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Mistletoe Party continues to a Dinner Party Part 2 Sam's Story

Sam's side of the story of our 2nd couple to swap with.
This is the continuation of our story with the second couple we swapped with. The story is told from Sam’s point of view. No, Sam didn’t write it, he told me and I wrote it for him.

As Nick and Ashley drove off, Taylor pushed me back on to the couch and pulled my cock out. I knew she would want to try to get a taste of Ashley’s juices on my dick. “MMMM,” she sai,d “I can smell the scent of her pussy on you.”

As she ran her tongue over I my cock she looked up and said, “ok tell me how what you two did.”

Okay, as you know; you left us with my face in her tits, that was a nice touch by the way, thank you. She was eager for me to get to her nipples so she quickly unbuttoned her shirt for me and pulled down her bra. After I sucked her nipples and fondled her naked tits she pulled my lips up to hers plunging her tongue into my mouth. Ashley put her mouth up to my ear and whispered that she owed me a blow job.

I kicked my shoes off as she made her way down to my belt, undoing it and unsnapping my pants. Ashley pushed my pants and underwear down with single slide. My very hard cock sprung free. Ashley guided me back to the couch and said that she was glad we left the lights on so she could get a good look at my dick.

She licked her lips and said, “Mmm that’s big."

Ashley knelt down and went to work. She licked and sucked at my cock trying to get it all in her mouth, gagging a few times. While never pulling her mouth off my cock, Ashley finished unbuttoning her blouse dropping it to the floor. Then she reached around and unclasped her bra that was already pushed down under her tits.

Ashley’s tits are not huge but stood out nicely from her tall frame. She pulled herself up to slide my dick between her sweet breasts. She alternated titty fucking me and sucking me till she had me ready to blow. I told her that I was about to cum moaning as she sucked me. Ashley grabbed my cock pumping with one hand while sucking hard on head of my dick. I grunted as I shot a load into her mouth and lay back on the couch as she kept all of my cum in her mouth.

I moaned deeply as Ashley curled up with me on the couch. Ashley asked me how I thought Nick was enjoying Taylor’s tour. I told her that I was sure that Taylor was taking very good care of him as I reached down to feel under her skirt. I found that her panties had a very nice wet spot up front which made her moan as I touched it. I slipper her skirt down and slid her panties off. I rubbed her nicely trimmed bush then pushed a finger into her very wet pussy. She moved her hips to grind against my finger in her pussy.

I pushed her back telling her that it was my turn to taste her. Ashley then laid back spreading her long legs inviting my tongue in. I plunged in and quickly found her clit with my tongue. The licking, sucking and the fingering had her squirming in no time. Ashley was softly telling how great my tongue felt in her pussy. She grabbed my head pushing my face into her pussy as she told me she was cumming. Ashley purred as she told me she hadn’t cum that hard in a while. She crawled up next to me on the couch kissing my pussy juice soaked lips while stroking my cock hard again.

Ashley pulled up a little and asked, “How long you guys been swingers?”

I told her that we had been fucking another couple for about a year and a half. They are good friend of mine and his wife. But they are the only ones we've been with.

"Till now," Ashley said. She rubbed her very wet pussy and then grabbed my hard cock and said “well, this thing looks ready to go. "So we are number two? Okay, take it slow I’ve never had one this big in me yet.”

Ashley rolled onto her back on the couch, as I got up. She spread her legs motioning me down to her. I got on top of her and kissed her passionately. I held myself just above her letting my dick fall against her pussy lips. I could sense Ashley spreading her legs wider to coax my cockhead in. I slowly started to rub against her pussy opening more teasing it rather than just shoving it in. Ashley started to breath heavily as she arched her hips up to meet my cock. My cock head slid just inside her pussy lips as I started to fuck her with just head of my dick. Her breathing had increased to the point I thought she was about to cum so I slowly push my cock all the way in her.

She moaned into my ear, “Oh fuck that is filling!” Ashley’s body was shaking and quivering as she grunted that she was cumming again.

All of a sudden I stopped pumping her and said, “Oh shit!"

Ashley asked me what was wrong and I told her that I had forgotten to get a condom. She pulled me down to her and kissed me. Ashley whispered in my ear that she was protected.

"I've tasted your cum now I really want to feel your cum inside me." She asked if we could move to the floor so she could ride me. That was a request that no one could turn down.

I pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy and moved to the floor. Ashley straddled me and sat right down on my cock. It was so hot watching her young tits bounce up and down as she fucked me. I pulled her down so I could suck on her nipples knowing I was close to cumming. Ashley knew I was close as she bounced harder and faster on my cock. I grabbed her tightly and shoved my cock into her as deep as I could to shoot my load into her hole. I relaxed but Ashley was not done; she continued to ride me. I couldn’t help but think that this is what Taylor does when she hasn’t cum. Her bouncing was getting me hard again as I fondled her perky tits. Ashley moaned as she felt my cock grow inside her.

We picked up the pace for a bit and then I rolled her on her back. I got back on top of her and resumed pumping her. Ashley grabbed my face kissing me hard. She quietly moaned in my ear, “Fuck me harder.”

I was all too happy to oblige. I continued ramming my cock into her harder and faster as her breathing began to increase. Ashley tilted her head back saying that she was almost there. Her pussy clinched around my cock sending me over the edge shooting another load into her as she came also.

I collapsed on top her as she hugged me tight saying, “That was a great fuck, don't pull out just yet I want to feel your cock inside me as I come down.”

As we lay there with my softening dick inside her, we heard upstairs “Oh fuck, Oh fuck!"

I smiled looking down to Ashley and said, “Well Taylor’s cumming. We should probably get dressed.”

Ashley agreed kissing me and telling me that she really enjoyed dinner, especially the dessert. Ashley then said that they would need to have us over for dinner soon and maybe we would invite our other friends too. 
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