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Michelle's Sexuality Re-Awakened, Ch 2

Michelle decides to call her college boyfriend
Michelle is thirty-eight now and still looks fantastic, I think evenmore so than before. She’s so much more mature than when we were first married. Her breasts have filled out very nicely, but otherwise her body stayed pretty much the same. She is 5’6 ”, 128 lbs, and has a figure to kill for, plus that beautiful face and personality! When she smiles, her entire face is radiant and can light up a whole room. Usually I only see her as my wife. But sometimes I look at her and don’t see my wife of fifteen years, but the beautiful, sexy woman she is. Even after all these years, it’s hard for me to believe I’m married to such a girl. And besides that, she’s smart. Michelle is a very respected legal secretary. She’s made herself practically indispensable to her firm.

There was one very definite residual effect from Michelle telling me about Mike. My long forgotten fantasy of her with another guy again was back with a vengeance. I thought about it while we were making love that night and since then it had been growing. It took on a whole new dimension now that I had a name and some details to go with the fantasy. I’d see a good looking guy walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and I’d visualize Michelle with him, fucking him in the restroom, his cock sliding in and out of her or him sucking her nipple into his mouth and I was instantly hard and erect! It was like I was helpless against the lust of visualizing my wife fucking Mike. Knowing how badly she secretly wanted him certainly added to my fantasy.

A few days later we had just made love and I brought Mike up again, asking if she knew where he was now.

“He was from Seattle and was going back there after college. He majored in architecture, planning to be an architect, so I assume he’s practicing somewhere in Seattle. I don’t know if he works for someone or has his own company.”

“Do you know if he’s single or married now?”

“No, I don’t know. I haven’t had any contact with him since that last night. Why? What difference does it make?”

“Well, I was wondering. If he’s single, would you want to see him again sometime?”

Michelle looked at me with a strange expression on her face and asked me, “Why would I want to do that?”

“Well, you went with him four years. You had a lot of fun with him and you both enjoyed each other a lot. You didn’t break up with him, just went separate ways. I thought you might enjoy seeing him again, especially when telling me about him made you that horny.”

“And what exactly do you think would happen if I did see him again? He was hot and sexy as hell in college and probably just as much or more so now. You know what would most likely happen? I wouldn’t go see him just to be a tease and I doubt I could resist him.”

“That’s why I I think you could have some fun with him. I have to admit that ever since the night with Alec, I’ve had a fantasy about you with another guy again. I can’t believe that you haven’t too, as fantastic as that night was. Mike could be the one who would make that fantasy come true. You told me just the other day how good the sex was with him…and that was when you were practically still a kid. Think how good it could be now!”

“I don’t think so, honey. I love you too much. Can we please drop it?”

“I know you love me. That’s why I wouldn’t be worried if you saw him again. Like you told me, it was only sex. And besides, you weren’t compatible for anything more than fun then, and that would probably be even more so now. Would seeing him make any difference in our marriage?”

“No, it wouldn’t, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea. I have so much history with him, it’s just too dangerous.”

“That’s what I would like about your meeting Mike again. It’s a little dangerous. That would make it even more exciting. But I would trust you to come home to me.”

“I think you’ve lost your mind! Even if I did sleep with someone to satisfy your silly fantasy, it should be someone other than Mike.”

Well, that’s a big step, maybe she’s at least thinking about it, I thought. “No, Mike would be perfect. I love the fact that you already have a history with him. He’s hot, he’s sexy and judging from the other night, I think you still want him pretty bad.”

The following Thursday, Michelle was the one who brought up Mike again. “Honey, you made me curious. I did a little research on the internet and found where Mike works in Seattle.”

“Cool. Why don’t you call him then? Have an old friend type of chat with him. Find out how he’s been, what he’s done with his life and, hopefully you can subtly find out if he’s married or not.”

We talked about Mike several times over the next couple weeks. Whenever we were making love, I brought him up, asking her to pretend I was Mike. She was insatiable in our lovemaking. She would climb in bed with me, naked, and literally devour me, night after night, often calling me Mike in the throes of our passion. I don’t think she even realized she was doing it. I couldn’t get enough of her either. It was obvious that Michelle was as obsessed with seeing Mike again as I was, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

Finally, after two weeks of the hottest sex we’d had in years, Michelle told me that she got up the courage to call Mike. “Turns out he was divorced six months ago and hasn’t had a girlfriend since then. Are you serious about me seeing him?” She finally admitted it, “If so, I’ll call him again. This is crazy, but it seems to have turned both of us on and I really want to do this.”

I kissed her and unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra so I could suck on a nipple. “Baby, call him and see when he’s free on a Friday night. Don’t tell him that you’re married, but make it clear to him that you don’t want any kind of long term relationship with him again.”

“You understand what would happen, right? We’ll probably end up having sex again.”

“I would be counting on it!” I said, enthusiastically. “The whole thing seems so hot to me. You can come home and tell me all the details while we’re making love and it’ll be fantastic.”

That was Thursday. The next night she told me, “I called Mike back. We’re having dinner February 14th. He said he isn’t interested in any long-term relationship either, this soon after his divorce. He hasn’t even been out with a girl since then.”

Cool! I thought. This should be interesting. Valentine’s Day, how appropriate! A romantic dinner, dancing and fucking (maybe not in that order)! If he hasn’t been with a girl in that long, he’ll be starved for sex. This couldn’t have been timed any better. I’m anticipating some hot lovemaking with Michelle after she comes home and tells me about it. I just wish there was a way that I could be there to actually see her take a lover.

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