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Michelle's Cruise, Chapter 2

I make a trip to meet my wife and her lover.

I needed to talk to someone, but who? I didn’t want to burden Diana or Ginger with my problems, and I sure as heck couldn’t talk to Jim or Joan, our square dance friends. They didn’t know anything about our extended love life. I was right, no sleep that night, but morning finally did come. At five A.M, I tried calling Kristen again. This time their receptionist answered the phone and I asked for Kristen. “Hi, this is Kristen, may I help you?”

This time I’d been thinking about what to say to her. I’d had all night to think about it. “Hi, this is Robert from Kennewick, Washington. I talked to you a couple months ago about a young lady by the name of Amber.“

“Ahh yes, I remember. How can I help you?”

“She’s been with Brett for over a month now and I’m wondering if you’ve heard from him?”

“Actually, I have. He got home a couple days ago. He called me to let me know he’s home and tell me that he’s madly in love with her.” Then she went on, “You’re her husband, aren’t you?”

I was having a little trouble thinking straight, even after thinking about this call all night. He’s in love with her and she’s staying with him another two weeks. “Yes, sorry about not telling you that before, but I was a little embarrassed. Now, I’m worried.”

“You have every reason to be worried. He told me she hasn’t agreed to stay with him yet, but he’s certain she will. That’s what the extra time is for.”

I had no idea what to say or do. I sat for what seemed like forever without saying a thing. I was nearly in tears with frustration and fear. I finally asked her, “She doesn’t have her phone. Is there any way I can get ahold of her?”

“Let me see what I can do. I’ll call you back in a little bit.”

I gave her my phone number and told her thank you. I called my office and left a message that I had an emergency come up and would be in a little late. Then I sat watching my cell phone, willing it to ring. At least I was doing something, and it sounded like I had a friend willing to help. An eternity later, actually an hour and fifteen minutes later, it rang.

I picked it up and it was Kristen. She got right to the point, “Can you be here Friday evening?”

I didn’t even hesitate to answer, “Yes.”

“Good, I talked to Brett and he’s anxious for me to meet his woman. He invited me to come over Friday. I told him I was meeting a friend and he said I could bring him. I hope you won’t mind, but you’re going to be my boyfriend unless you decide to tell him you’re Michelle’s husband.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Let me know when your flight gets in and I’ll pick you up. You won’t need a hotel reservation. I have a spare bedroom so you’ll be staying with me.”

I thanked her again and told her I would. As soon as we hung up, I called Ginger’s cell phone, not even realizing it was still just a little after six in the morning. She sounded groggy when she answered. Obviously, I’d awakened her. I didn’t even care at that point. I told her that I needed to be in Chicago Friday evening and asked if she could get me a ticket. Naturally, she thought of a detail I hadn’t. “When do you want to come home?”

I hadn’t even thought about that. “I guess Sunday, probably in the afternoon.”

“This’ll be out of Seattle. Do you want to drive or fly there?”

“I don’t know. I guess if there are quick, connecting flights I could fly. Otherwise, I’ll drive.”

I'll make some arrangements after I get to work and let you know.” Her office didn’t open until nine.  So I waited, carrying my phone in my hand the whole time. Thank goodness, I’d thought to have it plugged in during the night. She must have gone to work early because it was eight-twenty when she called me back asking for my credit card information. I gave it to her and waited on the phone. A few minutes later she told me I was confirmed to fly out of Seattle at 2:43 P.M. and get into Chicago at 6:07 P.M. I don’t remember what she told me about flights from Pasco to Seattle, but I figured I had to be doing something that day, and wouldn’t be in any condition to work, so could drive instead.

I e-mailed the flight information to Kristen, along with a picture of me so she’d know which lonesome, single guy was me. Then I packed some clothes, my toothbrush and a razor into a single carry-on bag and decided I might as well go into the office and at least attempt to work a little bit.

The next two days were among the most torturous I ever remember. I went to work but know I didn’t accomplish a darn thing. It was a darn good thing I had an understanding staff that was self-sufficient without me. I told them that Michelle had an emergency, but I couldn’t leave until Friday, so they understood why they had to pick up my slack. I had a couple meetings with architects on some new buildings and managed to get through those, plus the occasional City resident who needed one thing or another, but my administrative duties and plans just had to wait until I was a little more level-headed.

Friday morning, I left a little after five in the morning, getting to the airport about three hours before I needed to. Those three hours with nothing to do, then another three hours to go through security and wait for the flight were among the longest six hours of my life. Thinking back, though, they were nothing compared to the hours after that last phone call with Michelle.

At least I felt like I was finally doing something to get my wife back. I’d taken my Kindle to have something to read but couldn’t get past two words at a time before my mind wandered. It didn’t take long to give up even trying. I have no idea how many miles I might have covered, wandering around the airport that day.

The plane landed at O’Hare International and I was anxiously watching for a single woman as I walked into the lobby area. I wished I had a picture of her but at least she had one of me. I stood with people milling all around me and watched as an attractive woman came my way. She was the picture of elegance, red hair in a tight bun, contrasting green pantsuit. I’d guess she was probably around fifty or so but very trim and attractive. As she got closer, she smiled and asked me, “Robert?”

“Yes, you must be Kristen.”

She had a nice smile. “Very nice to meet you finally,” she said. She offered me her hand in a hand-shake and asked if I had any more bags. I showed her my one and only. “Shall we go then?” she asked.

I told her I needed to use the restroom first. I’ve read so many stories of people fucking in the airline bathrooms that using one didn’t appeal to me at all if I could avoid it. Except if it was with a pretty stewardess, that’d be okay. How’s that for being a sexist pig?

Kristen and I walked to her car; a blazing orange, new-looking Corvette. I’ve been in nice cars before, but never anything like this! The leather seats and interior were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. When Kristen started the engine and I heard the gentle roar. Her car felt more like I’d imagine a space ship more than a car. If I hadn’t been such a nervous wreck, I’d have enjoyed it immensely.

As she drove, Kristen explained the set-up for the evening. “After you called, I called Brett and asked him about his trip. He said he was anxious for me to meet his new girlfriend and invited me over tonight. I told him I couldn’t because I had a friend flying in. He insisted that I could bring my friend as well. That way he won’t be suspicious that you’re really there to see Michelle unless you want to let him know, but I don’t think it would be a good idea.” Then she suggested that we still needed a cover story on how we met and asked what I did for a living. I explained to her that I’m a City Building Official.

She grinned, “Perfect. I just built a plastics factory in St Louis. We met there.” She paused a little, then asked me, “How about if you were one of the architects?”

I’d worked with architects and around construction my whole career, so that sounded perfect to me. “I could do that. Tell me a little about your building in case he asks.” She spent the next ten or fifteen minutes giving me enough information that I could sound reasonably intelligent about it if the subject ever came up.

When she finished, I looked at her and couldn’t help but ask, “Kristen, you’re his friend. Why are you doing this for me?”

She glanced at me and said, “You seem like a nice guy and I don’t want Brett to take another man’s wife.”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am.” I was curious about something, so asked her, “That first time I called you, did you know I was her husband then?”

She laughed. “There wasn’t a doubt in my mind! What husband would leave something like that to another man?” She looked over at me again with kind of a quizzical look on her face. “But I still don’t understand why you’d send your wife off for that long with another man, that you knew would try to take her away from you.”

“I trust her.” Then I explained that Michelle has had a free rein to see other men over the last couple years and gotten more and more adventurous. “Then a few months ago, she told me that she had this fantasy to be a high-class escort. She quit her job, set up a website and started meeting different men in Seattle for fifteen hundred dollars a night. She actually only met two; one of them was Brett.”

Kristen seemed surprised at that, “Oh really! He never told me how he met her, just that she was the most incredible woman he’d ever met.” She glanced my way, “I guess from the way you sounded on the phone the other day, and the fact you rushed out here, your trust is wavering a little?”

I hesitated before answering, “Yeah, I’ll admit that. I’ve been scared ever since she left.” I didn’t want to admit to her the panic I felt that night over a month ago. “I managed to get through it, but when I got the e-mail that she’d be another two weeks, I couldn’t take it any longer and had to do something.”

How did you feel about your wife being a, umm, a prostitute?”

I thought about my answer a little but, “I haven’t really thought about it that way. I know that’s true but she’s doing it more because she likes it. She loves romance and being with other men and this was a fantasy of hers’ that grew from that.” Kristen waited while I paused because she knew I wasn’t done explaining. “If she were out on the street trying to pick up a guy to take her into a crappy hotel room and fuck her for fifty dollars I’d have said no way. But the way she set it up, always a dinner or dancing, wearing sexy clothes then spending the night together I liked what she was doing.”

“You’re a strange man, Robert. Most men would be hyper-jealous and probably be getting a divorce.”

“Who’s to say I’m not hyper-jealous. I am. But that’s part of what makes it fun. She knows how to stoke my jealousy and she loves doing it… and I have to admit that I do too.”

“I wonder how she gets along with Brett then. He’s a very possessive man. When he and I first became intimate, he was adamant that I didn’t go out with anyone else.”

“And now, what happened since then? You’re obviously going to have another man in his house.”

“We weren’t right for each other. We grew apart sexually and are just good friends now. I sleep with him once in a while when we’re both lonely. Or at least I did before he met Michelle. But we haven’t had sex together for a long time. It’s just been a good friendship.

As we were talking, a thought occurred to me. “If you knew so soon I was her husband, are you sure Brett won’t figure it out too?”

She took one of my hands in hers, kissed it and very sweetly said, “We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t, won’t we sweetheart.”

The longer she drove, the more I became a nervous wreck. I had no idea what to expect. Would Michelle be angry, glad to see me, no reaction at all? Was I too late? Maybe she’d already agreed to stay with him.

I couldn’t help but notice the surroundings. I’d always assumed Chicago was either high rise downtown buildings or slums. I never expected the beautiful, green area we were now driving through. It was a little out in the suburbs; big, beautiful houses with park-like greenery all around. Kristen drove into a curving driveway to the front of a gorgeous two-story brick house. The front lawn looked more like a small park than lawn.

She stopped, turned the engine off and looking at me said, “We’re there. Your wife’s right inside. I took a deep breath, opened the car door and walked around to the other side to escort Kristen inside. I couldn’t forget that I wasn’t there to see anyone. I was there simply as Kristen’s current boyfriend and lover.

We walked to the door and Kristen knocked. I was both looking forward and scared to death of what was on the other side. A man opened the door. I recognized Brett from the picture Michelle had given me. He was even better looking in real life than the picture. From his physical appearance, I could understand why Michelle would be attracted to him, other than the beard. Michelle hadn’t ever shown any interest in men with a beard before, but apparently, she liked his. He was a little taller than me, physically fit like he probably exercised a lot; broad shoulders, slim waist. His hair was dark with a little graying around the edges. His beard and mustache were very neatly trimmed.

Brett and Kristen embraced and kissed cheeks like long lost friends. She stepped back and introduced me as Robert, her friend from St Louis, one of her architects. Brett had a very pleasant smile and shook hands with me warmly. I’d come here with the pre-conceived idea to dislike this guy intensely. It almost felt like my husbandly duty, but I couldn’t help but like the guy a little already. He closed the door behind us, then called, “Michelle, sweetheart, come and meet our guests.” Just hearing her name made me quiver with the anticipation.

I couldn’t help but notice him calling her, “sweetheart” like she was already his. Of course, they had been together for the last six weeks. I held my breath waiting for my wife to step into the entry. When she stepped around the corner, she took my breath away. So damn beautiful, even more so than I’d remembered. I’m not sure I’d have recognized her if I saw her on the street. Her hair was a golden blonde and styled completely different than I’d ever seen. It had little tendrils curled around her face. She’s always tanned but nothing like she was now. Her skin had a beautiful, bronze tan. She was wearing a bikini top and loose fitting, very thin sarong wrapped around her waist leaving one leg exposed to her hip.

She stopped momentarily when she saw me and it was a good thing Brett was looking toward us, rather than her. Her eyes got wide and her facial expression would have given me away for sure. I couldn’t look away but gave her a little wink and put my arm around Kristen pulling her close to me.

By the time Brett looked around toward her, she’d recovered and her face was once again neutral. He told her, “Michelle, this is my longtime friend Kristen and her friend, Robert.”

Kristen stepped toward her and gave her a hug, saying, “You’re every bit as beautiful as Brett said.”

Michelle’s smile lit up the room like it always has and told her, “Thank you. Brett’s told me a lot of wonderful things about you too.” Brett looked over at his woman, my wife, with obvious pride in his eyes and gripped her around the waist, pulling her close to him.

Michelle took my hand in a handshake telling me she’s glad to meet me. I wanted to pull her toward me and wrap my arms around her, but only gripped her hand a brief moment, saying, “I’m sorry, Brett said your name’s Michelle?”

“Yes, and yours is Robert. I remembered.”

I don’t know how to describe the emotions going through my head at that time. I was standing there, looking at my wife with another man holding her, a man who she’d been living with for over a month and trying hard to not show any emotion. I wanted so badly to take her in my arms and kiss her beautiful lips but knew I couldn’t. Obviously, she knew I didn’t want to reveal that I was her husband, as I was posing as Kristen’s boyfriend and had my arm around her waist pulling her tight to me.

Michelle and I have had many sexual adventures over the last couple years, but nothing to compare with this! She’d literally become another man’s wife. If not in reality, then in spirit. Fear gripped me that I’d lost her to this man, then to my shame I felt a huge tent pole hardening in my pants as my warped brain tried to process how many times they’d made love together over the last month.

I wished I knew what was going through Michelle’s head at the moment. Did she want to break away from Brett and embrace me or was she horrified that I was there? We were both hiding our emotions from the others in the room. I couldn’t help but glance at her body, one leg exposed by the sarong up to her bikini bottom. She still had on the anklet, her beautiful body was trim and fit, maybe even more so than before. I was having a hard time digesting the blond hair and blue eyes. How the hell had she changed her eye color to blue?

Brett invited us in, a big smile on his face. His house looked more like something out of Home and Garden magazine than a home. It was huge, beautiful and impossibly clean! As we walked to his family room, the first thing I couldn’t help but notice was the big, round, totally open fireplace in the center of the room. It must have been six feet in diameter with a big, copper hood and chimney suspended over it; the second thing was the big window-wall on one side. The entire wall was a window, floor to ceiling. There was still a little light outside and I could tell it was beautiful; his back yard had a big, lighted pool. My eyes strayed from my wife to notice the paintings on the wall and the bronze statues on little stands. I suspected none of it came from a store like Ranch and Home in Kennewick! I’ve been in lots of nice homes in Kennewick as an inspector, but nothing like this one.

We sat on matching leather couches, situated to look out through that big window-wall. Kristen and I sat on the bigger couch; and Michelle and Brett on the love seat, Brett’s hand resting on Michelle’s bare thigh. In order to reinforce that Kristen and I were an item, she took my hand in hers and placed them on her lap, rubbing the back of my hand with her thumb as if it were an instinctive, intimate gesture.

Kristen and Brett both started talking at the same time, eliciting a laugh from both.

Finally, Kristen quit laughing and said to Brett, “I want to hear all about your trip, but first tell me all about your beautiful young lady.”

I saw that look of pride once again on his face, but I was focused on Michelle’s face. She was looking at Brett, but I suspected watching me out of the corner of her eyes, the same as I was her. I’ve mentioned before how her smile can light up an entire room and it was doing so now. “She’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met,” he told Kristen.

I wondered if Kristen had any jealousy toward Michelle, but if so, she didn’t show it. There certainly was on my part! I wanted my wife next to me. I wanted to hold her, touch her, kiss her, make love to her! Brett went on, “We had the most fabulous time. I think it was the best month of my life! Taking her with me on that trip was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Kristen’s next question was directed at Michelle, “And you, young lady, what do you do?”

“I’m a legal assistant at a law firm.” Just hearing Michelle’s voice again was music to my ears! “At least I was. They weren’t very happy with me for taking the time off.” She was using her old law firm as a cover story, rather than admitting what she’d been doing when Brett met her.

Brett broke in, “I’m hoping she doesn’t need to go back. I’m trying to talk her into staying with me.”

Michelle kissed him on the cheek, “He’s so sweet. I’m still thinking about his offer.” Then my Michelle blushed a little bit. She actually blushed! “I guess he’s not always sweet. Sometimes, he’s just sexy!”

I wondered if that last was meant specifically for my ears, to turn me on. It’s what she does. She knows how much it turns me on when she talks about being with another man.

We spent the next couple hours talking about their trip, the different islands they’d stayed on, the cruise ships they’d taken in their island hopping and so on. It all seemed mundane to me. I wanted to hear the details, how Brett had made love with her, what she’d worn to entice him, how much she’d enjoyed it. And I wanted to hear about it while she was making love with me back home, in our house! I was almost afraid that might never happen.

The whole time we talked, I noticed Brett’s hand stroking higher on her thigh until it was tight against her bikini bottom. In spite of the situation, or maybe because of it, my cock was throbbing inside my pants. I was so horny, I was afraid I’d burst sitting on Brett’s couch! I was glad I’d worn slacks and a fairly long shirt that would hide my erection.

The ease between Michelle and Brett, in his house, with me as simply a visitor was heart-wrenching, to say the least. It was like they were already a newly married couple, madly in love with each other. I had no idea how I was going to be able to maintain the charade the next two days. I simply had to have a long, private talk with my wife!

It was a little after midnight when Kristen said that it had been a long day and we needed to go. She looked at me longingly, like she had very definite plans she wanted to attend to when we were alone, back at her house. I thought to myself that it was unfortunate that it was an act. I was starting to like her.

Brett said, “Why do you need to go? We have an extra bedroom and you have some extra clothes here. Why don’t you stay the night? We can go swimming and have some fun tomorrow.”

Kristen looked at me inquiringly. We hadn’t intended to sleep together and staying would force that issue. I told her, “That’s up to you. I’m yours for the weekend.”

Brett obviously assumed the issue was settled. He told Kristen, “You can have the bedroom next to ours. I’ve already put your things in there.”

Kristen nodded and we all got up to retire to our bedrooms. I wondered how I’d sleep knowing that this guy would be making love with my wife in the room right next to me.

The bedrooms were up a curved stairway, then off a balcony that was open to the living room below. Even the guest room was immense, with a king size bed and satin sheets. Who the hell puts a king size bed and satin sheets in the guest room! It had its own bathroom and dressing room. After we relieved ourselves, Kristen sat down on the bed next to me asking, “Are you okay with this? I know this wasn’t part of the plan.” I knew she was referring to our sleeping together.

It's fine with me if you don’t mind. I’ll stay on my side of the bed.”

She nodded and went into the dressing room to change and in a few minutes re-appeared. She was wearing a long, silky looking gown that left very little to the imagination. She’d kept on her panties and bra, although they were skimpy and sexy. “I’m sorry,” she said, “this is the only thing I have here to wear.”

She was a gorgeous woman. She’s obviously very careful to take care of her body. I was already under the sheets so she couldn’t see how hard my cock was. “It’s fine, you’re a beautiful woman and should dress so you’re comfortable.”

She climbed into bed next to me and pecked me on the cheek. “Thank you, I like you too. Good night.” Then, she rolled over on her side away from me. I lay on my back trying not to think about the woman next to me and how long it had been since I’d made love, over seven weeks. I strained my ears, trying to hear anything coming from the other bedroom, sure that I could hear an occasional light moan, but nothing more. I felt kind of incredulous, thinking how I’d gotten myself into this situation: My wife sleeping with a man who she’d been living with, who had no idea her husband was in the house; and me in the next bedroom sleeping with a woman I’d only just met.

I lay in bed, trying to listen for sounds coming from the adjacent room. Apparently, Kristen falls asleep quickly because it was only a few minutes until her breathing seemed to change to something deeper and slower. I started hearing moaning getting louder, becoming almost unbearable to hear.

I’d have thought the house would have better sound-proofing between bedrooms. I listened to the groaning and love-making noises coming from the master bedroom for an interminable time; five minutes, fifteen minutes, time didn’t seem to have any meaning listening to my wife and her lover. I was almost mad with jealousy, arousal, scared, and other emotions that I can’t even begin to describe.

I wanted to pull the pillow over my head so I couldn’t hear my wife’s groans while Brett made love with her, but couldn’t. The noises from both their mouths became more pronounced and I could almost feel the shift in the room as this man unloaded his hot cum deep inside my wife.

My cock was completely rock hard from listening. The last time I’d been with a woman was with Diana so long ago. I was aching to let myself come, but I didn’t want the embarrassment of cum-soaked sheets.

I was nearly in tears, fearing that I’d lost my wife to this man, but the eroticism of what I had heard was over-riding my fears. I kept hearing Michelle’s voice in my head, “I love you and I’ll never leave you, no matter what.” I knew she was able to love and show love to more than one man and I had my faith in her to cling to.

I was surprised a few minutes later when I felt Kristen reach behind her and take my hand in hers and squeeze for just a moment. Apparently, she’d been awake, listening to their love-making the same as I had been. The last thing I remembered that night was Kristen squeezing my hand.

Speaking of Kristen, she was gone in the morning when I awoke. I was in that big bed, alone and lonesome. I got up, jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and pulled on some casual clothes out of my suitcase. I didn’t even remember bringing my suitcase in out of the car, but obviously, I had. When I was dressed and had prepared myself emotionally to face the day…and my wife, I took a deep breath and walked out onto the balcony. I heard voices and followed them downstairs to the dining room.

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