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Mistletoe Party

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We meet a new couple at a New Year's Eve Party
This is the story of Sam and I meeting a new couple to play with. As background, Sam and I (Taylor) had been swapping with another couple for almost a year and a half. We did a lot of fucking with them but they were the only couple we'd played with. We'd talked about several ways to find others to play with but none had worked up till now.

Our friends were going to be out of town for the holidays so Sam and I were looking for other fun to have on New Year’s Eve. Sam told me that we had been invited to a New Year’s Eve party by a guy he met though work. He was told that it would be a fun couples' night with good food and plenty to drink. The invitation entitled the party as a “Mistletoe Party”: “Please join us to ring in the New Year with good friends; sharing good food, good drinks and a little kiss with friends.”

I asked Sam if he knew what was meant by a “Mistletoe Party," Sam said, “Gerry told me that his wife Amanda had come up with the idea. Her thought was that people usually kiss at midnight of the New Year. She had the idea that it might be fun to have Mistletoe put up throughout the house and have some kissing all night long.” Sam said they weren’t swingers that he knew of but they might play right up to the line of swinging.

We both agreed that it should be fun, so I had him call and tell them we would love to join the party. The big question now was what to wear. Gerry had told him that it was not a formal party so a cocktail dress was out. I finally landed on a short black skirt and a red silky blouse. The next question was what underwear to wear. I put on my black lace panties and my red lace push up bra to show Sam and get his approval. He lifted up my skirt and sighed as he rubbed my slit over my panties. He gave them his stamp of approval. Next he moved his attention to the silky blouse and the red lace bra. He look was not as approving though. I said to him, “What?”

Sam reached up, rubbing the silky material and said, “What about no bra?” with a big grin on his face.

I kind of groaned at him, the push up bra made my tits look bigger than their 32 B size. I slipped the blouse off and then unclasped the bra tossing it to the bed. I put the blouse back on and Sam again rubbed the silky material but this time over my now braless nipples. This made my nipples harden up. Sam stood back and said, "Perfect."

I told Sam that my hard nipples might invite some rubbing and he said that was what he was counting on. We then picked out Sam’s clothes. He was so easy: khaki pants and a tight black polo shirt that showed off his muscles.

The hosts lived over an hour from us so we got a hotel room close by so we wouldn’t have to drive a long way home and so Sam and I both could drink. We made our way to the door and were met by Gerry and Amanda.

Gerry shook Sam’s hand and then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Amanda gave us both a hug and kiss as Gerry took our coats. I asked Amanda about the mistletoe concept as the boys put the coats away. She told me that she thought it would be fun and sexy to do a little kissing with friends. It was going to be all couples and no one had to kiss anyone they didn’t want to. Amanda told me that this was their first time trying the concept and hoped we would have a good time.

We got drinks and started mingling. There were about fifteen couples there with a few more arriving. The couples seemed to range in age between mid-20s and mid-40s. There was mistletoe hanging up in all the doorways and some in the middle of different rooms.

The kissing at first was mostly polite pecks on the cheek with a few of the guys getting bold enough to kiss on the lips but not more than that. Everyone was drinking and starting to loosen up. Amanda went through the house and dimmed all the lights. She patted me on the ass saying that things should liven up now.

Sam and I stayed together meeting everyone as a couple as did most of the others. We ran into Ashley and Nick. Ashley was a pretty girl, aged twenty-four and almost 5’ 8”, fit, with blond hair. She was wearing a medium length skirt and cute blouse that showed her red lacy pushup bra.

Nick was twenty-nine and almost six feet tall and also fit but not muscular. We talked for a bit hitting it off with them. We found out they had been married for three years. As we were walking to the kitchen to get more drinks Nick looked up and announced: “Mistletoe."

I leaned in and gave Nick a quick kiss on the lips and Sam did the same with Ashley. I asked Ashley if she was having a good time and she just giggled. She told me that the alcohol was starting to have an effect on her and several guys had slipped their tongues in her mouth. She whispered in my ear that she was usually pretty shy but the kissing was getting her excited.

We split up from Ashley and Nick to mingle. Between the alcohol and the very dim lights the action under the mistletoe was getting more intense. I lost sight of Sam as one of cuter guys caught me under the mistletoe. As with the last few guys who had kissed me his tongue was quickly in my mouth and his hips pushed his hard dick into my belly.

My hard nipples were begging to be rubbed so I grabbed his hand that was on my back and brought it to my tits. He eagerly rubbed my nipples through my silky blouse. Another guy bumped into us and he said it was his turn. As this guy’s tongue went into my mouth his hands went right to my tits. He was very drunk and was getting a little rough when Nick came to my rescue.

As Nick and I walked away to get another drink, I thanked him for getting me away from that drunk and told him that I would have to find a way to repay him. When we got close to the bar Nick pointed up at some mistletoe and said that I could thank him now.

I grabbed him and kissed him hard, mixing my tongue with his. Nick was quick to put his hands on my tits and I was rubbing against his hard on. Nick started whispering in my ear how hot I was and how great I felt. I whispered back that I could tell by how much his cock was poking me as I ground harder against him. We kissed for a while and rubbed against each other till I told him I needed a drink.

We found Sam and Nick’s wife at the bar, Ashley looked like she was getting drunk. Sam whispered in my ear that she was getting frisky with several guys but kept coming back to him. The guys said they had to pee so Ashley and I both laughed that they should go together. They didn’t think it was funny and went off to find different toilets.

I leaned into Ashley and said that we should go find some hot guys to kiss while the guys were gone. Pointing to her pussy she said, "Great, because all this kissing is getting me wet and horny." She then fell against me telling me that Sam was a great kisser.

I lost track of her as I was getting felt up by several guys. Nick came up behind me and asked if I need rescuing again. I told him that I did and would pay him accordingly. As we were kissing Sam walked by and patted my ass and winked at me. After Sam walked away Nick pulled me toward a closet said we could be more private.

Nick closed the door and grabbed me tight; it was cramped but as tight as he held me we didn’t need much room. Nick had his hands under my blouse rubbing my tits as I let my hands fall down to his waist. I found his hard cock locked in his pants. I started rubbing over his pants as his hands found their way under my skirt. My little black panties were soaked as Nick quickly found out.

As he rubbed my slit I moaned loudly in his ear. I told him how good his fingers felt in my pussy but asked him if Ashley would be mad that he had his fingers rubbing my hot box. He said it was okay but she was too uptight to do anything like this.

His fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy making me moan more. With his free hand he undid his belt and unsnapped his pants and said, "Please."

I slipped my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock. I was stroking him but Nick started begging me to put my mouth on his cock and blow him. I really didn’t think there was enough room and told him that as I pumped his cock harder. Just then we heard some noise and figured out it was getting close to midnight. I told Nick that we need to find our spouses for midnight or we would be in trouble. Nick didn’t want to but he knew we had to stop.

When we emerged we looked for a bit and then saw Sam and Ashley hand in hand walking toward us. I gave Sam a kiss and asked if he and Ashley were having a good time. He said that he was keeping her company as Nick was for me. His smirk, as well as the hard-on in his pants, told me that the two of them had been going at it as well.

We counted down the New Year and everybody started kissing everybody. I quickly caught up with Sam giving him a big kiss. Sam said he was really horny and needed to fuck. I asked him if Ashley had got him worked up and he whispered in my ear that she wanted to blow him but only got to kiss his cock before they got interrupted.

I pulled back and told him that her husband didn’t think she would do such a thing. We both laughed and I suggested that maybe we should invite them over for dinner and see if she would finish the job.

We found Nick and Ashley, told them we were leaving and said that we were both so horny we couldn’t take it any longer. Ashley, who now was very drunk, blurted out that she knew that Sam was very horny.

Nick looked at her funny but said they also should be going. I told them that we would love to have them over for dinner sometime soon to get to know them better and winked at Nick.

Ashley stumbled into Sam saying that they would love to get to know us better. We swapped numbers and Nick pointed up at the mistletoe above the door. Sam grabbed Ashley and Nick grabbed me. As our lips, then tongues met, I reached between his legs and grabbed his cock hard. I broke the kiss with my hand still holding his cock and whispered in his ear that I hoped we could have them for dinner!

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