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My 48 Year Old Wife Is Pounded Into Submission

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My 48 year old wife ends up fucking a young cocky guy who pounds her in submission
I had posted a few great seductive shots of my wife on the internet and had received several positive responses back. A majority of them were shocked that she was 48 years old and still looked that good. My wife had been working out over the last few months and had lost several pounds. At 5’4 and 145 pounds she looked as good today as she did 25 years ago. I was really surprised how many men and even some women had so many positive things to say about her. They were from all age groups. I had expected a few good responses, but certainly not near as many as I had received.

I received one from a young gentlemen who was only 22 years old. He lived only 300 miles from us and wanted to know if my wife and I could get together with him. I had gotten about five or six responses from young men around his age and even a few younger than him, but his response was right to the point. He really loved the pictures of my wife and went on to say how much he really would love to fuck her. He had a great desire to fuck an older mom and my wife was perfect fit for him.

I told him that she wasn’t interested in fucking anyone, but that I had appreciated his nice comments about her. The next few days I received a few more emails from him. He once again wanted to see if my wife would be interested in fucking him. I again politely told him no again and thought that would end any more conversation about it.

A week later he asked if I could send him a few more pictures of her. I could see now he had become infatuated with her. I was very surprised he would want a woman that is 48 years old. I know she doesn’t look like she is 48 but nevertheless she was. I ended up sending one more shot of her and hoped that would make him happy and he would go away.

It was a few days later when I received another reply from him. This time he sent several shots of himself and he wanted me to show them to my wife. He was 6’2” and had a muscular body. He had wide shoulders and a small waist. His abs were very define along with the rest of his body. I also was somewhat surprised that he was so good looking. He was a very cocky young man as the pics he had sent were of him in his underwear briefs showing off different poses. His cock looked to be very big as you could see the outline of it through his briefs.

I had always wanted to see my wife being fucked by another man, but I was hoping for someone a little older and mature. I had talked to my wife about over the last six months but she was noncommittal.

He email me a week or so later and wanted to know if I had shown my wife his pics of him. He also described some of the things he wanted to do with my wife in bed. I hadn’t even mention anything about this guy to my wife so she didn’t know a thing about it. I told him I hadn’t told her anything because I didn’t think she would go along with the idea of letting him fuck her.

It was again a few days later when he sent a few more pics of himself. This time he pulled no punches as they were nude shots. His ass was very tight and firm and his cock was extremely huge. I couldn’t believe how big his cock really was as it was shown in a semi erect state. He again told me how he wanted to pound my wife into submission and that she would never forget the night with him. He again wanted me to show her his pics and let her decide if she wanted things to go further.

I thought about it very intently over the next few days. I decided I would show her his pics and see how she felt about them. I replied back to him that I would talk to her about it, but I also assured him that the answer will be no.

I showed my wife a few of his pics a few days later. I didn’t explain anything about that he wanted to fuck her. I only gave her the pictures with his briefs on and wanted to know what she thought about him. She was very impressed with his body and thought he was very good looking guy.

I asked her, “Could you see yourself in bed with a guy liked that?”

She laughed and said, “There is no way any guy this young and good looking would want me!”

I was going to explain to her that he really wanted to fuck her, but decided I would wait a few more days before I said something.

A few days later I had told her all about how that young cocky guy wanted to fuck her. She quickly said, “Are you crazy! I am more than twice his age.”

She didn’t really say no, but she sure didn’t act like she would do it either. I wrote him back and said she had looked at the pictures, but wasn’t interested in fucking him. He immediately shot back that he wanted to talked to her on the phone and that he was sure that he could get her to agree to be fucked by him.

I shot back, “Sure! You can talked to her but it isn’t going to happen! She won’t go for you, I can tell you that!”

I was now getting very aggravated with him and a few of days later I decided to let my wife talk to him. I figured that should end all of this nonsense. My wife called him up on his cell phone and began to chat with him. I had told her to get rid of this guy and set him straight that he wasn’t going to fuck her. Just as I had asked, she quickly turned him down. They continued to talk for a good 15 minutes when my wife sat down in front of the laptop and began to check out his pics. She hadn’t said a word in several minutes as she gazed at the screen of her laptop. I had no idea what he had said to her, but she seemed like she was coming around to his ideas.

I was stunned a few minutes later when I heard, “Sure!” as she hung up with him.

“What did he say?” I asked my wife.

“I agreed to meet him!” she blurted out.

“You did!” I said back.

“He seems like a very nice young man and I don’t know what it is, but there is something about him that arouses me. You don’t care right? You had always wanted me to sleep with another man. Right?” my wife said.

I was shocked as I said, “Well, I do! But he isn’t the right guy. He is a cocky s-o-b!”

“Well, here is your chance to see me with another man,” my wife shot back.

There was nothing more for me to say at that point as I had told my wife on several occasions that I wanted to see her with another man. I was stuck now as there really wasn’t anything I could do about it. I had pushed her for months about fucking another guy and now she decided she would. How could I tell her no now? She felt really good about herself that a young man like that wanted her so badly.

He emailed me back right away letting me know he would be in town the following week. My wife thought he was so sweet, but she didn’t know anything about this guy. I had never shown or told her anything about what he wanted to do with her in bed. He seemed to be very aggressive, while my wife is more the soft romantic type. She also had never seen the pics of his huge cock and I really wondered if she knew what she was about to get herself into.

The following week we met him at an inn outside the city. I asked her if she still wanted to go through with this and she said she did. She had a very cocky swagger about her that day. I said, “Are you sure? I think this is a big mistake!“

He arrived right on time and brought my wife a dozen of red roses. He was a charmer as he charmed my wife for a good 30 minutes. I sat their disgusted as he played her like a piano. He then whispered something into her ear. She immediately gazed into his eyes as she began to unbutton her shirt as he stepped back. She slowly undid one button at a time until she slid her shirt off her beautiful body.

A few seconds later she began to unbutton her jeans as she looked him right in the eyes again. She slowly worked them down her legs until they had hit the floor. She now stood in front of this young prick with just her bra and panties on.

He walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and told her, “I want you to lay down on the bed for me.”

She moved over to the bed and laid down on it as he began to remove his clothes. His muscular 6’2” frame stood out as he undressed down to only his briefs. His huge cock strained up against them as my wife watched on intently. He crawled up on the bed with his briefs still on and laid directly on top of her. He began to smooch with my wife as his hands undid her bra. He felt up each of her gorgeous tits as his fingers played with her nipples.

A few minutes later he moved his mouth down to her tits and sucked and licked each of her nipples. My wife started to let out soft moans as her nipples hardened. He then moved down in between her legs and removed her panties. His mouth covered her pussy as he sucked and licked on her very swollen clit. He teased her for several minutes as he brought her right up to orgasm several different times. He wouldn’t let her cum as she squirmed about the bed. She was practically begging for him to make her cum, but he still wouldn’t let her.

He straddled over top of her face as he grabbed his underwear and pulled down over his huge cock. My wife cried out, “Wow!”

He guided his big cock right into her mouth as she began to suck on him. She sucked on him for several minutes as his cock exploded in size. He was rock hard now as he moved it back down in between her legs. My wife squirmed about the bed as his huge cock rubbed up against her swollen clit. She was more than ready to take him on as she cried out, “Please fuck me!”

A minute later my wife’s fingernails gripped his back tightly as his huge cock slid into her waiting pussy. She immediately let out a scream as she had never had a cock anywhere near this size before. He slowly worked inch by inch of his cock into her as her moans grew louder. A few minutes later he had several inches of his cock deep into her.

My wife was close to exploding on his cock as he began to fuck her with a lot more force. He said to her, “That’s it baby! Take my big cock!”

A few seconds later my wife cried out, “Oh my God!” as she exploded on his huge cock. He pulled his massive 9.5 inch cock out of her pussy as her moisture glistened on it. He then ordered her to turn over on all fours.

My wife moved onto all fours as he moved in behind her. He shoved his huge cock back into her wet pussy as she cried out. He began to fuck her hard from behind as she had never felt anything like this before. He then said to her, “Take it baby! Take it!” as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her tightly onto his big cock.

Her 48 year old body weakened quickly as he continued to assault her pussy with his cock from behind. A few minutes later she cried out loudly as she started cumming again on his huge cock. He enjoyed it as he said, “You love my big cock! Don’t you!”

My wife’s legs began to weaken significantly as he pushed her off his huge cock. She collapsed flat on the bed as he started to stroke his huge cock. He grunted out a few minutes later, “Oh, fuck!” as he started to cum all over her gorgeous ass as she lay flat on the bed. His cum practically covered all of her ass.

It wasn’t very much longer when he pulled my wife on top of him. His massive cock again stood straight up in the air as my wife slowly guided herself down on to it. She cried out as she very slowly wiggled herself inch by inch down on it. She only could take about half of his big cock as she struggled to move herself up and down on it.

He reached behind her and grabbed her ass tightly with his hands as he began to ram his big cock up into her. She cried out, “Oh my God! Fuck me!”

A few minutes later she screamed out in orgasm as he had pushed her all the way down on top of his huge cock. She rode his cock for several minutes until he spun her around on it. Her back was now to his face as she braced herself with her arms. I now had a great view as he slid his massive cock extremely hard and deep into her pussy. She cried out for several minutes as he slid his cock in and out of her.

He had fucked her for several minutes this way when he grunted out that he was going to cum. He slipped his cock out of her pussy and ordered my wife to stroke his cock. She reached down and quickly began to stroke on his huge cock. A few seconds later he exploded as his cum flew several inches into the air. My wife held on to his big cock until every last drop of his cum had trickled out of it.

A little later on he wanted my wife to suck on his big cock again. She knelt down in front of his cock and began to suck on it very hard. It only took a minute and his cock was hard as a rock again. He also made her also suck on his clean shaven balls as she stroked on his cock at the same time. He now wanted to fuck her again.

He raised her up off the floor and bent her over the side of the bed. He rammed his big cock back into her as he gripped her hips tightly with his hands. My wife screamed out as he pushed his cock deep into her. She started to orgasm again a few minutes later as she let out an extremely loud scream as she came.

A few minutes later he removed his huge cock from my wife’s pussy. He grabbed her ass with his hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart. He said, “This may hurt at first but you will enjoy it in a few minutes.”

My wife cried out, “No! Please no! I can’t handle your big cock in my ass!”

He began to push his huge cock up against my wife’s ass. I had fucked her in the ass a few times in the past but I am nowhere close to the size of this guy. My wife began to whimper as he pushed his cock up against her asshole. A few seconds later she screamed out as he pushed the head of his cock into her ass. He slowly began to fuck her in the ass as she cried out into the sheets on the bed.

He slowly worked several inches of his cock into her ass as her face grimaced. It was about five minutes later when my wife’s body began to tremble, but not from pain. Her body squirmed about the bed as he began to fuck her a little harder in the ass. It wasn’t too long after that my wife screamed out. She had an extremely intense orgasm as he pushed his cock deep into her lovely ass.

He pulled his cock out of her ass and turned her over on her back. He stood on the side of the bed as he grabbed her legs and pulled her over to the edge of the bed. He inserted his huge cock back into her and began to fuck her very hard again. My wife cried out continuously as he rammed his cock hard into her. At one point he wrapped his arms tightly around my wife’s thighs and pulled her hard onto his cock. Her big beautiful tits bounced up and down as he fucked her very hard. She had another orgasm a few seconds later as he continued to ram his cock deep into her pussy.

A minute later he couldn’t take anymore as he pulled his big hard cock out of her pussy. He grabbed her and slid her down the side of the bed. Her face was now positioned right in front of his monster cock. He began to stroke on his cock as he said, “Open up your mouth baby!”

My wife opened up her mouth as her tongue came a few inches out of it. His cock was only inches from her mouth as he grunted out. He shot several streams of cum right into her waiting mouth. Her tongue caught some of it as it dripped down from her upper lip. She was exhausted as she laid there up against the side of the bed. It took her several minutes before she got up and cleaned herself off in the bathroom.

I headed down to the lobby to get some drinks as my wife stayed behind with him. He had already fucked my wife three times and made her cum numerous times. I had been gone about 15 minutes when I returned to the room. As I opened the door I heard my wife say, “Please, I can’t take anymore! Please no!”

I heard him say, “I am not done with you yet baby! You will take it as long as I want you to! Spread your legs now!”

I walked in as he was on top of my wife. They had no idea I had come back as he pushed his cock back into her one more time. He fucked her very hard for the next several minutes as my wife was close to another orgasm. I couldn’t believe it that she still had any energy left inside her to cum again, but she did. She screamed out as she orgasm very hard again on his huge cock.

He continued to pound his cock into her for yet another 15 minutes as my wife came a few more times. He finally moaned, “I am going to cum inside your pussy baby! Are you ready!”

He grunted out, “Oh, fuck! I am cumming baby!” He gave my wife several more hard thrusts with his cock as he filled her pussy up with his cum. My wife practically passed out as he finally had finished her off for good. He was now spent himself and the night had ended.

He left a short time later and I told my wife, “I told you this would happen! Didn’t I!”

She said nothing back as she had already fallen asleep on the bed. Maybe next time she will listen to me.

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