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Morning Glory

An early morning tryst while hubby sleeps upstairs
The past three days had been torture. Heather and her husband were staying with me while their house was refurbished. Being so close to Heather without being able to spend time alone with her was agonizing. As night followed day, my sexual frustration grew and grew.

A fleeting glimpse of Heather as she left the bathroom gave me a tantalizing glimpse of her in a cotton nightdress. The sun shining through the window behind her showed her body in silhouette. It was a body I had had before. It was a body I wanted again. It was a body pledged to another man.

It is the morning of the fourth day and I wake early. 6am is at least an hour before I normally get up for work. I lie in bed, looking at the ceiling. My ears picking up snoring from along the landing in the guest bedroom. I decide to go downstairs, fix myself a coffee and watch the morning news on the tv.

I slip a hand inside my bathrobe and stroke my cock idly as I watch the news headlines. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I rearrange my robe. The door opens and into the lounge walks Heather. She sees me and stops in her tracks.

“ I...I couldn't sleep. Sorry, I didn't realize you were down here.” she says softly.

“Don't worry, you weren't disturbing anything”

Heather glances at my groin. She can see that despite my protestations there is evidence that something has been disturbed. I feel myself blush. I hope against hope that the gloomy half-light in the room hides that rose tinted giveaway sign. I look at the empty space on the sofa next to me. Heather follows my gaze and takes the hint. As she walks towards me Heather softly whispers:

“Think I'll sit on your lap instead of next to you.”

I now know for sure where this is leading. With her husband asleep upstairs we are playing with fire. But momentum is building and I have to stop it now or else let it run its course. With over three days of pent up sexual longing, the result is a foregone conclusion.

Heather sits down across my lap and I wrap an arm around her. I catch a glimpse of a pair of thin white cotton panties as her nightdress rides up.Heather puts her left arm around me and leans in for a kiss. Hesitantly at first, and then with more conviction, I kiss her. Her lips are so soft and so welcoming. She is shaking a little. We both know this was wrong, but we both want it.

I reach under Heather's nightdress and take hold of the waistband of her panties. She raises herself off my lap and allows me to roll her panties down her legs and onto the floor. I lay soft kisses on her her neck, running my fingers through her lustrous hair. Heather rocks in my lap, bouncing a little at times. She runs her fingers down my arm. The bathrobe is in her way and so she undoes the cord and slips the robe off my shoulders. I am naked.

I run my fingers over Heather's ample breasts through the cotton of her nightdress. Longing to be free and unencumbered Heather grasps the hem of her nightie and lifts it over her head. She lies her naked torso on mine. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. As she pushes her body against mine Heather scratches her nails down my chest. Under her thighs she feels my cock hardening.

I lean down and lick Heather's nipples. Then blowing gently on them they harden before my eyes. Goosebumps rise on Heather's arms as an involuntary reaction. I reach down between Heather's legs, cupping her. All the while her hands are ranging over my body, running through the hair on my chest. She pushes her pussy against my hand, as I suck on her nipples. I gently take them between my teeth and pull.

“I want you Dylan,” she whispers.

I rub my fingers along her pussy, feeling the wetness between her legs.

Heather nuzzles my neck as her nails dig into my back. I insert a finger inside her and curl it upwards, stroking her g spot. An inadvertent moan of pleasure lets me know that I am in the right place. She is so wet. So warm. So soft.

“That feels good babe.”

We kiss again. A long, loving, French kiss. I take her hand in mine and place it on my cock. Grasping it lightly at first Heather, gently rubs her thumb over the head of my cock.

“I love how you feel Dylan. It feels so hot.”

My cock stiffens further. Heather rubs a small amount of escaping pre-cum around my cock with her thumb. I press a second finger into her pussy, stretching her gently as the pair of fingers push all of the way in. All the while my thumb gently rubs her clit.Heather begins riding my fingers while slowly stroking my cock up and down.

“I want you inside me now Dylan.”

I nudge her to her feet and take her by the hand. I bend her over the arm of the sofa and move her legs apart. She looks so inviting. I press my body against hers, my cock touching her cunt. She is breathing faster now.

She turns her head to look at me.

“Do you want me Heather?”

“Fuck me now Dylan.”

I wait. Pressed up against her.

“I want you Dylan, now!”

Her tone of voice is somewhere between insistent and desperate.

I look lovingly into her eyes. A look that turns to pure lust as I slide myself inside her. I take a hold of her hips as I slide in and out of her sweet pussy. Heather responds, pushing back against me, sending me deeper inside. Her bum is so soft, cushioning me as I thrust into her. As I quicken the pace Heather is unable to stifle the moans that come to her lips. It is dangerous to make any sound but we are long past logical thoughts.

I slap her arse. First one cheek then the other. Heather cries out as her butt reddens in response. She reaches a hand down between her legs and starts rubbing her clit.

“It's like being fucked twice,” she says in a cheeky tone.

I love hearing her as we fuck, even though every word and every sound risks alerting her husband upstairs.

My thumb gently rubs Heather's puckered arsehole, while with every thrust my cock penetrates deep inside her. cunt.

“Finger my ass.”

Who am I to argue? My thumb presses gently on her arsehole and then pushes inside. I keep it in her, allowing her to get used to the sensation. With my other hand I stroke her hair. Then gripping a fistful I pull her head back. Her back arches and changes the angle of my cock inside her, bringing new sensations to both of us.

“You make my whole body feel so good. I love being used by you”.

“I love using you my darling.”

I slam my cock into her cunt harder and faster than before. My thumb begins moving in and out of her arsehole. I slap her arse as I fuck both her holes.

“Dylan! Cum with me”

I quicken yet further.Heather...Heather...

I replace my thumb with two fingers. I go deeper into her arse. My fingers can feel the motion of my cock inside her.

I feel her cunt contract around my cock. The tightness makes the sensation of fucking her even more exquisite.

“I feel like your naughty little slut Dylan.”

“You are. You are all mine. I love it when you are dirty and naughty”

I'm thrusting so hard and fast now. My balls are doing the slapping now rather than my hands. I can see her toes curling. I feel the tell-tale signs of a growing energy inside her.

“I want you to cum for me my love.”

“I will.”

As I feel Heather starting to tense I know that I am close to cumming too. I'm fucking her arse with my fingers as deeply and vigorously as I can. My cock pounds her deeper and harder than ever before.

Heather is rubbing her clit like crazy. I'm going harder and faster, deeper and deeper...

“Cum in me.”

I pull her hair again, she clenches on my cock.

“Yes Dylan. That...that!”

I can feel my cock throbbing. My balls tightening. I'm almost lifting Heather off her feet with each of my thrusts.

“I want your cum dripping from my cunt.”

Heather is helpless. I lose control. Pulse after pulse of cum emanates from my cock deep inside her. I feel her shivers of pleasure as her climax peaks. I pull her head towards me, she turns and I kiss her. I keep thrusting, my cock still hard. Three days worth of stored up cum pumping into Heather's beautiful cunt. We kiss and kiss. Finally I am spent. My thrusts slow down and stop.

I put my arms around her, and pull her her feet. I hold her against me, my cock still inside her. I know I have a big dumb grin on my face. I don't care. We stand there for a moment. I cup her breasts and kiss her neck. Then my cock slides out of her and I take Heather by the hand and lead her unsteadily back to the sofa.

“I feel boneless,” she pants, trying to recover her breath and her composure.

I sit down on the sofa and Heather sits on my lap once more. We cuddle one another. Our tired, hot, sweaty bodies together.

Heather lovingly runs her fingers through my hair. I hold her close, kissing her forehead and stroking her beautiful pussy. I insert a finger inside her and bring the finger covered in our combined juices up to my lips. It tastes wonderfully salty and sweet. The taste of our union.

“Kiss me.”

As we kiss, Heather also tastes our juices. She looks up at me. Her beautiful eyes turn me to jelly. She strokes my hair, and then noticing the clock on the wall she sighs.

“Have you seen the time?”

She lies against me, her head on my shoulder. I hold her and stroke her long hair.

“I'm so happy we've had this time together...”

We snuggle together until we hear the floorboards creak above us. Heather's husband is awake. Slowly and reluctantly Heather reaches for her nightdress. She puts it back on, and I get back into my robe. We say nothing. There is nothing that needs saying.

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