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Morning Wetness

Horny housewife gets an orgasmic overload surprise.

I’m not like other girls. I love waking up in the morning and feeling my husband’s morning hard brushing against my stomach. One of my favorite things is gently playing with his balls, squeezing tiny beads of precum down his shaft. If he doesn’t wake up soon enough, I’ll slide down his body and suck him awake.

He usually pretends to stay sleep, but I can always tell. My favorite part of the morning is watching him make his surprised face. He knows my habits better than anyone, or at least he thinks he does.

Honestly, the morning handjobs are just a means to an end. As much as I love taking him in my hands, I love how wet I get more. With every bead of precum that oozes, my pussy drips with heat. Most of the time, I’m trying to jerk him off so that he’ll get out of bed sooner.

Of all my favorite mornings, one, in particular, comes to mind. About three months ago, I woke up just before my boy-toy did. As usual, I could feel his slightly hard dick pressed against me. Fortunately, he rolled over just as I pulled the covers.

I was staring at his cock softly raising a tent under our covers. I reached over and grabbed his growing shaft. The heat from his balls made me moan. It didn’t take long for the first drops of precum to ooze down to my hand. His body jolted as I squeezed the base of his shaft.

I saw his eyes beginning to move. I quickened my strokes, hurrying him to wake up. That particular morning, he was heading into the office early. The moment he was conscious enough, he stopped my hand.

“As much as I would love to let you finish, I gotta go.”

“No,” I mockingly cried out.

He slid out of bed and walked into the bathroom. As I heard the toilet seat let down, my precum-covered hand found its way to my steamy pussy. Unfortunately, I keep my pussy shaven for my man; I prefer a little bush to rub after an orgasmic exploration. (I call them “explorations” because I try using every orgasm to discover a deeper part of my sexual self.)

I’ve lain in bed while he’s in the bathroom enough times to know how long he’ll stay in the bathroom. He was awake and planning to head into the office early. That gave me an estimated ten minutes of alone time.

To most girls, ten minutes of alone time sounds like more than enough. As I already said, I’m not like other girls. Ten minutes to me is enough to warm myself up. When I’m alone, I like taking things slow. What’s the point of being a housewife if you can’t play with your pussy all day?

There’s no way I could get myself off before he came out of the bathroom. I could wait, but I was so horny. He rarely left me alone so early. On mornings like that, I prepare an entire day of pussy pleasuring. His early morning work schedule actually made me angry.

Once I heard the toilet flush and the shower cut on, I let my index finger twirl over my little hood. I loved the wave sensations that rushed over my body. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I massaged my wanting lips, squeezing some elixir into my hand. Before I knew it, my middle finger had found its way to my G-spot.

I felt a sudden spark shoot up my spine. As much as I wanted to dive into my pussy, I lay there and let the sensations gently rush over me. The sounds in the room faded away; all I could hear was my breathing.

Tantalizing tingles sparked all over my body. My body squirmed and trembled as I fought to control my breathing. Deep long breaths began simulating a perfectly shaped dick hitting deep inside me. As I softly moaned, my own sounds put me in a trance.

My hips rocked against my hands. As my finger swirled, my hips matched every motion. I tasted the sweet sweat forming on my lips. My tongue danced in my mouth as I struggled not to cry out in pleasure. I used my free hand to cover my mouth.

My eyes softly opened, giving me a glance at my covered body. The heat under the covers stewed me in my juices. With every brush against my G-spot, a drip of juice trickled down lips. My hand was soaked, making the massage slippery and hot.

Soon, covering my mouth wasn’t enough. I bit my hand, gagging my mouth shut. I drifted in and out so much, my finger instinctually picked up speed. I repeatedly slowed myself, letting the suspense build fluently.

As I neared the end of another exploration, the pit of my stomach tied into a powerful knot. Every muscle in my midsection tightened. Soon my entire body was trying to tighten. I forced myself back into submission and continued my slow journey.

At some point, I think my husband came out of the bathroom. I felt what I assume was him kissing my forehead. Knowing him, he probably said something; some stupid joke that only he thought was funny. I didn’t really care, so I wasn’t paying him any attention.

My body clenched and released uncontrollably. I barely kept my finger stroking my hot spot. Every hard breath I took was a struggle not to cum. The sensations were so powerful that my legs began to feel numb. I could feel them moving underneath the covers, but my pussy quaked harder with every passing second.

I soon had no control over my body. I shook so violently, my hand massage fucked my pussy involuntarily. I only had control over my mind. I did everything in my power to keep myself from cumming.

My hand moved from my mouth and grabbed my tit. I felt the sudden pain of my nipple being pulled. I couldn’t look down, but I felt my hand pushing me towards completion. My hips bucked as I violently shuddered. My arms and legs flailed aimlessly as I was finally overtaken by my orgasm.

My heart raced and my mind fogged. All I can remember are brief moments of clarity when I could see the room. While twitching under the covers, my pussy songs of bliss filled my head.

I cried out in pain as my pussy quaked. I couldn’t feel my body, but I could feel every sensation of every nerve. The tip of my spine rattled my hips, making me writhe in ecstasy. My arms pushed the covers away, exposing my sweaty body to the room.

The cold air chilled my overheating body. My sweat soaked the sheets underneath me. My hands and legs were still shaking, but I was able to slide my right hand against my pussy. While my body quivered, I explored my pussy.

From the first touch, sensation shot through me like lightning. I brushed my hair back and moaned from the sensitivity.

“Oh my god...” My hips swirled with my hand. I slowly began regaining control of my body. “Ow,” I softly moaned.

My entire body was sore. It felt like I'd ran a 50-mile marathon. My every muscle experienced strains and spasms. Even my eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. As sore as I was, my mind rushed with elation.

I loved starting my day out like that. As much pain as I was in, my pussy ached for more. I slowly turned myself over and crawled to the edge of the bed. I hung my head off the edge and waited for my body to recover more.

I’m not sure how long I was lying there, but my body felt better when I woke up. I kept my eyes closed and appreciated the quiet house. I centered myself with deep breaths, opening my pussy with every inhale. (It’s my own form of naughty yoga.)

While lying there, I heard my husband coming back up the steps. Honestly, I don’t even remember him leaving. So when he came over to the bed, I knew he had something dumb on his mind. To my surprise, he wrapped a blindfold over my eyes.

“You could’ve just asked me to keep my eyes closed,” I seductively teased.

“I don’t trust naughty girls like you,” he said, using his Batman voice.

He finished tying the blindfold and unzipped his pants.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Lunch time; I got an hour.”

I smiled as he pushed his soft cock against my lips. He’d never surprised me like that before, so I didn’t mind that he ruined my perfect day. I opened my mouth and let his thick head drop against my tongue.

I softly licked over his tip until he throbbed in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to get fully hard. I don’t know if it was the blindfold or if he took a dick-pill before he came home, but his dick felt a little bigger than usual. His girth was harder; I could barely fit him in my mouth.

Even more surprising, he was aggressive. He held my neck and grunted as he throat fucked me. Usually, my husband was gently and kind of weak. That day, he fucked me like a real man. His dick filled my throat as he pushed passed my tongue.

My mouth filled with slimy saliva, coating his shaft. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and let it drench my face in thick strings of mouth goo. Before he could move, I sucked his dick back into my mouth. I hungrily sucked on his girth. His power and ferocity empowered me to fuck him back.

I moaned and screamed on his cock. I heard him stutter and felt his hands hit the bed. He tried fucking my mouth again, but his pace was too slow and weak. I reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him closer.

He tried pulling away, but I shoved his cock into my throat. I swallowed his dick as hard as I could; holding him inside my mouth. He squealed and fought to pull away. I squeezed his ass and screamed on his cock.

“Fuck me!” I repeatedly mumbled.

I felt him grab my tits and yank on my nipples. He hoped the pain would make me release him. Instead, it made me hotter. I reached down and massaged my pussy.

“You want it hard, slut?” he barked.

I responded by moaning against his balls. The big, hairy spheres dangled on my forehead. I started bobbing my head, stroking his cock with my mouth. He groaned harder; I stroked faster. He let my nipples go, placing his hands on my waist. I felt the bed sink as he leaned over me.

Using the floor for leverage, he fucked my mouth like a monster. I could barely breathe; he fucked me so hard. My moans and whimpers couldn’t be heard over the sound of his. His fat cock rocked me so hard; I felt it in my pussy.

My fingers explored my pussy until they found my clitoris. I forcefully rubbed my hot button, exposing my arousal to my husband. As my body rocked from his power, I felt a sharp pain rattle through my body. My husband slapped my pussy as hard as he could.

The pain was so intense, it was damn near orgasmic. I closed my legs and tried to hide my tenderness from him. He ripped his cock from my mouth and grabbed my hair.

“Open your legs,” he commanded.

I’d never been scared of my husband like that, and I loved it. I knew what he’d do if I opened my legs, so I opened them wide. As expected, he slapped my pussy again. This time, he hit my clitoris. The pain was phenomenal. I screamed in satisfying terror.

My pussy watered as the pain turned to delight. Just as the pain lessened, he slapped me again. I could actually feel my pussy lips swelling with redness. I opened my legs more, begging for him to strike me faster. To my satisfaction, his slapping turned to spanking.

The hot pain of his hits sent shivers up my spine. I cried out in joy; my hips bucked against his slaps. He fucked my swollen lips with powerful smacks. To piss him off, even more, I slid two fingers inside myself.

He tried pulling my hand away, but I was lost in another exploration. I screamed for him to punish me harder. Instead of spanking me, he rubbed my clitoris. The direct assault on my hot button sent me spiraling into another orgasm.

My hand pulled away from my vulva, but his didn’t. My legs shook and flailed in agony. I dug my nails into his body. My hips bucked violently, trying to get away from him. He pulled me closer, rubbing my sensitive clit harder.

The pain rushed over me faster, turning into a mind-blowing sensation. My screams and moans filled the house, echoing through the halls. I felt goosebumps travel across my body. Waves of euphoria crashed against me; over and over more waves came. The room spun around me as I got light-headed.

My body continued shaking as he laughed. He twirled his fingers over my clitoris until my body went numb. I was on the brink of passing out when he started slapping me again. The sudden heavy shock caused me to explode.

I felt hot bursts of juice splashing against my inner thighs. Every slap caused more juice to squirt from my pussy. It was the first he made me squirt, and I couldn’t stop. He slapped and rubbed gushes of streams out of me.

He moved me to the center of the bed. My pussy burned with passion as juice dripped down my legs. I heard him groaning, knowing he was staring at my body. What I must’ve looked like; his nasty, squirt-soaked slut-wife. I was totally humiliated and loved every second of it.

Mouth slime drenched my blindfold and face, but I didn’t care. I felt it dripping down to my chest and smiled at the thought of what I might look like. I felt his chest pressed against my back. He was kneeling on the bed behind me.

My orgasm-ravaged body quivered in his arms. He gently caressed me, pressing his lips against mine. He kissed me in a way that only women had kissed me before. It was like our souls bonded in that moment. One of his hands massaged my battered pussy while the other massaged my tits.

We moaned into each other’s mouths as he laid me on my back. He slid on top of me, pressing his dick against my wanting vulva. The sensitive pain made me tremble beneath him. As our tongue danced in each other’s mouth, he tightened the blindfold.

“Don’t scream,” he whispered.

Before I could agree, he slid his thick third leg into my twitching twat. The heat from his dick sent shivers up my spine. I was so wet, he had no trouble thrusting. I moaned in his mouth, remembering not to scream. I waited for him to hold me in his arms like he usually did, but he didn’t.

Instead, he grabbed my hips. He lifted my hips off the bed and thrust directly against my G-spot. I let out a slight scream but quickly covered my mouth. He slapped my thigh, punishing me for the scream. He began thrusting harder, rocking the bed with his power.

The headboard was slamming into the wall. My body shook and bounced from every hard impact. He grunted and growled, drilling me as hard as he could. My tight pussy was too worn out to fight him. I was at the mercy of his girth, stretching to new limits. Every bulging vein in his dick rippled inside me.

My hips rattled under his tremendous power. My legs straightened and began tightening. It was like having the Hulk power-fucking me during a rampage. I used both hands to keep my mouth shut, but my body was building an overwhelming geyser of pleasure. I knew he would make me squirt again; I could feel it.

I could also feel my head rushing. I tried imagining my husband’s body ravaging my own. The groans he made drove me insane. My stomach knotted and tightened. I struggled to keep my hands over my mouth.

He lifted my hips higher in the air. I dangled above the bed, screaming into my hands. My head throbbed and rushed with endless sensations. With every thrust, my body jerked. I felt his dick in every part of my body. My mouth watered, nearly drowning me. The pleasure was so intense, I choked on my spit.

My hands moved from my mouth and grabbed his arms. Lightning bolts of bliss arced through my body. I lifted off the bed, hovering in his arms and violently vibrating. My entire body convulsed uncontrollably. My feet dangled behind him, twitching in mid-air.

He mercilessly pounded me, nearly shattering my cervix. My pussy quaked and convulsed so hard; he groaned in pain as I clenched on him. My walls tightened and pulled at his dick. Like a vacuum, my depths sucked his dick deeper. He tried pulling out, but my convulsions only grew stronger. He bulged and throbbed as hard as he could, stretching my limits further.

I drifted in and out consciousness, feeling my orgasm ravage me harder than he was. As I twitched and jerked, I felt explosive gushes racking my pussy. His dick overstuffed my pussy, blocking my squirt.

He let me fall, trying to pull himself away. My pussy stayed clamped around his powerful cock. I continued jerking with every would-be gush. I felt my pussy getting slippery. I hoped he felt it too, and he did.

While I whimpered from my endless orgasm, he pounded me deeper. Engorged by my pussy’s power, he wanted me to submit. I felt splatters of hot juice against my thighs and stomach as he drilled the squirt out of me. Every thrust caused a geyser of squirt to erupt.

I dug my nails into his arms. He growled and slammed into me harder. The harder he slammed; the harder I came. I wanted to scream so badly but couldn’t. My body was split into two, both sides begging for more. My throat felt as though he was fucking it again, preventing me from screaming.

More spit collected in my mouth, blocking my screams and air flow. The lack of oxygen combined with the intense pleasure of his manly power. I experienced a journey farther than anyone before it. His dick continued to ravage me until I went completely numb. I couldn’t feel his dick pounding me anymore, but he was still on top of me.

I felt his lips kissing mine. His tight body pressed against mine; his dick still inside me.

“Finally,” he softly whispered.

“What?” I moaned. “What’s final?”

“You’re awake. You were out for a second.”

“What? What time is it?”

“Time to roll over,” he laughed.

He slowly pulled his cock out of me. I ached more than before; half from being horny, half from being sore. He gently kissed me while rolling me on my stomach. I pushed my face into the pillow, moaning with want. No matter how bad he wrecked me, I wanted more.

This time, he started slowly. He kissed down my back, teasing me with his tongue. I laid my head sideways, listening to him make his way to my ass. He softly nibbled at the small of my back. He massaged my hips and thighs slowly but hard.

I felt his hot breath breathing on my pussy. His tongue flicked over my tender vulva. He pushed my ass in the air and pushed his face into my pussy. Fortunately, he was nice to my pussy. He kissed and licked at my lips like he was kissing me.

He moaned into me as his tongue found my clitoris. Hidden among the swollen hills, my clitoris welcomed a gentle tongue. It surprised me how many tongue-tricks my husband had learned over the years. I never knew his tongue could move like that.

He slithered his tongue up and down my pussy like a snake. He licked and sucked every drop of juice and sensitive spot of skin he could find. I wished I could pull my blindfold off and look back at his mastery. Instead, I settled for feeling it.

He put his hands on my thighs and pulled my pussy into his mouth. He groaned as his tongue slithered inside me. It whipped and twirled, hitting all my hot spots. His tongue outperformed my fingers on my best day. I felt so many heated sensations; my mind didn’t know how to process them all.

I moaned and bit into my pillow. My hips bucked against his face as I came in his mouth. My thighs shook against him, causing him to moan harder. He drank every drop of my elixir. I felt his cock throbbing, even though it wasn’t touching me.

My mind blurred but stayed calm. The light orgasm was just what I needed to regain my strength. I licked my lips and growled. He slid up my body, dragging his dick along my leg.

“Did you enjoy the intermission?”

“Yes I did, but now...,” I seductively pushed my ass against his throbbing nightstick. “I’m ready for the finale.”

He kissed me again before pulling me to the edge of the bed. He pulled me to my knees, laying my head on the bed. He kneeled behind me and patted his cock against my mound. I grabbed the sheets and held them as he pushed inside of me.

As a reflex, I leaned against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, caressing me. He nibbled on my ear and gently massaged my waist. I put my hands on his arms and braced myself as he began thrusting. Soft and slow, he let his powerful throbs do the work.

“Scream for me,” he whispered in my ear. “Scream as hard as you can.”

Before I could moan in agreement, he slammed me on the bed. He bent me over and rammed into my pussy. He held my head down at first, making me moan into the sheets. As he let my head go, he placed his hands on my hips. I arched my back and pushed my ass against him.

I leaned up and let him go berserk. He started pulling me into his thrusts, ramming me harder and faster. I let my body jiggle and jerk whichever way it wanted. My hands gripped the sheets as his dick made its way into my stomach. I never wanted to have someone’s baby more than right then.

His dick was buried so deep; almost too deep. I didn’t know how to scream. His intense power made my toes curl one minute into sex. I wasn’t cumming yet, but it felt like I was. I felt his bulging veins and throbbing meat filled my pussy in new ways.

He slapped and squeezed my ass, howling at me as he did so. I slid my thighs open more, letting him thrust harder. My body rocked the entire bed frame; the legs pulled up the carpet. The headboard slammed against the wall, matching our pattern.

I leaned up and grabbed my tits. I pulled my nipples and moaned as loud as I could. My nipples felt like diamonds; there were so hard. The hot pain of pinching them wasn’t enough to overcome the pleasure of his thick rod destroying my pussy. I felt hot cream wetting my grip, but it was his cream. My pussy gushed its own thick goo, making me slippery.

My body starting tightening; my eyes rolled into the back of head. My thighs trembled and buckled from his strength. I fell forward and screamed out as hard as I could. I completely flailed and jerked as my body started to cum.

I tightened and convulsed, begging for more. My toes curled harder and my hands pulled the sheets off the corners of the bed. I felt the blindfold sliding off my face, but my eyes couldn’t stay open. Every inch of me ached and convulsed with ecstasy. My mind cleared and electrified all at the same time.

I felt every nerve and erogenous zone on my body spark and catch fire. My pussy unleashed a tsunami of orgasmic power. My hips bucked so hard; I felt his dick bend inside me. He groaned in pain and slammed me harder, as punishment. His heightened exuberance increased my orgasm.

My cervix rattled, sending breathtaking vibrations of joy up my spine and through my body. My legs gave out and I nearly passed out. I felt my eyes open but couldn’t see anything. My throat hurt from screaming so hard. He covered my mouth and nose to stop me from screaming.

Even with his hand over my mouth, my cries of bliss caused real tears of euphoria to fall down my face. He pulled me against his chest, caressing me while continuing to pummel my pussy. I moaned and jerked harder as he growled against my shoulder.

He exploded inside me. His orgasm was just as powerful as all of mine. I could tell he was involuntarily fucking me at that point. He moaned in my ear as his hips continued thrusting. He moved his hand from my mouth and wrapped his arms around my body. He held me for support as his orgasm overtook him.

We moaned and whimpered as our orgasms overpowered us. As mine tantalized my exhausted body, his tortured him. With every thrust, his dick swelled and spewed a massive glob of jizz. His dick was buried too deep to pull out, and he had no control over himself. If I had an egg waiting to be fertilized, he would’ve drowned it.

So much cum spewed out of him. Our bodies jerked and convulsed together; his orgasm spurring mine while mine spurred his. Eventually, mine began to subside, allowing me the chance to enjoy his orgasm more. He continued cum-thrusting my pussy for another two minutes. Our juices filled my pussy like a balloon.

I reached down and felt how swollen I was. I felt his cock thrusting against my mound. I even felt a blast of cum; he was that forceful. As his orgasm subsided, he gave me ten hard thrusts.

“Fix your blindfold,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir.”

As I fixed my blindfold, he slapped me on my overfilled pussy. The hot cream inside sloshed around and nearly exploded out of my ass.

“Don’t talk.”

He slowly stood us up, careful not to spill any of our love goop. Both our legs were weak, so we used each other for support. He pulled me closer, spooning our bodies together. I licked my lips, asking for a kiss. His lips met mine and we continued sharing our love until an alarm went off.

He regrettably pulled away from our kiss. “Back to work little slut,” he said.

He pulled out and our sex mixture cascaded to the floor. I moaned and wobbled as he released me and disappeared from my senses. I collapsed on the bed, rubbing my tender vulva as it soaked the bed and floor with our goo.

I pulled the blindfold off and looked down at my ravaged body. The sight of my reddened pussy gushing hot goo boggled my mind. I softly quivered while admiring my husband’s latest accomplishment. I gently massaged my bruised vulva until I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up just in time to clean up our mess before he got home from work. He walked in on me just as I finished making up our bed.

“Did you stay naked for me or is your lover hiding somewhere in the house?” he jokingly asked.

“You’re my only lover. You know that,” I seductively responded.

He made a strange face as I looked at him with fire in my eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like you don’t remember; today at lunch, your little surprise.”

“What are you talking about?”

I still don’t know if he was joking, and I don’t even care. Because the only thing that matters is to this day; every now and again, I get blindfolded and fucked into oblivion. What more can a housewife ask for?


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