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Ms Marca One Night Stand part 3

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Like I told you, man, she's a regular slut for black cock. Ain't you, Marca?

Ms Marca      One Night Stand


Part 3  


I couldn't stop my heart from racing the way it was jumping inside my chest; I couldn't stem down the tide of happiness that was racing through my veins: Thank god my husband was actually going to be away for a while, all week to be exact. It was enough for me to make do with. This morning while I was in the shower, my ears had been glued to the door and I'd overheard him booking his flight. It was scheduled to take off by 11:35 a.m. Before I'd stepped into the bathroom I had checked my watch; 08:21 a.m. , it had said. I couldn't wait for the hour to run.

I smiled to myself as I went on shaving my legs, my pussy, my under arms, any where   I could fine hair that was not on my head. I washed my hair and used my water pick up my love hole to make sure I had it clean for my young hunk.

I shared breakfast with Tim, asked him how long he would be staying up in Denver
, and even made a sad face and a cute remark as to why he was leaving me all alone in the house.

"It's this fucked up times we are in Marca," he replied while he sipped his coffee. "I need to go through their cost records over there and I can't trust anyone else. Nothing I can do about it. I'll be back by late Friday the latest, I promise."

”Tim sweetie, I know you got business you got to take care of, don’t worry about me I got this big house to take care of, go do your thing and I’ll do mine!”


“Marca it seems like we never have time to be together like we were when we first married, it’s been a couple of weeks since we had any love.”


“You can make it up to me when you get home Friday night, I’ll even shave my legs, knowing you are going to eat me!”


Half an hour later we shared a kiss as I saw him to the door. He told me to be good; I promised to always be. He drove out of the driveway as I waved at him and watched as it drove away.

"Finally," I grinned, closing the door behind me. Up the flight of stairs I went to the bedroom and searched around for my cell phone. Scrolling through my stored numbers, I arrived at the one I needed and pressed dial. It rang a couple of times before a man's voice appeared at the other end.


"Hi there Richard," I hugged myself and smiled. "It's me, Marca."

"Hey babe, what's up with you? How have you been, you had a good summer?"

"I'm doing fine. My summer could have been better if you had stayed in town and not gone home for the summer. You ready to start classes?”


“I should have, could have seen you once or twice if I had stayed.”


“Richard, I was wondering if by chance you can come on over to my place today for some fun. Will you be free?"

"I don't know. I had someplace that I need to get to --"

"Oh come on, Richard. Don't you go disappointing me today, please? You know how much I've been looking forward to having you again, ah I mean having you over again."


My hand went down underneath my dress, between my legs and started feeling over my naked pussy. "Whatever it is, please let it wait," I said.

"You want me to come on over? What about your old man?"

"He's going to be out of town for the next few days. So what do you say?"

"Is it alright if I bring a friend along?"

I exploded with laughter. "Twice the fun, double the action bring whoever you want to bring, just as long as you're included."

"Alright then, what time would you want us to show up?"

"How about right now, I'm so horny for you right now I can't think straight anymore."

The voice at the other end laughed. "You're such a naughty slut. Alright, I'll be there in a few."

"Okay. Just don't keep me waiting."

We hung up on each other with a promise to be with each other soon. I fell to the bed, my legs thrown open, and began playing with myself. In my mind' s eye, I recalled images of the last encounter I'd had with Richard. I'd spent nearly half the day being with him, returning home later and told Tim I'd been with an old friend of mine back from my modeling days, when actually I'd been lost in Richard's arms down at the Motel 6 which wasn't too far from the airport where for the next two hours he'd had my legs hanging high in the air like some preacher' s hands while he'd gone ahead banging the living daylights out of my pussy.


Never in a long time, nor in all my eleven months of being married to Tim, had I ever been fucked by my little dick husband the way Richard had; how come all this time I'd been trying to be a good wife I never known that young college boys could fuck the way he did? Throughout that last afternoon we were together before he took off for the summer, we fucked so much that my pussy was sore for days that when Tim wanted to get some, I'd lied again, telling him I was feeling too well. Since then I'd been waiting for an opportunity just as today was to have another go at Richard ... and this time he'd said he was going to bring a friend along.

Today was going to be a hot day for me. I lay there on the bed and moaned to myself as my fingers went on working on my clit; how I wished Richard was in the room with me right there and then.

The wait seemed to be for forever, but it finally came to an end when I heard my doorbell ring out. I'd spent the last couple of minutes getting ready; I'd even loosened my thick mass of jet black hair, letting it all fall down to my shoulders, knowing that Richard liked it that way. Under the robe I had on, I was wearing a silk teddy, with silk matching stockings and high-heeled pumps. I'd put on lipstick and makeup that gave me a slut like appearance; my heart was skipping with anticipation as I hurried down the stairs.

"Coming," I said, stopping to check through the peephole. Seeing it was Richard standing there with someone else beside him, my hand quickly undid the door's lock and let him and his friend into her home.

"You kept me waiting too long," I said, opening my arms and pressing Richard against my body as he hugged me. "You've got a lot of explaining to do concerning that."

"I'm sorry babe," his hands kneaded my ass from behind my robe. "I had to stop over to pick up my friend Otis here. Hey Otis, come here and meet a foxy lady, Marca."

"Pleasure ma'am," Otis shook my hand. He was just as muscular as Richard was and was it not for the fact that he bore a goatee beard and that his head was completely shaved, I would have mistaken them for brothers or something else. Will almost Richard is white, Otis was black.

"So, how about us all getting comfortable," I suggested, leading both men to the living room where I sat them on a couch and inquired if either of them would like something to drink. They both nodded their heads. I went into the kitchen and prepared them each a glass of scotch and returned to hand it to them.

"Will there be anything else?" I asked.

"Nah," Richard said. "How about you bringing that fine ass of yours over here," he patted the space between himself and Otis. "Let Otis and I get a good look at what you've got hidden under that robe."

That was just the right cue I was waiting to hear. I let my robe slip down to my feet and then came over and sat between them; I spread my legs and draped each one over theirs as both men began feeling me over. Richard gave me a sip of his scotch, making me feel more intoxicated and relaxed, as his hand then returned to groping my big breasts behind my teddy while Otis concentrated on my other breast, freeing it from where it lay and planting his mouth on it.


Richard soon did the same to my other breast; I sighed and fell back on the couch, cradling both men's head in my hand, loving the feel of their tongue and lips nibbling and sucking on my tits as it sent double electric shock traveling all round my body. Richard's other hand went into my panties to finger my wetness, making me cry with unbridled joy.

"Oh God, I've been waiting for you boys to start this all day," I muttered with excitement. “So how about we take things upstairs."

"Yeah, I think that's best," Otis agreed, relinquishing my breast from his mouth. Richard did the same and both of them were one step behind me as I led the way up to the master bedroom.

Into the bedroom they went. I ordered both men to strip themselves of their clothes. Neither man wasted time in doing such; my eyes gazed at their massive erection, at the way they stood at attention aimed directly at me. I knew how big Richard was, but my god Otis was something else. His cocks, from all my estimation, must be more than thirteen inches. The memory of Richard fucking me the last time replayed instantly in my mind and the wetness in my pussy right there and then turned into a flood. I made them sit on the bed next to each other and I knelt before them, took their cock in each of my hand and began stroking it at the same time, enjoying the turgid feel they gave to me.

"My God, will you just look at me," I laughed, "I've got two black cocks in my hand, and right now I don't know who to start with."

"How about if we flip a coin?" Richard asked, and Otis burst into laughter.

"Well, I guess I might as well start off with you."

My head came forward, my mouth came open and I began sucking Richard's cock. I relaxed the walls of my jaw as I forced the length of his shaft down my throat till my nose was touching his pubic hair. I remained like that for a couple of seconds before letting off, gasping harshly for breath while I did. I coughed from the exertion but soon returned to what I'd been doing. I applied the same treatment to Otis's cock. His seemed to taste even sweeter than Richard's, or maybe that was because this was my first time of having him and I gave his shaft a couple more swallows before going down on him to the hilt.

"Gaddamn!" Otis gasped. "Yo Richard, you sure wasn't kidding when you said she can suck a dick, this is best I had in months."

"Like I told you, man, she's a regular slut for black cock. Ain't you, Marca?"

I still had my mouth enveloped with Otis' cock and could only reply with a muffled 'Uh-huh' while I went on deep-throating both men one after the other. I was sucking on Richard's cock when from the corner of my eye I noticed Otis knelling beside me, his fingers probing my ass and pussy from behind. He fingered me, smacked my butt, and played with my clit; I couldn't hold myself from not jumping to his touch. I still had my mouth over Richard's cock head when Otis, now knelling behind me, parted aside my panties, and introduced his cock into my vagina.

It soon became so hard for me to concentrate on Richard's cock as I would stroke it and moan aloud from Otis's cock drilling its way in and out of me.

"Yeah, Otis," Richard urged, "fuck that tight pussy of hers hard and good. She likes it hard."

Otis grasped my waist and did as was ordered; his waist made smacking sounds as it connected with the back of my ass. It was a lovely feeling the way my ass seemed to bounce back at him each time he fucked me.

"Oh ... Oh ... Ohhh yeah," I went on gasping, my mouth losing control of Richard's cock each time Otis banged into me.

A while later, the men called tag and then it was Richard's turn to get some of my ass.   He pushed himself to lie further on the bed as I too came up to meet him. I reached for his cock, gave it a couple of strokes, before letting it disappear down between my legs. Richard didn't waste time bending me over him, widening his legs enough as he then started thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy; his hands grabbed a handful of my ass and repeatedly he slapped my butt hard as it went on bouncing down on his cock.


I was so overcome with rapturous ecstasy, I felt as if I was soaring high in the clouds heading towards the stars. The fucking went on like this for a while; Otis came and stood beside us, forcing my head to choke on his cock. My mouth was still locked on Otis' cock when he reached an orgasm. Otis pulled his cock out of my mouth, giving me a chance to cry out my pleasure as the explosion of orgasm traveled all round my body like dynamite.

"Time for me again," Otis smacked my butt, urging me to get off Richard. This time they had me lie flat on the bed, my legs hanging off Otis' massive shoulders as he came forward with his cock in his hand and first slapped it against my public flesh, teasing me with it, before inserting it into my wetness.

I just about exploded with another high shattering orgasm as Otis locked me down and went on fucking my pussy like it was something he hated. The raw energy of him was just too overwhelming and I went on screaming for more and more was what I got. Otis gave way for Richard, who also gave me the same punishment. Almost an hour had passed before both men finally unloaded their copious semen over me. I lay on the bed between them, cradling my breasts as both men grunted and stroked their cocks over me.

"Now that's what I call entertainment," Otis said as he and Richard collapsed on the bed with each of them beside me. We lay there trying to get our breath and after a few minutes of not a word, Richard spoke up.


“I hate to be the one to end this party, but Otis I got to get you home and go across town to school to get my paper work in before they close the office, come on we got to go.”


I set up on my elbows and gave Otis a look and a half ass smile, trying to let him know I wanted him to stay, when I saw Richard looking for his jeans I winked at Otis. “Richard, you going to be running late if you take Otis home, you know how the freeways stack up this time of day, I can drop Otis off, I’m going over to the mall in a few minutes, will a little later.”


“Marca that would be great, ok I’m out of here, thanks baby for running Otis home for me, hey dud I’ll see you on Wednesday afternoon after class.” I walked Richard down stairs with my arm around him telling him how much I had missed him this summer and that I was looking forward to getting with him when he could fit me in between classes.


I said goodbye at the door, closed it and ran back up stairs to the master bedroom to see Otis pulling on his pants.


“You in a hurry to get home? Is their something better than me at home?”


Otis was dumbfounded, lost for words. “Ah, no, just getting ready to go when you’re ready Marca, don’t want to be any trouble.”


“Hey big guy, drop the pants and get back in bed, I need some more love, what I need is some more of your cock, let me help you get it up!”


“Look you’re a knock out of a woman and I don’t want to piss off Richard, by going behind his back, rather he know that we did more after he cut out, so I will till him if you don’t.”


“Otis that is damn big of you to think about your buddy that way, but honey, I’m a married woman and I fuck who I want and if you feel your to good to slip that big cock in me for the rest of the day and maybe half the night than I better take you home, what is it going to be?”


Otis looked off like he was trying to think, than he got a big grin and dropped his pants. “Marca did you say half the night?”


“Will baby, if you need to run home to your mother before dark we can do that! Just don’t tell your mother you fucked this big tit married slut all afternoon!”


“Hey it’s not my mother I’m worried about if dad found out about you and your big tits; he would be over here in a New York minute trying to get some of your ass!”


“Honey if he has a dong like yours let him have my cell number!” I was saying that as I got down on my knees in front of him and just smiled up at him as I ran my hand up that long limp black snake he called a cock, god it was a big black cock. This young hunk may just spend the night with me, oh damn what a hunk of meat he has, mmmmm good! I look back up at him.


“So your father is hung like you?”



More to cum….

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