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My drunk wife again

Jackie makes an old man very happy
We’d made a promise to each other right at the beginning of our adventures that we would never play at home, other than with our best friend Tim. And this was a rule we rigidly stuck to. We often drove out to a local truck stop for a bit of fun, but obviously the drivers there weren’t local so it was pretty safe. One of Jackie’s favourite pastimes after a few rum and cokes was to walk through the truck stop at around midnight wearing a short skirt, no panties, loose blouse and high heels. The clacking of the heels alerted some of the drivers to the fact that a female was out there, and when someone put their lights on she’d walk in front of their truck and lift her skirt up to show the driver her bare bottom! There’s a truck stop called dinkies, just southwest of our county town, where late one night on our way back from a pub, she walked through stark naked apart from her heels – that caused a bit of a stir! Anyway I digress.

One summer we decided to have a barbeque in our back garden, and we invited our neighbours Julie and Wilf, and Henry and his wife Henrietta, plus some other local friends! Julie was a lovely tall woman who obviously looks after herself and Wilf was a local solicitor and was getting a bit of a paunch. 

Henry was a retired businessman and was in his late 60’s, and his wife Henrietta was a bit older than him and not given much to socialising. She liked to be in bed early but poor old Henry much preferred staying up late with a glass of whisky.

Anyway we started up the barby and our guests arrived at about 6 p.m. and we had a great time. Julie and Jackie were very much in command of the cooking, so Henrietta and the rest of us sat around the tables in the garden enjoying a few drinks. Food was served. Wine was flowing. Jokes were told. There were a few practical jokes and lots of laughter.

Jackie loves to flash her body parts whenever she can, but is very wary of doing so in front of certain friends. She is a master at giving chaps the occasional “accidental” glimpse of her boobs and/or upper thighs. She does it so nonchalantly that no-one suspects she was doing it on purpose. Tonight was no exception and she flashed a boob at poor old Henry. She told me later that he spilt all his whisky down his waistcoat!

When it started getting a bit chilly we moved indoors. Then at about 9.30 Henrietta decided it was time for her and Henry to leave. It was a shame Henry was going because he was making his mark as the life and soul of the party – whereas Henrietta was exactly the opposite. But as I said earlier, she was a good bit older that him. Shortly after 1030 Julie and Clive called it a night. Julie was judging the following day at the local flower show so she needed a clear head and a good nights sleep. The flower show by the way is quite a big thing locally and it’s one of the top 3 or 4 shows in the country. At one time it was second only to Chelsea and we’re quite proud of it.

The rest of the crowd disappeared by about 11.30 p.m., and with everyone gone I lay back on the sette and Jackie climbed on top of me like a blanket and snuggled up. We lay like this for a while and then I slid my hand up her legs and brushed her skirt up to her waist, and started caressing her naked bottom. She was thoroughly enjoying the attention I was giving her when Henry came waltzing in through the open French windows! He took one look at us and said, “Oh God sorry, so sorry, I thought the party was still going on – I’ll leave. So sorry to intrude”, and with that he shot off into the dark.

Jackie immediately jumped off me and ran out after him whispering loudly, “Henry Cunningham come back here this instant, don’t you dare run off like that!” To his credit old Henry returned and continued making apologies until I handed him a rather large scotch and soda.

A word about Henry, he was in his late 60’s but was very presentable, not an ounce of fat on him at all, and he kept himself pretty fit with his golf. He was an utterly charming gentleman and extremely good company. I’d plonked myself down in the armchair and Henry and Jackie were seated next to each other on the settee. Jackie’s skirt was riding up a bit and she was showing a nice bit of thigh but poor old Henry, knowing she was naked underneath, was doing his very best not to stare!

Jackie was in what I call her private detective mode. She was firing lots of questions at Henry about his life with Henrietta. How they met, where did they honeymoon, how many children, what are they called, how old are they etc., etc. And then came the blockbuster – what was their sex life like, and, surprisingly, Henry was quite open about it. Mind you he had consumed over half a bottle of my best whisky during the course of the evening. He told her that when they were younger they did enjoy making love but they hadn’t done so for a number of years now. Jackie asked him if Henrietta ever gave him a hand job or a blow job. Poor old Henry’s face was a picture, but he did man-up and admit that sadly no, she never helped him out in that way, and also he’d never had a blow job in his entire life.

Oh God I thought, I certainly don’t want to be party to this so I decided to make my excuses and leave them to it. I made my way upstairs just as Jackie was putting some music on the cd player so they could dance. Once upstairs I went straight to bed and waited in trepidation for Jackie to come up and join me. I was so tempted to creep back down to see what was going on but decided against it.

Jackie came upstairs after about 30 minutes or so and said that Henry was enjoying dancing with her and that he seemed to have a bit of an erection, and would I mind if she gave him some relief!

She went back down and told Henry that I was fast asleep. They sat together on the settee and she snuggled into to him and asked him if he’d liked seeing her bare bottom. He replied that he did and then Jackie did what Jackie does best when she’s drunk, and that is something completely outrageous. She stood up in front of him and took off her blouse and skirt and gave him a lap dance! She said the poor old chap was in seventh heaven. She then got him up to dance with her again and whilst they danced she managed to undo his trousers and let them drop to the floor. She then dropped to her knees and pulled down his underpants to reveal what she described as a nice cut semi-erect cock.

She took it in her hand and slowly massaged it to full erection and then introduced it to her lips. She told me that she licked the pre-cum off its tip and then took the whole thing into her mouth and worked her tongue around the shaft for a short while. With her other hand she massaged his balls and then just as she took his cock out of her mouth to say something to him he came all over her face!

Henry went back to Henrietta and we can only suppose that he never said a word to her about it. After all how many 68 year old chaps get a blow job off a voluptuous younger woman.

Hope you’re enjoying hearing about our adventures. We had many more over the years and I plan to write about them soon.

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