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Michelle's Sexuality Re-Awakened, Ch 4

Michelle and I abstain from sex tease so she'll be horny for her boyfriend
Michelle’s plane was scheduled to leave on a Friday afternoon, shortly after lunch, so I asked her to take Thursday and Friday off from work to get ready for the trip.

By the week of Michelle’s date with Mike, she was more than a little nervous and my scheme of withholding sex was definitely working, as we were both getting hornier and hornier. Either Michelle was doing her best to seduce me or I would seduce her into making love, right up to the point of impaling her, where I’d tell her, “No, baby, not tonight.” I wanted her oh, so bad, but I was determined to hold out so she would be extra horny on Friday night.

Thursday she had an appointment for a complete spa treatment: a massage, shaving of her pubic area, then waxing to remove stray hairs, a facial, and a body treatment that would leave her skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. I wanted this upcoming weekend to be especially fantastic for her. She was about the sexiest woman I could imagine and I wanted her to feel just as sexy as she looked.

We were in bed, it was Thursday night, the night before Michelle was leaving. Since her date with Mike was tomorrow, I planned to up the ante on the sex teasing. I couldn’t help but remember how hot her sex with Alec was that night in Kodiak and wanted her weekend with Mike to be just like that, maybe even more so if possible.

I asked her to wear her pretty satin nightgown to bed with nothing under it. I think she was anticipating that I couldn’t stand it any longer and planned to make love with her. Or, at the very least, she wanted me to suffer too. So, instead of the satin nightgown, she went one better and wore her silk teddy, the one from our wedding night, omitting the g-string that goes with it. I hadn’t seen that teddy for several years and it is still so sexy, especially with the memories from our wedding night! On top of that, she’d had that spa treatment that day and smelled and felt so good! Oh God, I thought, this is going to be hard!! I wanted her so damn bad, but I hadn’t suffered this long to falter now!

Right after we went to bed, I eased her teddy off her breast and started gently sucking on a nipple, doing my best to drive her crazy with lust. It seemed to be working pretty well too, as she was dry humping my leg between her thighs and wrapping her hand around my cock.

I asked her, “Will Mike want to take you to dinner first, or just up to your room to fuck?”

“Remembering what I do about Mike, he’s going to want to go to the room. I know that’s what I’m planning.”

“And, when you get to your room, what are you going to want to do?”

“I think you know the answer to that. We’re going to fuck!”

I did know, I just wanted to hear her say it. I reached across her and picked up her cell phone from her nightstand. I teased her with the phone a little, telling her I was going to text Mike, so just as she reached up to take the phone away from me, I snapped a picture of her in her sexy teddy - one breast exposed, looking like she’s reaching out taking a selfie. I briefly showed it to Michelle. It was a masterpiece, absolutely perfect and so sexy! Her exposed nipple that I had been sucking on was so bright and engorged! As she was grabbing, trying to reach around me to get her phone back, I quickly found Mike’s number and hit send. Technology is so cool sometimes!

Michelle lay back down, telling me, “Please tell me you didn’t send that picture to Mike.”

“Would I do that to my beautiful wife?” I grinned at her, then typed in a text message, “Want to fuck. Can’t wait.” I read it to her and hit ‘send’ and laid the phone back down on my side of the bed as she was moaning and hitting me on the arm. I told her that should give him something to think about between now and tomorrow night.

I nibbled on her nipple some more and asked her if Mike liked foreplay. She told me he did.

“Did he like to kiss you like this?” I brought my mouth to hers and we kissed with the passion of lovers that hadn’t been together in weeks. I was really having a hard time with her working her hand up and down my cock, squeezing it like she knew would drive me crazy. “If you keep that up much longer, your hand is going to get gooey. I’m not going to be able to keep from coming.” Damn, that girl knew exactly when to pinch and squeeze with her hand up and down, then squeeze the tip to stop my orgasm, then repeat, driving me absolutely crazy. Why the heck couldn’t I have kept my stupid mouth shut and let her keep it up so I could come!

I couldn’t complain too much. I was doing the same thing to her and her knowing how close I was made it that much harder for her, too.

“Did he kiss down your stomach like this, to your pussy?” I inquired, doing just that. “Did he push his tongue inside your pussy like this?” I swirled my tongue just around her clit until I thought she was going to come, then stopped and went back to nipple nibbling. Oh God, that silky shaved was so damned inviting! That’s another thing I had secretly wanted her to do for a long time. Now that she finally had, it wasn’t for me!

“Mfff, you’re making me so horny!” she moaned. “I am so close, please let me come!”

Inspiration hit me and I grabbed the phone again. “Want you to eat my pussy. Shaved just for you. I’m horny!” I read it to her and hit send again. This should be driving Mike crazy with lust, along with Michelle and me.

“I bet he’ll inhale you tomorrow night. And I suspect that he’s very good at it. I wonder if he’ll let you come that way or make you wait. He might take you to a hidden spot in the club and pull your skirt up and eat you right there. Maybe he’ll let you come and maybe he won’t. Oh, yeah, your skirt is definitely going to be short enough for him to do that. And, I don’t remember if I put panties in your suitcase or not. But remember, the only things you get to wear are in that bag… and only once.”

In between nibbling on her nipple, I asked her, “Do you remember how big Mike’s cock was?”

“Long time ago, don’t remember, was pretty big,” she moaned in a broken frenzy.

“You were with him four years. Surely you can remember if you think about it real hard. I’ll bet it’s a lot bigger than mine. I’m curious, do you think he’ll want to just slowly make love to you, pushing his cock into your pussy, then pull it all the way out, then slowly back in and out over and over again, while he’s sucking on your nipple?” I paused, meeting her eyes. “Or, will he want to put your legs up over his shoulders and slam into you like Alec did? Either way, he’s older and more experienced than Alec was, so he’ll last a lot longer. Oh, you probably don’t want to imagine either of those while you’re so horny, do you? Forget I even asked. Don’t even think about how good that cock is going to feel inside you after sixteen years. About how good it’s going to feel to come over and over again, while he’s slamming his cock in and out of your pussy and then pumping his hot cum deep inside you.”

“Oh God, honey, you’re making me so damn horny. Make love to me, please, I’ll still want Mike tomorrow night. I promise.”

“Yeah, you still will, but you wouldn’t be desperate for him like I want you to be. I want you so when you’re at dinner, you won’t be able to think about anything except getting fucked! So that when you’re dancing with him tomorrow night and he puts his hands down on your butt and pulls you into his erection like this, that it will almost make you come from just wanting him. You’ll want his cock inside you right there on the dance floor.” I paused, giving her nipple a nice wet lick, “Do you remember when you begged Alec to make love to you? Well, I want you to be begging Mike over and over to fuck you! Remember when you first told me about Mike, you told me how good the sex was with him? Well, you know it’ll be even better now.”

“Will you please either stop or make love to me? I can’t stand any more of this. I’m so horny, and so close to coming!” She was writhing, using my own methods against me. Kissing down my stomach to my cock, then rolling over on top of me, scooting herself down, and trying her best to impale her pussy on me. Good thing I’m stronger than her. I managed to push her off of me and hold her away from my cock.

It was Kodiak all over again; wanting her so damn bad, but knowing I can’t have her! I’m not sure if it was worse watching her with Alec when I was so horny or now because she’s in bed with me doing her best to seduce me, while at the same time, I’m doing everything I can to make her horny!

“Honey, I am too! Thinking of you with Mike and what he’s going to do to you is driving me out of my mind! But it’s so much fun knowing how much you’re going to love it. Remember when Alec was inhaling your boob and pushing your pants off you? Then put your leg over his shoulder and nibbled on you over your panties? That’s how it will be with Mike, except much, much longer.”

I went back to nibbling on a nipple and just rubbing my hand lightly over her silky smooth pussy. “Your pussy is so wet and juicy! How did that happen? Do you know how good you taste? Want me to suck that juice out of your pussy? That would probably make you come right now, wouldn’t it?” I kissed down her stomach, just to the top of her shaved pussy. “No, I really shouldn’t do that, should I? Must leave plenty of juice for Mike to suck out of you. It’ll be a lot easier for you if you don’t think about his tongue inside you, swirling around your clit, and his lips sucking those juices out of your pussy.”

“Mmmmfffff, I hate you!”

I took a small break from her nipple and told her I wanted her to have fun this weekend. “Remember that girl that ripped Mike’s clothes off after the movie? That’s the girl I want you to be. You’re not married this weekend. Sunday, you’ll come home to me, and we’ll relive this weekend over and over like we did after our night with Alec. But from the time you get on the plane until you get back home, it’s your weekend. Leave your thoughts of us behind. Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot, leave your wedding ring with me.”

I picked up her cell phone one more time and typed in “Dinner and dancing first. I like lots of teasing, no matter what. Make me beg you to fuck me.” I read it to her, pushed send, and put the phone back on my nightstand. This time, she was really pounding on my arm and told me to give the damn phone back to her!

Finally, she got a text back. “Baby, you’re making me so hot! Not sure if I can wait.”

I snuggled in with my beautiful wife, thinking that I had accomplished exactly what I intended, and we finally went to sleep in each others arms. That night, I dreamed about Michelle and Alec all those years ago in Kodiak. After having written that story, then anticipating this upcoming trip, my dreams were pretty vivid. I was remembering several sexy little details that I didn’t even think about when I was writing about that night.

Luckily, Michelle didn’t try any of the tricks with me that she told me about with Mike when he was sleeping. If she had, I would have lost the battle. I guess she knew that wouldn’t have been playing fair.

Friday morning I had to get ready for work. I was working in the morning, taking the afternoon off to take Michelle to the airport. After I left for work, Michelle had an appointment at a hair and nail salon. I had told the salon that we had a special date this weekend and wanted her hair to be nothing short of spectacular. Michelle had beautiful, long hair anyway, and even hanging straight it was very pretty. However I wanted something very special for this weekend. I had already given them the color chip from Victoria’s Secret for her nails.

When I got home from work at lunchtime, Michelle was absolutely exquisite. Her hair wafted in gentle curls down around her breasts and her finger and toe nails were painted divinely. Everything about her was sensual. I closed my eyes a minute and imagined how she was going to look to Mike tonight and I saw a very sexy, beautiful woman!

I had her bag packed, she still didn’t know what was in it, except her makeup and other accessories she had set aside for me to pack, and we finally went to the airport. I had also packed several packages of different kinds of condoms. She could decide whether or not she needed to use them.

I couldn’t go through security with her, so I kissed her, told her how much I loved her and, told her one more time, “Honey, this is your weekend. I want you to enjoy it, don’t hold back!” With that, it was her turn to go through the security check, and I watched my beautiful wife as she walked down the corridor to the waiting area. Then, I turned and went home, hoping we weren’t irrevocably changing our lives.

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