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My drunk wife and a trucker

My wife flashes a trucker on the motorway which has amazing consequences
This is a follow on to some earlier stories about my wife for which there are links at the bottom of this page.

A few weeks after our session with Tim at the hotel in we found ourselves again travelling south, but this time to visit family. We set out quite late because we’d been out for a meal with friends. Jackie was quite buzzed after a few drinks, but I was driving so was stone cold sober. It was quite dark when we got to Birmingham, but the M6 there is very well lit which makes driving so much easier. Jackie was in the passenger seat and I was driving and we were discussing our plans for the next few days. We had a family wedding on the Saturday and then a family lunch at a pub on Sunday and then home.

Jackie suddenly glanced out of the window and started laughing. We were only doing about 60 and were slowly overtaking a truck. Jackie had noticed that the driver was glancing down and smiling at her. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt - nothing special, but something had obviously caught the trucker’s eye! Jackie was well impressed, and our conversation naturally turned to the possibilities that now presented themselves. Flashing truckers! Why not?

Trouble was we were in the car and she was fully dressed and in order to flash her boobs she needed to remove her bra. She contrived to do this without removing her t-shirt simply by getting me to unclip it at the back (not too difficult with one hand), and then pulling each strap down her arm and over her hands, thus allowing the bra to come away from her boobs and into the glove compartment. Incidentally this manoeuvre was carried out after we'd passed the trucker and when we were just in front of him in the slow lane.

When she was ready I slowed down a bit more and he overtook us. Game on. We followed him for a few minutes then moved out the centre lane and slowly drove up alongside him. I couldn't see him so Jackie kept up a bit of a running commentary for me. As we got alongside his cab I slowed down to his speed and kept pace with him. Jackie looked up at him reported that he was quite young, dark hair, looked fairly slim and had a lovely smile. She then pulled up the front of her t-shirt and exposed her tits to him. The main thing I was aware of though was his truck starting to weave all over the place! He sorted himself out and hooted his air horn in appreciation. We now had a new game to play!

We were heading down to Wiltshire so came off the M6 and joined the M5 and stopped at the first services we came to. We parked up and Jackie sorted out a change of clothes and we went into the services for a coffee and snack, and then she went into the loo to change into one of her loose knee length skirts and a button down blouse. She’d also decided not to wear her pants and they ended up in her handbag!

Got back in the car and set off down the motorway. She soon loosened the top few buttons of the blouse so was showing plenty of cleavage. Trouble was the motorway lights had finished and we were travelling in the dark, so this limited our fun somewhat. We did find a couple of truckers who showed some interest so we turned on the interior light for a few moments so they could see her tits, but it was quite unsatisfactory because it drew attention to us.

We turned off the motorway and joined the Swindon road which took us up a notoriously steep hill called Birdlip. As we came to the foot of the hill we moved to the outside lane in order to overtake a slow moving wagon and unbelievably we immediately saw that it was from the same company that our chap on the M6 was front. We drove up alongside and sure enough it was the same driver - what a small world! Of course we'd stopped for coffee etc. at the services earlier so this was why he'd gotten so far in front of us.

Interior light on, Jackie undid her blouse and opened it up for him. Trouble was we were really too close to him for him to see much (narrow lanes). We drove in front of him and he followed us around the roundabout at the Air Balloon pub. We were driving very slowly so he could keep up with us. At the top of the hill the road goes down to single lane traffic for a while before becoming another dual carriageway. Once on the dual carriageway we allowed him to overtake us so we could again overtake and drive alongside him. This time Jackie pulled her skirt up as far as she could to flash her legs at him. Again he showed his appreciation by sounding his horn. Because there was quite a bit of traffic on the road at that time of night we could only stay alongside him for a few moments before we had to pull ahead. The next time he overtook us he put his indicators on to show that he was pulling over into a layby.

This was a major decision time and after a very short pause Jackie said we should follow him but that she was only going to flash him and was certainly not letting him touch her. My emotions were all over the place as you can imagine, but I really had no choice but to go along with it.

He stopped his wagon and we parked up in front of him and we got out of the car as if to stretch our legs. There was no-one else in the layby except for another truck further along. He got out of his cab and came over and introduced himself as Geoff. He seemed to be a very nice bloke, he said all the right things about how he thought Jackie had an amazing body, and how pretty she was as well. A real flatterer. Jackie was lapping up all the attention and I just stood in the background watching her enjoy herself. He asked if he could see her tits close up and she obliged, and said that he should now show her what he'd got hidden in his jeans. He replied that it would be better all-round if we took this party up into his sleeping cab so no-one would see us, Jackie said she wasn't sure about that and anyway we haven't got any condoms. Condoms?? This was a heart stopping moment. She said condoms which meant she was seriously considering shagging him.

He laughed said he'd got some in his cab if she needed one, so she looked at me and said she'd love to see his willy but that she wanted me up there with her as well. I was as excited as hell. He opened the passenger door and invited Jackie to climb in first - he got a really good look at her arse as she climbed up. He then went round to the driver’s door and climbed in and drew the curtains around the windscreen so no-one could see in. I then got in and Jackie climbed over to the bunk bed behind the seats. I sat in the passenger seat feeling like a complete lemon. Jackie was giggling as she took of her blouse and skirt and just knelt there totally stark naked. Geoff took off his shirt and struggled out of his jeans and pants and climbed onto the bed with her. He had an average sized dick but it was incredibly hard. They kissed and Jackie played with his cock for a short while and teasingly squeezed his balls. He sucked her tits and fingered her pussy.

Neither of them took any notice of me because they were so wrapped up in each other. Jackie eventually lay back and opened her legs and invited him in. He pulled on his condom and climbed on top of her and inserted his cock into my wife's juicy pussy. This was incredible. I was rock hard myself and pulled out my cock to have a wank whilst I watched the action. Geoff didn’t make love to her - he just vigorously fucked her. And she loved every minute of it. He came after about 10 minutes and climbed off her. His condom was glistening from her juices and the end of it was bulging with all his cum.

Jackie looked over at me and asked if I was ok. I said "oh yes" and once Geoff had gotten back into the driver’s seat to sort himself out, I climbed in the back and joined Jackie. We made passionate love for about 5 minutes before I came inside her. She was totally drained at this stage and once I'd climbed off her she just lay there with her legs wide apart dripping my spunk all over his bunk bed! After a few minutes she got up and swung her legs off the bed and sat facing us.

Incredibly Geoff’s cock was started to get hard again but Jackie said no way was anyone going anywhere near her pussy again tonight. Far too sore. He started stroking himself and said something about having to take care of himself, at which point Jackie said he could give him a hand if he wanted. So she leaned forward and started giving him a hand job and then moved closer in and took his engorged cock in her mouth. He came within seconds and she had cum dribbling out of her mouth and all down his cock and over his balls (and the seat). She got up and grabbed his t-shirt and proceeded to wipe her mouth and her pussy with it before getting dressed. What a lady!

We’d both got a tremendous buzz out of this. Jackie had discovered that having safe sex with strangers was a mega turn on, and I discovered that watching her being fucked by a complete stranger was absolutely amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this story. We had quite a few more adventures after that which I’ll write about soon.

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