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Michelle's Sexuality Re-Awakened, Ch 5

Michelle has her date with her college boyfriend
When Michelle got into Seattle and checked into her hotel, she texted me that she had arrived and sent several pictures of the suite. The honeymoon suite was absolutely beautiful. It had a sunken hot tub in one corner, a king size bed, and mirrors on the ceiling over the bed. I had ordered roses on the nightstands and a bottle of their best champagne.

A few minutes later, she sent another text, “Are you sure? Can stay in room and come home tomorrow.”

I was imagining how beautiful my wife was going to look greeting her old lover the first time. No way I could call a halt to this. It’s Michelle’s choice. If it didn’t go well at dinner, she wouldn’t need to do anything with him, except send him home. I texted her back, “I’m sure, your choice. I’m hard enough to split my pants thinking about you having fun later.”

“Okay, text me if you change your mind, he’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.”

I thought about Mike picking her up and had a thought, so sent Michelle another text, “Might be a good time to warm yourself up a little before he gets there.”

“Warm myself up?”

“You know, touch yourself, make sure you’re a little horny before he gets there.”

“You’re evil! Already plenty horny. But sounds like fun.”

“Do it. Maybe even let him lick your fingers off when he gets there.”

I sat down to watch television for the longest night of my life, at least since that night in Kodiak.

I didn’t hear from her again until late that evening when she sent me a photo of her and Mike in a very swanky looking club. She was wearing the transparent blouse and bra. Just like in Kodiak, you could see everything, except much more pronounced since her breasts were so much fuller. Her skirt fit like a glove, ending about six inches above her knees. I presumed she was wearing the panties, since if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be able to sit without showing off everything. Of course the dress is even shorter, so I didn’t know which she’d decide to wear the panties with. She was so beautiful, I could hardly believe she was my wife.

This was the first time I saw Mike and it wasn’t hard to see what she had seen in him all those years ago. Mike was a very good looking guy, much better looking than I was I thought. He was probably about six inches taller than her, slim but muscular like he probably worked out, dark brown hair, and clean shaven. I could certainly see why she would have considered him to be so hot in college. Even from that one picture, I could tell he had style coming out his ears. Actually seeing her with him really brought back the jealousy I had felt that night in Kodiak, but that made it all the more thrilling. No way was she going to be able to say ‘no’ to this guy. She was going to fuck this guy.

At about a quarter after one in the morning, I got another text, “Last chance, going to the hotel with Mike, you still okay?”

This would be my last chance to stop what might be a life-changing event, Michelle is going to have sex with her old boyfriend. My insides were being eaten from my nervousness, after all this, do I really want my wife spending the night with another guy, making love to him over and over? I typed in “Give him everything, have fun and turn your phone off.” I read it again and hit send. That will keep me from wondering all night if I should ask her to stop, I won’t have any way to contact her. From now on, there’s no turning back. In another few minutes, another guy is going to have his cock inside my wife for the first time in fifteen years.

I didn’t hear anything more that night. I forgot the TV and spent most of the rest of the night writing this story, visualizing Mike and Michelle in bed together fucking. She had talked about how good the sex with Mike was. I wondered if it was better than with me. That’s something I didn’t have the courage to ask her, but I certainly thought about it. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and imagine that good-looking guy ramming his cock into my wife. I wondered how they would do it the first time, doggy style, plain old missionary or if Mike was creative. I was so damn horny from thinking about her and Mike together. I wanted to pump myself and relieve the pressure in my cock so damn bad. This had become more than just our little game, this had become real. Michelle was probably fucking another guy after our fifteen years of wonderful marriage as I sat there.

I was so excited for her, she was out enjoying her sexy urges with my full approval. The later it got without another text from her, the more certain I was that she was in bed with Mike.

Saturday morning, I got a text from Michelle. “Danced until almost 1:00 AM. Was ready to murder you for that text you sent Mike. Finally went back to the hotel and fucked Mike’s brains out the rest of the night! You were right, not much sleeping. I was in heaven! Thank you for the nightie. Mike liked. Postponed flight until tomorrow.” That was followed immediately by another text. “Mike sucking on my nipple right now, feels soooo good. Gotta go.” She actually did it last night. And, they’re fucking right this minute, I thought. How damn hot is that!

Early afternoon I got another text. “Swimming in the hotel pool with Mike. Couldn’t believe that swim suit you sent. Mike likes.” Then, a picture of her and Mike snuggled together at the pool came in. The suit showed her exactly like I was hoping. She had apparently just been in the water and it clung to her like skin, showing her nipples like it wasn’t even there. It clung to her, making her look like one of the Sports Illustrated body paint models. Where was the wet t-shirt competition when you needed one?

But, it wasn’t the swimsuit or her nearly bare nipples that were catching my attention in this picture. Michelle and Mike had their arms wrapped around each other like a very loving couple and Michelle was looking up at Mike with a look of pure adoration on her face. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but that look on her face was harder on me than all the texts in the world telling me how much she’s enjoying fucking Mike.

After seeing that picture, I needed a distraction, so I called Michelle’s parents and told them I was lonesome with her gone and asked if they would mind meeting me for lunch. We had a really nice time together, but that look on Michelle’s face was still haunting me. When Michelle’s mom asked me if I had heard from her, I told them, “Yeah, she called me this morning. She and her friend are having a great time.” I didn’t add the word ‘fucking’ to that sentence. I thought just possibly they might not understand what the heck was going on. We had definitely left them with the impression that she was visiting a female friend from college, rather than her old fuck buddy.

In the early evening Michelle sent me two more pictures. Apparently, she asked someone to take some pictures for her. The first was of her and Mike at the base of the Space Needle, apparently about to get into the elevator to the top. It looked like a nice, breezy February day in Seattle. Michelle had clearly abided by my rules on the bra, her nipples were standing at attention under her sweater, obviously braless! One thing she had added to her wardrobe though was a light jacket. Next picture was on the balcony at the top of the Space Needle, kissing like long time-lovers. The picture showed the skyline of Seattle at sunset in the background, with an older couple visible behind, looking directly at them. One of Mike’s hands is inside her sweater, up on her back, pulling her tight to him. Michelle’s arms are wrapped around Mike, her beautiful hair billowing around her in the breeze.

Michelle’s pictures of her and Mike making out were really starting to get to me. I know that’s what she went to Seattle for, and what I had encouraged her to do, but she wasn’t making it easy on me. Seeing her with him in real life was a lot different than just fantasizing about them together. Especially, these pictures in public. As I mentioned before, Michelle and I never do anything more than a light kiss where someone might see us, and here she is practically making love to Mike right in front of another couple! I wasn’t sure if she was trying to torment me or letting me know, that even as much fun as she was having, she was still thinking of me. Somehow, seeing my wife and Mike kissing, with Mike’s hand so familiarly under her sweater out in public like this sent shivers through me so much more than the thought of her having sex with him did. But, every time she sends me one of these pictures, it makes me hard all over again. Maybe that’s what she’s hoping for. Whatever the reason is, I want her home and in our bed so bad!

That night, I got a text telling me where they were going for dinner and more dancing, along with a picture of Michelle in the dress I picked out, with Mike, arms wrapped around each other. She was looking up at Mike with a dreamy, ‘I’m in love’ kind of look. There was that look again, or maybe I was just imaging things. She was so beautiful! It was certainly obvious she was following the rule about only wearing the underwear one time. Since I only packed one bra, it was plainly obvious she wasn’t wearing it under her dress. I could only presume the same to be true of the panties.

Oh, how I was looking forward to tomorrow night. I had deprived myself of sex with her for over three weeks now. I was envisioning when Alec had fucked her that first time so long ago and what it was going to be like to do the same with her, tomorrow night. I was looking forward to the frantic, hungry, no restraint fucking we’ve never had, but I’ve always dreamed of!

Sunday morning resulted in another text. “Mike fucked my brains out last night. Thank you for the other nightie. Mike liked.”

Shortly after that, a selfie of Mike and Michelle, both naked, cuddling together in the hot tub, followed by another text, “Sex in hot tub is fantastic.” Finally, the text I was hoping for and afraid I might not get, “Plane leaves at 5:00PM, In Pasco at 7:42.” No hint though, at what her emotional state was going to be when she got home. Was she still mine? Was she coming home to tell me she was going back to Mike? I just didn’t know and until I got a chance to talk to her, I was going to be a nervous wreck!

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