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More Situation

Sarah Trey and Mark enjoy a morning by the pool
Mark rolled over on bed and looked at the clock… 8:30. Damn he slept in. Then the headache hit him. Oh yea, that tequila at midnight wasn’t such a good idea. Sarah and Trey insisted on one more shot before they called it an evening. It was probably his fourth in two hours.

They had planned a private cookout the night before but just when things were heating up friends dropped by unexpectedly. Mark thought to himself, had they arrived ten minutes later there would have been some real explaining to do. By then Trey would have moved beyond just licking Sarah’s pussy, the sexual act he was performing on her when the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of Bill and Tina. If it had been a few minutes later it was likely that clothes would have been all over the family room and Sarah would have been sandwiched between two cocks. Who knows what would have happened.

Instead, at the sound of the doorbell Sarah expressed disappointment, but slipped her panties back on while Mark got the door. It turned out fine. In fact, they ended up calling another couple over and spent the night drinking and sharing company. Just not the sharing the three of them had hoped.

As he awoke Mark realized that the other side of the bed was empty. Mark vaguely recalled Sarah getting up and heading out. She and Trey were training for a triathlon next month. Mark had laughed when she told him about their goal. He had assumed their idea of a triathlon was sucking cock, licking pussy and then fucking. But they really were working at biking, running and swimming.

Mark got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee to help with his mild hangover. The coffee pot wasn’t in the machine but the coffee grounds were out an opened. He looked around and didn’t see the pot anywhere.

He looked outside by the pool and saw Sarah and Trey. He smiled. They were either finished working out or taking a break. Sarah was topless, the racing suit she trained in was pulled off of her shoulders and rolled down to her waist. He nice perky breasts were outlined by the sun. Her racing cap was still covering her hair, she was in the shallow end of the pool leaned over Trey, who was not wearing any suit at all, sitting on the edge drinking what appeared to be a cup of coffee. Trey was relaxed drinking the coffee and Sarah seemed just as relaxed giving him a blow job. Mark walked by the door so he could watch. Her head was moving up and down in a nice smooth rhythm. His wife knew how to suck cock.

Trey looked over and saw Mark standing in the door looking out at them. Sarah was working her tongue like only she could on the underside of his rock hard shaft.

“Hey baby, Mark is awake,” he said

Sarah pulled her mouth off of his cock and looked up.


Trey waved his coffee cup towards the house. She looked and saw her husband. She smiled then waved. After Mark returned her greeting she went back to sucking Trey’s cock. She loved giving him head. Once he got turned on his cock was like a steel shaft and she loved using her lips and tongue all over the taunt skin. She had been sucking him for fifteen minutes or so and she knew he was about to explode. She had to slow down twice already so he wouldn’t cum. She was still savoring his cock and didn’t want it to end just yet.

She heard the sliding door open and knew Mark was coming out. She took one last long slow suck on Trey’s cock as she lifted her head and then reached up to kiss Trey. Their tongues played a bit and she moved away and greeted her husband as he pulled up a patio chair by the pool. Trey realized that, for the moment, his blow job was on hold, so he reached over and shook Mark’s hand and said good morning.

Sarah asked if Mark wanted coffee and when he said yes Trey volunteered to go get it. As he walked away they both watched him. Mark apologized for interrupting. Sarah just smiled and told him he never interrupted. Trey returned carrying two mugs. His erection was gone but Sarah couldn’t help but gaze at his still swollen cock swaying as he walked. The first time she had seen his bulge she had dreamed of it inside her.

“Cream no sugar,” he said handing one to Mark, “and, as always, Black for you babe.” Handing the other to Sarah. They all laughed at the pun.

He sat back on the edge of the pool his cock hanging low over the side, Sarah leaned against his inner thigh and sipped the coffee. She set the mug down, took hold of his cock and gently stroked it. She asked the guys if they cared if she “finished.” Hearing no objection she leaned back over and took Trey thick penis back into her mouth and, knowing Mark was watching, instead of just blowing him she began to make love to it with her lips. Sarah loved when someone was watching. She had no idea she had an exhibitionist streak in her until she started having sex with Trey. All she knew was it was more fun when Mark was there. The great thing was, he liked it too.

She took the head of his cock in her mouth and the slowly worked her lips down the shaft. Mark stared and to him it appeared as if her lips were crawling down the shaft. Trey groaned and accused her of teasing too much. She had already tasted his precum a few minutes earlier and then she had stopped sucking him. She realized she had been teasing him a bit so she increased her pace and he began to moan more.

With her mouth full of his cock she looked up at Mark who was mesmerized and smiling. Trey looked down and couldn’t last any longer. With a loud moan he exploded in her mouth and she felt the hot cum hit the back of her throat. Trey leaned back on his arms and thrust his cock upwards deeper in her mouth. Sarah wasn’t ready for that move and almost choked. Because of that her efforts to take all of his cum failed and she pulled her face away to catch her breath. Two more geysers of his cum shot high and landed on his stomach.

“Jesus Christ Trey,” Sarah exclaimed, “what the hell was that?” She was mildly upset but more surprised than anything else.

Trey apologized for startling her. Then he smiled.

“Shit, Baby, look at this mess.” He laughed. “There is no one who can suck my cock like you. You best never move.”

Sarah blushed and her nipples were taunt from the chill of the water and the sex. She grabbed the coffee she had set on the deck and took a drink. It warmed her inside. Trey’s cock was still pulsating as it hung lower and lower. The cum on his belly was thick and creamy and she took one of the towels lying on the deck and moved to him. Before she wiped his belly she leaned over and took one long lick across his stomach. She smacker her lips playfully and then wiped him clean. Mark was disappointed, he hoped she was going to lick it all off. She tossed the towel to the side and looked up at Mark, smiled and he knew he was next. He slid down to the deck, she reached inside his boxers and pulled his rock hard cock from it.

Mark had gotten over his envy of Trey’s manhood. It was almost a third longer and thicker. Sarah never teased him and never said a word about it. He knew she loved sucking cocks of all sizes. She quickly took him into her mouth and sank her lips right to the base of his cock. She moved up and down on his shaft with ease and because he had been watching her was close to cumming before she even started. In seconds he shot a load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

Sarah licked her lips and looked at both of them.

“Well that was tasty."

She pulled herself from the pool and began to dry off. The guys just marveled at her nonchalance. They both loved that about her. She slipped the suit off, revealing her nice taunt tight bottom and neatly trimmed pussy. She sauntered to the house, nude and looked over her should coyly.

“You guys want breakfast in bed?”

They fist bumped and got up to follow her in.

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