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Mom Wants What Daughter Gets

My mother-in-law would not let her daughter have the upper hand.
As I dated my current wife, she frequently told me stories about how her mother liked to flirt with men. She was married but that never seemed to stop her. I witnessed her behavior one day while at a lovely brunch. I was still getting to know my future in-laws and throughout the brunch I caught Dorothy frequently looking at me and at one point when we made eye contact, she would not look away. She stared at me with a look of longing. It was I that finally broke the contact. I must admit, Dorothy was good at flirting. Neither Linda, my wife, or Gene, Dorothy's husband, noticed what she was doing.

Fast forward to current day. Linda and I are married and we visit Dorothy and Gene regularly. They live only thirty miles away. One day on a visit to their modest apartment Dorothy was wearing a button down blouse. She seldomly wore a bra and this day was no different.

Dorothy seemed to be flirting with me more than usual and on several occasions she bent over in front of me to where I could see down her blouse to her unholstered tits. Dorothy had brown hair and brown eyes. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed about a hundred thirty five pounds. Her breasts were reasonably pert for a forty five year old woman. Linda and I are twenty nine. Simple math will reveal that Dorothy gave birth to Linda when she was only sixteen years old.

Looking down Dorothy's blouse at her bare breasts made me horny. Is it right to feel this way? I love Linda and even though I find Dorothy attractive, dare I lust after her? I did what I could to suppress my lust.

"Daddy," Linda said to Gene. "Can we go to the storage so I can get a few boxes of clothes?" Linda placed several items into the family storage locker when we got married. She had wanted to retrieve some items and felt now was the time to ask Gene to drive her there.

"Sure, baby," Gene replied. "When do you want to go?"

"Can we go today? In a few minutes?" Linda replied.

"Sure thing, baby. Give me a minute and we can go now," Gene said as he got up from his chair and walked to the bedroom.

As I was about to offer my assistance at the storage facility Dorothy said to Linda, "That sounds great honey. Jim and I can clean up the dishes while you are gone."

"OK mom. That sounds great. Is that okay with you honey?" Linda asked me.

"Uh sure sweetheart," I stammered. "Your mom and I will be fine while you're gone." I looked at Dorothy and with a quick wink she grinned at me.

Dorothy and I began cleaning the table and washing the dishes as soon as Gene and Linda left.

"Oh darned. I'd better change my top. If I get this top wet, Gene will never fogive me. He just bought it for me," Dorothy said. "I'll be right back!"

Dorothy walked out of the kitchen and into the bedroom as I continued to clean the table. Several minutes later, she exited the bedroom wearing a tight, white ribbed tank top. Her nipples were hard and I could see a hint of her light brown areola. 
"This is much better," Dorothy said as she entered the kitchen. "Don't you think?"
Dorothy stood in front of me waiting for an answer.

"Uh, ya. It looks great," I replied. I couldn't help but look at her firm tits as they pulled at the tight fabric. 

Dorothy grinned and turned to the sink and began washing the dishes. Her tits jiggled as she scrubbed the plates and I enjoyed watching every second of it. She grabbed the sprayer and began to rinse the plates and as she did so, she sprayed her tan top with water.

"Oh damn it!" Dorothy exclaimed as she stood facing me with a wet tank top. The material was now see through and it was as if Dorothy was topless. Dorothy looked down at her breasts and began to giggle which made her breasts jiggle.

"Oh, look at me," Dorothy said laughingly. She handed me a towel saying, "Here, you can help me dry off."

I held the towel in front of her, not sure what to do. Dorothy took my hand and placed it on her breast.

"Here. Dry me off," Dorothy said as she stared deeply into my eyes. I began to rub the towel against her breasts and I saw her nipples stood erect. With each stroke of the towel, I longed to touch her breasts with my hands. After a few towel strokes, I touched her breast with my fingertips...and then with all of my fingers and finally I placed her breast in the palm of my hand.

Dorothy stared deeply into my eyes as I rubbed her breast. She stepped toward me and kissed me on my lips. As if on cue, we both parted our lips and interjected our tongues into each other's mouth. My cock became erect as our tongues were entwined. As we kissed, I felt Dorothy's hand slide down to my hard cock. She began to rub it through my pants as she pressed her lips harder against mine. After several seconds Dorothy pulled away from me and quickly removed her top exposing her bare breasts. She then dropped to her knees and undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor. Within seconds her tongue was flicking the head of my hard shaft with expertise.

I wanted to stop her, but I was so horny and her mouth felt so good on my cock I decided to just let it happen. Dorothy sucked my cock so well she began to deep throat me. Her head moved back and forth in rhythmic fashion and it wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm begining to build.

Dorothy must have known I was close because she stopped sucking my cock and quickly removed her pants. She now stood in front of me totally nude and her body was athletic. She then hopped onto the kitchen counter and spread her legs. He pussy was cleanly shaved and was glistening from natural lubricant. Without a word, Dorothy grasped my cock and guided it into her pussy. She felt so warm and surprisingly tight. I thought Linda was tight but Dorothy was tighter.

I pushed my hard cock into Dorothy's pussy and she began to moan. With each thrust of my cock Dorothy got a little louder.

"Oh yes," Dorothy moaned. "I've wanted this for so long."

I thrust my cock deeper and faster into her pussy as my orgasm once again began to build.

"Fuck me, baby," Dorothy said as she looked down to watch my cock drive into her pussy. "Is this how you fuck my daughter? Fuck me like you fuck her!"

"Yeah, baby," I said between breaths. "Your daughter likes to take it her ass!"

At that I pulled my cock out of Dorothy's pussy and took her off the counter. I quickly turned her around so her ass was facing me. Dorothy instictively bent forward and put her chest on the counter. She reached back with both her hands and spread her ass cheecks apart. I guided my cock into her ass and little by little pushed it in until my abdomen was slapping her ass.

"Oh damn! Fuck my ass," Dorothy exclaimed. "Fuck my ass like you fuck my daughter's ass!" 

I drove my cock hard and deep into Dorothy's ass. With each thrust, Dorothy whimpered in pleasure.

I felt my orgasm build and this time there was no stopping it.

"I'm ready to cum in your ass, baby!"

"Do you cum in my daughter's ass?" Dorothy asked as she gasped for breath.

"All the time, baby," I replied as I drove my cock harder.

"Then cum inside me. Do it! Fuck my ass and fill me up!" Dorothy exclaimed as she was now pushing back to meet my thrusts.
I shot my wad and wave after wave of hot cum poured into Dorothy's ass. She pushed against me hard as if to get every millimeter of my cock into her.

"Oh yes, baby. That's it. Cum into my ass just like you cum into my daughter's ass," Dorothy cooed.

Every drop of cum shot into her ass. I slowly pulled out and Dorothy moaned in pleasure. She turned and kissed my lips, driving her tongue into my mouth.

"Now I know why Linda married you. You fuck really well," Dorothy said as she pulled away from kissing me. "Does Linda like you to lick her pussy?"

"Oh yeah," I replied. "That's one of the things she enjoys the most. She really likes how my tongue plays with her clit."

"Mmmmmm," Dorothy cooed Maybe next time you can show me exactly how you make her feel, but for now we'd better get dressed. they can come back anytime."

Dorothy picked up her clothes and went into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom to clean up. I then went to the kitchen and finished the dishes. It wasn't long thereafter that Linda and Gene came through the front door.

On the way home I looked at Linda and I realized just how much she resembled her mother.

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