told each other to have a good time.

Jacqui got off just a few minutes before six that night and took her car home. I picked her up about a quarter after. We had about a five hour drive in front of us, but it was a drive to look forward to, with my girlfriend beside me and anticipating the nights and days ahead. We still hadn’t made love together since that Friday over a month ago, but had been out on dates two days a week ever since and developed a pretty strong emotional bond between us.

Jacqui slept and I held her hand much of the way. It was relatively late, so not much traffic, especially through Portland and on down to Seaside. Jacqui still didn’t know where we were going, except west on I-84. When we go to Seaside, she was sleeping right up until I pulled into the Shilo check-in lane. I reached over and shook her to wake her up, “Sweetheart, we’re there, wake up.”

She batted her eyes open, trying to wake up and asked me, “OK, where’s there?”

“Hear those waves, that’s the ocean, right behind out hotel. We’re in Seaside with an ocean view room.”

I let Jacqui wait in the car to get herself awake a little more while I checked us in as “Mr and Mrs Robert Robinson.” I had to admit it sounded good referring to Jacqui as my wife. Not sure how well Michelle will like it when she reads this though…although I suspect she’s already checked in in Reno as Mike’s wife, and in bed with him, since it’s after midnight there.

We carried our bags up to our room. We had a nice king size bed (I didn’t really think we’d need one much bigger than a twin size). We opened the patio door to our 2nd story patio overlooking the ocean and smelled that fresh sea air. The Shilo is right on the beach. Michelle and I had been on that beach several times at their 4 th of July celebrations. Never in a million years would I have suspected I’d be in a room with a girl other than Michelle, while Michelle is vacationing with another guy!

As soon as we were settled in our room, I found the package Jacqui wrapped for me in Victoria’s Secret and handed it to her, “I guess my friend decided his girlfriend didn’t need it, so he let me keep it and give it to my special girl. I’ve been saving it for a special time with you.”

Jacqui got a tear in her eye, told me thank you and sat on the bed to unwrap it. She held it out and caressed it like she hadn’t ever seen it before and gave me a very nice kiss on the lips. I told her, “The sales girl was really helpful. She was nice and extremely pretty, you should meet her sometime.”

“I understand that all their sales girls are pretty.”

“They are, but this one is especially pretty, much more so than the others.”

Michelle, smiled at that gave me another kiss, “I’m jealous, I thought I was your favorite sales girl.

“What really made you come in the store that day? I’m pretty sure you hadn’t intended to buy nightgowns.”

I told her what I had thought about my car and my shoes dragging me there, which rewarded me with a cute giggle. Then I told her, “I needed to see you. I missed you.”

She found her overnight bag with her make-up in it, went to the dressing room and told me she’d be out in a few minutes. I knew from experience that her ‘few minutes’ would seem like forever. And also that it would be worth every second of the wait. While she was getting ready, I undressed and climbed into bed.

Twenty two minutes and fourteen seconds later, Jacqui opened the dressing room door and walked out into the room. Oh My God, she could transform herself into splendor! She walked in wearing the little gown, so beautiful. She climbed in bed with me and asked, “Do you think we can do better than the last time.”

“I don’t see how, but we can try.” We wrapped arms around each other and kissed, the first time we’ve kissed like this in over a month. It had been so long without her! We ran our hands up each other’s bodies, I kissed her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs with my tongue exploring inside her while she writhed under me, then kissed back to her lips and let her taste herself on my lips. I wanted so bad to take her, but wanted this excruciating heaven like experience to last all night if it could. We both simply backed off and held each other and Jacqui whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

I couldn’t help but smile and whisper back to her, “I love you too.” The significance of what we had both said wasn’t lost on me. I knew the problems that would be upcoming and didn’t know what we were going to do, but this weekend I wasn’t going to worry about it. I did love this girl and we had this weekend to enjoy with nothing to distract us. The emotional waterfall Michelle and I had talked about? I knew I was over the edge and madly in love!

Our kisses became even more passionate and frantic if that was possible, Jacqui whispered to me over and over again, “I love you, I love you!” Finally, neither one of us could stand it any longer. I slipped the little panties down off of her and she pulled me over on top of her to make love with her. I think from her expression she was surprised at how big and hard I was when I entered her. She groaned and blurted out, “Oh Robert, I love you.” She lifted her hips up off the bed and wrapped her legs around me as I thrust in and out of her. I wanted this to last as long as possible, each time I thrust into her, I paused while her pussy throbbed around me, then I’d pull out and thrust into her and pause again. I knew I was coming close to my end, Jacqui tensed and moaned out, telling me to not stop, so I thrust in and out while she violently climaxed around me. I don’t know how, but I hadn’t yet, so I pulled out and back in several more times, bringing both of us to more and more euphoria and I couldn’t hold any longer and thrust into her, holding there spasming my hot cum into her while she contracted around me.

In the aftermath of our love-making, I couldn’t help but tell her again, “Jacqui, I love you.” She smiled and held me tightly to her and said, “Yes, I think it was even better than last time.”

I had to agree, the last time was sex, this was love.

The next morning, I woke up fairly early, a little after eight. I didn’t want to waste this weekend sleeping. I was with my girl and had other activities in mind. I quietly slipped out of bed, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then back into bed beside her. I looked at her sleeping next to me and couldn’t help but smile. I leaned over her and took a nipple in my mouth. Jacqui started to squirm and moan, still sleeping, so I sucked on her breast a little harder, rolling her nipple between my lips. Her hips started to sway and she woke up. When she remembered where she was she said, “You told me last night you love me, didn’t you.”

“Yes I did and I meant it too.”

“Mmm, that feels good, but I have to go to the bathroom. After she got up, I lay there wondering about Michelle and what she was doing this morning. I thought to myself that loving Jacqui didn’t take away from my feelings about my wife, but I suspected her and Mike might have had a conversation similar to ours while they were making love last night. But I wasn’t going to let my worries affect my weekend with Jacqui.

I heard the shower come on in the bathroom, but she hadn’t closed the door, so I had to take a peek. There she was behind the translucent door, naked, washing her hair. I was mesmerized watching this beautiful girl throwing her head back, rinsing her hair out, then taking the bar of soap and washing down her body, over her breasts, down between her legs. I thought about joining her, but was enjoying simply watching too much. When she finished, she reached out for the towel, then stepped out of the shower, seeing me watching her. “I’m sorry, you’re so beautiful, I couldn’t help it.” She smiled at me and continued to dry herself off, I think making an extra effort to be sensual.

When she finished, she spoke, “My turn to watch you.”

When I got up earlier, I had slipped my boxers on, so now I stepped into the bathroom and pulled them back down in front of her, showing her that I was very, very hard and ready for love that morning. She kissed me and whispered, “shower first.” I turned the water back on and stepped in with the soap and shampoo then closed the translucent shower door so she’d have the same view I had earlier, doing my best to give her a good show, especially washing over and around my hard cock.

When I stepped out to dry, I was surprised that Jacqui had put on a pair of sexy Victoria’s Secret panties and bra and was just slipping a blouse on. “You thought we were going back to bed didn’t you? I plan to keep you wanting on this trip.” She was right, I definitely thought we were going back to bed. But it did sound kind of fun, going through the day lusting for her. As I watched, she finished dressing in her soft blouse, then a pair of slacks cut to show her figure. When she was dressed, she moved to the mirror and started to put on her makeup, darting her eyes back and forth in the mirror between her face and mine.

I remember watching a movie one time with the beautiful woman sitting at her dressing table putting on her makeup with her boyfriend watching and thought how sexy it was. Now that it’s me watching my beautiful woman with her makeup I realized it’s beyond sexy!

When she finished and smiled at me with that beautiful face, I came out of my trance and decided I needed some clothes on as well. After I dressed, I took Jacqui’s hand and we stepped out on our balcony watching the ocean on the Seaside beach, simply standing there holding hands seeing the beautiful view in front of us.

There was still so much I didn’t know about Jacqui. I asked her, “Have you ever been to the Oregon coast before?”

“Once when I was a little girl, we took a vacation on the Oregon coast. I don’t remember very much except how pretty it was.”

“Why haven’t you ever come back? You haven’t lived that far away.”

“I don’t know, I guess I was waiting for the perfect time with the perfect guy.” And she took me in her arms and kissed me.

We went to breakfast in the Shilo dining room. Jacqui had a crab omelet and I had the shrimp. While we were eating, I asked her if there was anything special she wanted to do today? “I don’t know, maybe snuggle, then kiss, then tell you I love you again, then make love.”

Two could play at her game of keeping me wanting. “I meant is there anything special you want to go see?”

“Only thing I can think of right now is your naked body.”

I told her about the little park and beach a few miles South, Oswald West State Park, how beautiful it is, about the tide pools with starfish, little crabs and other fish in them. “I thought we’d try to go there this afternoon when it warms up. It’ll be a perfect time to go there. Before then, I thought maybe we could visit some of the little tourist shops here in Seaside, then drive down the coast and see the scenery.”

Poor Jacqui seemed to have a one track mind, “I’m thinking that my idea of keeping you wanting me wasn’t such a good idea.” It was obvious that today, we were both going to be wanting each other. Actually, I thought that would make the day much better and was glad Jacqui said that this morning.

We ventured out onto the ‘boardwalk’ of Seaside, which was abundant with cute little shops. I bought Jacqui a funny hat and we found some pretty costume jewelry and a sexy Japanese Kimono. Mostly, we simply enjoyed holding hands and wandering through the touristy shops. The wonderful feeling of the sexual tension between us seemed to grow with each minute. We couldn’t help but steal a kiss from each other occasionally.

We were fortunate that the day was unseasonably warm for the Oregon coast, forecast to be in the mid-seventies by afternoon, almost unheard of at that time of year. We found a nice little restaurant with an outdoor dining area for lunch, then went back to the hotel to change into something warmer to drive down the coast to Oswald West. I suggested to Jacqui that we might want to put on some swim suits under our clothes in case it’s warm enough on the beach to get in the water a little bit.

If you’ve never been on the Oregon coast, you’ve missed a treat. There are positively gorgeous scenic vistas one after the other, each with a turnout so you can stop and enjoy the view. It’s only about fifteen miles to Oswald West, but with all the stops, took well over an hour. Jacqui especially enjoyed the trip as she hadn’t seen any of it since she was little. It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, so there was also a lot of traffic on Highway 101.

Oswald West is a short, probably quarter mile long, curving beach with towering vertical bluffs on both ends and in behind much of it. I think it’s the most beautiful beach on the coast. It’s about a half mile walk from the highway. There used to be primitive tent camping, but the camping was closed after several of the trees in the campground were discovered to be rotten and in danger of falling. At the far end of the beach is a rocky outcropping into the ocean and dozens of little tide pools where you can play with the marine life, even at high tide. One time Michelle and I saw a baby white seal in a little cave in the bluffs.

Jacqui had a backpack of items she wanted to carry down to the beach. So, being the gentleman I am, heh, heh, I carried it for her. As soon as we crossed the little suspension bridge over a creek, the view of the beach opens up. Jacqui seemed to like the view, “Oh My God Robert, this is beautiful!” I certainly had to agree, especially when seeing it for the first time. We walked down the little stair onto the beach, the first time Jacqui had been on the ocean beach in probably twenty years.

We walked down the beach, both of us taking off our shoes to feel the sand between our toes and walked just at the edge of the surf where the cold water would come up about six inches on our ankles. The sand dropped off pretty steep, so we didn’t dare venture out too far. There were a few other people up and down the beach, a lot fewer than I expected on such a nice day.

When we got to the far end where the tide pools were, Jacqui couldn’t help but play with the wildlife, putting her fingers in the sea anemones to watch them close up, petting the starfish, finding and trying to pick up the hermit crabs without getting pinched. She was having fun like a little girl again. We checked out the little cave where Michelle and I had seen the baby seal and marveled at the waterfall cascading down the bluffs.

Since it was so warm, Jacqui suggested we change into our swimsuits. She had a blanket in her backpack that we lay down on the cool sand and stripped our clothes off down to our suits. I couldn’t help but watch Jacqui removing her pants and blouse in awe, down to her tiny bikini that I hadn’t seen before. She laid down on the blanket and asked me to join her. I laid down with her and kissed her, caressing her soft skin with my hands. Our tongues explored each other and every time I kissed her, I was amazed at her soft lips on mine. I held her face in my hands as I kissed all over her. Yes, there were other people on the beach who couldn’t help but see us making out, which made it all the hotter. She rolled toward me and I pulled her bikini top off of one breast and sucked her into my mouth. It was so damn hot, her with practically nothing on and both of us knowing we couldn’t actually make love…we weren’t quite that blatant exhibitionists.

I don’t know how long we laid there making out, but it was early evening when we rolled up the blanket and pulled some clothes back on. I would have liked to stay until later to show Jacqui the beautiful sunset, but neither of us were in any condition to wait that much longer. We needed to get back to the hotel. Besides, there would be a beautiful sunset across the ocean outside our patio door.

On the drive back, our ardor did cool a little, so we decided to eat before going to the hotel. We found Angelina’s Pizzeria, which sounded good to us. We guessed good, their pizza was outstanding! Jacqui couldn’t help but giggle like a little girl when we talked about her putting her fingers in the anemones on the beach and them closing around her, trying to eat her finger.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and asked her what she intended to wear after we got back to the hotel? “Wouldn’t you like to know? That’s for me to know and you to find out.” She was killing me with anticipation. We had only made love one time last night and spent a good share of the day ogling each other or outright making out. It was nearly sunset and I wanted to get back to the hotel…for more reasons than one!


At the hotel, Jacqui once again took her bag into the bathroom and closed the door. Whoever said that a beautiful woman is worth the wait must have known Jacqui. She fit the description perfectly…she made me wait, then showed me how worthwhile the wait had been! I had already stripped down to my boxers and waited. Once again, she walked out into the room transformed into a creature of beauty! She was wearing a very transparent little black baby doll gown, without the panties and had replaced the sand and grit with splendor!

The sun was just setting over the ocean, so we turned the room lights off, took a chair and went out onto our deck to watch the sunset. Jacqui sat on my lap, alternately kissing me and looking at the beautiful sunset. Yes, there were people out on the beach who only had to look up to see a beautiful girl in a very sexy baby doll kissing the luckiest guy on earth (sorry Annie’s Rob, you’re going to have to settle for number two luckiest guy tonight!)

When dark arrived, we settled back in the room snuggling each other on the bed. Jacqui and I aren’t particularly creative in our lovemaking, but there simply isn’t any improvement on laying next to Jacqui kissing all over her body and her kissing all over mine. We alternated between kissing and holding each other, never wanting to let go and whispering sweet nothings in each others ears, including plenty of the love word. We knew that the longer we could play and love each other that the sweeter the lovemaking would be, but it’s only humanly possible to postpone the inevitable for so long.

When the inevitable arrived and we couldn’t resist any longer, I whispered to Jacqui to roll over on her knees and hands. I positioned myself behind her and slowly parted her pussy lips with my cock, stretching that glorious body around me. “Oh God, Jacqui, sweetheart, love, you feel so good!”

“Mmhmm, mmm, mmm,” was the only thing she could mumble out as we made love together. We had teased and tortured each other all day and into the night. Our lovemaking seemed to get better each time as we became more familiar with each other’s bodies and our love for each other deepened. Nothing could feel better than thrusting deep inside her, then letting that glorious pussy take over, caressing me, squeezing me, then we’d repeat…I’d pull out and thrust back in letting her squeeze me again, over and over. With the amount of lovemaking Michelle and I had been doing, I was getting so much better at controlling my orgasm, prolonging the agony of ecstasy. Jacqui on the other hand hadn’t been making love nearly as much. She orgasmed over and over again, clenching my cock inside her pussy each time as her body convulsed in pleasure. When my release finally came, Jacqui and I both were virtually screaming. I realized afterward that I was gripping her breasts so tight as to cause her pain, but she said it only intensified her orgasm.

We collapsed, me on top of her, still inside her and still fairly hard. We lay like that, me kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders and whispering in her ear that I loved her. Jacqui lay under me purring like a kitten.

We woke up once during the night kissing each other and made love again, slowly and sweetly, then went back to sleep spooning with me in front and Jacqui’s head in the crook of my neck.

The next morning, we didn’t make love again, realizing how much we had both loved the anticipation of night and the sexual energy between us during the day.

At breakfast, I suggested to Jacqui, “Lets go North today, there’s lots of things I’d like to show you, the old Peter Iredale shipwreck, the Astor Column, a little bit of fort Stevens and the re-creation of Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark spent the winter.” It was going to be another warm day, so I suggested she wear some shorts and comfortable shoes. “We’ll be on the beach at Fort Stevens, so if you want, you can wear the bikini again, but there’ll be quite a few more people around.”

“Are you sure you want me to?”

“Mmm hmm, I’d love for you to. But it’s up to you, just know there will be lots of people.”

Jacqui put on a pair of shorts that showed off her pretty legs. I wore shorts too, but mine definitely didn’t have the same effect. We jumped in the car and headed north. I couldn’t resist reaching over and putting my hand on those legs, caressing the inside of her thighs.

I kept glancing over at her, her pretty hair tied up with a little band, wondering that this beautiful girl had become mine. I thought back to the first time I met her when I was so nervous and went in Victoria’s Secret looking for clothes for Michelle and she helped me. That was about the first of February, not quite four months ago and we’d actually started dating just two months ago. Simply impossible to comprehend!

I drove up to the Astor Column, sitting at the very peak of the hills in Astoria. It’s a 125’ tall column, made of concrete with murals showing Oregon history painted all around the exterior and a spiral stair in the middle leading to the observation floor at the top. Jacqui and I were amazed at the pretty flower gardens surrounding it. I let Jacqui go first up the spiral stair and occasionally had to give her a little push on her butt (well maybe ‘had to’ isn’t exactly totally accurate).

From the top there’s a fantastic view of Astoria, all the way out to the ocean and of the Columbia River with the four mile long bridge snaking its way across the river to Washington. Looking at this view seemed like a good place for some romance to me (actually everyplace seemed good for romance this weekend), so I drew Jacqui to me and we kissed passionately, giving the four other people on the observatory quite a thrill as well. I thought again that tonight was going to be a long time from now.

An older lady asked us how long we’d been married. Jacqui blushed a little bit and told her, “Since Friday,” obviously thinking back to when I’d checked us in the Shilo as Mr and Mrs.

“I could tell it hadn’t been long. You two have fun.”

“Oh, I’m sure we will,” then Jacqui surprised me a little bit when she added, “Especially tonight!” The lady got a grin on her face and blew us a kiss.

We drove back down, the road is almost as spiral as the stair, winding down the little peak, then toward Fort Stevens. In Warrenton, I stopped at the boat dock and took Jacqui’s hand and we walked out the dock, along the lines of boats. The waves slapping against the boats, the smell of the ocean and the fish from the boats and the up and down motion on the dock was almost intoxicating. I loved it, especially the holding hands part. Jacqui seemed to enjoy it too.

Finally, through Fort Stevens State Park and down to the beach where the old Peter Iredale shipwreck skeleton still juts up out of the sand. When we parked the car, I wondered if Jacqui was going to wear the bikini down on the beach, so I asked her, “The bikini?”

She looked at all the people down on the beach and said, “I think the shorts are OK.” I was a little disappointed, but not surprised. When we got down on the sand, we both took our shoes off and laid them down, remembering where they were and Jacqui threw sand on me, so I returned the favor with her giggling and running away, down to the surf. She ran out into the waves, turning around and daring me to follow her. When I did and as soon as I started to get close to her, she splashed water all over me and took off running again, through the water as it was coming in and getting deeper. She ran out until it was nearly waist deep and I tackled her, sending both of us tumbling under the cold water with another wave going over our heads. When we caught our footing again and stood up, I realized what the water had done. Jacqui’s nipples were totally erect from the cold water and her blouse and bra had become nearly transparent, showing them and her breasts off very clearly. I don’t think she realized it as she stumbled back toward the shore. At one point a big wave came in and Jacqui laid back and let it float her toward shore. The wave was nearly to my chest but I wasn’t brave enough to let it float me like Jacqui was doing.

When we stumbled back out of the water, Jacqui grabbed me and wrapped herself around me giving me a long wet kiss. When she backed away from me, she was so beautiful with water dripping off of her, her wet hair hanging down her back and especially her nearly naked breasts. I couldn’t help but grin and motion for her to look down at herself. When she realized what the water had down to her blouse and bra, her face turned bright red and she frantically tried to pull it away from her nipples to no avail. Being the gentleman I am, I let her struggle with it, thinking she was going to have to walk back up through all the people with her breasts on full display. “I think maybe I should have worn the bikini.” As a guy, I knew I would enjoy walking through the crowd, hand in hand with this beautiful, near naked girl.

When she had resolved that she didn’t have any choice but to put herself on display, I took mercy on her and handed her my shirt. She thanked me and pulled it on over her head, giving her back her modesty.

We walked over to the Peter Iredale, then down the beach a little more where there weren’t quite so many people and Jacqui pulled off my shirt, throwing it at me and ran back out into the surf. I put the shirt up on the beach where it’d stay dry and ran after her. We repeated our play from a while ago and I got up enough courage to let the waves float me in as well. We did it over and over again, getting accustomed to the cold water. When Jacqui decided she’d had enough, I tackled her one more time right at the edge of the surf, falling on top of her and kissed and caressed her with the water flowing in and out around us. She let me kiss her and play with a boob, but she wouldn’t let me kiss said boob because people weren’t quite far enough away. Oh well, a guy can only enjoy a girl so much I guess. In this case, I enjoyed this girl a LOT!

Jacqui slipped my shirt back on to walk back to the car. When we got in the car, she gave it back to me, letting me enjoy the view on our way back to the hotel . We’d spent more time on the beach having fun than I thought we would, so it was too late for the other things I wanted to do. The sacrifices we guys have to make! By the time we got to the hotel, her blouse had dried a little so she wasn’t displaying her private parts.

Back in the hotel, Jacqui made a point of very suggestively stripping out of her wet clothes in front of me, leaving my poor cock hard as a rock. This time, she let me shower with her, washing each other with the soap. It was especially fun washing her breasts off and down between her legs. She seemed to enjoy certain parts of me as well, but when I tried to insert my part into her part, she pushed me away and told me, “Later.”

Jacqui put on a short skirt and very suggestive blouse and we went to dinner in the nice Shilo dining room. We both wanted to go the lounge and listen to the country band and dance a little bit, but the pretty sunset was beckoning and won out, so we went back to our room. On the way, I whispered to Jacqui, “What are you wearing tonight?”

“I think I have a nice surprise for you tonight…you’ll like!” Argh! She was driving me crazy!

We went through the routine I was now used to, Jacqui went into the bathroom and closed the door, letting me wait. Waiting was getting harder and harder, having a pretty good idea what was to come and wondering what beautiful, sexy item she was going to be wearing when she came out of the bathroom. I stripped down to my boxers and laid on the bed to wait.

The door finally opened again and Jacqui stepped into the room…absolutely 100% stark naked! She suggestively sauntered over to the bed, held her arms above her head and did a little pirouette, asking me, “Do you like?”

Oh she was divine! Her makeup was perfect, her perfume, her everything was perfect! “I think I do,” I told her.

She laid down on the bed beside me. We kissed, I ran my hands down her back, her thighs, over her breasts. Her skin was so soft! I think I probably kissed every square inch of her body and her mine. I noticed the beautiful sunset just taking place out our patio door and asked her, “Do you want to do something fun?”

“Mmm, I think we are.”

“No, something a little different.”

She looked at me a little quizzically and I asked her, “Do you want to go out and watch the sunset?”

She looked down at her naked body remembering that there were people out on the beach who could see up on our deck, “You mean like this?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”

She thought about it just a minute and said, “OK, but first one more thing,” and she stripped my boxers off.

We both giggled as I pulled a chair out on the deck and Jacqui sat on my lap, facing me. I told her to jump up one second, then turned the chair sideways so she could sit on my lap facing me and see the sunset too, (and anyone outside could get a little better view of the vixen on my lap.)

We kissed and I nibbled on her nipple, making her moan, forgetting that there could be people watching, then kissed some more and I repositioned her slightly so that she could slide herself down over my throbbing cock. “Oh God,” I moaned when she impaled herself on me. Jacqui was moaning as well when she started a slow up and down on me.

Could the people below tell what we were doing? Yeah, there were plenty people close enough to see us…and hear us! This was definitely going to be a night to remember! We made love…and made love…and made love in the fading sunset. After we both had a wonderful, intense orgasm and we sat together, Jacqui still impaled on my cock and kissing me, I realized we hadn’t turned the lights off in the room, so we had been illuminated to any voyeur who might have been watching. ..and I noticed several people in beach chairs that were turned toward us instead of the sunset.

I couldn’t help but point it out to Jacqui and she turned a bright red, “Oh My God, we didn’t!”

“Actually, yes we did.”

Jacqui got up off my lap and did her best to hide herself getting back in the room with me right behind her. She closed the drape, but I couldn’t help but smile…as the drape was closing, Jacqui snuck a hand out the door and waved bye bye to our fan club.

When we climbed back in bed under the covers, I asked her, “Did you have fun?”

“I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life!” Then she giggled, “It was fun!”

I remember that I still hadn’t given a second’s thought to what I was going to say to Michelle when we both got home. But I knew I was madly in love with this girl in bed with me.


That night was a little melancholy because we knew we had to leave by eleven tomorrow morning. We snuggled and kissed most of the night, making love once more, dozing a little off and on and telling each other how much we were in love. In the morning, we stayed in bed until a little after nine and when Jacqui got up to take a shower, she called for me to join her. This time in the shower, Jacqui kissed me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I backed her up to the edge of the shower stall and we made love with the hot water running over us. With her back firmly supported on the shower stall, and using her weight, I was able to plunge into her deeper and harder than before. With each plunge into her, Jacqui muttered, “Love you,” driving me to take her harder than we ever had before.

We dressed, loaded our bags and checked out of the hotel just before their checkout time. On our drive home we were both pretty quiet, but held hands most of the way. I thought about taking the old scenic highway up the Columbia Gorge, but I think we both wanted to get home and assess our thoughts about what was going to happen next.

About five-thirty, we drove into Kennewick and I dropped Jacqui off at her house. I carried her bags in for her, took her face in my hands and kissed her gently, telling her both with the kiss and words that this had been the most incredible weekend ever and how much I loved her. Jacqui started to cry that I had to leave, but I told her I’d call her tomorrow. She told me that because of taking the long weekend, she had to work Wednesday, so I knew the first we’d be able to see each other would be Friday. I was pretty teary as well when I had to leave her.

Michelle wasn’t scheduled to get back into Pasco until a little after nine, so I went to my computer room and worked more on this accounting and thought about Michelle and my feelings toward both her and Jacqui. I knew I still desperately loved Michelle and didn’t have any idea what the future was going to hold for us. After Mike had been at our house and I had finished writing about that, I was totally confident in our future together, but now I simply didn’t know what to do. I loved two women and simply couldn’t hurt either. What to do? I guess I didn’t think at that point about what Michelle’s feelings might be after spending a weekend with Mike, very similar to my weekend with Jacqui.

I heard a car drive down our street and pull into our driveway at about nine forty-five. Michelle walked in the door with a smile on her face. I wondered if she had been crying as well, but couldn’t tell. We tentatively walked toward each other, stopped and I leaned in to kiss her. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed and kissed, so glad to back with each other, but not yet contemplating the future.

When we snuggled in bed, I asked Michelle about her weekend. She said it had been fantastic, more than she could have expected. She told me that Mike had won a couple hundred dollars playing blackjack, but lost it in the slot machines. Michelle hadn’t ever gambled very much. We sometimes drover to Pendleton and put twenty dollars in the slots at Wildhorse, but that was the extent of it.

In reality, I wasn’t too concerned with the gambling, only her love life in Reno. “How was it with Mike? Did you and him make love quite a bit?”

“Uh huh, yeah, I’d say it was quite a bit.

“Saturday, we took the rental car to Virginia City. Did you know the Silver Queen Saloon rents rooms over the saloon?” She didn’t give me a chance to answer because she already knew I didn’t know that. “We spent Saturday night in one of those rooms. They used to be used by the prostitutes. You have no idea what that did to our libido, knowing what that bed had been used for. We made love four times that night!”

Then she asked me the question I had been dreading, “How was your weekend? Did you and Jacqui enjoy it?”

How to answer that. It was late at night and I didn’t want to get into the details when we were both tired, so I told her, “Yeah, it was pretty fantastic. We had a really good time. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.”

We went to sleep without making love together, which bothered me quite a bit, but we did snuggle with each other through the night.

The next morning, I had decided that maybe the best way to talk to Michelle and not leave anything out was to put it down on paper and let her read it with me sitting next to her. I called the office and told them I wasn’t feeling well and took a sick day. I think that was the first time I’d done that, taken a sick day without being sick. While Michelle was at work, I worked all day putting all the events and my thoughts down in this story to give her after dinner. I had just finished, up to dropping Jacqui off at her house when Michelle got home. I had been busy all day so hadn’t been too nervous, but now that she was there and I had finished the story for her to read, I was a nervous wreck. Michelle hadn’t given me any clue that her situation with Mike had progressed beyond their sweet lovemaking and enjoying each other’s company, but mine and Jacqui’s certainly had.

I took her out to dinner at the Olive Garden because I didn’t want a serious discussion in the restaurant. When we got home, I told her, “Babe, last night you asked about my trip with Jacqui. I put it all down and I’d like you to read it.”

She took the papers, almost thirty pages and started reading. Several points during the story, she giggled a little and smiled, looking up at me with adoring eyes and smiled. She hadn’t said anything, just read. I knew she hadn’t gotten to the trip yet from her reaction.

When her expression started to change, I knew she’d arrived at the parts that were going to hurt her, where Jacqui and I expressed our love for each other. She kept reading with tears starting to fall, nearly breaking my heart. She continued to the end, not saying anything, occasionally wiping the tears from her eyes and by the end she was nearly sobbing.

She put it down, her hands shaking and looked up at me with the tears falling from both of us and did her best to ask me, “Have I lost you?”

I wiped my own eyes and tried my best to answer her, “Baby, I love you! I don’t know what to do. I can never leave you, but I know that I love Jacqui as well. I need her more than anything in the world,” then I added softly, “except you.”

I knew I simply didn’t have any answer. I didn’t know what was going to happen in our future. I did my best to wipe away Michelle’s tears and kissed where they had been, but I knew I couldn’t wipe away her heartbreak.

I took her hand and led her to bed. It was the first time in the last several months, we didn’t make love for two nights in a row.

I don’t know when, how, or what the story will be, but to be continued.

Thank you very much to Nicki Taylor for help with editing. She’s been a good friend, great help and is a wonderful author! Thank you Nicki!

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