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Mirror, Mirror

Surprise, Holiday, Mirror Image, Sex
Angie and I were staying at a friend's caravan in a holiday park, right opposite was another caravan, in mirror image. (IE, The doors and windows directly faced each other). During the week we had got to know Dianne, who was staying in that caravan and had many a long chat as we sat around in the gap between the caravans, enjoing the sun. Dianne was in her 60's, with a well maintained, rounded body, and massive, bouncy, 42DD boobs. 

On the friday evening, after we had been there a week, Angie was doing the washing up when she called me to come and look.

Standing behind her, we both looked straight into Dianne's caravan window, where she was also doing the washing up. Behind her stood a man, Paul her husband, we guessed, as we had not met him due to his work commitments that week. He was staring straight back at us, smiling and was massaging Dianne's substantial tits through her thin blouse. From where we stood we could see him say something to Dianne, and then she looked up at us and smiled too.

As we both stared back I put my arms around Angie and started to grope her, soft, 44DD's through her top. Angie immeadiately turned to me and asked "What are you doing"? To which I replied I am just copying what goes on over there. By the time I answered though Angie was back to staring across the gap into Dianne's caravan again, transfixed by the sight that greeted us.

By now, Paul had now undone Dianne's blouse and was cupping her bra clad breasts, lifting them up and pushing them forward. Again I followed suit, and grabbed the waistband of Angie's top and lift it over her head. With no further comment or resistantance from Angie, like Paul, I lifted up her juggs and pushed them upwards and forwards creating a massive cleavage in the process. 

With that Dianne and Paul disappeared and we waited. I thought that may have been it, but after a moment they re-appeared in the doorway of the caravan. Paul now had both his hands on Dianne's waistband of her skirt, and her blouse was completely removed. 

I ushered Angie to the door, saying "Are you up for this then darling?" She replied "Yes, I think so, but i'll let you know if I want to stop". Then she gave a quick squeeze of my cock through my shorts.

Standing with barely 30ft between us, Paul undid Dianne's skirt and let it fall to the floor. Immeadiately he slid one hand into her knickers, and the other onto her lacy bra and squeezed her ample, creamy, white breast.

Again I followed suit, I undid Angies shorts and they fell to the floor. I put my hand deep into her knickers and stroked her hairy pussy whilst I squeezed her tanned, large boob through her lacy bra.

As we watched Paul pulled his hands away from Dianne and turned her sideways. Then as he undid her bra, he slowly slid it of her shoulders. Continuing to pull it down and down, then with a quick flick of his wrist threw it back into the caravan. Dianne turned to face us, covering her large tits with her arms. Then, slowly at first, she opened up her arms to reveal her gorgously large, saggy, pale breasts. Her tan lines from her sunbathing during the week contrasting wonderfully with her pale aerolas and hard nipples.

My cock is hard as Angie and I copied what we had just witnessed, and we enjoyed watching Paul's expression when Angie threw her arms open wide, to show off her dark tanned juggs with dark brown aerolas and hard nipples.

Instinctively both Paul and I bent forward and started to suck and grope our wives breasts. All the time we were all watching each other, turned on by the wives big, heavy, breasts lifted and modelled into soft curvy shapes.

Simulatanously Paul and I stopped, and stood upright. The girls started to undress us, first our shirts, then bending forward our trousers. Finally, whilst they were both knelt in front of us, the moment of truth, they both slowly slid down our pants, to reveal our hard cocks. Neither Angie nor Dianne looked at their husband's, instead they both stared straight at the other man's cock. 

Paul was well endowed, a good 8", which mades my 5" look quite small and useless. Angie just said wow, and briely looked at me and then turned away again. By now both girls had pulled our pants right off, and taken our hard cocks into their mouths.

Imeadiately both Paul and I grabbed our wives' heads and started to gently pump our cocks deep into their mouths. The sight of Paul's 8" prick sliding in and out of Dianne's mouth really turned me on.

Then, just before we got to the point of no return, the girls pulled our cocks out of their mouths and stand up. They shook their large breasts at us as both as they did so. 

Paul and I were instructed to kneel before them and pull their knickers off. TAs they both leant back against the door frame, they opened their legs and simulatnously pulled our heads forward to give them a good licking. 

I glanced sideways to watch Paul, he was pulling up at Dianne's arse to get a grip as he buried his face in her soft blond hairy pussy. As I copied the sound of both of the girls moaning could be heard in both caravans, as they enjoyed our tongues flicking around their clits. They both put their hands on the back of our heads, and pushed ever harder to maximise the licking power, and nestle our faces further into their twats. 

After a few moments the girls pulled our heads back out from between their legs and we all stand to face it other. Paul and I are sported solid erections, and the girls posed in all their mature, naked, beauty. Taking in the wonderful view Paul lead the way again. He took Dianne's hands and put one either side of the door frame, and bent her forward. This left her huge, 40DD, breasts are hanging beautifully. They were wonderful to look at, all soft and saggy, with her hard nipples pointing directly to the floor. 

Angie and I positoned her into the same position. Then, as if telepathically, both Paul and I slid our cocks up into the girls' wet pussys and start to pump. Slowly we fucked at first but we pushed harder and harder. I watched in a trance as Dianne's tits were swinging in all directions, and this really turned me on. As I look down I can see Angies big, brown tits also swinging about and as I looked at Paul he was equally enjoying the view.

In what seemed like no time at all I felt Angie clamp her pussy muscles around my cock and I knew I couldn't last much longer. I didn't have to worry for too long, as if we could feel each others orgasm, we all seemed to cum together, the girls moaning and Paul and I with a few heavy grunts. For a brief moment I thought, "Surely other people in the holiday park must be able to hear what was going on". 

All of us, frozen like statues, as we came, Paul and I dumped the last of our spunk deep into our wives, and Dianne and Angie gently pulsated their pussy muscles around our cocks. 

Eventually the girls stood up and Paul and I slid our cocks out. As we stood facing each other again Dianne and Paul give us a wave and closeed their door. Angie and I stood for a few moments looking at the closed caravan, not really believing in what we had just done, and then followed suit.

We cleaned up and then sat in the caravan naked looking at each other before I finally said "I wonder if washing up will be as fun tomorrow night?"
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