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Ms Marca One Night Stand part 2

my god I can’t believe I cheated on my hubby again...



Ms Marca       One Night Stand part 2


My hubby has been gone for 3 days and I miss him so much especially after I did my one night stand with that cute college hunk. I felt so guilty, why oh why did I do that. I’m a married woman and my husband loves me so much and he has given me everything a girl could want. I’m just a fucking whore, a slut, never again. I was so overwhelmed with guilt. I could hardly sleep for the next few nights.


I’m going to make it up to Tim when he gets home, I’ll make love to him like he has never had it so good. The first night Tim was home I made him a great dinner and later in the bedroom I put on a new sexy night thing that made my tits show and I was ready to fuck his brains out.


When Tim got to bed I began kissing him and playing with his little 4" penis that had been the only dick I had since we were married a few months ago. "Not tonight honey, I'm beat" he replied before he fell asleep. The rest of the night I thought about the last time we had made love and how quick it was. I couldn't remember the last time my husband had got me off, he never has, not unless he goes down on me. Then I began to think about my young college hunk, I had fucked in the parking lot.   Richard! Yes that was his name. Damn I remember how he made me feel.


I slowly drifted away thinking about the young stud, my mind turning, full of desires. I rubbed the back of my neck and slowly slid my hands down, across my collarbone to my breasts. Kneading them, I could feel my nipples harden, longing to feel the young guys hands and mouth. Needing more of a release, I reached one hand down slowly to caress the top of my mound.

Sliding my middle finger into my slit, I felt the hot, slick desire that had been building all week. Relishing the friction, I bit my lip as I spread my legs slightly and slowly drew my hand up, sliding over my clit, which was just begging to be touched. I looked over at Tim and he was fast asleep with his back to me.


Spreading my pussy with one hand, I circled my clit with slick fingers and slowly pushed one inside me, sliding it in and out as I began to move my hips against it. Sliding a second finger in, I moved faster, feeling the tension building in my body.

Longingly to feel a big cock inside me, I thrust my fingers in and out, brushing my clit with each stroke until I could feel the world start to disappear around me. Unable to control myself any longer, I squeezed my legs together, increasing the tight pressure around my hand and sending me over the edge. My body began to squirm and contract as my orgasm washed over me, lingering and bursting forth again as I slowly withdrew my hand and brushed my sensitive swollen clit.

Breathing harder, I reached up to squeeze my breasts, relishing the small aftershocks of my orgasm. I sat up in bed, looked once again at my hubby and I swung my legs off the bed and reached over to open the night stand drawer, I looked at my collection of toys and smiled. It was going to be a very good relaxing evening at home...

I pulled out a dildo and take it with me down the hall to the guest bedroom. I set it on the queen size bed, as I lay on my back and spread my long tan legs. I ran my fingertip from the center of my chest down my stomach to the top of my pubic mound and up again. It gave me goose bumps and my back arched slightly in a wave from the chill. My left hand traveled down my stomach to my awaiting clit and I began to massage it very lightly and slowly. I took the dildo in my right hand and put it just at the entrance and waited. My pussy burned in anticipation and I finally let it enter me just about an inch or so. I let it travel deeper, keeping time with my left hand on my clit. I quickened the pace only slightly and squeezed my muscles around the dildo. My back arched and I tilted the end I was gripping downward so that it would massage my G spot. I moaned to myself and felt myself get more turned on by the sounds of my own enjoyment.

I felt my muscles tighten involuntarily and I quickened the pace a little more. I felt my temperature rise and my nerves were sent into overdrive; I began to fantasize my college hunk’s large cock slowly entering my body and sending fire through my veins. I imagined one of his hands playing with my swollen nipple, and his other hand holding him up. I envisioned him sucking my nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it simultaneously. I wanted so badly to kiss him now and to tangle my body into his.

I moved my finger faster over my swollen, now exposed clit. I felt my nerves move in a tidal wave beginning from my toes and fingertips and traveling to my groin. My legs began shaking and my body tightened up. I tilted my head back and moaned loudly in an explosion of an orgasm. My body shook, and then finally calmed down. I wasn't done though, and as soon as I caught my breath I was massaging my clit again. I felt the tingles again, but stronger, travel through my body and erupt in anther orgasm. I moaned as my body began to relax and my nerves were calming.

I cleaned off my toy went back to our bedroom and put my toy away and crawled into bed still naked. I slid the comforter over my hot body and moaned lightly by its reassuring feel. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, dreaming of the fantasy I wanted so desperately to come true...


I did my thing with the dildo almost every day and a few nights for the next 2 weeks and I stop pushing Tim to have sex with me, after all he was having a hard time at work and he was dead tired by the time he got home. If we did have sex, he would do me no good, so why start something he could not finish.


Than one Thursday afternoon I was out by the pool getting some sun, doing my nails when the home phone rang.




“Hi, is this Marca?”


“Yes, who is this?”


“Richard, you remember me, we met a few weeks ago one night when you were out just having a drink.” Oh my god how did he get my number, Jesus if Tim found out about him, I’m dead.


“How did you get my number, you shouldn’t be calling me, I’m a married woman! Just how did you get it?”


“Oh I got a old high school buddy that works for the police department and I took down your plates number and he ran a cross check for me and got me your address and phone number, but don’t worry he didn’t ask why.”


“You should not be calling me; my husband might have been home!”


“Is he?”


“No! Just why did you call?”


“I want to see you again, hey I can keep my mouth shut, I can play the game, would like to see you, buy you a drink, just talk if you like?”


I began to think of how we hit it off that night, and how he made me feel in the backseat of my car. We chatted for about and hour and he asked again if I would like to go out for a drink. I said maybe just a drink.

I felt a little easier now after talking with him so I said sure. We made arrangements for the next afternoon I would meet him at his place to talk; I didn’t want to be seen with him by someone that might know Tim. The next morning I was getting ready for my noon time meeting and I picked this new skirt out that went about 6 inches above my knee’ s. I then looked at my panties and decided on a thong. I put on a nice top with no bra. My lips are nice and pink so I just put on lips gloss to make them shinny.

I found his apartment over near the college and he had a glass of wine ready for me when I came in. We talked and he was telling me how lucky my hubby was to have me and how beautiful I was. Richard said my lips were the best part of my face and if I weren’t married he would be asking me out every night.

I was on my second wine setting on the sofa next to him, telling him all about my days of being a model. Than out of the blue Richard pulled me to close to him telling me how sexy I am and how he would love to kiss me.

The drinks were getting to me and I said ok just a kiss. I looked at him and his lips moved to mine. His lips felt so good on mine. It was a long time since I kissed my hubby like this. I felt his tongue parting my lips and I let him.

We sat there kissing like husband and wife when I pulled away and said remember I am married. Richard went and got me a third glass of wine and after half of that was drunk, he moved in for another kiss this time really kissing me. He was getting to me and my body was responding to his kisses.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. I felt his large cock against me. Richard was kissing my neck and telling me how beautiful and sexy I was. I was getting really horny now and was losing control. Richard moved a hand under my top pinching my nipple and making it rock hard. I could feel Richards cock thru his pants as we kissed. Richard now lifted my top off and kissed his way to my nipples. He was licking kissing and biting them. It felt so good and was grinding my crotch against his.


“Oh Richard you got to stop, I can’t be doing this! It was wrong the first time!”

Richard’s hand went under my skirt and up my thigh. He was kissing me now as his figures moved the tiny strip of cloth of my thong. Richard put a finger in me then 2 and said.


“Shit Marca your so dam tight.”

I now came to my senses and said we need to stop I am married. I pulled off his soaked fingers and sat up next to him pushing my skirt down. Richard leaned in and started kissing me again and I said just kissing and he said ok.

He was kissing my face lips neck and soon my nipples again. Richard pushed me down on the big sofa and soon his hand was under my skirt again and rubbing my closed thighs. He bit down hard on my nipple and my legs came wide open.

Richard moved his hand back to my exposed married pussy and started fingering me again. He came up and kissed me and after he pulled up from my face I said.


“Touch me with just your fingers, please just your fingers!”


He really went to town. He had me bucking and moaning on his sofa and I came and came hard on his hand. The next thing I knew Richard’s face was between my thighs and he was licking my clit. I said no Richard but at the same time I lifted my pussy and came all over his face. I pushed his head away. I gave him a hard look.


“Don’t do that, that’s not being nice, you said you wouldn’t do!”

I heard his belt and zipper go down. He got on his knees and was between my thighs. I said to him, “no Richard we can’t fuck we can’t, I made a mistake the last time and I just can’t do that again!”


Richard looked at me then and said. “Then suck me off you prick tease! Suck me off Marca!”

He sat up on the sofa and I got my first good look at his big cock, my god. I looked up at him. “I’m not a prick tease!” I bent over to look at it closer, I took it in my tan hands and my figures did not even go around it. I looked at him and asked how big is this monster? Richard said 11 inches and 3 inches wide.


“Oh my god and you fucked me with it, oh Jesus, how did I take it?”


“You took it better than any girl I ever been with, reason I had to see you again, suck it Marca!”


I opened my mouth and took about 3 inches in my mouth. I sucked him the best I could and he was moaning my name. After a few minutes of my sucking and stroking on his big pink pole he called out my name.


“Marca I am going to cum!”


I just kept sucking him, nodding my head yes as I looked up and made eye contact and sucked that much harder.   He said here it comes and I tried to swallow it all but I was just too much. Fuck these young guys can shoot a wad, damn he had warm cream, sweet / tart thick cream, not liken old guy who has weak tiny trick droplets.

I licked the side of his monster cock and cleaned all his potent seed off his shaft.


“Fuck Marca that was the best blow job ever.”


He now kissed me and very few men ever kiss after sucking them off, this turned me on also. Now I thought his sexual urge was gone I went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth, redo my make up and pee.


When I came out Richard picked me up and carried me his bed. He pulled all his clothes off and then told me to strip. I took everything off and got in next to him. We started kissing again. Richard kissed his way down my body and was soon eating me out again. I was Cumming all over his face when he said I want to fuck you.

”No Richard we can’t fuck. I am married.”


“Than Marca let me just rub the head on your married pussy lips?”


“OK but just the head no penetration.”

Richard moved between my married thighs and was rubbing his huge cock head between my pussy lips and clit.

God it felt good and I came again making my pussy even slicker. Richard pushed the head in now and god I was being stretched wide.


“Richard just the head in, no more than that Richard!”


  “Will just the head baby, and no more!”

He moved it around in me and I was in Cumming again. Richard pulled out and I thought he was done but he pushed back in with a lot of cock following the head. I looked down and half his cock was in me and I was open wide. He was already deeper than my hubby.


“No Richard we can’t and just the head remember!”


Richard pulled out and told me to get on top. “This way baby you have the control.” Yes I would, now I had control and just the head was in me. Richard was kissing my lips than down to my big tits, kissing and sucking on them when I felt him push on my hips. His meaty cock slipped in about 3 inches. My head shot up and I closed my eyes as I looked skyward.



I just let it stay there felling its thickness in me. Richard pushed and pulled my hips and I was rocking with him on his huge cock. I felt more of him enter me. He was half in again.

This time I lifted up and began to ride half of his cock. It felt awesome and I looked at him. “You big cock bastard, you know I can’t stop, you done figured me out haven’t you? I’m an easy fuck, but you knew that the night we met, didn’t you?”


Richard just smiled and I went back to riding him.

Every time I went done he lifted up and soon he had ¾ of his cock in my tight married pussy.


“Shit Marca, oh god your so dam tight!”


“Compared to my little dick hubby your cock is in virgin territory!”


With that he rolled me over on my back and he started to really pound me and I felt his balls slap my ass. He was all the way in and god it felt good. Richard was fucking me with all his might and my head was hitting the headboard of his bed, as I was telling the world and whoever lived next door how good it was.


Richard called out that he was going to come and he pulled out and came all over my tits and face.   As he shot it on my face I begged for it. “Feed me your cream, get it on me, I need your cream!”


We fucked 2 more times that afternoon and I took his sperm in my mouth both times. We took a shower and I got dressed. After I kissed him good-bye, I stop at his bedroom dressing mirror and looked at myself and said oh my god I can’t believe I cheated on my hubby again...


More to cum….


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