My bi-wife Birthday Present

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A bisexual suprise from my wife.
It was my birthday, and my wife stated that she had an extra special present for me this year. I got home from work, and she said, get in the car, we are going on a picnic, and wait until desert!

We drove out to the forest where my wife had
selected a perfect spot for our picnic. She laid out the blanket, then said to lay down, she was going to give me my present first. So I laid down on the blanket with great anticipation. She started to take off her cloths to expose this great white see through teddy! She walked over to me and started to undress me, I reached up to touch and she slapped my hand and said, just wait, your turn is coming.

She slowly undressed me, and of course, my cock was rock hard by this time. She knelt down between my legs, and softly touched my balls, this made my cock jump with anticipation, then
she started to stroke my cock up and down, real slow, then she leaned down and sucked just the head, while she played with my balls. I was really starting to get into this. I closed
my eyes, and laid back and let her work her magic.

Before long she was sucking my cock into her throat, making me moan. Then all of a sudden, I felt someone at my head, I opened my eyes, and there was my wife’s best friend from work. She was
totally nude, and man was she beautiful. I didn't know what to think, so before I could say anything, she knelt over my mouth with her pussy, so I started to work her clit.

I love licking pussy, and I went to work with a vengeance. Soon I had her wiggling and moaning, my wife had been sucking on my cock this whole time, then I suddenly felt her mount me. She slowly started to go up an down on my cock, while I was making her friend dizzy with her orgasms.

All of a sudden I could tell that they were both sucking on each others tits, and kissing. Well, I wanted to see this, so I go up, and entered my wife from behind, while she ate out her friend.

Now that is a sight to see. Soon they were both moaning with pleasure. My time was about up, so I had them switch places, so I could feel what her friend felt like balls deep. She started to eat my wife, and soon we were all moaning, as I let fly my cum inside her tight little pussy.

Now we have these little sessions often. The best birthday present I have ever had!