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More than Ian bargined for

When Ian gets his wife to flash his mate, he didn't expect the outcome.
Ian and Susanna are friends, and occasionally I pop around and help them do some work on their garden. In return they would spark up the barbeque and provide the beers.

Ian is a white guy in his mid-fifties, bit overweight, but with a full head of hair. Susanna is quite a bit younger, in her late thirties, lovely black hair, and an Asian look to her face and skin colour.

This particular day we had worked up a sweat, so both Ian and I are just in our shorts when Susanna puts on the Barbie.

Unlike us, she's been relaxing all day and I have noticed that she's not wearing underwear under her baggy t-shirt, and short cotton skirt.

More than that, I am 98% certain that she's been flashing me her cleavage and pussy all day, and the two of them have been enjoying my discomfort of trying to take a look without being obvious.

As we finish the food this continues, and again Susanna’s skirt rides up high as she leans forward so I can see right down her t-shirt. After a couple of cold beers I decide, enough is enough, I feel brave enough to call their bluff and blurt out. “Right you two, I think it's pay back time for all the teasing Susanna’s been doing and she should take off her shirt and serve me topless!”

They both look stunned but Susanna giggles, and before Ian can say anything her top is off, and her beautiful dark puppies are out and she disappears to get me another beer. The look on Ian’s face is priceless, but Susanna’s reaction has now confirmed that they have been winding me up all day.

When she arrives back I put my arm around her waist and take my glass off her. Then looking her straight in the eye I run the cold glass up over her breasts, making her dark areola shrink, and her nipples harden.

In shock Ian splutters. “Oi Pete, what do you think you're doing?”

“Oh I think it’s payback time don’t you? Susanna’s been flashing me all day and you two have found it hilarious. Now it’s my turn to join in!” With that I promptly undo my shorts and open the front of them to let my semi hard cock out.

“Well Su what's it like to be flashed back then?” Su doesn't answer but slowly lifts the front of her skirt to reveal her dark lipped, shaven pussy just inches from my face.

My cock is now rock hard, not big, but hard and without a second thought I slide my hand between her legs which she instinctively opens.

“Now come on!” Ian shouts. Su laughs at him and pushes her pussy hard onto my fingers. “It's about time one of your mates got his own back on you. You keep making me flash them all!” With that she reaches down and takes my cock in her hand.

Ian slumps back into his chair and bows his head. “I can't believe you're doing this Su!”

“Oh I would darling.” Su replies. “And I know you're going to enjoy it, so get your cock out and start stroking.

I can’t believe how this has gone; I thought it would be just me getting a grope of Su’s tits and maybe a closer look at her pussy. There is no way I could have guessed she had her own thoughts of revenge on Ian.

Ian does as he is told and opens his shorts to reveal his large hard cock, before taking them off completely and falling back into his chair, head still bowed down in subservience.

Su gives my cock a quick pull to get my attention. I look her in the eye and she mouths to me “Well come on then, finish the job you’ve started”. With that I pull her towards me and suck on her lovely dark, chocolate coloured, nipple and slide my fingers along her wet labia onto her clit.

As I start to finger fuck her, her hips sway and I rub her clit with my thumb. Still sucking on her nipple I look past her and smile at Ian rubbing his big cock with his head still bowed, but looking at us.

“Watch this then Ian!” Su says. Then lifting her skirt up to her waist, facing her body to me, but looking over her shoulder, she lowers her wet labia onto my cock.

I pull Su towards me tightly and start to suck on her other breast, as she bounces her wet love tunnel up and down my shaft, her tubby belly and gorgeous breasts wobble and bounce in my face.

“Look Hubby dear.” Su shouts. “Can you see his cock going in and out of me, I’m going to squeeze it with my pussy muscles and make him shoot his load!”

I feel her fanny get smaller, and contract around my cock, and true to her word my balls begin to fill as she fucks me harder and harder.

Within what seems like no time I feel her cunt muscles shudder and she pushes hard down onto me. I thrust up with all my might as I fill her pussy up with my spunk. Pumping and pumping, for what seems like ages as I bite and pull at her delicious dark breasts.

Finally, as I spend my load, and she relaxes, stands up, and gets off of my semi hard wet cock. Walking over to Ian she straddles his cock which he is still gently stroking, and pushes his face into her boobs.

But just when I think she's going to let him have sloppy seconds, she dumps my cum all over you cock and hand.

Laughing she stands back so I can see, and then turns to Ian and says. “Right finish your wank, and then you can clean that mess up. From now on any friend of yours that you make me flash I will give the same treatment.”

“Oh, by the way, I will also respond to those blokes on ‘Newbienudes’ that you think I don't know about. I’ll have cyber sex with them when ever you put new pictures up!”

With that Ian pulled his cock faster, frothing up my spunk on his hand before he blows his own load over the patio.

Su, sitting next to me, still in only her skirt, throws him a rag, and he gets on his knees and wipes the patio stone clean.

Standing back up she undoes her skirt and throws it at him. “You can put that away for me and get us all another drink. Don’t bother putting your shorts back on you two; we’ll all stay naked in case I want some more fun.”

Su reaches over and strokes my soft cock and looking me in the eyes says. “Is that ok with you Pete?”

I look back at her naked beauty and say. “Anytime Su, Anytime!”

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