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My beautiful wife's awakening

This is the story of how my wife had her awakening into the hotwife life style
This one is the story of how my beautiful wife had her awakening. This, very real, story happened in 1978, while she and I were working our way through college. We were seniors when this happened, we got married as juniors.

Like most young couples, money was in short supply. Paying the rent and utilities on our small apartment was hardly a foregone conclusion. We'd moved away from our home town and were still finishing college.

One day in the spring, a buddy of mine called, (actually my best buddy, best man at the wedding) and he and his wife were going camping for a week. He went to work right out of high school and had managed to accumulate a few things. One, was a used camper and had it on a permanent camp site, at a camp ground that was mostly permanent sites. He invited us to join he and his wife for a week of camping. We'd both been taking a full load of classes and working extra shifts, when we could pick them up, and this was just what the doctor ordered for Nikki and I, since we had no money for any other type of vacation.

Also, in the way of background information, I should also say I'd been trying to get Nikki to show off a little. We were at that young stage of our lives when we knew we liked sex, but didn't really have any idea of what we liked in the way of kink, or anything outside "normal" sex. But, having been out a few times, with my wife in a low cut top, I knew I liked other guys looking at her. So I'd been pushing her towards showing off a little, with very little luck.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and unloaded the groceries we brought, and took care of all those things you do when you set up camp. We had a great dinner and sat around the campfire, catching up with old friends. What a great evening.

The next morning is when Nikki dealt out her first surprise. Gayle went to take a shower in the bath house. The camper was a "pop-up" type with a bed at either end. While Gayle was gone, Nikki got out of bed, turned to face me and pulled her shirt off over her head. She threw it aside and put on a new shirt for the day. Jeff, of course, only saw her bare back, but this was huge for us! My wife was topless in the same room with another guy! It didn't matter if he saw anything! I pulled down the covers far enough she could see my rock hard cock. She winked at me, kissed me on the forehead, and headed out to get breakfast started. I was left laying there as horny as I've ever been. Jeff and I looked at each other, but didn't say anything, I didn't know what to say.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, other than, while swimming, Jeff and Nikki spent a lot of time together, and very close at that. It didn't take long for me to get hooked, I loved watching Nikki and Jeff together. At that point I was hoping that sometime this week Nikki might show her big, perfect boobs to Jeff, but I knew that was just hopeful thinking.

The next morning was a repeat show. After Gayle went to get a shower, Nikki hopped up and stripped off her top. This time I was ready and was sitting on the edge of the bunk. Before she could put her new top on, I pulled her to me and we shared a very passionate kiss. I fondled her boobs and knew Jeff must, at least, be seeing some side-boob as I pushed them outward, the best I could. Nikki made no attempt to stop me, but when I put my hands on her hips and tried to turn her, she broke the kiss and put her shirt on. Again, I was left with a monster hard-on.

About lunch time on Monday, Gayle got a call that the Burger King she was assistant manager of, had caught fire and had significant damage. Her vacation was canceled and she had to get to work ASAP. She cried, she cussed, she hollered, but eventually settled down and packed up her clothes to head home. When you're the low man on the totem pole and need the money, you jump through whatever hoops are put in front of you. We considered all going home, but at her insistence, the three of us stayed to finish our vacation.

Again, we went swimming that day and Jeff and Nikki were closer than ever. Her jumping on his back, her legs wrapped around him, etc. Whenever they would get out of the water her nipples were hard and easy to see through her bikini top. After Gayle left, Jeff became much more aggressive toward Nikki. You would think they were married. He kept his arm around her, she sat on his lap, etc.

That night after lights out, Nikki pulled her top off and rubbed her boobs against me. Of course, trying to be quiet, with one short sentence, she had me ready to shoot.

She whispered in my ear, "Jeff isn't as big as you."

I knew what she meant and asked how she knew.

 "While we were swimming, he was hard more of the time than not, and rubbed it anyplace he could. I got really turned on when he rubbed it against my ass!" She was slowly rubbing my cock when she told me and I shot off in her hand. She just smiled.

I didn't know what to expect Tuesday morning, but couldn't wait. Same routine, again when I tried to turn her toward Jeff, she broke away and stopped me. However, she took all the time she could, talking to me, and even to Jeff, with her back to him. She was topless for a couple minutes before putting her shirt on. She even reached out and rubbed my hard-on, mouthing the words, "I want to suck this", before dressing and heading out.

Later that day, we decided to hit the beach. We didn't have too many choices. We did fill in some time with cards, and other things, but swimming was by far and away, the most fun thing to do. Nikki and Jeff spent most of the day in the water, with me getting out now and then to get some sun. Late in the afternoon, about four o'clock, I went in one last cool down before heading back for dinner. I enjoyed spying on Nikki and Jim when I wasn't with them. Again, a lot of close quarters swimming. As I went in I was shocked at what I saw. As I approached them it was clear that the cups of Nikki's top had been folded under, making them a support, but not a cover for her boobs. She was standing there topless!! We stood there talking, me with a dry mouth and her with a knowing smile. After about 20 minutes, she covered up and we headed back to camp.

As we were walking back she told me "I lied to you last night, but I really know now. Jeff's cock is about the same size as yours, with a bigger head. He showed it to me while we were swimming."

"How did he get you topless?"

 "To tell the truth, he's been feeling my boobs since yesterday. I just wasn't sure if you'd be mad or not. He's had his hands in my top, feeling my boobs almost every time you had your back turned. One time he just pushed the cups under and I left it that way. God am I horny."

After supper we cleaned up and watched TV. The Reds were playing the Cardinals and Jeff and I didn't want to miss it. (I know, rough camping. The permanent sites had cable run to them.) Nikki sat down with her back to Jeff, leaning back on him. About the second inning, I heard a noise that made me look at them. It was clear, from the movement in her shirt, that Jim was playing with her tits, and that she was letting him! From then on, I couldn't have told you if the TV was on, let alone who was winning the game. Only you guys that have really been there know the feeling of seeing your wife getting felt up. It felt like my head was on fire. My cock was hard and I barely felt it. After the game, we went to bed. Nikki and I fucked with no pretense of caring weather Jeff heard us, or perhaps seeing us in silhouette. Maybe the best fuck Nikki and I have ever had.

Wednesday morning, the dynamics changed entirely. For one thing, Nikki slept topless after our lovemaking the night before, so when she hopped up out of bed she was topless for the world to see, and for Jeff to see. She seemed to really enjoy it too. She made no effort to hide herself from Jeff. She just moved about the camper in her bikini panties. (The world hadn't graduated to thongs in the early 80's)

She teased me and said "Isn't it your turn to cook breakfast? It's not much of a vacation for me if I have to do all the cooking!"

 I winked at her and "Sure, I'll take care of it"

 It took about 20 minutes to scramble up some eggs, get the bacon fried and make some coffee. I stuck my head in the door to tell them breakfast was ready and from his movements, it was obvious he had been playing with her boobs, he just wasn't comfortable doing in front of me. I say it was obvious because he had a hard-on and both her tits were wet with his saliva. Again, swimming was on the agenda. We went swimming and not long after we were in the water, Nikki was topless as before. Having the bikini top folded under had the benefit of her looking like she was still wearing her top. You could only see her boobs if you were pretty close to her.

I went back to camp to get a sandwich, and when I returned, there were two other guys with Nikki and Jeff. I smiled and thought what a shame for Jeff, I'll bet that's ruined his day! I went out to join them and was shocked to see Nikki still topless! I was introduced to Larry and Steve, brothers in a family that also had a camp site here. Both were about eighteen and average to good looking, nothing special. Almost as if marking territory, Jeff came up behind Nikki and scooped up her big boobs right in front of me, as if to show the guys what he could get away with.

Again we had a chance to talk walking back to camp.

"What's going on Nikki?"

"Isn't this what you've been after me to do? I'll quit if you want, nothing is more important to me than you, but I thought I was doing what you wanted. Also, I've found out I really enjoy this. I love these guys staring at my tits. I thought I was going to cum the first time Jeff fondled me right in front of Larry and Steve!"

I said, "If you're having fun, and not doing it just to make me happy, then have all the fun you want. You're making me horny as a billy goat!"

"All the fun I want? You know Jeff is going to try more and more. He even told Larry and Steve it was OK to play with my boobs, and they did! Where is the line?"

"I don't know, honey, as long as your having fun, do what you want. If it goes too far for me, I'll let you know."

 When we got back to the camp site, we took off our suits and I put on shorts, Nikki just put on panties and Jeff decided to stay nude for a while. He sat on the edge of his bunk and leaned back with his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. After about thirty minutes of talking and mostly silence, Nikki looked at me with an inquisitive look. I didn't really know what she meant, but shrugged my shoulders. She took that as a yes to her unasked question, and moved over toward Jeff. She moved up on him and they kissed with great passion, then my wife, who I was hoping to talk into a flash, slid her lips down on Jeff's cock. I sat there with my mouth open as I watched her head move up and down. In only a minute, Jeff tensed up and shot his load in my wife's mouth. She turned around towards me, made a show of swallowing, then moved to me, dropped my shorts and sucked me off. Again, maybe a minute. The situation being a bit awkward, none of us knew what to say so we ended up smiling at each other and got dressed.

After dinner we cleaned up and hung out. Larry and Steve stopped by our camp, hoping for something I'm sure, but it was an average night of talking and a little drinking. Later, we all went to climbed in our bunks, with Nikki and me fucking hard.

Thursday morning, my completely nude wife got up. When she saw I was awake, she winked at me and went over to Jeff's bunk. She climbed in and started sucking his morning wood. In a few minutes, she swallowed the second load from him.

"What a great way to wake up!", Jeff said.

 Without anyone asking, he jumped up and said it was his turn to make breakfast. When he came back to get us to eat, we were in a hot 69 and he watched while we both came in front of him.

We hit the beach, all feeling a little more comfortable with the situation. We barely hit the water until Nikki was topless, again with her top on but folded under. Steve and Larry joined us and got their eyes and hands full of Nikki.

Walking back seemed to be our talk time. Jeff went straight to the shower and left us alone.

 "Everything still OK?", she asked.

"I'm loving it", I replied.

"I know I'm turning into a real slut, letting Larry and Steve feel me up too, but I can't help it. The more attention I get, the more I love it. I get so crazy turned on sucking Jeff right in front of you. It's like a drug or something."

I smiled and just said, "Have fun, I'll tell you if I can't handle any more."

 A little later I walked over to the shower and when I got back, my wife was being fucked, for the first time, by another man. Jeff was on top of her and pumping like the end of the world had been announced. She looked me right in the eye as Jeff filled her with cum. I don't know if I've ever loved her more than I did at that moment.

After dinner we were sitting around and she got up and said she had a promise to keep and with a wink at Jeff, walked off.

I looked at him and asked, "What's up?"

"Today, in the water, while I was rubbing her pussy, Larry and Steve were each playing with a tit, and she was playing with all three cocks, I made her promise Larry and Steve she would come over and give them a blow job tonight. That's what she's doing right now, sucking their cocks." He was obviously being as graphic as possible and gauging my reaction as he said it. I just smiled.

 About an hour later, she came walking back. As she walked past Jeff's chair, she grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in the camper. Two minutes later it was obvious they were fucking. I went in to watch and she was on top, riding him like nothing would ever slake the passion in her. When they were done, she laid back and I fucked her sloppy, open pussy. It was great. Both Larry and Steve are tall guys, so while we were fucking, I had to ask.

"They're both much bigger than you and Jeff."

"Did you fuck them?"

"No, but I will. I have to feel those big cocks in me!" I shot my load.

By Friday, we had a routine. Nikki hopped up, went straight over to Jeff's bunk and sucked his morning wood dry. Then came over and did the same for me. Again, more swimming. Nikki was the center of attention. I know that's a surprise to you. One time I walked out to the group, she had Larry's cock in one hand and Steve's in the other. She was right, they were pretty good sized boys. Jeff was behind her feeling her big tits.

As we left the beach, no talking today, she left with Larry and Steve and went to their camper. It was about 2 hours later when she got back to our camper. She was worn out. It was obvious she had been part of a fuck marathon that took all she had to keep up.

"They both fucked me twice. It felt so good and hurt at the same time."

 We let her sit and rest while we cooked steaks and put together a pretty good meal. This was our last night in camp so I was hoping for something special. I was very disappointed when nothing at all happened. I just chalked it up to the hard fucking she had done earlier in the day. Wrong again. That night when we went to bed, she went to bed with Jeff. They spent the whole night fucking. I watched, fell asleep, woke back up to more fucking, they fell asleep, and finally woke me up in the morning, with her on top, riding his cock like she would never see it again.

It was a fantastic vacation and started a whole new life for us. Once we got back to school, she loosened up some and wore more revealing clothing. She also went braless now and then, which was not as uncommon then as it is now. With a little experimentation, eventually, wife sharing became our lifestyle.

She is still as horny as ever and enjoys a new cock, in addition to the several guys that have been "regulars" We've met some assholes and some great guys.

Through the years we've managed to stay friends with Jeff and Gayle. We only see them about once a year, now, but, when possible, Jeff and Nikki still fuck like rabbits. To this day, Gayle has no idea. I've even been the decoy, taking her to the store or whatever, to give Jeff and Nikki some time together. I know what you're thinking, save it, it hasn't harmed their marriage one bit. We all know what it is. It's sex, it's great and when it's over, it's over. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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