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michelle's Sexuality Re-Awakened, Ch 6

Michelle returns home and tells me about her trip
The plane arrived on time, right at 7:45 PM. Fifteen minutes later, I saw Michelle walkingdown the lobby, wearing the leather skirt and sweater, no bra. She looked just as I had envisioned, like a goddess in a dream, so unbelievably beautiful. When she got to me, she wrapped herself around me and gave me one of the best, most emotional kisses of our lives. Obviously, her modesty toward public displays of affection had dissipated significantly over the weekend.

When she finally broke away from kissing me, she told me, “Honey, I love you so much. Tonight, our new life begins!” Those were the sweetest words I had ever heard! My wonderful wife was home and she was still mine. I had brought her wedding ring to the airport with me and slipped it back on her finger. I’m sure that the people in the terminal who were watching us kiss, then me putting the ring on her finger undoubtedly thought I was proposing to her after a long separation. That’s almost how I felt too and the separation seemed a lot longer than two days. It had been the longest two days of my life!

When I got my emotions back in control a little bit, I couldn’t help but to ask her very quietly, “Are there panties under that skirt?”

She smiled at me, “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you.”

I wanted to get her into bed! She could start telling me about her weekend later. In the car, it was hard to keep my eyes on the road; I took my hand from the steering wheel and gave Michelle’s thigh a squeeze. My hand moved slowly up her leg until I was sure; No, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I just about lost control of my hard cock as I gently caressed my wife’s pussy and she moaned, with her hand over mine pushing my fingers inside her.

As soon as we got home, we headed straight for the bedroom. Once the bedroom door was closed, we wrapped ourselves around each other and kissed. As passionately as Michelle and I have kissed in the past, I don’t ever remember a kiss like this one. Our tongues were intertwined, Michelle was sucking on my bottom lip, I was in such a haze of desire and we kissed every inch of each other’s faces. I pulled off her clothes and kissed the sweet skin underneath; her neck, shoulders, hips, belly, calves, knees thighs…

Michelle and I hadn’t ever had rough sex before. But that night I was so horny and had to fuck her and fuck her hard. We couldn’t get out of our clothes fast enough. When we finally were on the bed naked, Michelle was already so wet that I plunged into her, forcing out her gasps and moans as she seemed to love it. Her hips were thrusting into mine every bit as hard as I was thrusting into her, screaming, “Fuck me Robert, fuck me!” But she had not waited as long as me; she had been fucking Mike all weekend.

I fucked her fast and slow, never letting her anticipate my thrusting. God how I loved the expression on her face as I rammed my cock deep inside her, or slipped every inch out…leaving her begging for me to fuck her. I tried desperately to take my time. This was so good I wanted it to last. I’d slip my cock out of her all together and finger fuck her for a while, or flick her clit with my tongue while I tried to recover my composure, but she just wanted my cock. It didn’t take long after over three weeks of the most excruciating deprivation ever that I was coming inside her, the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, with Michelle bucking and screaming under me.

After Michelle and I fucked and we were finally able to catch our breath and able to talk, I asked her to tell me about her trip. “Honey,” she started, “I don’t think you really want to know all the details. It didn’t go exactly like you were expecting.”

“How so? And, yes, I really do want to hear details, I need to know what you and Mike did, what you said to each other, mostly I’m curious to hear about your sex life in Seattle.”

“Okay, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. I hope you still feel the same way after I tell you some of it.”

“Honey, I love you, nothing is going to change that.”

“You remember those two texts I sent you, Saturday and Sunday morning? The ones where I said Mike and I fucked each other all night long.”

“How could I not remember?”

“To be honest, I sent those because I knew that’s what you wanted to hear. Mike and I didn’t fuck each other.” She paused a moment then went on, “well there was once, after we went swimming Saturday.”

“I don’t understand. You never made love with Mike, except one time?”

“That’s not what I said at all. I said we didn’t fuck. To me, there’s a difference between fucking and making love. You and I just fucked. And it was absolutely wonderful! But, what Mike did was make love to me. Remember in January, when I first told you about Mike and you asked when the last time I saw Mike was? I told you it was the night after our graduation, then I went to his place and it was the first time we had made love, rather than just having sex. That’s how it was this trip, we made love… a lot… and it was almost always tender and loving. I think it’s a bit ironic. You anticipate Mike and I fucking the whole weekend, but we make love. Then when I come home, I get fucked by my loving husband! I’m not complaining, just struck me as a bit funny.

“The first night, Mike came to the hotel to pick me up and met me in my room. I had touched myself like you asked right before and was so horny when he got there. I wanted to fuck when he first walked in the room and I saw how sexy he still is. Mike came in, looked at me and took me in his arms and kissed me. And, I kissed him back, just as hard. I had on the blouse and bra you sent and started to unbutton it when Mike stopped me and told me no, that could wait until later. God, I didn’t want to wait, but Mike insisted.

“Then he took me to the Trinity Nightclub for dinner. We ordered a really nice seafood dinner, but neither of us was hungry, except for each other. We sat in the club and kissed, Mike put his hands on the inside of my thigh, up to my panties, but no higher. Honey, I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I wanted him. I wanted his fingers inside me, I wanted his lips on my breasts, I wanted his mouth covering my pussy. It was all I could think about, that I wanted Mike to fuck me.

“After dinner, we sat in our booth doing a lot of talking, asking about each other. I know you didn’t want me to mention our marriage, but it was really hard to avoid. We did a lot of kissing and dancing and the whole time we were there, I didn’t want anything worse than to be fucked, just like you expected, but the only thing Mike would do was kiss me and hold me tight to him.” Michelle lay beside me, eyes closed with a dreamy expression on her face, until she finally started again. “I was so afraid that you might send me a text asking me not to go through with it.

“The surprise came when we got back to the hotel. What I wanted and expected was a frantic session of fucking. But, Mike undressed me, then himself and lay down beside me, both of us naked. He kissed me, sucked on my breasts until I could hardly stand it. He kissed down my stomach to my pussy. Oh God, I was in heaven! I could only take that for a couple minutes and pushed him away, telling him that I wanted him inside me. I wanted to come with him inside me.

“Mike stopped, but still wouldn’t fuck me. He told me that he had waited sixteen years and was going to savor every second.” Then, her voice dropped to a whisper, “Mike told me that he loved me sixteen years ago and had never forgotten me, but didn’t expect to ever see me again as he kissed me again. He made me feel so special and sexy!”

Oh God, I thought. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I thought they would just fuck like in college. But it made me so damn horny thinking about another guy wanting my wife and making love to her like that. “So, the chemistry was still there after all these years?”

“Oh yeah, many times over. So much more so than in college that it was unbelievable. When we finally got to the hotel I was literally shaking, I wanted Mike so bad. He was the hottest guy I knew in college, and has gotten even more so now.”

“Then, he rolled over on top of me and made love to me. It was so much better than anything he and I did in college. He slowly pushed into me while he was kissing me, then we just stayed like that, neither of us wanting to move for the longest time. Then, Mike started to slowly slide in and out, going deeper inside me every time. Oh honey, I was in such heaven. He felt so good inside me. I never wanted it to end!” With that, she rolled over on top of me and slid herself down on me and rocked back and forth on me. I think she was with Mike again, making love with him, reliving that first time, but I couldn’t believe how good she felt to me. “I was surprised how long we made love before we came, but when we did, it was together and was so incredible!”

Michelle was fueling jealousy and desire in me, both simply overwhelming. She and I were making love, she was sliding up and down on me and even after the huge orgasm I had earlier, Michelle’s telling me about her and Mike brought me to another orgasm in just a couple minutes.

After we made love, Michelle snuggled in beside me and kissed me and told me, “Honey I enjoyed making love with Mike more than I ever imagined. But I want you to know that it’s you I love and I’ll never leave you.” We held each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Michelle and I both had to go to work, so she had to postpone telling me any more about her weekend until later. Talk about a long day at work! I didn’t get much done, daydreaming about what Michelle was going to be telling me tonight. One thing I knew for sure was that it would be hot!

The other little item I knew I had to talk to her about tonight kind of dampened my enthusiasm for the evening. I knew I needed to tell her about Jacqui. Michelle and I didn’t keep secrets from each other. I didn’t think so anyway, until she started telling me about Mike. But that was from before we were married. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react when I told her how far we’d gone with Jacqui’s modeling. Michelle hadn’t ever given a hint that she would be okay with me kissing another woman sexually. I had pushed Michelle into going with Mike, she certainly hadn’t encouraged me to do anything with Jacqui. In my mind they were totally unrelated and I was a guilty party.

That evening, Michelle and I went out to the Black Angus for dinner. They have semi-private booths where it’s quiet and you can have a private discussion. While we were waiting for our dinner, I told her that I had something I needed to tell her. So I did my best to honestly tell her what had happened at Victoria’s Secret with Jacqui when I bought her clothes.

“I had mentioned to Jacqui when I first started looking that I wanted them for your date with your college boyfriend.”

“Wait a minute. You told the girl who helped me with the shoes that I was going to have a date to sleep with my old boyfriend? That’s a little embarrassing!”

“I didn’t exactly say you were going to be sleeping with him. But I think she kind of suspected that when I told her it would be for a weekend. That’s how I was able to talk her into trying on the clothes for me. She thought what we were doing was hot and fun and wanted to help.” I kind of swallowed a little bit trying to get up the courage to continue, “She’s really close to the same size as you. Jacqui wanted me to bring in one of your dresses to match the size, but I thought it would be better if she tried them on instead. When I asked her, she was reluctant, saying it was against the store’s policy. When I reminded her how hot she thought this was going to be, she relented and asked me come back after they closed so we’d be alone. She asked me how this date came about, so I explained to her about the night in Kodiak and the story I wrote and how you told me about your college boyfriend, then my fantasy about you and him again.

She tried on the blouse and skirt first, showing me how sexy they were going to be on you, then the dress and even showed me what it would like when you would sit down with no panties on. I guess you probably know what I could see. I was having fun envisioning how hot you were going to look with Mike and how he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you.

I thought she was done, but then she tried on the pink nightgown. God, it looked good on her! I had the vision of what you were going to look like when you went to bed with Mike. Then, she wanted me to feel what it would be like for Mike when you wore it for him, so she pulled my hands to her and rubbed them up and down her waist, and uh, then she told me she was horny and kissed me.”

Michelle’s grin was getting bigger and bigger as I told her about it. I was really glad to see a grin, rather than the frown and anger I had worried about. “And did you kiss her back?”

“Umm, yeah, she was just so sexy. I couldn’t help it, she still smelled like the perfume she had tried on earlier and that nightgown on her was so soft and sexy. While we were kissing, she pushed a strap down and the nightgown off her breast and then literally forced me to suck on her nipple. I guess for a few minutes, I forgot about you wearing it for Mike.”

“Forced huh?” I think maybe Michelle was thinking about how much I like her nipples, that maybe Jacqui didn’t have to force me too hard.

“I think she wanted more, but I told her I couldn’t cheat on you. But I did tell her I wanted to.”

“Honey, it would have been OK. I kind of wish you had given in to it. But I love you all the more for not doing it. She sounds really hot to me. You know, you’re not the only one with fantasies. I’d really love to hear about you making out with some girl, maybe even going all the way.”

I was incredulous at what Michelle had just said. She wanted me to have sex with someone else? She had to be kidding! Guys had those fantasies, not girls. Or maybe she was feeling a little guilty about having a weekend of sex with Mike. I hoped she didn’t feel guilty because I was loving what she had done. “Well, she sort of slipped her phone number in my pocket and told me to call her if I ever changed my mind.”

“Oh really! What did you do with it?”

“When I got home, I looked at it and then threw it away. But I have to admit, that it was a little hard to not remember the number.”

“And you still remember it?”

“Well, yeah, it’s going to be a hard thing to unremember. I don’t ever plan on calling her though. I’ve had a guilty conscience, trying to think how to tell you about her.”

“Sweetheart, I just got back from making love with my boyfriend all weekend. I don’t think you have too much to worry about from a little kiss and a bare nipple.” Then, she surprised me again when she whispered to me, “Honey, don’t forget the number.”

“Babe, this isn’t about me having sex with another girl. You’re the only one woman I crave. I love you too much.”

“Sweetie, I know that. But it would be kind of a nice bonus wouldn’t it?”

When I was starting to think maybe she was serious, she changed the subject, “Hon, I finally told you about my affair with Mike, but I realized we never have talked about your love life before we started going together. Tell me about your girlfriends.”

“Well, that really won’t take long. I took a girl to a movie in LaGrande at Eastern Oregon University, then again when I was at Oregon State. Nothing happened either time, no kiss or anything. I was just too bashful. It was a little bit funny though, when I took the girl in LaGrande to a movie, I had driven my dad’s wheat truck to college that week. Have you ever been on a date with a guy driving a wheat truck? Not very romantic.

I had a little bit of a crush on my brother’s sister-in-law when she danced pretty tight with me at my brother’s wedding reception. I went to see her one time and we kissed and made out a little. I didn’t even know enough then to try to kiss her breast. After that one time, she decided she liked her old boyfriend and I never saw her again. She was the only that I ever kissed before you, except maybe a little peck on the cheek. That was pretty much the extent of my love life.”

“Wow, and now you have a cute young girl with the hots for you. I think that’s exciting!”

I have to admit, for the first time in my life, I was thinking what it would be like to make love with a girl other than my wife. The thought was more than a little pleasant!

Even after telling me that she’d be okay with me and another girl, maybe even want it to happen, I could tell there was something else that she was pretty nervous about. So I asked her, “Honey, you have something else on your mind. What is it?”

She was still uneasy but finally let it out, “Honey, there’s one thing we didn’t think about before I went to bed with Mike.” She was starting to make me nervous that there was something wrong, as she went on, “We never thought about protection. Mike came inside of me every time. What if he made me pregnant?”

Wow, I hadn’t seen that one coming! She was right, in all our preparation, that hadn’t ever occurred to either of us. I had too low of a sperm count to make her pregnant, so we hadn’t even thought about pregnancy for years. Now, the real possibility was staring us in the face. I thought back to when her last monthly had started, about the first of February, two weeks before she left for her date. We had been to doctors several years ago for pregnancy tests, but I didn’t remember when they said was a girl’s most fertile time, so I asked her “Umm, do you remember when the doctor said you would be most likely to get pregnant?”

She looked at me and whispered softly to me “Two weeks, exactly how long it’s been now.”

Oh my God, I thought. The real possibility was certainly staring us in the face. “Well, we’ll find out in the next month or so won’t we?” Michelle had an almost eager look on her face, like she actually wanted it to happen, but I wasn’t sure how I would deal with her being pregnant with Mike’s baby. That would be pretty rough. The only thing I was absolutely certain is that Michelle and I were adamantly opposed to abortion or the drugs that would terminate a pregnancy, so there wasn’t anything we could do about it now, except wait and see.

She didn’t want to talk about any more of her trip until we got home, so the rest of the evening was pretty mundane, except I was anxious to go home and hear the rest of her story.

When we got home, we snuggled in on the couch and I asked Michelle to tell me about the rest of her trip. The pregnancy question was still nagging at us, but I still needed to know about the rest of it and wasn’t going to worry about the possibility of pregnancy until we actually found out.

“Saturday morning I sent you the first text message and Mike started to suck on my nipple again. It felt so good we made love again.” Then, her voice trailed off to a whisper, “Mike asked me to stay in Seattle with him, so I had to tell him everything, about you, our marriage and how much I love you. I told him you encouraged me to go on this trip, and I was his until Sunday, but then I was going home to my husband. Mike was pretty shocked and disappointed, but told me that he understood.

“After that, we laid in bed snuggling together until I told Mike I had to get up and take a shower. I wanted some time to think about what was going on. What I was feeling was so unexpected. But I really didn't get the chance. And this is almost exactly how Michelle described it: I was soaping my breasts when the door opened and there was Mike. He walked over to the shower and I swear his cock grew with each step. By the time he got over to the shower, which was enormous, my heart was pounding. He was magnificent. He held me in his arms as the water cascaded over us, then we kissed. His tongue was so insistent, exploring my mouth.

"I pushed him away, but only so I could kneel in front of him. His cock was right in front of me. I held it in both hands and started to stroke it up and down…that made him groan. I couldn't help myself…t was hypnotic, so sexy. I stuck out my tongue and traced the shape of him with the tip of my tongue. I could feel his hands on my head, brushing the hair from my face so he could watch me. I kissed the tip of his cock over and over again. Each time, I opened my mouth a little wider until I took the whole head into my mouth. My tongue swirled cross the throbbing tip of his cock, and he groaned then. He staggered a little as if his knees were giving out.

"I sucked more of him into my mouth and cradled his balls in my hand. The other hand still stroking the base of his member. He groaned and moaned, and held my head, gently trying to push more of his cock into my mouth. When he got to the back of my mouth, I felt like I was going to gag. But I stroked his cock harder and faster, pressing my tongue against the shaft. Finally he came in my mouth--but I pulled away and the rest sprayed across my face and breasts before the water washed it away. Mike sank to his knees and held me close as the water washed us clean.

"Oh God, honey. I had never felt anything like it; it was so amazing. But now... now I want nothing more than to do the same with you.

“After breakfast, food I mean, we decided to try out the hotel swimming pool. There was an older lady there that commented on what a nice couple Mike and I made, so I asked her to take a picture of us, which is the one I sent you.

"When we got back to the hotel room, it would be an understatement to say that we were both so horny that we couldn’t get out of our swim suits fast enough. Mike practically threw me on the bed and bored into my pussy with his mouth, licking, sucking and anything else he could do with his mouth. He spread me wide apart with his fingers so he could get deep with his mouth. Oh God, I was bucking and screaming until he climbed on the bed and shoved his cock in my mouth at the same time he was sucking on me. I licked and sucked on him, his balls, totally losing any control of myself.

When neither one of us could stand it any longer, Mike rolled me over on my stomach, up on my knees and rammed himself into me. We had just had pretty fantastic sex just a few hours before so Mike lasted what seemed like forever, ramming his cock in and out of my pussy harder than I ever imagined. I don’t even remember how many times I came. It must have been at least three or four until Mike finally had the most violent orgasm I’ve ever seen. God honey, it was so good. It was like the time I told you about after we watched the sexy movie, but so much better. After Mike finally came inside me, it must have taken us both ten minutes to catch our breath. That was the only time we really fucked instead of making love."

Wow, is that hot or what? That was exactly what I was hoping for. What else could I expect when I kept her horny for three weeks, sent those sexy clothes with her to sleep with the sexiest guy she’s ever met. Hearing her tell about their sex together made it seem quite a bit more real than what I had thought it would be like between them though. I wasn’t sure how my lovemaking to her was ever going to match what she had experienced with Mike.

It was plainly obvious that there would be a huge change in our relationship. I had every confidence that Michelle would always be mine. I trusted her completely that she would always come home to me. But I also didn’t think that I’d ever be able to satisfy her again like I had for the first fifteen years of our marriage. Whether it’s Mike, and I suspected that it would be, or another guy, from now on, she was going to want more than I could give. I didn’t know if she would be mine alone ever again. Squeezing the genie back into this bottle was going to be totally impossible.

“After we came back down to earth, we got dressed and went Pike Sreet Market, where we wandered around through the shops, then we went to the Space Needle where I sent you the pictures from.”

I asked her about that, kissing Mike in the public, when she always acts so reserved with me whenever anyone is around. “I don’t know, can’t really explain it. I guess it’s just what Mike and I did in college and it seemed natural with him, especially where I know no one knows me.”

The things I was learning that Michelle was willing to do with Mike that she and I hadn’t ever done, that she was pushing her boundaries, I found so exciting and were turning me on even more.

“Saturday night was pretty much a repeat of Friday. We went to dinner, then dancing, but left a lot earlier back to my room and made love a couple times during the night. I have to admit, I fibbed to you about the nightgowns. I never got around to wearing either of them. I went to bed with Mike naked and we slept together naked both nights. Sunday morning, we got up and tried out the hot tub for the first time. I wasn’t kidding about the hot tub, sex in the hot tub was out of this world! We need to get one! Then, we went to breakfast.”

“What did you do the rest of Sunday, since the plane didn’t leave until 5:00?”

“We, I, uh,” she started to stammer, then collected her thoughts so she could go on, “We had about four hours after I checked out of the hotel until I needed to be at the airport, so Mike took me to his house on Lake Washington. He has an absolutely beautiful home overlooking the lake that he designed and had built. He showed me his boat, his landscaping around the outside of the house, he even has a small pool. Then we went inside. He started to show me everything, but we didn’t get past his bedroom. When he finished showing me the bedroom, it was time to leave for the airport.”

“Wait a minute, can you get a little more detailed about Mike showing you his bedroom? Tell me what happened in the bedroom?”

She paused a couple minutes. Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she suggested another alternative, “Honey, instead of just telling you, would you want me to take you in our bedroom and show you exactly what Mike and I did yesterday in his?”

I thought about that for a little while before I answered her. Was I really ready for that? From what she has already told me, I suspect it would have been pretty intimate, but there wasn’t any way that I could say no, as I was too excited about the prospect of experiencing what she had done with Mike. “Yeah, I think I would like that.”

“Ok, give me a few minutes to get myself ready, but I want you to think about it while I’m getting ready. It’s going to be pretty intense.” And, with that, she got up off the couch and left me alone while she went in the bedroom and closed the door. I wondered about what she had said while I was waiting. Will it turn me on or be overly jealous to see first hand what she and Mike did? I guess I won’t know for sure until I witness it. The one thing I do know is that I can’t miss this chance to see Michelle’s wilder side.

Michelle took about a half hour before she came back out to get me and wow, what a transformation. She had changed her professional work clothes for the sexy skirt and sweater that she wore home from Seattle. Her hair was down, she had her makeup on and smelled strongly of that sexy perfume I bought from Victoria’s Secret. This was the first time Michelle had worn it for me and it did exactly what the sales girl said, Michelle smelled so damn sexy! Between her sexy clothes and that perfume, I was already erect. I was imaging what an effect she had on Mike.

Michelle asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with this. “When we go through that door, it will be Mike and I and there won’t be any turning back.”

I answered her by getting up off the couch and leading her into our bedroom.

When the door closed behind us, she looked around and told me “Mike, this room is absolutely beautiful, I love how you can look out the patio door to the lake.” Then, she looked at me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth in a very passionate embrace and pulled one of my hands under her sweater to her bare breast. What made this kiss seem so erotic to me was that I knew in Michelle’s mind, it was Mike she was kissing. I was so horny from this that it didn’t even register with me at the time, why was her kissing Mike so much more erotic to me than her kissing me? But, that’s the way it was and I didn’t even give it another thought.

When she broke from kissing me, she started unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it off of me, then unsnapped my pants, pushing them down, letting my cock spring free. Then, she pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed, got on her knees and slowly rolled her mouth over my cock, kissing me there, taking me inside her hot mouth to the root and started to suck until I was as hard as I was going to get, my manhood completely filling her mouth, her cheeks hollowed out from sucking.

This was so much more than Michelle had ever done with me before. She hadn’t particularly liked my cock in her mouth, but right now was relishing the experience. And the reason is that this was Mike’s cock she is making love to with her mouth, not mine. I came so close to losing it completely, imagining Mike’s cock invading my wife’s mouth like this.

Michelle, stood up, closed her eyes and started gyrating her hips, dancing to an imagined slow sexy song right in front of me. She very slowly pushed her sweater up over her head, revealing those luscious bare breasts and nipples. She slowly began running her fingers lightly over her body, one hand going to her breast where she encircled her nipple, squeezing and pinching, making it hard and pointed. Her other hand was working its way down her stomach, over her glorious curves, gliding to her waist and under her skirt, between her legs. Michelle’s hips were moving as if they were making love with her fingers and she was moaning softly when she removed her fingers from between her legs and with both hands started to slide her skirt down, undulating her hips right in front of me the whole time. Oh God, she was magnificent, so damn sexy! I remembered she had shaved and waxed her pussy just for Mike only a few days before. This show had been for Mike, not me, but was making me so horny.

When her skirt was finally removed, she spread her legs slightly and returned her hand to between her legs, where she spread herself slightly with two fingers, circling just inside her pussy, penetrating herself, slowly building in intensity, pushing her fingers in, pulling them out, pushing in deeper and deeper. Michelle’s eyes were closed with that look of lust on her face I had seen only a few times. It was like my wife was intoxicated with lust. Michelle had never played with herself like this in front of me and she did this for Mike and was doing it again for Mike right now. I was understanding that when she told me a few minutes ago that it was going to be her and Mike in this room, that she really meant it. She wasn’t doing this for me. As far as she was concerned, I was Mike, not her husband of fifteen years. I loved that expression of lust on her face as she was performing in front of her lover.

She worked herself closer and closer to me, so she was only a few inches in front of me when she removed her hand and put them behind my head, pulling my mouth down to her pussy. She put one leg up on the edge of the bed, spreading herself wide, pulling me into her. As soon as my tongue started to work inside her pussy lips, she was gyrating and moaning, “Ohhh, Mike, mmm, that feels so good!” Her pussy was so wet from her arousal. It was only a moment until she started convulsing and pushing herself tight into me, gushing onto my face and moaning indecipherably. I didn’t know if she was only teasing me by using Mike’s name, but it seemed more likely that at that moment, I actually was Mike to her.

After she climaxed, she frantically kissed me, tasting herself in my mouth, pushing me back up onto the bed. She climbed on the bed, lifting a leg over me, straddling me, positioning herself over my cock, settling down on my erect manhood. She sank slowly onto me, impaling her bare pussy on my cock. Then, she began rising and falling, her body gracefully undulating over me. Then she leaned forward, pulling me up to take her nipple in my mouth and coaxing me to suck, her soft hair falling over my face as she plunged up and down on me. And then suddenly, she pulled off of me, turned her rear to me on her knees and elbows, beckoning me to take her from behind, to penetrate her once again.

I didn’t need encouragement to bury myself back into her, exactly as Mike must have done, pumping in and out, pulling her hips to me with my hands, burying myself in heaven as deeply as possible. Michelle was moaning, “Oh Mike, Oh, Mike.” As we rutted together, fucking hard. I know I was building to a massive orgasm and I could sense Michelle was too as she pumped herself over my cock, both of us shuddering violently as I forced myself as deeply as possible into her one last time and pumped my cum deep inside her and we both exploded in ecstasy, Michelle making a long prolonged moaning as she had an overwhelming orgasm!

Afterward, Michelle rolled over and pulled me to her, kissing me softly as we stretched our bodies out and just laid on the bed caressing each other with our hands and kissing for the longest time.

When she rolled off of me she said she needed to go shower and pulled my hand to join her. When the shower water was nice and hot, she pulled me in with her, letting the hot water run over both our bodies. She gave me the bar of soap and asked me to wash her, so I did as I envisioned Mike would have done, soaping over her nipples, down her stomach and between her legs, which she spread, giving me plenty of access to her pussy. When I was pretty sure she was all clean, I shampooed her hair. When I thought I was done, she took the soap and said it was her turn, so she repeated the same process with me, then kissed me, down my chest to my cock, which she took in her mouth and began to suck, with the hot water running over both of us. She sucked me deep in her mouth, making me moan with pleasure as I grew harder and harder again inside her mouth. When she apparently decided I was hard enough, she stood up, kissed me again and wrapped her arms and legs around me, impaling herself on my cock and we started thrusting until we both came together once again.

When we finally got out of the shower, we dried each other off, then still naked, Michelle led me back to bed and told me “Now, we’re done with Mike’s bedroom, it’s just the two of us now.” And she kissed me more fervently than she had all night. “Honey, I wanted you to see what it’s like between me and Mike, in case you want me to see him again.” It was hard to believe that I had just experienced the same pleasure as she had given another guy only the day before. I told her that she should get an acting award, pretending to be with Mike. “Sweetheart, I wasn’t acting. You were Mike.”

It took me a little by surprise, that she practically admitted she wants to see him again, so I asked her, just so I’d know, “Did you talk about another date?”

“Mmmm-Hmmm, it was so good between us, and yes, we talked about seeing each other again. I want to feel him inside me again. But it was almost too good. I’m almost afraid to see him again. I told Mike I had to talk to you about it first. If you don’t think you can handle Mike and I having sex like we just had, tell me and I’ll let Mike know I can’t see him again. I love you more than anything and promise you that I won’t let this thing with Mike come between us. I could never do anything to hurt you.”

As much as I didn’t want to, I had to ask her, “Was the sex better with Mike than it is with me?”

She paused a little bit before answering, “Honey, I’m going to always be honest with you. It was new and exciting with Mike. He’s not a better lover than you are, but I climaxed harder than I remember for years. I feel so sexy when I’m with him.”

This was so much more than I anticipated when Michelle left for Seattle. I expected that her and Mike would fuck and do it over and over again. But, I never in my wildest imagination expected that Mike would be in love with my wife and treat her like the goddess she is. I couldn’t help but think of all the things my wife had done with Mike on this one weekend that she and I had never done in our fifteen years of marriage; sex in the shower, coming in her mouth, the masturbating I had just witnessed, the public kissing and on and on. I knew I was jealous that she was so much more open about sex with Mike than me, but at the same time excited about our future. One thing I had to know. “Are you in love with him?”

She paused quite a while before answering, “Honey, I have to admit that I’m really fond of him, certainly more than when I left him sixteen years ago. The sex was so much better than in college. But there are still two things that didn’t change. I love you far more than I ever could Mike, we have a life together. And, Mike still lives in Seattle and I will always be here with you.”

Michelle’s reassurance of her love for me helped a lot. I don’t know if I had a death wish or what, but Michelle telling and showing me about their making love, left me feeling like I had to see her and Mike together with my own eyes. It seemed that the more my wife talked about how hot Mike was and how great the sex was between them, and especially when she had shown me how incredibly hot their sex was, the more it stoked my jealousy and the more that jealousy was becoming a thrill to me. A large part of my severe arousal at seeing Mike and Michelle together is the simple fact of how intensely desirable Michelle is to him. I desperately wanted to see my wife and Mike making love, and the hotter the better! That was going to be the ultimate thrill for me.

“Baby, I want you to see him again.”

“You want me to go to Seattle again?”

“No babe, I want you to invite him here. I need to see you with him. I don’t understand, but I need to see you together. I know you want to and I have a burning need to see him make love with you. Over the last few weeks and especially after this weekend I discovered something of myself that I had only glimpsed before. I need to see my beautiful wife in another man’s arms. I want to be there when you meet him. I want to see him kiss you, dance with you, see him take you to his hotel room. It feels like a drug addiction. It makes me so damn horny, how much I like the thought of another guy making love with you and you enjoying it that much. If there’s a way, I want to see him make love with you.”

Michelle whispered very quietly, “I’ll call him.” Then she added, “And the girl from Victoria’s Secret, I want you to call her.”

To be continued

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