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My Dream

A Dream I had recently

Sorry guys I haven't been writing lately but here is a new one. 

Here is a Dream I had recently

I had a dream that starts at the beginning of our first the date, I am wearing a cute little purple dress (you can tell from the deep V I am not wearing a bra). We head off to dinner both very nervous even though we have instant messaged and talked on the phone lots. On the drive we just chat about family and other everyday stuff. When we get to dinner I need a drink with my supper it has been awhile since I had actually been out with another man, I am a married woman, and I knew after dinner we were going to a movie. After dinner came we continued to chat, but now that we were sitting across from each other your eyes kept going to my breast which weren't covered much. The attention you were giving them was causing my nipples to get hard and the alcohol wasn't doing anything to stop it. I started running my foot up and down the inside of your leg. You took my hand and asked me if I knew what I was doing to you.
I smiled saying, I thought I did because I wouldn't do anything unless I at least had an idea how you would react. I continued to say that I figured that a certain friend was growing, with that I moved my foot as close to your crotch as I could. After a bit I excused myself as I walk by I bend over, whispering in your ear, telling you I am not wearing panties and other than the dress I am naked. I nibble on your ear then walked away to the washroom. When I come back I bend over kissing you softly and quickly then sit down again. We continue to talk, while I rub your leg every once in awhile you reach down to rub my leg your touch sends chills right up to my nipples.
As we leave the restaurant you take my hand pulling me into your arms. You look into my eyes, saying you are such a tease and a flirt but I am not complaining at all, then you lean in to kiss me, ever so softly.   As we move away you moan slightly, simply stating “nice”. We walk across the parking lot to the movie theatre with our arms around each other.
We work our way through the line, whenever we stop you pull me to you and we just stand cuddled up. Whenever I look at you, you lean towards me kissing me gently on the lips.   We get our popcorn and pop and find our sets I talk you into getting sets near the back.   When we sit down you put your arm around me and I snuggle into you. The movie starts and I gentle put my hand on your knee while we watch the movie. I slowly, gently move it up until I can feel your hard cock in your pants, I look at you. You are looking at me with a smile on your face. “See the effect you have on me” you say. Oh yes, I do feel the effect, it feels good, you kiss me and we finish watching the movie with me curled up beside you.
When the movie is over we walk out to your truck arms wrapped around each other. I reach over, placing my hand on your leg again.
“Please don't”, you say, “I am so excited and frustrated because of the evening I don't think I can handle anymore.   I want things to progress naturally and not rush into anything.”
“I had a great time and would like to do it again, I think for all the teasing and flirting you have endured I want to help you out,   just drive, I will take care of things.” I said. So as we pull out of the parking lot I reach over, rubbing my hand against your cock, feeling it grow. I rub it through your pants until we get out on the highway, then I unzip your pants and freed your cock. I rub your cock all over the tip, up and down then I undo my seat belt, lean over and take your cock in my warm mouth. You are so hard and taste go good I can taste the pre cum oozing out of the tip. I suck on you until I feel your hand on my head. “Can you stop a minute so I can find a place to stop? I am having a tough time concentrating on the road and I don't want to get in an accident.” You ask.   So I stop but I leave me hand on your cock gently stroking it. You find a place to pull over and stop. As soon as the truck is in park I take your cock in my mouth, continuing to suck and lick it. Enjoying your taste. Soon you say “dear if you keep that up you are going to get a surprise”, with your cock in my mouth I nod,   humming a affirmative this must have felt good because it trigger your cock to swell, followed by me getting a mouth full of hot cum. I swallowed it all then gently sucked and licked your cock clean while it got soft. Then I tucked him back away and after giving you a kiss before I settled back in my seat, ready to continue the ride home with you holding my hand with a grin on your face.


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