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My Best Friend Dave Becomes My Wife's Lover

My best friend Dave becomes my wife's lover.
Dave and I had been friends for the past ten years. I got to know him from the office, and our friendship then carried over into our personal lives. Dave went through a rough stretch about three years ago when he got divorced. My wife Jen and I were there for him, we spent a lot of time with him after that. Jen felt sorry for him and I watched the two them become close.

Dave was several years younger than Jen and I, at 38 he still was very much a ladies man. He had that charisma about him that the ladies loved. He was good looking and had a very fit body. He loved working out, and especially loved riding his bike and running. The two of us spent many weekends going on twenty mile bike rides. He loved to flirt with the women at the office, and he was one of those kind of guys that you either loved or hated.

It was about a year ago, when things began to heat up between my wife and Dave. Jen had flirted with Dave a number of times in the past, and I just let it go. I had been her only partner in life, after being married for more than twenty years I thought it would do her some good to show off for another man. Dave loved the attention, and I didn’t want to look like I was a jealous husband.

I always knew Dave had a thing for women a bit older than him. He talked about it all of the time, and he began to ask questions about Jen. He wanted to know how we met, and if she was hot when we first met. I told him she was, and that she still looks just as good today if not better. He told me I was a lucky guy and that he wished his ex-wife had been like her.

Dave and my wife continued to flirt with one another. It seemed harmless enough, and the fact that the two of them were grown adults didn’t seem to worry me. Dave and I talked more about sex, one day I mentioned how our sex life wasn’t the same anymore. We used to do it a lot and we were lucky to be doing it once or twice a month. I didn’t know if it was because we had been too complacent in the bedroom, or if Jen wanted a new experience.

Dave took notes on what I had to say that day. He brought up about a buddy of his that had shared his wife with another man, and found it to be quite invigorating for his love life. Things went so well that this other man, fucks the buddy’s wife on a regular basis, and everything seems fine in his marriage and in the bedroom again.

“You might want to think about it?” Dave said.

I had never thought about sharing my wife, but Dave had me thinking. Maybe he was right? It might be good that Jen experiences something different. Maybe it would bring back that burning desire between us.

Dave and I had planned a long bike ride for that coming weekend. I got up early that Saturday, and Dave and I took off around eight in the morning. We rode for a good five hours before grabbing a bite to eat. We then decided to go back to my house. We could just chill out and have a few beers. When we got back to the house Jen asked, “How did it go?”

“It was brutal!” Dave said.

“Well why don’t you two rest up and I will make us a nice supper tonight,” Jen responded back.

I had just built a new deck on the back of the house, and Dave and I hung out there all afternoon long. Jen made a few trips out and I noticed her flirting with Dave. She had on a tight pair of jeans along with an open front top that showed off her beautiful cleavage. Her tits are fantastic, and I noticed Dave looking at them every chance he got.

Jen is a great cook, and she made us a delicious meal that night. Afterwards Dave, Jen, and I hung out in the living room drinking a special bottle of wine that I had bought about a year ago. I forgot I even had it, and I couldn’t think of a better time to drink it.

The time began to pass and before I knew it I found myself totally zonked out on the couch, leaving Jen and Dave all alone to chat. I had been out for almost an hour when I suddenly awoke. Dave and Jen where nowhere to be found, I decided to go look for them. I checked the deck area first but they weren’t there.

I then began to check out the basement and that was when I heard soft talking coming from our bedroom. I walked down the hallway to our room. The door was closed and I heard both Jen and Dave inside. I opened the door just enough to be able to peek in on them. There was Dave and Jen on the bed kissing passionately. Dave had his hand inside Jen’s top, while she gave him a deep penetrating kiss on the lips. I wanted to barge in on them, but I felt a sense of arousal come over me.

I continued to watch, and Dave lifted Jen’s shirt up over her tits. He undid her jeans and began to lower them along with her panties. He quickly tossed them off the bed and moved on top of her. My cock was extremely hard, and Dave began to work his pants down. He had pulled them down just enough and his hard cock was against my wife’s pussy.

“Oh god Dave! What if we get caught?” I heard Jen say to him.

“We won’t! He is out for the night!” Dave replied back.

Seconds later, Jen’s hands clutched at Dave’s back. She felt Dave’s cock slip deep into her pussy and she felt what it was like to have another man’s cock inside her.

“Oh god Dave! Your cock is so big!” she cried out.

Dave took his time with her, and several minutes later Jen began to moan out. Her hands now dug deeply into Dave’s back, while her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. She no longer could take it, and I heard her cry out just seconds later into an explosive orgasm. I hadn’t seen her orgasm like that in years.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, or how much I was enjoying it. Dave flipped Jen over onto the top of him. She began to grind her pussy down onto the shaft of Dave’s big cock. His cock was a good few inches bigger than my own, and my wife loved the fact it was so much bigger.

She fucked Dave for several more minutes, and her big tits were pressed against Dave’s chest. Dave held tightly onto the back of Jen’s ass and pounded his cock hard up into her, soon afterwards Jen cried out into another powerful orgasm.

A short while later, Dave had my wife on all fours. He got behind her gorgeous round ass, and pushed his cock back into her. He grabbed her arms and pulled her body hard up against his. She felt every inch of his big cock being forced into her aroused pussy, and began to cry out in a very intense orgasm just minutes later.

Dave continued to fuck Jen hard from behind, and several minutes later his body began to tighten up. I watched intently from the doorway, and seconds later Dave began to cum extremely hard all over my wife’s adorable ass.

“Oh god that was so good Dave.” My wife cried out, and I quickly went back into the living room, and pretended to be asleep. A few minutes later Dave and my wife came out of the bedroom, they walked into the living room.

I heard Jen say to him, “Oh good, he is still asleep.”

Dave left right after that, and I waited to the next morning to say something to Jen.

“I saw everything that happened last night!”

“What did you see?” Jen said nervously.

“I saw you with Dave on our bed. I watched him fuck you!”

My wife stood there like she had seen a ghost. She didn’t know what to say, and that was when I said, “Did you like it?”

She stood there quietly and mumbled out, “Yes.”

She thought I would be angry, but I wasn’t. She told me that this was the first time that the two of them had been together, and that Dave had basically seduced her. I wasn’t that surprised that Dave had tried to seduce her, but I was a bit more surprise that my wife of twenty years decided to go along with it.

“You want to fuck him again?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe?” she replied back.

The next day at work I pulled Dave aside and said to him, “I know what happened the other night.”

“Did Jen tell you?”

“No! I woke up and watched everything from the doorway.”

I pretended to be mad at first, but said to Dave a few seconds later, “How would you like to come over this weekend?”

I gave Dave a smile, and he began to ease up. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You know I would!”

That following weekend, Dave and my wife Jen got together once again. Jen was extremely aroused, as was Dave. He once again seduced her, and before she knew it he had her naked and exposed on the bed. His head was down in between her legs, and she felt his long tongue glide across her aroused pussy. He sucked on her pussy for several minutes until Jen cried out in a powerful orgasm right there in front of me.

Dave began to fuck her hard on the bed. He made her cum twice in a matter of ten minutes, and my wife loved his big cock. They had been going at it for some time, and Jen’s head hung slightly over the edge of the bed. She was on her back and Dave held tightly onto her. He gave her several hard thrusts with his cock, and she once again screamed out in an electrifying orgasm.

He quickly flipped her over onto her stomach. Jen’s ass was slightly up off the bed, while her head still hung over the edge of the bed. He began to pound his large cock deeply into her from behind, while my wife cried out loudly. He gave it to her hard for several more minutes, before announcing he was ready to cum. He flipped Jen back over onto her back once again. Jen reached down with her hand and began to stroke feverishly on his cock. A few minutes later, Dave began to explode all over my wife’s stomach covering it in cum. He then lay next to Jen, comforting her while I watched from the back of the bedroom.

Dave came over a few more times after that, and fucked Jen at will. I began to discover that Dave was into more than just wife sharing. He was also into being voyeuristic. He and his wife had fucked several times outdoors, including a few times in front of others.

One night, the three of us were out on the deck enjoying a beautiful night. Dave and my wife Jen were both extremely horny, and they planned on fucking one another later that night. Jen had gotten up and walked over to the rail. She stared up into the sky looking at the bright stars. Dave followed and moved in behind her. It had just gotten dark, there were still a few of our neighbors out milling around in their yards.

Dave began to kiss Jen on the back of the neck and that sent chills down her spine. She felt her shorts being opened, before she knew it they were down around her ankles. Dave then slid her panties down, and undid his pants. My wife knew this wasn’t a good idea, but she was so aroused she didn’t care. Dave had his cock out of his pants and pressed it firmly up against Jen’s wet pussy.

I heard him say to her, “Spread your legs.”

Jen began to spread her legs wide. Dave pushed is big thick cock into her from behind, he began to fuck her ever so slowly. Luckily our next door neighbors had gone inside, and the other neighbors next to us were gone, but I could see the neighbors across the way in their kitchen.

Dave didn’t care if anyone saw them or not. He fucked my wife slowly at first, then minutes later my wife let out a muzzle cry. Her body flinched, and she began to cum extremely hard while she held tightly onto the rails of the deck.

Ten minutes had passed, Jen’s legs began to buckle. Her head looked outward into the yard, and she was once again on the verge of cumming. A few minutes later, Jen suddenly cried out. This time her cries were a bit louder, and definitely more intense. Dave gave her several thrusts with his cock and he began to moan out. He pulled his cock out of her and placed it up against Jen’s ass. He began to cum hard all over Jen’s ass, while she let out a subtle cry. My wife pulled her panties and shorts back up, she quickly headed inside to clean up. Dave walked back over toward me, took a sip of his wine and acted like nothing had happened. They fucked again later that evening, and he made Jen scream out into several more powerful orgasms.

A few weeks later Dave came up with the idea of going out to a night club. My wife and I hadn’t been to a night club in a very long time. Jen wore her a new sun dress, which she had bought a few days ago. The place was fairly crowded, and we grabbed a booth off the side of the dance floor. It was extremely tight, Dave sat on one side of my wife while I sat on the other side of her. They danced a few dances and then made their way back over to the booth.

Dave made out with Jen right in front of everyone, including me. He whispered something into her ear, and my wife began to look around. She reached down with both of her hands and ran them up under her dress. She grabbed her panties and began to lower them, sliding them down her legs. She wrapped them into a tight ball and handed them to me. Dave then slid his hand up inside her dress. I looked down, I could see my wife’s dress slowly being hiked up, and Dave had his hand down in between her legs.

Jen felt his finger glide across her swollen clit. Her body began to squirm, and I now felt her vibrations against my own body. Dave gave her a passionate kiss, while he pushed his finger deep inside her wet pussy. He fingered her for a good few minutes before my wife let out a long soft moan, while she ran her tongue deep down Dave’s throat. She began to cum hard right there in the booth; I felt her body squirm hard against mine. Her orgasm was so intense, that it lasted nearly a minute before she finally regain her composure.

Dave was extremely horny and Jen had her hand against the front of his pants.

Dave said, “Why don’t we go.”

The three of us walked out onto the parking lot and stood right by my car. Dave and my wife Jen were making out and Dave said to me, “Watch out for anyone coming.”

My wife dropped to her knees in front of him. Dave lowered his pants and Jen sucked on his throbbing cock. I stood only a few feet behind them, and I could see the cheeks of Dave’s ass inhale and exhale while he filled my wife’s mouth with his big cock.

A good ten minutes passed, when Dave began to moan out. His hands were wrapped around the back of my wife’s head, and he began to cum inside her mouth. A few seconds later he moved to the side, and Jen who was down on her knees had cum dripping from the corners of her mouth. She then quickly got herself back together and we drove back to our place shortly after that. Dave then once again fucked her on our bed making her cum again and again.

For the next month our schedules conflicted. Dave was extremely horny as was my wife Jen. Dave came to me with an idea.

“How about letting Jen stay the weekend at my place?”

I didn’t know what to say at first, but after everything that had happened how could I say no. That weekend Dave stopped by and picked up Jen. I was alone from Friday night until Sunday morning. When Jen arrived back that Sunday morning I could tell that she enjoyed herself immensely. Her hair was a mess and the smell of sex adorned her lovely body.

“Dave wanted me to show you something.”

Jen undid her pants and pulled them down along with her panties. Her pussy was extremely swollen and stretched out. Dave’s cum still trickled down the side of her legs, my cock throbbed hard with excitement. Dave had used her all weekend long, and made sure she had come back to show me what he had done to her.

“How many times did he fuck you?” I asked.

“I don’t even know. Trust me he fucked me several times, including three times that first night. He got me good and turned on in the car and once back at his place he took me right there in the hallway. He bent me over the stairs, and pounded his cock hard into me causing me to scream out like never before. He fucked me later that night, and again the next morning. He repeated all of it that next night, and fucked me one last time before bringing me home. He wanted to know if I can vacation with him in a few weeks. I told him it is up to you.”

More to come!

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