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Mistletoe Party continues to a Dinner Party

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We have dinner with the couple we met at the Mistletoe Party.
As we drove to our hotel room, my hand was rubbing Sam’s cock. I asked him how far he and Ashley had gone. Sam said that they found a nice empty bedroom and he had fingered her, getting her to cum. She had told him she wanted to suck his cock so he could cum too. Ashley had just got his cock out and kissed it when a couple walked into the room interrupting them. 

Sam said that he realized that it was getting close to midnight and figured that they better get back into the main room for the count down. I laughed as I stroked him while he was driving. “Nick was telling me that she’s too uptight to let go at a party like that, he even doubted she would French kiss anyone.” I told him.

“Well she didn’t get the chance to French kiss my cock. So, how far did you and Nick go?” Sam asked.

I told him, "About the same but I didn’t cum like Ashley did and while I touched his cock I didn’t get my lips to it like she did yours."

“Well maybe you can fix that if they will come for dinner,” he said.

I waited a couple of days and then called the number Nick and Ashley had given us not knowing who would answer. Ashley answered and was apologizing right away. She kept saying that she was sorry for being so drunk, putting her hands and lips on Sam. I told her not to worry about it; I hoped that she enjoyed him.

She seemed shocked by my attitude, but at the same time relieved. I told her that we really would love to have them come over for dinner. Ashley started to get the idea that I was serious and not mad at her. We made arrangements for them to join us for dinner the Friday after next. Ashley had finally gotten comfortable with me and jokingly asked if she should bring some mistletoe. I laughed and told her that she absolutely should bring the mistletoe so that she could finish what she started. I told her that Sam had said he would love to you continue what you started. Again she seemed shocked and said “Oh he told you about that, sure you don’t mind?”

“Mind?” I said, “I’m getting excited thinking about it.”

Sam was excited when I told him that Ashley and Nick were coming for dinner and even more excited when I told him what Ashley said about the mistletoe. Sam then asked me if I thought we needed condoms. I told Sam that he seemed pretty confident he was getting his cock into Ashley. I told him that I wasn’t as sure that we would go that far, I was worried that Nick was the jealous type who thought it was okay for him to play around but not his wife.

Sam said that if Ashley got a little alcohol in her she would beg to be fucked. I replied if he was that sure maybe he should buy some condoms. Even though we didn’t use them with our other friends, Ashley might not be on the pill. We decided that maybe we should start using condoms when we fuck others. We should be safe as we add fuck buddies.

Sam and I talked about how we wanted to play it. I suggested that we try to get them alone before dinner, try to kiss them and see if they seem to be ready for more. I also told him that my idea was to be as flirty and forward as possible, maybe even down right dirty. Sam liked the idea and also suggested that after dinner we have a few margaritas and then split up; they might be more uninhibited separated.

Friday night finally arrived; I had made some spicy tacos with strong margaritas to wash them down. Ashley and Nick arrived and Sam met them at the door. Sam shook Nick’s hand with a man hug and gave Ashley a light kiss on the lips. I quickly joined them hugging Ashley and grabbing Nick for a nice kiss on the lips too.

We then moved to the living room where Sam got us all drinks. When Ashley took a sip she said, “Wow, this is strong, you trying to get us drunk?”

Sam just laughed winking back at her.

We talked for a bit and found out that Nick had been married once before having a child. Nick told us that he and Ashley met right after his divorce while Ashley was working at a bar. They dated for less than a year before getting married. They had decided they didn’t want to have kids for a while and we agreed that we didn’t either just yet.

After our first round, I asked Nick if he would help me pour more drinks while I finished dinner. As we reached the kitchen out of sight from the living room, I grabbed Nick, putting my lips on his. Nick seemed a bit surprised but I continued and pushed my tongue into his mouth. 

Nick got over his surprise quickly and moved a hand up to play with my tits. I moaned and moved one of my hands down to his crotch grabbing his cock. I whispered in his ear that after dinner I was going to continue our closet fun and suck his cock.

He seemed a little shocked and asked, "What about Ashley?"

I told him that I was sure that she and Sam could find something to do. I told him that I would bet that she had her tongue in Sam’s mouth right then. Nick peeked around the corner and saw Ashley and Sam in a kissing embrace. I said, “Well?”

Nick looked back at me and said, "You're right."

I grabbed his pants over his cock and told him he could pay up later.

We brought the drinks to the living room interrupting them in mid kiss. I said to Ashley, “Oh so you did bring the mistletoe?” Ashley giggled with embarrassment and pulled the mistletoe out of her pocket waiving it at me. I said, “Oh my, it didn’t look like he was kissing you there in your pocket; but maybe before we walked out?” Ashley blushed as I took the mistletoe from her and told them all it was time for dinner and we would take this up later.

We all ate rather quickly, it seemed that we were anxious to get to the after dinner activities. When finished with dinner I asked Ashley to help me with the dishes while the guys went into the other room with their drinks. I asked Ashley if she would mind if I gave Nick a tour of the house starting with our bedroom. I told her that I would leave the mistletoe with her for her needs. She giggled and said that she and Sam should be able to find something to do while we were gone.

We walked back in the room and I pulled out the mistletoe and held it above Sam’s head. I gave him a big kiss. Then I put it over Nick's head and gave him a big kiss. Ashley protested. “What about me?” she said.

I put the mistletoe over her head and before the guys could move in I gave her a little kiss on the lips. Both Sam and Nick hooted at me kissing Ashley. I moved the mistletoe around in a circular motion letting them wonder where it would stop. I paused over my head but then moved it over Ashley's exposed cleavage.

I looked over at Sam and said, “Well?”

Sam didn’t need to be asked twice; he grabbed her tits and started kissing her cleavage. As Ashley moaned I grabbed Nick’s hand and told him that I was going to give him a tour of the house. He looked a little surprised as we walked off with my husband kissing his wife’s tits.

When we got to the bedroom I grabbed Nick, pressing my lips against his, pushing my tongue in his mouth. I ground my hips against his very hard cock as our tongues mixed. I broke our embrace just long enough to unbutton my blouse and expose my tits. I pulled out the mistletoe waiving it over my tits saying, “Your turn.”

Nick hesitated just for a second then engulfed my left nipple with his mouth. Nick hungrily sucked on my tits as I moaned. I pulled him back up to my lips kissing him as I pulled his shirt off. I then pushed him back on to the bed and held the mistletoe over his crotch. I looked up at him and said, “You know the rules I have to kiss it now.”

I peeled his pants and underwear down causing his cock to flop out in front of my face. I moved to the head of his dick and gave it a little kiss; then slowly took his cock into my mouth. It was a nice size cock but it seemed about two inches shorter than Sam’s. As I had all most all of Nick’s dick in my mouth I couldn’t help but imagine how Ashley was managing with my husband’s cock.

Nick lay back on the bed as I sucked, moaning how good his dick felt in my mouth. My pussy was really aching for action by that point, so I had pulled off Nick’s cock and stood up. I pulled his pants and underwear completely off, leaving him naked on the bed with just his socks on. I seductively stripped my clothes off and stood naked before Nick.

I crawled on to the bed working my way to Nick’s lips kissing him hard. The kiss didn’t last long; I wanted his lips on my other lips. I shifted my hips around so that my shaved pussy was positioned over Nick’s face and I could continue sucking his cock.

Nick didn’t need an invitation. He grabbed him hips and plunged his tongue into my very wet pussy. As his tongue and lips went after my swollen pussy I went back to work on his cock. It wasn’t long before I knew I was about to be cumming and I ground my pussy hard into his face. I told Nick that I was cumming but my thighs clamping down on his head and shaking body gave that away.

As my orgasm subsided I gave his dick a quick kiss and then swiveled my head back up to his. I kissed him and thanked him for great orgasm and made the comment that I tasted pretty good, as I tasted my juices on him face and mouth. Nick grunted that my pussy was on fire.

I told him that it still was, positioning my hips to line up his cock head with my pussy lips.

As the head of his dick rubbed the folds of my pussy, Nick asked, “are we really going to do this?” I pushed down so the head of his cock was just inside my pussy.

I moaned to him as I fucking just the tip of his dick “we can stop if you want.” As I said that I pushed his cock a little farther into my wet hole. I looked him in the eye and said “No? Ok then fuck me!!” He pushed up sliding his cock all the way in. Nick and I started pumping as I plunged my tongue into him mouth. Again he was telling me how great his cock felt, this time in my pussy.

His breathing started to increase and I knew he was about to cum. It was at that time that I remembered what Sam and I had talked about using condoms. It was too late then so I rode Nick harder feeling him tighten up shooting his semen into my pussy. Nick groaned and relaxed into the bed. I reached down and gave him a little kiss as I rolled off his dick.

I told him that I wanted to wipe this up, pointing to his cum leaking out of my pussy. I really wanted to check on Sam and Ashley. After wiping up the cum; I snuck out the hall door of the bathroom to look down stairs. I could hear some noise but not much, I was getting worried that they were not doing anything and Sam had struck out. As I got to the stair well, I could see Ashley’s naked tits bouncing up and down. She was riding Sam who was lying on the floor. Satisfied, I slipped back in through the bathroom to Nick. I kissed Nick and grabbed his now soft penis.

Nick asked, “Shouldn’t we get back down stairs to Sam and Ashley, they might be wondering what we are doing.”

I told him that they seemed to be enjoying themselves and we shouldn’t interrupt right now. I moved my lips back to his soft cock and took it all in my mouth. Nick asked what they were doing as his cock started to come back to life. Well, I told him it looked like they were wrestling and Ashley was winning as she had Sam pinned straddling him bouncing up and down on him. I was worried what he would say but his dick gave him away. He was rock hard after talking about his wife and my hubby fucking.

I got on my hands and knees pointing my pussy at him. I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and told him to come back inside where it was nice and warm.

Nick smiled and said that he loved doggie. He guided his cock into me and started pumping. Nick was grinding his dick in me hitting all the right spots while grabbing my tits. Having just cum, Nick was able to keep pounding away at me for a while.

I was encouraging him by talking dirty to him, which he seemed to like. I was telling him to slam his hard cock into my wet cunt. I told him I wanted to feel him cum inside me again. I was getting close and told him to go faster and harder. I tightened up and grabbed his dick hard with my pussy muscles as I came. I was calling out “oh fuck oh fuck”. I knew it would turn on Nick, but it was more for Sam and Ashley. As my pussy clamped down on his cock cumming, Nick came for the second time inside me. We both collapsed on the bed exhausted.

I slowly got up and got dressed while some of his cum was running down my legs. I suggested to Nick that we should go and see if they were finished down stairs. We made enough noise to let them know we were on our way. Ashley was buttoning up her blouse and Sam was zipping up his pants.

I went right over to Ashley and kissed her on the lips and asked her if she had a good time. She said she did and nervously kissed her husband as I kissed Sam. Before they walked out the door I gave Nick a goodbye kiss and Sam did the same with Ashley. She said as they were leaving that she would call me about having us over dinner next time .

To be continued with Sam and Ashley's side of the story.

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